Lord, Give DMX a Sign So He Can Stop Praying

Thanks to the fine folks over at BET, every week I can look forward to DMX filling the void for unscripted crackhead behavior in my life. Yesterday he was scheduled to make a guest appearance on 106 & Park but was told that he would have to appear tomorrow (which is today) since Janet Jackson had stopped by.

After receiving the news X allegedly stormed off in a huff and ran down to the end of the block, while his wife Tashera followed along in tears. Someone then came out and calmed him down and even encouraged spectators to do the whole “DMX we love you” deal. After returning from the inside of the studios to reschedule his appearance on the show, he did what any other reasonable rapper would.

Start a prayer circle.

Now this may be pretty damn random in our world but you have to remember that X lives in a galaxy of his own. One minute he is at a gas station enjoying some fresh donuts avoiding the studio, the next minute he’s on a mission to save souls.

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    I still love that new album even though he is maybe a bit….. crazy. Hell I love everyone of X’s albums.

  • Danja29

    hahahahahahahaha this nigga’s officially lost it.

  • Belize

    Fresh u got to respect lost souls…we all need God in our life, even if we are forcing ourselfs to believe that….shit real niggas that do dirt dont usually get the chance to redo thier wrongs..at least he’s tryin a and not goin the MA$E route

    ps. CRACK IS STILL WACK…and that was in the 80′s

  • http://xxlmag.com fresh

    I never said that I had a problem with him getting other people to pray. BUT DAMN, you can’t go no where without this nigga trying to lay hands on people.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Co-sign Belize.

    God First.

  • Puerto-Black

    Coke is a hellva drug

  • Belize

    True but he has abitions to be preacher, and we all know that they be touchy…plus atleast he’s not LAYIN HANDS ON NIGGAZ as in woopin they ass..did u see that nigga on 106 & park…that new dude looked scared when X told him that he’s in a bad mood…i bet he hoped X was spiritual then

  • Neva mind all that

    This bitch Fresh aint even Fresh. She damn near stole every fuckin line of this DMX story from another site that I saw earlier today. Matter of fact she stole the pictures to. Be original Ma which you are far from. All your shit is regurgitated from other website. You suck shit up like a fuckin leach and try to push it off like you broke some shit before everybody else. Fuckin lame! Fuckouttahere you unidentifiable beast.

  • http://www.myspace.com/kracktheking KR


  • tonelocilla

    Hey, I ups him on that. X don’t give no fux about what any of ya’ll think. Maybe that’s what he does to get himself calm. It’s better than what he’s been doin’ lately. I could see X flippin and doin’ crazier ish than that. I give him respect that he had the balls to start a prayer circle. I guarantee you couldn’t pay any other know rapper out there to do what he did cuz they would think about what the media and other hipsters think. Religion ain’t cool to a lot of you fake ass hoes. X is da real deal. Authentic. Always.

  • http://www.facebook.com bama


  • Jazmyne

    There are some straight up retards on this site for real! I don’t see how ya’ll deal! Its GOSSIP which means that is spreads, DUMB ASSES. If she said she broke something exclusively it would be different. Know the difference before you waste your time talking shit.

  • Jazmyne

    And ya’ll trying to be on DMX shit but I doubt ya’ll niggas will actually go out and buy the fucking CD. That nigga crazy! Fuck what you heard. Ignorant bastids.

  • http://concreteloop.com Angel.La

    Fresh didn’t steal shit. I got that story from ONTD. Obviously people don’t know how the gossip train works. *shakes head*

  • rizzop

    A dude tries to find his way through god and he’s crazy? What is the world coming to? Thats why alot of folk on here aint gonna make it to heaven….toooo much hate. Every man has his demons and X is no exception. The reason the world is all fucked up and we kill each other is because we put too much faith in bullshit and we are being tested. Dont hate on the next man sitting in front of a computer making 50k a year while this nigga is rich trying to find his way……

  • Jazmyne

    Somebody please cue the violins. Tomorrow you niggas will be talking about killing 50 Cent!

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    great. ambitions to be the first crack addicted preacher. there’s one sunday service i can’t wait to attend.


    You know atleast X is real he does what he does and that new album is pure fire I bought that off Itunes ass soon as I could.

  • Belize

    >And ya’ll trying to be on DMX shit but I doubt ya’ll niggas will actually go out and buy the fucking CD..
    ^ Yeah thats why i fucks with mininova.org…shhhhhyyytt…i learned from grand champ…but I still respect X as a man! *xcuse me* M.A.N.

  • http://speedbored.blogspot.com Jay Guevara

    Well, let’s summarize this here: DMX has lost his mind, people think Fresh is a regurgitating lame, and yet noone has even talked about Mel Gibson ethering the Jews while drunk, which is more important than all this (end sarcasm)

  • Prince of the South

    I wish him the best of luck on the whole spreading the word of God, but before he can do that he has to find out who he is and beat the demons he’s battling. How can you lead people when you don’t know who you are?

  • Belize

    What does Mel Gibson have to do with hip-hop…hello NUMBNUTS..this is XXL…if u worried about that go blog sum whit folks at CNN…chuuuch!

  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ Main Event

    that new album of his is lackluster compared to the first 3 in my opinion. he was more on-point before all this label drama and crack.



