Elderly Abuse


I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time with a 42 Year Old Grandpa ass chuckin and jiving tap-dancing Bill Cosby ass Negro like yourself, but fuck it. You would think someone born in 1963 would have more sense than to come with made up info to an 80’s Baby. We Google Generation kids can find out the facts very quickly. Like how you claim to be so black and righteous but only have 3 friends on myspace who all are white; Tom and 2 fake half-naked snow bunnies whom are computer generated from XXX sites. I see you logged on again Sunday, still no new friends huh? Do your wife and daughter know you use myspace strictly for porn and picking desperate broke girls whose boyfriend left them? Check out this 80’s Baby girl’s profile that’s in his top 8:

I moved to New York 3 months ago with my boyfriend, well, ex-boyfriend now. 3 weeks after he convinced me to move, he broke up with me. I usually meet people pretty quickly, but between trying to find a job and pouting over Brian, I haven’t had time to really go out very much. One thing I did find is this webcam site. It pays pretty decent and the best part is that its really fun, too. I hope being on this site will help me meet people and maybe make a little money. So, if you’re bored and want to see more pics, check my bulletins for links.

Sorry to burst your bubble but she’s not real either, jack. Her having you in the top 8 means nothing. Maybe you should find better things to do than to stalk me all day. Like add Bol to your Top 8, since he can “confirm” you’re the “blackest” he’s “ever seen” (ayo!). Get Jaz-O in there because it’s quite possible you two went to school together. Or if you’re doing this because you’re broke. In that case you should shoot me your resume. You’ve obviously stalked me enough to get my e-mail, so let me see if there are any openings in the legal department. I’m all about progression for my people. Never too late to teach a (very) old dog new tricks. You can put all your work with the Poor Righteous Teachers on your resume. Anything for you to stop hating on a young black brother trying to do something positive in life. Dedicating whole blogs trying to “ether” a young brother half your age? Is that not that Willie Lynch-ish in itself black man? This is the last blog I’m dedicating to anyone, unless someone other old school fool decides to get out of line. 80’s Babies 4 Life!


Now back to regularly scheduled blogging. Two more blogs coming up today (really this time!). Stay tuned.

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  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Shoulda Lil’ Wayne’d this one Sick.


  • JacksonDane


    After reading Bol’s latest post I knew what this one was gonna be about as soon as I read the title, and seeing that pic when I clicked the link had me rollin

    get em Sick, rep for us 80s babies

  • illadelph

    haha all you old bloggers tryna advance….haahtake it like a mofuckin man

  • http://myspace.com/henny4prez St. James

    Sic….both yall need to stop that shit…you all are both GROWN!!!! (Whether 60s, 70s, or 80s baby) ANYWAY…We have a real movement on some serious shit here in Indianapolis, IN…..STOP BEEFIN’ START EATIN’ is the principle and name of the movement. I just put together a mixtape with over 30 artists, 10 Djs, and 14 producers that will showcase ALL that Nap has to offer. You are an A&R you know shit moves in cycles…from east, to west and the midwest is up…Don’t get caught sleeping on the next shift in Hip-Hop…TO THE MIDWEST…Ray Cash has hit and a group here 625 Trillogy (they’re on the mixtape) just got signed to Jive. They are watching us……Get at me!!!

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    damn, sickamore..u all mad and shit like a flustered ass nigga


    admitedly..da shit about his myspace friend list wus kinda funny..but da fact dis nigga instigated da beef and den got u mad like dis mean combat jack sunt da livin shit outta u, sickamore

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    Fuck it Sic, do you. If that old ass nigga got under your skin, then let him have it!

    DIPEST Bitches!!!


    Damn sic, you always erase my shit. Truth hurts 80′s cry baby!


    Get em Sick.

  • K.O.T.S

    DAMN!!! In one colum you talk about how Lil Wayne did the right move on not responding to Gillie and lowering himself to his level. But you preach but dont act on it. Obviously this cat said something about you that got under your skin and for somereason you can’t be the BIGGER person and ignore it. GROW up and keep doing what you do best and thats write good blogs… one

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    i forgot about dat freeway line against jaz o..

    “u like the beer caine dropped in menace – 40 and broke”


    hea’s da reality : dat fruity ass pic of sickamore wus da killer blow..no come back unless sickamore can fuck dis dude wife or daughter..he gotta take da l hea

  • Mr.Me

    Damn that nigga cant really be 42? Yall need to stop tryin to squash the beef an let these two go at it cuz Combat Jack threatened to whoop Sickamores ass if need be, so Sick gotta defend himself. Why is Bol’s Medgar Evers lookin ass co-signin for that nigga so hard?

  • begs no friends

    Sickamore you might as well get used to getting played out!

