bored.jpgBoring Summer Day, so I’m just going to vent. I blog on the off days, f&*k what the all say. No one topic that deserves a whole blog right now.

Yeah Hip Hop is dead but I don’t care what Bol and Kris Ex says; today’s R&B is just as lame.

The public wants Cassie’s head (pun intended) for her lame performances. But I rather a talent less dime like Cass than India “I Make Shaving Your Legs Music” Arie any day.

Lil’ Kim wants off of Atlantic but where is she going to go? Def Jam with her deaf best friend? I don’t know how 50 “Interscope” Jackson feels about her post-incarceration. But Magic Stick was a big hit. Kim on G-Unit? Kim On Black Wall Street? Should be interesting.

Speaking of jail, where the hell is Cassidy? I hope this isn’t a new trend of rappers coming out of the pen and not dropping music. Then I wouldn’t have a Shyne album until 2013!

And speaking Of Atlantic, I’m making the announcement of my first signing next week.

I’m supposed to meet with Gillie The Kid today at the office. Hmmmmmm.

I wonder what Irv Gotti is doing right now?

Busta’s videos are getting progressively wacker. Touch It > Touch It Remix > I Love My Chick > New York Sh*t > In The Ghetto

Its pretty saddening for this self-proclaimed Nas stan to see Christina Aguilera do the album God Son was supposed to do.

Jeezy is STILL the King Of NY until further notice. I don’t see anyone coming for his crown anytime soon. Cam disappeared and is no longer the most, nor the second most, rapper in his own crew. 50 transcended Gotham City along time ago. Haven’t seen Jadakiss since the Paris Hilton song, so that check must’ve been HUGE!

Plies is my new favorite new rapper.

YN, Brendan and Leah should hire another blogger just to break up the monotony of the Elite 8. My suggestions: Dame Dash, The Hip Hop Cop, Star, or the Chad from the Neptunes. Especially Chad. Something tells me he’ll go crazy and black out on Pharrell.
Until tomorrow.

Oh wait! I heard Young B is dissing the Bajan Def Jam star in her new record. I’m a prophet!