Ludacris Needs An Intervention


No…no….no….NO! Ludacris too?!?!?! One thing the rap came could depend on is every year Luda dropping a few different/fun/dope singles. They were always a little left field but at the same time knocked hard as hell. “Number 1 Spot” was ingenious to me. “Pimpin All Over The World” was somewhat formulaic but the originality of doing the video in Africa made up for it. Scratch that, there’s something horribly wrong about a rapper pimping African women in his videos. Riding around in a cart with American dollars buying garments and such in such a poor country, it’s pretty despicable. 

But I digress. 

For the first time in ‘Crissy’s career, it sounds like he TRIED to make a first single. Every other record, for better or worse, was a “Ludacris” record. 

  • What’s Your Fantasy? 

  • Southern Hospitality 

  • Ho 

  • Stand Up 

  • Blow It Out 

  • Splash Waterfalls 

  • Roll Out 

  • Area Codes 

  • Move Bitch 

  • The Potion 

  • Number 1 Spot 

All of these are original ahead of the curve singles. With “Money Maker”, you could put about 44 other rappers in his place and it would have the same effect. It’s a big red flag when one of the games most original artist drops a plain record like this. It’s a real sign of the times. He’s an artist who can do the most commercial record and still jump on the grimeyest NYC remix without looking out of place. Now I think he’s going too far out there. 

Busta Rhymes both did the cut-the-braids-for-a-publicity-stunt thing, so that gimmick is played out. Now you’re going with an incredibly over-used Pharrell, who isn’t doing to well for himself right now either. The Atlanta competition is too stiff (pause) for you to come soft (ayo!) now. Jeezy is dropping street video after street video and still selling. Don’t forget you spanked T.I.P. just the other day (twice!), so he’s probably looking for some revenge. You better get it together playboy. You’re one of my favorites and I don’t want to see you go out like this. 


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  • illadelph

    He’s still a nasty MC bothways..took me a while to get it

  • qwtqywey

    i feel the same way.

  • realnessalways

    oh i agree i was so disapointed when i heard this trash. Why the hell would he do this. Rick ross hustlin song was better than this ludacris be rapping like a fourth grader.

  • illadelph

    To add to that, I’ll say he just needs to get in his arena. He’s always on point when hes on the defensive i.e that TI Diss, War with god, etc. I’m not feeling his production lately, whether or not it its a pharrell contribution(shitsandwiches). He needs to return to his element and throw some bows at the industry.

  • realnessalways

    shawnna song was better than this

  • DJ Main Event

    Kanye better come with a beat like ‘Stand Up’ if not better. That shit was unique soundwise.

  • e

    Luda is dope regardless but step your game up on the baseball refrences

  • Combat Jack
  • KR

    “Played”…not plaid…plaid is a type of design.


    I like that Ludacris song. Actually a whole lot more then Stand up.

  • Tony Smalls
  • GreedY

    man i agree 100% i been thinkin this since i heard the record

  • LOS

    Luda’s cds aint did much but decline since he came out. The first two were live, Chicken N Beer was ahhh….. and The Red Light District was trash. I wouldnt expect too much. But maybe this’ll be his turnaround, I’m hoping though cause he a good MC. But fuck what yall say around this bitch, if Tip really go at that nigga, its over.

  • Profit

    Look @ that niggas’ hair in the picture. (Wow, who’s the next to sell out entirely?) This niggas’ tryin to look cute now???!!!

  • Profit


  • Profit

    Looks like this nigga borrowed Omarion’s lip gloss.

  • extra penis

    SATURDAY is terrific. run that after Cube’s FRIDAY.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    for real, saturday was one of the dopest joints on the album

    they shoulda made more videos off that one……… go to sleep, bitch!!!


    luda’s 1 of tha games best MCs

  • pop a poppa

    man whatever Sickamore… i just got
    back from the club and when they
    played that new Luda it got mad luv
    from everyone.
    “money maker” is one of those songs
    that grows on you. its definitely
    better the 5th and 6th time you hear
    it than the first. the only thing
    that is lacking in comparison to all
    of his other singles is the video.
    Luda has always had the most
    outrageous visuals (think of the
    midget hangin’ from his chain from
    “stand up”) in his videos but there is
    nothing eye-popping in the “money
    maker” video. the only thing close to
    it are all of the zooming in and out
    with those little traces that get left
    behind for visual effect. watching
    that video is like being used to
    eating at your favorite hangout and
    then going back next month and its
    been turned into a DMV. it just
    doesn’t cut it compared to all his
    other outstanding videos.