  • Mr.Me

    “Like add Bol to your Top 8, since he can “confirm” you’re the “blackest” he’s “ever seen” (ayo!)”

    Sneak diss. Thats just a warnin shot I guess.

  • I Am A Hater

    Can we please stop all this 70′s VS 80′s violence!?


    You played yaself with the weak response Sic. Since you’re in the industry too I’m pretty sure you know who he really is, or could maybe figure it out from his old posts on Byron’s site. So even if what he accomplished was years ago, you still havent even risen to that level. Get ya weight up

    - A disapointed 80′s baby

    the myspace is lame though.

  • Jay W

    Writing a fake letter to yourself from another dude to make him look bad. Critiquing a niggas myspace page to write a diss post.

    This whole thing is some Gay-ass nerd shit. You both should go find quiet corners to sit in.

  • Belize

    Crack babies unite!!!!

    what if this guy is a real life stacker, i hope siagon’s peoples got ur back…haaa (no karr)

    U know u made that profile up in 10 minutes sick…but funny shit

    AND>>Leave that lame alone sick, its really pathetic if you say sum again especially since u just got a job…what 3 months ago? u can probably uses his house as a porta-potty

  • Combat Jack

    Sick man, I don’t understand why you’re getting so mad dun. If you didn’t want me to post yer lil email, why in the eff did you send that shit my way? You talk about stalking, but I never gave you my email address lil buddy. You got your boxers all up in a bunch about lies, but what type of distribution did Beat Street have? I really know them cats and they were interested in signing Avalon to a PRODUCTION DEAL!!! You want to talk about my myspace page, that’s cool, obviously I NEVER spend time on that shit (because I’m old as fuck), definitely not as much as you do on yours, posing in lip gloss and all. But hey, I guess that makes me a whack old nigga? Okay, you got me. Plus, ain’t this hip hop? Me, I still love the shit, especially the part about the BATTLE, scrap. I could piss off lil yellow purty mouthed niggas like you all day while taking my geriatric ass day naps. Don’t yung niggas like you love the battle no more? Real niggas don’t get mad about this shit son. Plus, this old nigga really knows yer mom’s from back in the day. How is Brenda doing these days, ask her about the Paradise Garage, 10:18, The Soul Kitchen and of course, the Tunnel. Man she used to really love my style and my Papa Smurf. Like I said in my post, do you lil homie. Get your weight up though. Get at me if you want some more battle tips.


    yeh how brenda, son?

    papa smurf? fuck you wack, maaaaaan if i was you i wouldnt feel myself, maaaaaaaaaaaaaan if i was you i’d fuckin kill myself

  • thoreauly77

    damn sickamore. i hope that lipgloss has an spf level of about eleventy two hundred degrees.



  • Whoa

    mypscae iz wack it for niggaz who hav no friends lol am serious who da hell iz gonna be on da internet 6 hours a day bored as hell YOU GUYS wit MYSPACE. i go out and hang out myspace iz 4 loserz

    it only good 4 people who need their music to reach other people in other words promotion

  • Young Crack

    IT WAR! i love this shit internet wars against other website LET DA GAMES BEGIN!

  • Mingemasher

    Suckamore!!!! You might be the BIGGEST FUCKING FAGGOT EVER. Do you actually think that by looking at Combat Jack’s myspace profile you are able to analyze him? He obviously isnt active on myspace. Are you so brain dead that believe that you can judge people based on the appearance of their myspace page?????? FUCKING CLOWN. I cant believe Atlantic gave you a job. In fact, I im gonna email a couple people over at WMG that I know and ask them if they are aware that they have a FUCKING IDIOT working in their A&R dept…….

  • http://www.myspace.com.com/donnygoines Donny Goines

    I like ya stlye homie, and you gotta good ear (my people gotta meeting wit you on Wensday) Keep doing ya thing and fuck the haters. 1


    SICKA MORE. 2 hours 7 minuites left for those two others ones.

  • e

    Step ur game up Sickamore where are the baseball refrences you could have told Combat Jack you’d do him the way the Yanks did the Sox. 80s babies


    COMABT JACK SAYS:”Plus, this old nigga really knows yer mom’s from back in the day. How is Brenda doing these days, ask her about the Paradise Garage, 10:18, The Soul Kitchen and of course, the Tunnel. Man she used to really love my style and my Papa Smurf.”


  • http://dallaspenn.com/weblog/?page_id=291 Billy X.

    Sic hate old niggas because he don’t know his daddy. His momma was his daddy on fathers day.

    Sic shut the fuck up and bring something real and original to the game. You talk all that fresh az I miz shit but you don’t bring nothing to the light. You just another yes man dickrider trying to come up on somebody else back sweat.

