A Reckless Weekend

There has been a lot of talk on my side of the net about who exactly this mystery female is that Kanye is engaged to. Many people have been speculating that she is Sumeke Rainey, the girlfriend he rapped about on marrying on “Never Let You Down”. And they would be totally incorrect.

True, Sumeke had a relationship with Kanye for several years but the pair decided to separate during the process of him reaching new heights in his career . While Alexis may be the latest arm candy she is positively not the ex-girlfriend that was there before the accident and first album.

Kanye and his bride-to-be took in lunch yesterday at Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills. Wow, would you check out that limp wrist action. Some pictures are worth a 1,000 words. And this one tells me that he just told her not to fuck up his Fendi bag. But I do think they make a lovely couple.

Call it a woman’s intuition if you please, but there is something in my spirit telling me that the last time Trick Daddy took a nice, hot bath was in the video for “Thug Holiday.” And that was in what, 2002? Even then that water was murky as hell. I guess it is safe to assume the Dirt Angel look is official.

T Double D is featured on newcomer Quiarrelee’s song titled “Top Notch Diva” along with Trina. If you are looking for laughs at the expense of others you will definitely enjoy this video. To echo the sentiments of my folks at Concrete Loop, it does look like Dave Chappelle is going to jump out at any moment.

Speaking of fun on YouTube, you will never guess what gem B. Fred was able to dig up.

Apparently Paul Wall made a cameo in Juvenile’s video for “Mama Got Ass (She Get It From Her Mama).”

Yeah, big fucking deal is what I thought too until I saw the People’s Champ rocking some kitchen ass cornrows.

(click to enlarge)

The shit is just wrong on so many levels. I’m so happy that he got rid of them joints. Don’t take my word for it though, check out the video around the 0:38 time mark and make the call for yourself.

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  • Belize

    IM LUVIN IT FREASH! keep it up..still laughin at kanye homotendencies (we all know he was really tryin to clean his closet out in that sway interview)

  • Belize

    *FRESH-damn i need to stop smoking weed

  • Belize

    i think shorty was really dave chappelle…did u see that gap, i could fit bonecrusher through dat

  • http://www.myspace.com/kracktheking KR

    wow…Paul Wall looks like that white kid that was in House Party 2. Wasn’t his name Kam’ron?

  • slap fire out a blog

    definitely Dave Chapelle, Ah its so nice to have a light hearted thread today

    ^^going back to drinking 40s in the office “fuck the man”

  • pop a poppa

    Kanye lookin’ like a retard in that
    one pic. that bitch Quiarrelee got a
    bigger gap than Michael Strahan! i
    got a good laugh at that fruit J-Nicks
    in the video.

  • Danja29

    funny shit!

    i didn’t notice any super-obvious limp-wristed shit about Kanye in that pic… but that dude got some BIG ass teeth. Tiger Woods has been topped.

    and LMAO @ Paul Wall’s kitchen-ass cornrows… with beads on ‘em at that.

  • Danja29

    And I just got done watchin’ that “Top Notch Diva” video.

    attn: Quiarralee- the late ’90s called and said they have your video and you’re welcome to pick it up anytime.

  • Meka Soul

    i’m laughing at that trina video. reminds me of that chappelle skit when 2pac’s “new” song was talking about the people in the club.

    “cuz her shirt don’t match/there’s a pudding stain on the back/what the fuck is that/ it look like DOO DOO!”


  • http://www.honorablemedia.com/blog Honorable

    she looks hella good.

    nice pick kanye.


    somebody needs to refix kanye’s jaw

  • Belize

    ohh…by the way FUK KANYE..he puts the homo in homosapian

  • soopadoopa

    i guess nappy beards iz the new trend 4 miami rappers.. and dat chick from the video looks like an ashy elbow (NASTY)…
    Kanye gotta fine future ex-wife

  • H-man

    Gonna wifey her Kanye???? lolololol Luv da video….

  • Gritz

    LMAO at the Trick Daddy Comment. That Nigga is keeping it real…. Real Nasty!!!
    He is definitely in need of some Mr. Bubble, a Bleach Enema and a vaccination!!!

  • Pro-Rican

    Kayne always had a little suger in his tank. what the fuck is kitchen braids mean?

  • http://www.loudminoritymusic.com Che Grand

    damn look like someone took a jackhammer to them top notch teeth

  • Mr.Me

    Damn I thought they would sick the “dogs/sharks” on Kanye while Jesus Walks was hot. I see their smarter buy waiting for time to pass an waiting for his popularity to die down a lil, an then they strike! Its much smarter than shootin him in his car or SUV.

  • Fernando

    Paul Walls braids are Fantastic! Mr. Wall has been walking that fine line of joke/decent rapper for many moons. If shit like this keeps popping up he might slip in to “white dawg” territory for joke-ass white boys from the south. I still think he has enough famous black rapper support and street-cred to keep things movin. Tight beats too

  • pop a poppa

    FERNANDO Says:
    I still think he has enough famous black rapper support and street-cred to keep things movin.

    obviously you haven’t heard that song he did with Hulk Hogan’s daughter.

  • ……..

    kanye is a faggot metrosexual
    just look at him