bored.jpgBoring Summer Day, so I’m just going to vent. I blog on the off days, f&*k what the all say. No one topic that deserves a whole blog right now.

Yeah Hip Hop is dead but I don’t care what Bol and Kris Ex says; today’s R&B is just as lame.

The public wants Cassie’s head (pun intended) for her lame performances. But I rather a talent less dime like Cass than India “I Make Shaving Your Legs Music” Arie any day.

Lil’ Kim wants off of Atlantic but where is she going to go? Def Jam with her deaf best friend? I don’t know how 50 “Interscope” Jackson feels about her post-incarceration. But Magic Stick was a big hit. Kim on G-Unit? Kim On Black Wall Street? Should be interesting.

Speaking of jail, where the hell is Cassidy? I hope this isn’t a new trend of rappers coming out of the pen and not dropping music. Then I wouldn’t have a Shyne album until 2013!

And speaking Of Atlantic, I’m making the announcement of my first signing next week.

I’m supposed to meet with Gillie The Kid today at the office. Hmmmmmm.

I wonder what Irv Gotti is doing right now?

Busta’s videos are getting progressively wacker. Touch It > Touch It Remix > I Love My Chick > New York Sh*t > In The Ghetto

Its pretty saddening for this self-proclaimed Nas stan to see Christina Aguilera do the album God Son was supposed to do.

Jeezy is STILL the King Of NY until further notice. I don’t see anyone coming for his crown anytime soon. Cam disappeared and is no longer the most, nor the second most, rapper in his own crew. 50 transcended Gotham City along time ago. Haven’t seen Jadakiss since the Paris Hilton song, so that check must’ve been HUGE!

Plies is my new favorite new rapper.

YN, Brendan and Leah should hire another blogger just to break up the monotony of the Elite 8. My suggestions: Dame Dash, The Hip Hop Cop, Star, or the Chad from the Neptunes. Especially Chad. Something tells me he’ll go crazy and black out on Pharrell.
Until tomorrow.

Oh wait! I heard Young B is dissing the Bajan Def Jam star in her new record. I’m a prophet!

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  • http://blahhhh oh yea


  • Sonny Cheeba

    2nd, damn



  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    cant wait 2 see yo new signin, sickamore

    hopefully you’ll get dey album out sometime around when u gon get saigon come out in dem buck rogers years in 2026

  • DJ N-Credible

    Busta video ar getting wacker…go sniff some glue dude…in the ghetto is classic shit…and your meeting with Gillie the Squid…why to come up with another way to hate on Weezy since the diss strategy didn’t give him the shine he was hoping for…you did better by not posting at all…ITS OK TO HAVE WRITERS BLOCK…LOL

  • rives305

    1st alright blog

  • Sonny Cheeba

    if u sign Gille, there goes ur Lil’ Wayne “under the table” money… think about it, Sai & Tru ain’t paying the bills no mo’…

  • Sonny Cheeba

    DJ N-Credible Says:

    August 11th, 2006 at 3:59 pm
    Busta video ar getting wacker…go sniff some glue dude…in the ghetto is classic shit…

    ^^^u need to be stripped of ur “DJ” title, u tasteless hack… or change ur name to “DJ UN-Credible”, idiot…

  • DJ N-Credible


  • DJ N-Credible


  • Belize

    11/31…startin to worry about u sick…must be eating too much beef patties

  • Sonny Cheeba

    okay there, why don’t u tell the people how u lost ur job as Sics’ “record crate holder/weed carrier” to the “digital revolution”, hence ur new gig as “Dj UN-Credible”

  • fresh

    “But I rather a talent less dime like Cass than India “I Make Shaving Your Legs Music” Arie any day.”

    LMAO, uh oh, the head wrap crowd is going to be mad at you for this one.

  • hosana

    haha Jeezy the king of NY…you funny daddy.

  • DJ N-Credible



  • Freddy Freeloader

    You’re the only one crowning Jeezy KONY, does that make it count?

