80 Reasons You Are NOT A 80’s Baby Part 2

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Keeping my Dimaggio-ish blog streak going, I’m back with reasons 21 to 40.

21) You don’t think The Blueprint is a classic

22) Doo Wop, S&S or Rated R was your favorite mixtape DJ

23) And you bought those tapes from the House Of Nubian

24) You still have Stretch and Bobbito cassette tapes

25) You hated Harlem World

26) You went to Freaknik (any year)

27) And drove down in a MPV

28) You thought Larry Nance was the best dunker ever

29) And argued Benard King was better than Mike

30) You rocked Troop Clothing, Lotto sneakers or 8 Ball Jackets

31) You “bombed” walls or trains

32) You can sing the theme to “Goodtimes

33) You went to 42nd and watched karate flicks

34) You know ’93 To Infinity word for word

35) You smoked weed in bamboo paper

36) YO MTV Raps!

37) You can name 5 Heavy D songs

38) You didn’t have fronts or a grill. But you had gold caps

39) You voted for Jesse Jackson

40) You can complete this sentence: “_______ isn’t new! He used to be in KMD!”

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  • slap fire out a blog

    12t bitches

  • slap fire out a blog

    and 1st

  • crackis great!!


    You are a crackhead..err EIGHTIES BABY IF

    1) You watch FIGHT KLUB on MTV and enjoy it.

    2) The idea of a rapper who doesn’t sell drugs is lame and soft, and by default a “backpacker” or a “concious rapper”.

    3) You really think that Rick Ross has
    connections to Bogota.

    4) Your favorite artists have all appeared on Wild N Out

    5) Ringtones are a legitimate “hustle”

    6) You can’t knock the hustle, and any form of non-positive feedback, even if it is constructive criticism is either jealousy or hating.

    7) You admire Dame Dash’s suave business skills, and the fact that he hangs out with Mick Jagger’s daughter impresses you.

    8) The first mixtape you ever bought was in fact, not a tape, and also did not involve any sort of mixing, just downloaded songs put in a random order.

    9) You have bought crunk juice, sizzurp or pimp juice, but not as a joke or as a move of irony, but because you were either thirsty, or up all night partying and the “energy” in the drink could help you stay awake the next day at work.

    10) Being rude, obnoxious, ignorant, disrespectful and bratty are all considered good qaulities that merit encouragement and deserve to be flaunted and championed.

    11) You think that you can sell dope forever.

    12) You say things like “I don’t hear a single”

    13) You think that Lil Wayne (or any artist with a Lil or Young in front) is a legitimate artist of the highest caliber with poignant and relevant things to tell people.

    14) MTV cribs is your favorite show.

    15) You “own”, “run” or are the “CEO” of a small side hustle company, but fail to realize that you are the only one who believes in the “vision” of that small side “hustle” company as being an actual legitimate organization of real business, not just an imaginary, vanity pipe dream with no office or staff.

    16) You can’t even go to the grocery store without some ones thats clean and a shirt with a team.

    17) You feel naked without an ipod.

    18) You’re too young to remember NWA and when Fifty Cent is repackaged as a solo version of NWA you really do believe he is the future.

    19) You do not think Kanye West is confused.

    20) You saw a Nick Cannon movie in the theatres and enjoyed it.

    21) You bought 50 cents book and treated it as if it were a textbook and contained information that would help you succeed in life.

    22) A woman with dark skin or nappy hair is unattractive.

    23) You think biting is cool, but “swagger-jacking” isn’t cool.

    24) Your favorite rapper has some sort of catchphrase or slogan that they repeat on every song.

    25) Your favorite producer yells his name at the beginning of every song he does for brand recognition.

    26) The “streets” dictate your opinion and choices in life, and you reference the “streets” as if it were an actual nation or country, and you were some sort of diplomat or foriegn dignitary who must consider every move with concern over how the “streets” will react, as if the “streets” were a superpower nation.

    27) Ghostwriting is okay for mcs as long as they write checks

    28) You own a pimp cup that you made with a bedazzler.

    29) You are totally unaware of any mc from a period before 1997 whom your favorite mc stole their entire style from, and any beat from that time period is fair game for modern producers to reuse.

    30) You have more than four shirts that depict either Biggie, Pac or Scarface.

    31) You have more money on your wrist than in your bank account.

    32) You follow the ten crack commandments like God had dictated them to Moses, even though you do not sell crack.

