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  • 2wo

    That’s dope. I respect that.

  • Mrs Damian Marley

    It is real sad to see what we value

  • DJLL


  • Danja29

    hahahahahahahahaha- damn. ayo Kris- you gonna actually- you know- type a blog? the pictures are takin’ up more space than the words lately. or are you tryna tell us somethin’ thru that? heh…

  • Meka Soul

    if it’s not him, you got it confused/ y’all not rememberin’, my motto is simply “i will not lose.”

  • Meka Soul

    makes no got dayum sense. god bless amerikka.

  • loosenut

    No words needed, but the picture said a thousand words…Don’t feel like typin them all but stupid is 1st and nigga is 2nd…Lame is 999th and Bastard is 1000th


    Damn this pic does mean a 1000 words…


    pawnin dat shit could feed a few niggas down south ya kno?

    wack ass nigga.