  • Julia_Claudine_Deveraux

    Mau Mau! Are these people fucking serious? DMX is outta his fucking mind! We are watching a train wreck in the making. Someone needs to save this cat before he can save others. He’s going down faster than the Titanic. He makes Bobby and Whitney look like Ozzie and Harriet!!

  • H-man

    DMX and I R in da same world…da milk-E-way galaxy lolol

  • wqtqwtw


  • yourmuva

    Here we go again with niggas and they dumb shit. If DMX trying to “go with God” then he needs to get his own shit together, plain and simple. Keep your ass out of jail and make your court appointments. Just cuz you say “Father let us pray” every now and then don’t mean your shit is clean. Be consistent or kick rocks, nigga!

  • Belize

    Fresh…my boy bought that new X album and is pissed…the only great songs (beside the singles) are 13 and 14…just though id let u know ma….write some more shit though…u slippin!

  • face

    ur all corny

  • Belize

    Face, give me sum face….haaaa

  • I Am A Hater

    I’m turning into a dog


    Even though the new XLL isue gave it a L it deserved an XL yea I wont like every DMX album is sounding similar but the shit is entertaining. X is the man the album was all good. Some songs werent great but EVERY song was entertaining. In matter of Fact Im kind of hoping Bazzar Royale comes out with an album.

  • Boner Jams 03

    DMX should have punched that 106 and park nigga in his face

  • Enlightened

    FRESH & Everybody else that joked about DMX and his prayers:
    That’s between y’all and y’all God. But don’t ridicule a man for praying, or how many times he prays, or because he has a drug habit and he prays. If y’all believe in God at all, then understand that the Bible says all have fallen short of the glory of God. Meaning none of us are perfect.
    I look at all y’all on the internet talking about dude and laughing at him because he has a drug habit.
    Fresh, you said BET fills the void for “unscripted crackhead behavior” in your life?
    Y’all need to wake up for real because at the end of the day, the joke is on ALL OF US. YES, US. Y’ALL might laugh at DMX, but THEY laughing at him, you, you, me and everybody else that looks like we look. It’s sometimes hurtful to be laughed at, but it’s SAD to be laughed at when you don’t know that you’re the one they’re laughing at.


    i feel u , enlightneed..if thats what he had to do to keep from breakin a nigga’s face, then more power to him

  • http://n/a KC

    Big up to DMX….if he had beat up someone, or acted an ass folks would be calling him an ignorant thuggish dope fiend.

    Instead he chose to pray about it, and even went so far as to include his fans. But he still getting talked about. Do you have to apply to the church for prayer priveledges? Lol

  • Mr. Elite

    Damn Fresh, how u gonna hate on a man that could shit on your greatest achievement? U know how hard it is for a street soulja to do right? Damn girl u need a wake tha f up! Quit hatin & do what u do!

  • Bloodline

    X has his struggles like everybody else, his are televised which magnifies them, but in reality you are all probably worse off, I mean his a multi millionaire looking for jesus. You broke and spend way to much time blogging to have a life

  • Gritz

    I honestly can’t even laugh at this! I think X is really really conflicted and living a life of inconsitency. I see a man who is literally battling demons. He seems impulsive and unable to control his anger, however in the moments he is able to reel himself in, he turns to God. I am not mad at him for trying, but I am concerned that one day he will reach the point of no return. In this instance, I am praying for this brotha to because I believe he REALLY needs it.

  • CoonHater

    STOP Praying!!! Are you crazy or just ignorant> why would anyone want someone to stop praying!! our race needs all the prayers we can get. Its just that type of thinking that has our race at the bottom of the bucket with ignorant media like this so prevelent in our community. All of us NEED TO PRAY BECAuSE ALL OF US NEED It!!!

  • gutta

    x is an addict and it shows in his music…hes not even nice like he used to be. his lyrics are wack now. JUST SAY NO X!!!

  • kay-m

    x,u dont know the God yo joking wit,he answers by fire!watch out,dont stop praying there’s something better in his store 4 u.

  • Gods Servant

    X has alot of issues. Drugs are a demon. When you mix those issues with drugs you are creating a super demon. If GOD has called him to be a preacher as he says – than once in a while he should pick up a bible to see what really says the LORD!

  • Demon Killah

    Some of you don’t understand, that when God says its time, it is time…Some of like D we experience the world and our crazy desires full blast, we enjoy the living and don’t enjoy dying to all such things, it doesn’t matter if D was crazy and all into himself, this is a brother who has made a rightous decision, one that many can’t seem to come arround to make. If the man wants to lay hands and pray for people its because he understand the authority that has been given to him through God’s power. Let us pray that God takes control not just of D but all “role models” out there making an impact on our youth..anyways may God keep blessing and maintaining D.

  • Player_V

    True…True…X got some f….n` problems n all but i respect him,cuz he`s a true G.If he wants to rap about God i aint got nothin` against him.But yo,X say no man.That sh.t is killin u slowly,dog!

  • Gabriel

    VOICE Of God can not be confused with any otaher ALL of us know what is good and wrong in our soul but ….if D knows that BLEES HIM GOD .1 peter5:8 a lot of time sayz to be with our eyez open.SATAN IS BAD but one thing we shoul learn from there… and is a good one:
    HE NEVER SLEPP we shoul do that…may God work with x to change souls…