  • Dre

    >>“But I rather a talent less dime like >>Cass than India “I Make Shaving Your >>Legs Music” Arie any day.”

    >LMAO, uh oh, the head wrap crowd is >going to be mad at you for this one.

    like the head wrap crowd reads this anyway lol

    Chad would be the best choice…

    nobody wants a Dame blog, Hiphop Cop would get old really quick, Star…

  • eskay

    >>heard Young B is dissing the Bahamian Def Jam star in her new record.

    man, she bajan, don’t mash up da girls heritage

    (^to be read with bajan accent)

  • Hollywood Haitian

    The Blog was on point today,Who had the top album this weekI was rootin for Rick Ross,that Cassie chick froze like a deer in Headlights before Yung Joc saved her ass on 106 and park…LMAO!!

  • Belize

    who iz young b?

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    you are stupid

  • DJ Main Event

    lol bajan… only people i know who call them that are my grandparents.

    in the most sincere way possible, fuck Plies. i only say this because of his ignorance towards this hip-hop culture.

    and the boy couldnt rap a christmas present either.

  • Belize

    plies basically…whats the right word…sucks…is that it? yeah he suckzzzz….

  • Belize

    im dissapointed in u sickamore..ur the guy that helped siagon and tru-life…but u feelin plies? yeah he got a movement…but really…come on…do u really think he can spit…give me one good punchline he said and ill give him a try!

  • Rae

    Your blogs are soo sassy!
    Keep up the great work!!!

  • janice

    “The public wants Cassie’s head (pun intended) for her lame performances. But I rather a talent less dime like Cass than India “I Make Shaving Your Legs Music” Arie any day.”

    Oh Sickamore…. you would put Cassie over India…..(shaking head)

  • e

    Your slippin Sickamore where are the baseball refrences


    Man Sicamore your blog was real today man congradulations lol ahh you usually have good ones. But Jay is King of New York man for real. He runs shit. Not DMX (who I love) no homo. 50 is already fading. Dipsets arent shit,and he owns his best rival Nazir Jones.

  • H-man

    time iz money…fuck u pay me

  • Real MusicLova

    Ok must be sick in da head. And they hired you as A&R for atlantic? Just another young cat with no real music background watering down the quality. You want eye candy? Then have the chick Cassie strip in da video as a video ho. Oh I’m sorry she’s already doing that in her ripoff flashdance video. Get somebody who could really sing to a hot track and MAYBE have a real career doing it.

    I’m sure your new signing will be beautiful, handsome and talentless!
    We need Sangers..not just mediocre singing dancer.

  • Andrew

    50 runs new york, record sells, movies , books, clothing, shoes, vitamin water, record company, the best crew, #8 in forbes, makes mo money than jay z an p.diddy put together

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    You need an editor, son.

  • Therapist

    YN, Brendan and Leah should hire another blogger just to break up the monotony of the Elite 8. My suggestions: ..

    my suggestion… damien scott.. the Prince Akeem of hip hop journalism…

    I don’t want to disrespect my future boss (ahem, hov), but damn if him and B don’t work out, every 80′s baby in America will be filled with a middle school like hope that they have a shot at her…

  • sean

    “But I rather a talent less dime like Cass than India “I Make Shaving Your Legs Music” Arie any day.” – you

    Sickamore, u lost me with that one. . . . you werent talking about music right there were u ?

  • thoreauly77

    man sickamore, this post was like reading the lyrics to a yung joc song… 11/31 makes me feel kinda queeezy (jeezy) that it has come to this already. bol may be a douchebag, but at least his shit is intriguing unlike this ” i have got to fill my aforementioned blog-quota that i bragged i would accomplish” bullshit.

