Rappers from all over the country have made their way to New York City for the MTV’s Music Awards. They spent time before the show airs making themselves noticed on the party scene.

While they both are in town together Kanye and Pharrell need to take that trip downtown to make shit official. John Legend can't possibly be pleased with being treated like the sideline hoe since his boo announced his engagement. And to make matters worst he has been showing up to different events with Skateboard P on his arm. Hell no!

‘Ye channeled Michael Jackson circa Thriller years when it came to pick out his outfit for Pharrell's Ice Cream themed party last night. Fuck Danity Kane, that bitch is a show stopper. He strutted around like it was his party all night in a pair of white shades he grabbed from the gift shop at Disney World.

Meanwhile, Birdman Jr and his Daddy (no Eleanor Roosevelt) stunted their way through the VMA forum at Radio Music Hall. Also in the building was Snoop Dogg, Chamillionaire, Ludacris, Cognac Jack, Clipse, Big Gipp, Black Thought and ?questlove.

Jay-Z and Nas both made their presence felt at different parties. God Son’s made a very brief appearance at the Complex party just long enough to get his picture snapped. With an Adidas tracksuit and King Tut gold rope chain, something tells me that God's Son was feeling a little retro inspired when it came time to choose his wardrobe. Hova celebrated the grand opening of Rocawear's Roc Pop Shop along with Details magazine.

While other rappers partied the night away, 50 Cent opted to enjoy some of the perks of being a star. Most of his day was spent racking up tons of free shit at MTV's Style Villa, which is basically a gift suite for the rich and famous. Stars (and weed carriers) are showered with freebies ranging from motorcycles to designer duds.

Don't count him completely out of the party scene though. Tonight he will host a VMA after-party along with LL Cool J. Just don’t expect to see Irv Gotti or Lil’ Kim at the bar since Curtis wiped them off of the guest list. You can now also add Diddy’s name to the banishment list since 50 just released a diss track aimed directly at hip-hop’s Great Gatsby. NYC may be a big city, but it’s a small world. The chances of them running into each other tonight are likely.

50 Cent "The Bomb" (Diddy Diss)