So this is the chick who filed harassment charges against Fox Boogie. I don’t like to fuck around with my money either so I can understand her wanting to receive her week’s pay, but c’mon. Suing somebody because they harassed you through phone calls and emails seems kind of weak to me. The whole ordeal sounds like one of the cases from The People’s Court.

Now what she should’ve done was provoked Foxy to attack her with a phone a la Naomi Campbell or Russell Crowe. If you are going to take it to court at least make it interesting. No physical harm no foul in my book.

Speaking of injuries, rumor has it that Paul Cain from Fabolous’s crew Street Family was shot earlier this week. Yup, another rapper from another entourage. Damn shame. Word is that he was shot at a party in the Brevoort Projects in Brooklyn. While the triggerman is unknown one thing is for sure, his friends couldn’t wait to post this shit on their Myspace profiles. Don’t be surprised if you see Fab walking around with the picture on a Yung Rich shirt via iron-on transfer. Promotion promotion!