A lot of Americans are saying, "That was so last year. I'm on to the next thing. C'mon, you're killing us with this Katrina thing." Well, I'm sorry. People are still struggling, and...will be dealing with the aftermath for years.

--Spike Lee

Because I will only pay for HBO when new episodes of The Sopranos or The Wire come on(a), I won't be able to watch Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke in real time.

Instead, I'll have to wait for one of my hacker-types to put an .mp4 on their DOT.TUNES network(b).

At any rate, I'm sure that all of the great, inventive, riveting rap albums that have come out in the Worst Year Ever(TM) have diverted your attention from the fallout of a little thing called Hurricane Katrina. But Idlewild hasn't stopped the types of top-dollar curmudgeons who hang in the VIP room at the titty bar with Buckshot Cheney from making beuacuop dollars on this thing.

"It just smells like this was a fixed fight from the get-go," said Keith Ashdown, vice president of the watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense.

No. Because that would be wrong. That would be like, to paraphrase Lesane Crooks, spending money for war but not feeding the poor. That would be like telling people who had insurance policies that they're cuffed because, well, fine print, bitches. That would be like ignoring that their homes are now raw material for science fiction.

No. Becuase that would be greedy. Or incompetent.

Or just plain wrong.


(a) Why still I haven't ponyed up the two bills for a jim sqeeuzie satellite receiver is beyond me. Talk about lack of priorities.

(b) RabbitShare and BitTorrent are so not "first!" Step your game up and thank me later.