    33) You think rap, basket ball and crackrock are the only viable ways to ever make it in the world.

    34) A live show is not really as important as a video to you.

    35) Your artist considers a strip club as an audience to keep in mind when making a song.

    36) You don’t know who prince dejour, big lez or joe clair are so you think Mad linx is a good host.

    37) You consider freestyle fridays a good opportunity for an artist to create a buzz or gain exposure.

    38) You only know Xzibit for being the host of Pimp My ride.

    39) Paul Wall is your favorite White Rapper.

    40) You relate to Terrance Howards character in Hustle and Flow


    Shit I cant name that last one lmao fuck lol ahh good thought I guees. this is pretty intresting actually kind of fun sickamore keep doing thing your thing son.

  • http://www.dmcworld.com/technics2004/video/2004dj1-100k.wvx KEN….

    DAMN! You got me on that ’93 till Infinity….SHit!

  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ Main Event

    blueprint = classic in my opinion.

    why do these reasons ONLY apply to new yorkers?

  • thoreauly77

    sickamore- truly some insulting shit. i wonder if this being an “eighties baby” is a point of pride? it seems to me like it is a statement of ignorance — of hip-hop culture in general and of the people that made your job and position as an “a & r”, specifically. i feel really sorry for the artists of atlantic, that not only have a problem because thay are with atlantic, but because they have people that dont believe in real hip-hop like yourself. just plain fucking sad.

  • Profit

    I think I still remember when the Knicks were good….

  • chills

    i feel you sick,but some stuff i dont agree

  • yes

    84 right here

  • edwin

    84 Scorpio, Part 1 had my status at Official Grown Man but 22-39 are making me rethink this..
    80s babies shouldn’t know the Good Times theme?

  • Alex


  • http://www.dmcworld.com/technics2004/video/2004dj1-100k.wvx LONI

    Q: What “80′s Baby” has gone platnium?

  • http://www.sickamore.com Sickamore

    @ Main Event

    Dont have to be a New Yorker for Freaknik, Larry Nance, Benard King, Jesse Jackson, YO! MTV Raps, Bamboo Paper, Souls Of Mischief, MPV’s or Goodtimes

    @ Edwin

    Nope…didnt show re-runs where I’m from…Nick At Nite is still new

    @ thoreauly77

    Stop crying…no one’s dissing anything…just pointing out the generational gap…most 80′s Babies appreciate all that old school shit

  • e

    Sickamore has stepped his game up. Props on the baseball refrence from one 80s baby to another 80s baby

  • http://www.believehype.blogspot.com/ Spoons

    blueprint is mos definitely a CLASSIC.

    86′ all in ya ass! (no homo, of course) haha

  • crackis great!!


    41) You own more shoes than your girlfriend

    42) At least one pair of them was designed by Pharrell Williams

    43) You don’t know any of the artists The Game namedrops on The Documentary

    44) You consider anything by Nelly a “classic”

    45) You own any item that “spins” that is not a washing machine, dredel, or bottle.

    46) You consider pink or purple a “gangsta” color

    47) Your white tee goes down to your kneecaps

    48) You have tried to call the phone number on that mike jones song

    49) You attempted to remix the Black Album with your own fruity loops beats

    50) You were excited to hear that Reverend Mason Betha was back in the Game.

    51) You can name any of the r& b singers besides Ashanti who made songs with Ja Rule

    52) You know the entire story to Trapped In The Closet

    53) You liked Biggie Duets

    54) You liked the tupac album that Eminem produced, and you think Eminem is a talented producer

    55) You own a product endorsed by a rapper that is not a rap album.

    56) You can name all of the St Lunatics, even the Phantom of the Opera Guy

    57) You think Remy Ma is either sexy and or talented

    58) You thought any of the members of Da Band had potential as solo artists

    59) The first time you ever heard of Flava Flav was when he started appearing on Vh1 Shows

    60) You are only familiar with Will Smith as an actor

    61) You wear oversized shirts with giant glow in the dark skulls on them outside in public

    62) You think Fonzworth Bently is funny and/or entertaining

    63) You never heard of M.O.P. or Mobb Deep til 50 cent signed them

    64) You are only familiar with KRS one because he dissed Nelly

    65) You thought the Linkin Park Jay Z collabo was a good idea

    66) You admire Kanye West’s fashion sense

    67) You are not a female but you still own a Louis Vuitton bag

    68) “Why” by Jadakiss or whatever the name of that Eminem song that came out before the election,would be your idea of two good political rap songs.

