Diddy’s Got the White Stuff

Every year Diddy throws a huge star studded party in the Hamptons celebrating the end of the summer. This year he decided to switch up the game plan a little and moved the festivities to Saint Tropez.

Hours before the party kicked off, his royal Diddyness managed to squeeze in enough time to impress his uppity friends with his trampoline skills. Ah yes, turning tricks for whitey. We’ve all been there before, haven’t we?

Puff made up for showing to up to the bash five hours late by partying into the wee hours of the morning. All play and no work is definitely not this mogul’s motto. The next morning Diddy made sure to moisturize his situation from the night before and preserved his sexy for the cameras.

He may be turning on the charm for girlfriend Kim Porter since there are rumors circulating that he is not only cheating on her (wow) but has fathered another child with a mystery woman.

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  • http://www.hypebeast.com/lupefiasco 2chéLupe

    wonder what Big would say

  • Belize

    Come on fresh…u better have another blog in your stash and start doin 2 a day…expet better from my future baby momz…

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    Big would say “ayo puff, what happened?”

  • Belize

    “wonder what Big would say”
    ->BIGGIE: “It don’t make sense, goin’ to heaven wit the goodie-goodies/
    Dressed in white, I like black Tims and black hoodies”

  • Belize

    “Hangin’ with the goodie-goodies loungin’ in paradise/
    Fuck that shit, I wanna tote guns and shoot dice”

  • http://www.honorablemedia.com/blog Honorable


  • g R p 03

    ayo puff what happened…..hahahhaa

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    Before leaving home, make sure that your situation is completely 100%moisturized.

    Make sure to do this to ensure the preservation of your sexy.

  • http://www.hypebeast.com/lupefiasco 2chéLupe
  • http://www.hypebeast.com/lupefiasco 2chéLupe
  • Dante Severe


  • pop a poppa

    man puffy’s a fuckin’ sellout faggit!
    he even worse than elliott YN wilson.
    preserve the sexy? naw homo u gay!
    puff likes gettin’ fingers up his ass.
    dude schilling to che whitey.
    homey don’t play that biiiiiiiiitch.
    why don’t you do somethin’ useful
    with your time and throw a block
    party like dave chappelle?

  • d rock

    this blog is about as fun reading as the dictionary.

    Next time try to make a longer entry than 2 paragraphs.

    Or call this blog Talkin nothing by Fresh

  • The Realest


  • H-man

    Havin a good time out there aint cha diddy??? lolololol Noone can do a party like Diddy!!!


    she’s my baby momz…my bad im blowed

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Man, for a minute there, I thought this was just some random nigga falling out the sky. Now I know it’s Puff Daddy and I feel strange.
    Big would say: “Yo, Diddy, fuck around shit’ll get dark for you. Don’t they know my nigga Gutter fucking kidnap kids, fuck em in they ass throw em over the bridge.”

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Whatever.. If you were rich as fuck you’d do the same shit.

    People need to quit hating on Puff.

  • I Fux

    fuck puff he is a snitch , a big reason Biggie an Pac are dead, the reason Shyne is in jail, straight no good rat


    fuck puff..he will die a thousand deaths for being a snitch. For being dirty with his artist, for stealing his artist money and fame (mase,g-dep, black rob currently playin spades for ramien noodles), and also for being a camera hog (making of da band anyone). he will always be the one lucky enough to have biggie (second greatest rapper). Oh yeah and for cursing the world with Young Joc. ugh bastid..


    that proactive skin care spokesman cursed the world with the likes of g-dep, loon, black rob or #23456-09, mase, young joc, boyz n da hood,putting shiny suits on the lox, and them god awful solo cd’s of his. Da band (anyone know where they act, them tone def heffaz he displaying on MTV. that bastid need to go away. Coward ass

  • http://www.facebook.com DEDICATION

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!6 WARD

  • Big J

    Everyone loved Puff when Biggie was riddin with him, now you Benedict Arnold’s are turning tail and calling him out for the bitch he is. By the way, Biggie would be rappin for Puffy’s friends, because that nigga writes out the checks.

  • http://myspace.com/djsyncity syncity

    i think he got bored with hamptons. i mean he’s done hood to ghetto fab to industry to hollywood to bourgoisie to…damn next? lets juss do a party on the moon!
    damn…where the money comin from? oh yeah…sean john cuz bad boy needs help!

  • preservin ma sexyyy

    take dat take dat

  • Fernando

    I dont think there was ever any sexy to preserve. I hated Piddy even when he was riding Biggie to the top.

  • Julia_Claudine_Deveraux

    If only the lil YT boys would’ve moved outta the way once they threw Puffy in the air……….That’s all I’m saying.

  • Babyface pimp

    If u wanna hate on Puff, get rich first motherfuckers……..get some millions, a couple hundred of ‘em……..Till then, u niggas need to shut the fuck up!