    all those singles you listed were on
    point except “splash waterfalls”
    and “area codes”. and how could you
    leave out “get back” off of that
    list? that was my favorite first
    single he has ever had. every time i
    hear that shit i feel like smackin’
    the shit out a bitch. and what was
    wrong with “saturday”? that was
    another creative piece.

    so what if he is doin’ a song with
    Pharrell. at least Pharrell ain’t
    like Kanye and save all the best beats
    for himself. shit… In My Mind had
    some of the worst beats from the
    Neptunes i’ve ever heard. and what is
    wrong with “mr. me too”? why you got
    that on there? that is THE single of
    the year so far next to T.I.P.’s
    “what you know”.

    saying that Young Cheezy and T.I. are
    comin’ for Luda don’t mean much.
    Young Cheeze’s career is about to
    come to an end. all those videos of
    Jeezy’s that you listed are
    essentially the same damn thing. his
    shelf-life is only a couple years. he
    is just this rap era’s Master P. how
    long did it take for people to get
    tired of him?

    on the other hand T.I. is a different
    story. i don’t think either one of
    them would win in a lyrical battle and
    it would end up being a draw. the
    only thing that would happen with a
    Luda-T.I. beef is it would be like a
    little sidebar to their career. it
    would be Nas vs. Jay-Z all over
    again except it would be more like
    Redman (Luda) vs. Prodigy (T.I.).

  • yoshi

    damn iz dat really his hair its black as fuck

  • blaQ

    weak single…sounds like evrything else….people need to get over the Neptunes, theyre past their peak.

  • che

    ‘that gimmick is plaid out’

    son, don’t be scared to use a dictionary.

  • che

    poppa save your breath.

  • john cochran


  • TSF

    Sick- When are we gonna get “80 reasons you’re not an 80′s baby” parts 3 and 4?

    I was just thinking about Luda this morning and how he hadn’t dropped in a while, homie needs to come hard on his next record or not at all!

  • Sir Jantz

    I like Luda. He is fire to me. Sure, he cut his braids off (Busta did it first) but that doesn’t mater. This cat has went from being one of the hottest dj’s, to being one of the hottest entertainers period!!! He’s work ethic is respectable and he does things for the kids. Luda always has some tricks up his sleeves. YOu just have to wait and see what happens. The T.I. and Luda thing is getting old. Just like Jay-Z and Nas. I don’t mind hearing the two throw shots at each other but its time for something different. I betcha if these two stars were to join forces and do a song/video together, it will be the buzz heard round the world. Then these critics could blow it out their ass.

  • Nay Nimley

    Ludacris is like the Jada of the south (except he’s not local) but he’s jus overated, and raps every verse in general and you never get the chance to KNOW the artist. Niggas don’t wanna get personal cause they real life is nowhere near the one they portray in rap. Not sayin Luda’s a studio gangsta cause he doesn’t represent that, but he is very very overrated. He makes music for kids, I’m sayin this and I’m 21 years young. To me the nigga is just corny. Atlanta hip hop aint been worth a dame since Aquimeni dropped. If you wanna hear depth, lyricism and creativity, check out Cee-Lo on the first 2 Goodie Mob albums, these new niggas is jus replacements. Real talk. BUT, that verse on the Shareefa was CRACK. “King of the 16s wit more verses than the Bible”. that like woke me up this morning, no lie.

  • iLL Change

    yeah, this single is pretty wack. Pharrell is a garbage producer, he can’t decide if he’s a gangster or a skateboarder.

    @ Sickamore
    you forgot to add “Diamonds In The Back” to his list of singles, he had a video for that shit too.

  • Omar

    Heard 3 songs so far off of this and this is the worst one so the album may still be fire

  • Honorable

    well said, sickamore.

  • King Of NY

    that song iz alright but AM gettin tired of pharell ama shoot that nigga. luda jus another rapper that haz commericl up hiz ass

  • ronburgandy

    “saturday” is a banger.

  • Hoodsavior

    so cuttin off braids is a publicity stunt???…maybe havin all that fuckin hair gets on ya nerves…if u never had braids before u prolly couldnt relate

  • New York Nigga

    ^^ u had braids ama get braids am growin my hair everybody cuttin off their hair ama not follow and GROW MY HAIR

  • Unncle Murda

    Blow It Out waz luda best song eva

  • Uncle Murda

    Blow It Out waz luda best song eva Yea it is


    Damn I lost count whats this 19/31? LA Reid trying to get that TLC money…

  • H-man

    U da man Luda…throw me sum # 4 your last double disk brother….curious 2 C how ya doin???