    69) You had no idea who Rick James was until Chappelle introduced him to you

    70) Rakim is not in your top five mcs list

    71) You own an album where the artist is wearing a lephrachaun outfit on the cover.

    72) You think Shyne is a “political prisoner”

    73) The concept of being “like Che Gueverra with bling” makes sense to you and is “complex”

    74) You own a Che Gueverra shirt but don’t know who Che Gueverra is.

    75) You own a shirt that says Stop Snitching

    76) You know the name of the asian guy who works with Pharrell Williams

    77) You listen to a chopped and screwed album sober.

    78) The first Tupac album you purchased was released after his death.

    79) You genuinely like any Nas album not named Illmatic

    80) You have thrown up the Roca-fella diamond hand signal while at the same time saying the phrase “holla”, yet you are not a member of the rocafella ‘Dynasty”

  • The Dynasty

    86… Blueprint def a classic… keep doin your thing playboy

  • vonte

    damn good times come on 5 timea a day………….it’s hard not to know. them others don’t apply to me.can I be an 80′s baby, please

  • che

    i was born in 88 and i have no idea what 90% of the shit above is.

  • P

    This is great, I’m from Sweden and alot of that shit applies here to, at least as far as the pure rap references.

    I’m born 1981.

  • rome

    I think all black people should know the good times theme.

  • B.

    Damn Sick, I don’t see how folks are catching feelings. Your blog is actually making me proud to be born in ’79. Word to the Ed Lover Dance and my Bacdafucup tapes (I had to buy it like 3 times)…

  • Lost Two

    PROUD to Be A 70′s MAN. Watch out BABYDICK! You about to be old in like 3 years.

  • Lost TWO

    PROUD TO BE A 70′s MAN. You about to be old as fuck in like 3 years BABY DICK!

  • Curt Dog

    hahahah…you are hilarious man
    it would be funny to have rappers respond to some of these

  • Danja29

    funny shit… but i know kids who don’t know who the fuck wu-tang is but still know the theme to ‘good times’… EVERY black person’s seen ‘good times’ before.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    I dunno Sick.. I get what you’re saying a little bit (93 til infinity was dope, and i was 13 when that came out), but alot of what’s happening now sucks. It doesn’t suck because it’s not BiggieWuNas, it sucks because it’s just plain awful. You can’t keep railing at people (ala calling people haters–you know what I mean) who won’t embrace the awfulness.

    Still tho’, this is hella entertaining (i just said “hella”..i feel dirty), so keep it up.

    Fuck you, Transi.

  • LOS

    A nigga was mad as hell when they shut down Freaknik. Couldnt wait til I was old enough. Then they just shut that bitch down before my time.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    41. you DONT look like a fruity nick jr child molestin’ faggit in yo xxl blog picture



    1. Can’t distinguish between a shit talking non rappin’ as poser with hot beats-(RICK ROSS,JEEZY, CURRENT NEW YORK RAPPERS) and real mc’s who happened to live the gutter life (SCARFACE, UGK, MID 90′S NEW YORK RAPPER).
    2. Thinks having money at 22 means you’ll have money at 32.
    3. Has a job but doesn’t produce shit. (SICKAMORE- SAIGON, BE FOR REAL HOMEY).
    4. Makes lists of greatest mc’s and doesn’t include TUPAC- who was on album number 7 when he died and had enough outtakes to complete 10 albums of fresh material after he was dead.
    5.Wears BAPES.
    6. Shits on Freaknik but his whole generation can’t put anything together even 10% as live.
    7. Hates on the south but is not smart enough to hire DJ TOOMP, COLIPARK, LIL JOHN, JAZZY PHA, MANNIE FRESH, RUNNERS, COOL AND DRE- to give that stale ass New York shit some life.
    8. Thinks E-40 is a novelty act.
    9. Thinks they can’t have a good life without playing sports, being in entertainment, or slangin dope.
    10. Likes JAY Z more than a pre 80′s baby even though JAY is 35.
    11. Thinks old head nigga’s is suckas but can’t woop anybody’s ass between the ages of 28-35.
    12. Plays video games more than they play with PUSSY.
    13. Are single handedly responsible for the DIP SET.
    14. Don’t own homes.
    15. Watch Entourage but don’t watch THE WIRE.
    16.Tries to bring back New York.- I mean who cares really other than New Yorkers and since when have they mattered.
    17.Don’t vote at all.
    18. Don’t remember the RZA having a grill or METHOD with his grill with FANGS.
    19.Let white people take over the true school. BREAKING, GRAFITTI, MC and DJ BATTLES.
    20. Thinks whatever they do is the new shit when it’s either only shit or old shit redone.