  • weezybaby

    if u help or believe this GILLIE BITCH i will no longer like u please fuk that mann he garbage erry body who agree type 123

  • lukee lefty

    Jay-z= King of New York

  • King Of NY

    Nigga u crazy 2 say tha In The Ghetto video waz wack that iz real hip hop u fuckin crackhead

  • King Of NY

    but yes children hip hop iz dead we jus hav 2 sit bac and watch didy shakin hiz azz for da next 5 months uh i miss da good ol dayz

  • King Of NY

    The public wants Cassie’s head (pun intended) for her lame performances. But I rather a talent less dime like Cass than India “I Make Shaving Your Legs Music” Arie any day.

    and big ups on da cassie shit bitch cant sing 4 shit



  • Sickamore

    The Busta Video was real hip hop?

    What’s so real about walking around the ghetto for 4 minutes and looking at all the people struggling……only to put your shades on in your 2007 Aston Martin and pull off at the end of the video?!?!

  • J.Gifted

    Sic you said you were looking for beats check my myspace page!


    Been dreamin/fatasizin bout Cassie, right Sick? (singin near ur pelvic area)

    Cheezy, er, Jeezy King of N.Y. – HUH?!? (son, what U been smokin?)

    Thought Kim had the QUEEN BEE record up & runnin(Damn, musta been smokin 2 much weed)


    I, like, paid jada and joe lots of $$$$. Oh, like, i also flashed my assets @ them and they couldn’t resist. That’s, like, so hot.

  • pop a poppa

    Plies iz ya new favorite rapper?
    did Funkmaster Flex slip you some
    payola for you to say that Sick?
    if that is the truth as you see it
    then i see a dark future in your path
    of “A&Ring” as you call it. lol

    i don’t see how you can possibly call
    the Young Cheezy the K.O.N.Y.
    he is more like the Marc Anthony of
    the south.
    naw seriously… Jeezy = Master P.

    and why would Dame Dash be a good
    blogger? don’t you know he is already
    blogging for XXL already under the
    name of DJ Drama?

  • Curt Dog

    plies sucks, nobody in miami likes him

  • Combat Jack

    Damn, the Young B shit is harder than the diss joints crap niggas is making these days. Plus, although I’m not really effin with Bussa Buss these days, the Ghetto and The N.Y. Ish vids is hot.

  • ESL representa

    Plies cant rap a x-mas present.True but as far as crack rap goes jeezy,juelz and all dem other niggas can hang it up “Take Off” is the hardest shit of ’06 nigga.

    “Im on fire and I’nt ask nann rap nigga for help
    Cuz knew I can stand up in the paint my muthafukin self”

    Plies…Take Off

  • lol

    Sorry but if you prefer Cassie over India Arie, that says a lot about todays so-called, “80′s babies”

  • D.C. Kat

    YOOOOO!!!!!! SIGN GILLIE!!!! The momentum is too crazy right now for him!

  • khal

    should hire me as the next blogger. no bs.

  • Joseph

    You asked about Cassidy… He showed face at Jim (Jones’) Birthday party at the roxy a few weeks ago and tore the shit down. Spit two freestyles (1 over “snap yo fingas” the second over Cam’s, “touch it or not.”) I’ve got the video. I’ll try to get a copy upstairs to you when I get back from my vegas vacation. (I’m on 25 while they re-do 24 [wmg] ). As far as I can tell Cassidy and Lil’ Kim were both on the same meal plan while they were away. Hopefully they put some of that “I’mma Hustler”/”Magic Stick” money towards a personal trainer. (Maybe that “chick” with the new Bravo special is looking to expand her client list to include hip-hop artists?)


    “But I rather a talent less dime like Cass than India “I Make Shaving Your Legs Music” Arie any day.”

    This statement only proves you never listened to any of India Arie’s music besides the singles. Anyone in their right mind knows there is no contest between the two creatively OR musically. Shame on you- YOU’RE IN THE A&R DEPARTMENT! Instead of shitting on an artist you CLEARLY aren’t familiar with, maybe you should do some research on them first?


  • Rey

    Ok, I’ll be honest, Jeezy does have alot of New York swagger in him, but he’s not the KONY. Jay-Z is the king until Nas comes out, then it’s God’s Son.

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