    Stop wasting the peoples time and money by fucking with writing and music and go google where the homeless shelter that your daddy lives in so you can stop giving your momma his fathers day cards.

    This thread was inspired by the shit that come from your lips via you fingertips on your keyboard. Your nails prah’lee got clear polish on ‘em too.

  • I Am A Hater

    Lol i hope Sick and Combat Jack would swap it out. That would be some funny shit man.



  • icon

    Damn, this is like LL’s corny response to 2nd round K.O…you gotta come better than that, young’un…I mean, come on, he had you talking about “sexy” coffee shops, lattes with nuts and whipped cream, and other niggas’ oily, massive chests…plus he had that pic with you looking like a broke ass Raz-B…step your game up, kid.

  • P

    Fuck this shit Sick, no more airtime for him

  • http://www.myspace.com/therapistmusic Therapist

    damn that’s foul putting a man’s real tmail on blast..

  • maddhatter

    Damn, this is like LL’s corny response to 2nd round K.O…you gotta come better than that, young’un…I mean, come on, he had you talking about “sexy” coffee shops, lattes with nuts and whipped cream, and other niggas’ oily, massive chests…plus he had that pic with you looking like a broke ass Raz-B…step your game up, kid.

    lol cosign that shit haha


    COMBAT JACK: is that you TONY D????

    oh my bad dunny…….

    and SICKAMORE: you sound like a chump wit this 80′s baby bullshit.

    its just like a dumb lil nigga to dis his elders who put him on and wiped yer lil shitty ass when YOU couldnt yerself.. now YOUR the BIG MAN right?

    well guess what bitch? soon the 90′s babies will be diarrea shittin all over you..especially after its proven that yer A & R skill is close to nothing. you got SAIGON signed ? SO WHAT! yer only successlful as an A & R when he brings home a PLAQUE.

    until then shut the fuck up and grind lil nigga.

    now sit down,eat yer slice of pizza , and BE QUIET!

    and bring me a soda BITCH

  • DocZeus

    “E-Beef” – Beef You Would Have If You Actually Left Your House

  • http://tharow.com The Ghost of Tupac

    This clown took a shot at Bol? He cant fuck with that calibre of talent. Bol>XXLMAG.com. No jokes. Take him away and the traffic will plumet.

  • Sushi K

    Daamn, this 80′s baby bullshit is retarded. Sic, you feeling the years pile on ALREADY? You seem to spend a lot of time on the subject.

    Put a couple of years on top of oneanother, and BAAM! Congratulationsm, Sic, you 30 fool! Do it again and baam! you 35 now.

    Like someone else here said, pretty soon the 90′s babies gonna be shittin down your throat.

    So my advice to you is stop fixatin, stop being a little punkass bitch, chill out and enjoy your time before it’s gone. That’s real, son! You ain’t in high school no more.

  • Jesse

    Suckamore: In a few years when you grow up (it takes some longer than others) you will look back on your corny, disrespectful ’80′s baby’ gimmick and see yourself as the punk you are.

    I hope Combat Jack kept one of his big ass 90′s cell phones so he can smack the lip gloss off your face a la Puffy and create ‘Music Industry Story’ #6.

    Now go get a Sprite and stare at your Saigon posters some more. (n/h)

  • http://www.dubcnn.comwww.streethop.com Greg/ YG Da Boss

    Blogging Beef now? on the same week that WC comes out on http://www.dubcnn.com and class out “New West” cats for being disrespectful for just having the term ” New West”. Come on all this is absurd and I don’t know who the hell is Combat Jack but I am assuming he got offended at the “80′s baby angle and wriitng style” Come on man just cause your a “Professional blogger” and some young cat who has an executive position, talent type agency shit, mixtape shit comes starts fucking around with blogging and has an obvious entertaining style and effective wriitng and gets even printed and that makes people mad? That’s sad as fuck and you need to respect multitasking and multitalented people and that’s real talk!


  • Danja29

    y’all old bitter niggas gotta stop gettin’ hurt. y’all are makin’ me ashamed of my ’79 birthday. that’s just real shit- the youth (hate or love em) have and will control where hip-hop goes. and we haven’t seen the crack-baby generation yet- the 90s babies have NOTHING to draw inspiration from. THAT’s the generation i’m scared of controllin’ this shit.

  • allnice

    Son, you got ethered dunny, face the facts. He pulled your card on the A&R gig son. Even I know that A&R niggaz are sometimey, here today, gone tomorrow type niggaz. I actually employed a former A&R nigga such as yourself and I am your age Sick. I know you ain’t making major figures like that, so don’t pretend like you are. You ain’t important son. I’m done with your blog for real.

  • allnice

    Man, I had to repost that you need to quit posting cause it’s fucking up your career…..for real.

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