Thanks to the fine folks over at BET, every week I can look forward to DMX filling the void for unscripted crackhead behavior in my life. Yesterday he was scheduled to make a guest appearance on 106 & Park but was told that he would have to appear tomorrow (which is today) since Janet Jackson had stopped by.

After receiving the news X allegedly stormed off in a huff and ran down to the end of the block, while his wife Tashera followed along in tears. Someone then came out and calmed him down and even encouraged spectators to do the whole “DMX we love you” deal. After returning from the inside of the studios to reschedule his appearance on the show, he did what any other reasonable rapper would.

Start a prayer circle.

Now this may be pretty damn random in our world but you have to remember that X lives in a galaxy of his own. One minute he is at a gas station enjoying some fresh donuts avoiding the studio, the next minute he’s on a mission to save souls.