  • dj madwax

    haha I dunno man, I was born in 76, does that make me a 70s baby but I co-signed on almost your entire list

    *ducks head in shame*

  • Pennez

    damn, sounds like it sucks to be an 80s baby…i was born in 80, but im glad i dont qualify to be in this club, i feel sorry for yall…

  • Mr.Me

    “You didn’t have fronts or a grill. But you had gold caps”

    lol..real talk. I gotta give propz to NYC for startin that shit. Imma 80′s baby for real (3/82), but I think you shoulda replaced The Blueprint with Stillmatic just to make shit official.

  • SY Young

    ) You don’t think The Blueprint is a classic. it is a classic only on the production end.

    22) Doo Wop, S&S or Rated R was your favorite mixtape DJ, they dont make em like they used to.

    23) And you bought those tapes from the House Of Nubian. ??

    24) You still have Stretch and Bobbito cassette tapes. no but i got all the cluemaniti tapes still and some juice joints but i dont have a tape player in my house our car.

    25) You hated Harlem World. nah it was dope.

    26) You went to Freaknik (any year)

    27) And drove down in a MPV. YUP!!

    28) You thought Larry Nance was the best dunker ever. no way.

    29) And argued Benard King was better than Mike. blasphemy

    30) You rocked Troop Clothing, Lotto sneakers or 8 Ball Jackets. nope to early but my older brother got robbed at gun point for his 8 ball jacket if that counts.

    31) You “bombed” walls or trains. YUP.

    32) You can sing the theme to “Goodtimes” yup.

    33) You went to 42nd and watched karate flicks. nope not from ny

    34) You know ‘93 To Infinity word for word. just the chorus.

    35) You smoked weed in bamboo paper. no. but i somked it in notebook paper.

    36) YO MTV Raps! WAS THAT ISSH!!

    37) You can name 5 Heavy D songs
    big daddy. nothing but love.
    we got our own thing.
    mr bigs stuff.
    now that we found love.

    38) You didn’t have fronts or a grill. But you had gold caps. i had one silver joint back in middles school.

    39) You voted for Jesse Jackson. too young for that.

    40) You can complete this sentence: “_______ isn’t new! He used to be in KMD!” MF DOOM was in kmd used to be zeb love x.

  • Cuzzo

    Born in ’81…Harlem World was lame, Yo! MTV Raps was that SH*T!, went to freaknik in high school (i’m from the A), I still have Stretch and Bobbito cassette tapes and deck to play them, i somked using notebook paper too, had caps and currently have a (pull-out) grill, have cell & house phones, 4 email addresses & no myspace page

  • http://myspace.com/starchild10 $tarchild

    ’85 Blueprint easily a classic

  • soopadoopa

    41) u can remember when LL cool J was the was popular with dudes too.

  • DocZeus

    Being born in 1983, and therefore by definition an 80s babies, I would like to apologize for my generation ruining hip hop. I’d like to call a moritorium on anybody born in the 1980s from participating in hip hop until they can prove garbage like “Laffy Taffy” will not only be a hit but laughed at and rejected on principle. Thank you and once again, I apologize.


    13/21….godd ish

  • WOW…

    Sy Young – damn homie you answered just about all them questions same as me.

    Sic – I can only cosign bout 50% of your list so far. Some shit I’m right there wit you. Some shit you lost me on…fa real.

    But I was born in ’79 so i guess that’d explain it.

    But goodtimes?!?(if for nothin more than early pics of janet jackson you were tryin to download). Yo MTV raps?!? if you ain’t up on that, ya not an 80s baby…you’re just wack as fuck.

  • Adam_K

    This is hilarious. But seriously, the only people that DON’T know 93 Til Infinity are suckers.

  • Adam_K

    This is hilarious. But seriously, the only people that DON’T know 93 Til Infinity are suckers.

