It’s a celebration bitches bloggers! This is the final edition of my “31 29 in 31” campaign. I’m writing this while watching Andre 3000 and his “too fly for Hip Hop” boots on MTV’s Video Music Awards. Wait a second, Black Eyed Peas one for best rap video?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What this 1987 all over again? They’re not Hip Hop! Especially not “My Humps My Lovely Lady Humps”!!! Damn you MTV!!! Anyway...

There were ups and downs over the course of the months. Six of my blogs went platinum; I’ve thrown shots at pretty much every rapper in the business, predicted 50’s reign of terror and spearheaded the Eighty’s Baby Revolution. I still owe you old school fools 20 more reasons you’re not an 80’s Baby even though Poisonous Dart gave you an extra 100. I want to thank everyone who read every entry (even the Blogging Business) faithfully.  I want to thank the haters for the extra motivation to finish this month off. I’m not going to stop but I am taking a couple days off. See y’all next week! I’m off to the VMA After-Parties. I might announce my signings next week or break down this year’s Power 30. But I need a vaycay from y’all. Need a re-charging.

Checklist for the next week:

  • Promote Saigon “Pain In My Life”
  • Get New Signings In The Studio
  • Takeover The 70’s Babies
  • That chick in the new Lil’ Scrappy/Young Buck video
  • Do a new mixtape