Luda! Ludacris too?!?!?! One thing the rap came could depend on is every year Luda dropping a few different/fun/dope singles. They were always a little left field but at the same time knocked hard as hell. "Number 1 Spot" was ingenious to me. "Pimpin All Over The World" was somewhat formulaic but the originality of doing the video in Africa made up for it. Scratch that, there’s something horribly wrong about a rapper pimping African women in his videos. Riding around in a cart with American dollars buying garments and such in such a poor country, it’s pretty despicable. 

But I digress. 

For the first time in ‘Crissy’s career, it sounds like he TRIED to make a first single. Every other record, for better or worse, was a “Ludacris” record. 

  • What’s Your Fantasy?

  • Southern Hospitality

  • Ho

  • Stand Up

  • Blow It Out

  • Splash Waterfalls

  • Roll Out

  • Area Codes

  • Move Bitch

  • The Potion

  • Number 1 Spot 

All of these are original ahead of the curve singles. With “Money Maker”, you could put about 44 other rappers in his place and it would have the same effect. It’s a big red flag when one of the games most original artist drops a plain record like this. It’s a real sign of the times. He’s an artist who can do the most commercial record and still jump on the grimeyest NYC remix without looking out of place. Now I think he’s going too far out there. 

Busta Rhymes both did the cut-the-braids-for-a-publicity-stunt thing, so that gimmick is played out. Now you’re going with an incredibly over-used Pharrell, who isn’t doing to well for himself right now either. The Atlanta competition is too stiff (pause) for you to come soft (ayo!) now. Jeezy is dropping street video after street video and still selling. Don’t forget you spanked T.I.P. just the other day (twice!), so he’s probably looking for some revenge. You better get it together playboy. You’re one of my favorites and I don’t want to see you go out like this.