  • Dr. Colossus

    I was born in 1982 and music suck because of the “80′s babies”


    Ayo-CRACKIS GREAT!! the name of the Em song is MOSH(just help U out dude)

    Blueprint = Klassic

  • rappa


  • pop a poppa

    if you are NOT an ’80s baby,
    you should be happy you’re not.
    this shit makes the people born in the
    ’80s look real bad.

  • Danja29

    hahahahahaha, aight- so can one have some of these non-80s baby characteristics but ALSO have 80s baby characteristics too? and what would that make them, an “early-80s baby”?

  • B.

    “36) You don’t know who prince dejour, big lez or joe clair are so you think Mad linx is a good host.”…

    WOW…That whole list took the cake. Folks be really acting like Tigger is the end-all when it comes to “Two Videos & A Commercial” (i.e. Rap City)

  • SY Young

    remember when rap city used to be like 3 hours.. and showed nothing but real hip hop even indie and underground stuff.

  • http://www.urbanology101.com The Critic





  • ill will 314REp

    im 19 (10/19/1986) nwa was the shit i would get my ass kick fo saying i got a pocket full of stones by UGK. i listend to “too short” before now my mind playing tricks on me was the shit ghetto boyz .CB4 was the shit and Niggas wit hats was funney. Voltron was better then some gay ass power rangers.

  • Pro-rican

    80′s baby (8/16/85) U old washed up niggas kill me.

  • http://www.urbanology101.com The Critic


    1. Your idea of good reading material is the latest issue of DUB Magazine.

    2. You think the Smack DVD’s should be released in the movie theaters.

    3. You think Lil Wayne is actually a lyrcist

    4. You really believe a person from the Ghetto created Crack.

    5. You think Tony Montana was a real person.

    6. You actually believe that Camron is as ignorant as he makes himself out to be.

    7. This is how your son/daughter says the Alphabet. A-B-C-D-E-F-GGGGGGGG UNIT

    8. You think not going to University is making a political statment to Uncle Sam.

    9. You really believe that Outkast is the best hip-hop group ever.

    10. You have no idea who DJ Premier is, but dick ride all the rappers (Nas,Jay Z,Biggie) who he carried with his beats.

    11. You think Mike Jones can rap anything other than gifts.

    12. You have never heard a Native Tongues album.

    13. You really believe you are the next Bill Gates because you bootleg Cd’s.

    14. You use the word Hustle when writing your business plan.

    15. That is of course you know how to write.

    16. You really believe that Jay Z was the first to rap over the Ain’t No Nigga beat.

    17. You own anything by the DFB or D4L.

    18. You think DMX was correct in Belly by saying books can’t feed your children.

    19. You really believe Al Pacino is Cuban.

    20. You think Dwayne Wade or Lebron James are the modern day Jordan.

  • Combat Jack
  • lone1

    MF Doom used to be in KMD…and was in the Gasface video…yessir.


    34) You know ‘93 To Infinity word for word.
    YOU MUST BE FROM THE BAY. Being from the 80′s doesn’t have much to do w/ that one (my bro is a product from the 70′s and he introduced HEIRO to me)

  • Pingback: » The 80’s Baby Epidemic Is Spreading - XXL

  • James

    Very funny, Sickamore. But, what’s wrong with knowing the words to the “Good Times” theme song? say what you want. At least us 70′s babies’ first piece of pussy didn’t require a condom!

  • Pamhallik

    Blueprint was a classic and i was born in ’91.

  • Cuban Link

    Blueprint wasnt a classic and i was born in ’90.

  • policies

    I admire you on the willingness to share this info with others – good luck!

  • Louisville

    My god u kept me entertained.

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    Salut !

  • Online Didrex pills

    I must say that I was surprised to find this web page, but – - – Good Job.

  • Become An Expert

    I admire you on the willingness to share this info with others – good luck!

  • buggin_out

    I’m posting this on all four parts to clear the confusion:

    “80s baby” is a term whose meaning got misconstrued, sort of like the term “hip-hop”. It originally meant someone who was a preteen or teenager in the 80s and actually experienced and participated in the youth culture of that time. That being said, those that were of age to be an “80s baby” in its original sense were mostly born in the 1970s and late 1960s.

    The term was misappropriated and adopted by those born in the 1980s with their ascension to adulthood. As communication is more about getting your point across than hard and fast rules and semantics and since the new meaning of the term is more prevalent at this point in time, we original 80s babies would do well to concede the term to our younger counterparts.