Why You Wanna Go Dat Now B?

No I'm not turning my blog into a gossip column; I'm talking strictly business here. The union of Jayonce makes them the ultimate power couple, a money making machine and the paparazzi’s wet dream. But I like to think of any and everything in terms of business, and I think it would make perfect sense for Miss Knowles to sell her Def Jam stock while the price is still high. When J-Lo left Diddy, her clout jumped leaps and bounds. She was no longer subjected to being the queen of the "urban" world and instantly became super elite A-List. Plus its not like she needs more "I used to run base like Juan Pierre" punch-lines anymore.

Flashback 1998

A up and coming In Living Color fly girl turned actress seemed to be finally hitting her stride. Then she started appearing in the music videos of one of hip hop's biggest personalities, Puff Daddy. The two started dating and it seemed like a match made in industry heaven. Puffy looked like a don with his newly found Hollywood honey but Jennifer got something much more; respect from the urban world. Diddy gave her the now famous moniker of "J-Lo".

Fast Foward 2003

The lead singer of world renowned group Destiny's Child is rumored to be dating Roc-a-fella CEO Jay-Z. She instantly goes from being booed during NBA Finals halftime games to hip-hop's first lady. He even gives her the now famous moniker "B".

If Beyonce left Jay-Z right now, it would be the smartest business move of her career. She has a album dropping next month. On the cover of god knows how many magazines all across the planet. She has 9 Grammy Awards. She has 30 million records sold. She sells out arenas worldwide. It would be the perfect career move.

Most celebrity relationships are power related anyway, so why shouldn't she explore her options? B already has every fashonista brainwashed into dressing and dancing just like her. With a new LP coming out, it'll be the push she needs to get her buzz up. God knows she can use some other press besides the petitions saying her "Deja Vu" video sucks. Jay can even orchestrate the break up and get back with her after she does her numbers. Who would she date instead of Hov? How about a 21-year old A&R slash DJ slash blogging extraordinaire! Haha. Until 2morrow.