  • Prince of the South

    Forget that he ripped TIP, but TIP’s last two albums were hot. I like Luda, but money maker is trash. The only reason I’ll buy his cd is b/c of the two other songs I heard. Luda better come correct on his next single. He’s scared. That’s why he made a strip club joint. You got people like TI and Jeezy who are running ATL and then you got luda starting to struggle. I hope TI or Jeezy get at him for those lines in War with God. He said it’s about himself, but he ain’t know for being a Trap rapper. He’s scared b/c Jeezy and TI are in position to shut his career down now. When Luda ripped TI TIP was still bubbling but now TI is close to going to the next level and Jeezy’s got an album getting ready to drop. Maybe if they get at him he’ll get hungry again.

  • Sincere

    I like Luda, but the pic Sick has posted makes him look kinda gay…I also agree with Sick’s blog…The Money Maker joint is wack. He should have done a street video for “War with God” or the other joint he dropped. He’s still a hot lyricist, but he has to careful as not to appear as if he’s falling off.

  • Sincere

    “…..there’s something horribly wrong about a rapper pimping African women in his videos. Riding around in a cart with American dollars buying garments and such in such a poor country, it’s pretty despicable. “–Sickamore

    Sick also pointed out a reason why Oprah maybe didn’t want Luda on her show considering she does alot for women & young women in Africa

  • Truth

    I feel you sick. I saw his vid on Rap City and noticed it was just like all the others, no originality AT ALL! I was dissapointed.

  • talkofthetdot

    sickamore’s blog is the worst

  • honorable

    Sickamore – you are dropping knowledge. But you should PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH! and not let Lupe Fiasco release “I Gotcha” as his second single.

    What happened to Daydream? UK only?! Come on, Sick! Aren’t you his A&R? Let “I Gotcha” be for the Special Edition of “Food and Liquior” and release “Daydream” as the second single.

    I usually charge for this type of consulting, so take heed… (c) Sickamore

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  • Sickamore

    honorable Says:
    August 20th, 2006 at 4:03 pm

    What happened to Daydream?

  • yes


    Africa is a continent and every country in Africa is not poor(they some rich mofo’s in Nigeria), but I get it

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    Luda song is aight, but its not Luda, and thats what Sick was trying to say. When I first heard it i was like damn, there goes another one lost to game, but Luda’s respect level is or was so high on both sides of the fence (Commercial/Streets)that he didnt need to go that route in order to sell records. But then again we all know why he did it, so that he can sell a million plus records and make more money and blah blah blah. And honestly who am i to tell another brother not to sell out to the masses for a quick buck, everyone else is doing it!

  • EXP

    yea….the best part about the money maker is the orchestra hits…that song needs to be scrapped though… there’s some material…:)

  • gutta

    i think ppl expect alot out of luda cuz he is hot but the single is not that bad,its just that luda usually is more creative with his first singles and his vidoes but in todays game creativity is over-looked which is the reason why a joung jeezy sells but that outkast album is gonna brick. as far as luda and ti, i gotta say i been waitin for someone from the south to bring it to another hot down south artist for a minute,it was only a matter of time but my money is on luda since i think luda is a better lyricist,not by much but he is better than it to me.

  • Incilin

    I remember Hov saying you were lucky to even get five good years in this rap business. And let’s face it, Luda has had his five years. He is past his prime and will never repeat the sucess of his previous sales and songs. Not commerically nor artistically. It happens to everyone. What Luda needs to do is look back on his career and at least make the claim that he has legendary status like tha way Jay, Nas, Dre, and all the other greats do.

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  • Donjohnni

    “only thing Pharrell is good for is a brick”

    Write him off at your peril. He’s a genius.

  • James from 67th & Jeffrey

    Five other rap artists who need interventions…
    5. Ma$e. For selling his soul for 50 Cent!
    4. The next Atlanta rapper who makes a song off a dance!
    3. DMX. For making that bullshit reality show/comeback!
    2. Andre 3000. For his “Class of 3000″ cartoon!
    1. Tyrese. For trying to be rapper! Sing, nigga! Sing!

  • Stax On Deck

    Luda Good Man Fuck What Y’all Talking Bout. 100

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  • Anton Says Hip Hop Never Existed, Biatch!!!

    Damn… here we go again. Look, da single was gobij (garbage).

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