I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time with a 42 Year Old Grandpa ass chuckin and jiving tap-dancing Bill Cosby ass Negro like yourself, but fuck it. You would think someone born in 1963 would have more sense than to come with made up info to an 80’s Baby. We Google Generation kids can find out the facts very quickly. Like how you claim to be so black and righteous but only have 3 friends on myspace who all are white; Tom and 2 fake half-naked snow bunnies whom are computer generated from XXX sites. I see you logged on again Sunday, still no new friends huh? Do your wife and daughter know you use myspace strictly for porn and picking desperate broke girls whose boyfriend left them? Check out this 80’s Baby girl’s profile that’s in his top 8:

Sorry to burst your bubble but she’s not real either, jack. Her having you in the top 8 means nothing. Maybe you should find better things to do than to stalk me all day. Like add Bol to your Top 8, since he can “confirm” you’re the “blackest” he’s “ever seen” (ayo!). Get Jaz-O in there because it’s quite possible you two went to school together. Or if you’re doing this because you’re broke. In that case you should shoot me your resume. You’ve obviously stalked me enough to get my e-mail, so let me see if there are any openings in the legal department. I’m all about progression for my people. Never too late to teach a (very) old dog new tricks. You can put all your work with the Poor Righteous Teachers on your resume. Anything for you to stop hating on a young black brother trying to do something positive in life. Dedicating whole blogs trying to “ether” a young brother half your age? Is that not that Willie Lynch-ish in itself black man? This is the last blog I’m dedicating to anyone, unless someone other old school fool decides to get out of line. 80’s Babies 4 Life!


Now back to regularly scheduled blogging. Two more blogs coming up today (really this time!). Stay tuned.