29 And I Owe You 2


It’s a celebration bitches bloggers! This is the final edition of my “31 29 in 31” campaign. I’m writing this while watching Andre 3000 and his “too fly for Hip Hop” boots on MTV’s Video Music Awards. Wait a second, Black Eyed Peas one for best rap video?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What this 1987 all over again? They’re not Hip Hop! Especially not “My Humps My Lovely Lady Humps”!!! Damn you MTV!!! Anyway…


There were ups and downs over the course of the months. Six of my blogs went platinum; I’ve thrown shots at pretty much every rapper in the business, predicted 50’s reign of terror and spearheaded the Eighty’s Baby Revolution. I still owe you old school fools 20 more reasons you’re not an 80’s Baby even though Poisonous Dart gave you an extra 100. I want to thank everyone who read every entry (even the Blogging Business) faithfully.  I want to thank the haters for the extra motivation to finish this month off. I’m not going to stop but I am taking a couple days off. See y’all next week! I’m off to the VMA After-Parties. I might announce my signings next week or break down this year’s Power 30. But I need a vaycay from y’all. Need a re-charging.
Checklist for the next week:


  • Promote Saigon “Pain In My Life”
  • Get New Signings In The Studio
  • Takeover The 70’s Babies
  • That chick in the new Lil’ Scrappy/Young Buck video
  • Do a new mixtape


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  • http://www.myspace.com/dronkmunk dronkmunk


    u suc sicc


    2nd… i can’t believe i checked this site during the VMA’s! i can’t believe i’m not AT the VMA’s!


    Now THIS should be on the VMA’s, cocksuckers! (no will.i.am’s outfit)



    Now THIS should be on the VMA’s, cocksuckers! (no will.i.am’s outfit)

  • LOS

    I aint think you was gone do as much as you did.
    And if you talking bout the chick i’m thinking bout then hell yea, cause she bad

  • http://OnSMASH.com Young Legend

    Who The Fuck You Signed??

  • http://www.myspace.com/cesardadon The Great One

    What happened to the other part of the blog on A&R commandments?!?!?!?! You aint finished….


    Still wasnt 31 ahh i bet it would have felt better if you would have put the two more.

  • Lady Precise

    I’m here a bunch at RADIO cITY A BUNCH of blah blah though..trying to decide 40/40 for B’s Joint, Happy ending for Kelis’ or China club. MySpace/XXL mobile for the tru crackspace heads.

  • yes

    i can’t believe chamillionaire won something wtf?

  • http://www.myspace.com/peacetapes PEACEMAN PEACE



    If u dont put them 2 blogs up by midnite,u re-nigged..didnt take u as a slacker sick. U get no props till ur job is done! OnE


    The VMA is today? didnt know that…

  • Mike Wallin

    Keep up the great work if you are ever in LA lunch is on me.


  • TIM

    It’s a celebration of nothing – your blogs were nothing special. The more I’ve read – you’re not hip hop… you’re a clown. You threw shots at rappers like Diddy and Fifty! You’re that gangsta and you think they noticed – right? The fuck out of here with your 80′s Baby drivel. Who did you sign? Some faggot from the South? You co-sign Jokaman! Seeing where you’re really at – I’m not picking up another mixtape.

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    I suppose this was an appropriate way to end your “streak.”

  • crack

    Someone please take pity for this guy “DJ N-credible”. I check this site occasionally so I may look at a few days of posts each time. And it seems that this dude averages 15 comments PER song/post/story. He argues about every blog subject. He argues about every song. He “keystyles” to most of the songs. He even keystyles to the blogs! Taking all this in i have come a conclusion. This guy has to a morbidly obese shut-in who works from home and has his grandmother bring him a kfc 10 piece every 2 1/2 hours. Probably in his mid-30′s he remains fused to a La-Z-Boy, oblivious to the enormous pit stains deeply embedded in his favorite Mecca T-shirt. Obviously this website consumes his life as he takes time to copy/paste complete strangers comments so that he can make a row of arrows pointing upward followed by abysmal attempts at being witty. He will probably copy/paste this too, saying that im wasting my time worrying about him. I’m a Journalism major so this has taken me all of 8 mintues write. I’ll post this a few times then probably not check this site for a few days as usual. But come on “DJ N-CREDIBLE”, get a fucking life.

  • http://www.myspace.com.com/donnygoines Donny Goines

    Thats what it is Sick…..

    NY is poppin this week. I mad at missed that party at Avalon. Maybe next year when Im star I’ll be at the ill parties

  • http://www.myspace.com/urbaneliteentertainment Urbanite
  • e

    Props on the baseball refrence Sicamore.

  • http://www.dmcworld.com/technics2004/video/2004dj1-100k.wvx Papoose Is GARBAGE

    VMAs = Ghetto Grammies!

  • maddhatter

    Real A&Rs dont have time to blog.

  • freeway ricky

    Uhh Sicamore, get ya weight up young’n. You got alot of work to do… when is one of your “Ill Make U Famous” campaigns reallly gonna make someone famous??? And keep it real, that Saigon record… fugidaboutit!!! That project is a rap… I know what Lyor & Kev is tellin u…”Bring me a radio hit, i dont care if he’s on entourage, I need a radio record”

    deal with the real… and get off the bullshit!!


  • pop a poppa

    Sickamore Says:
    Wait a second, Black Eyed Peas one for best rap video?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What this 1987 all over again? They’re not Hip Hop!

    this is what i was tryin’ to tell everyone who i was watching the VMA’s with! they didn’t wanna hear it tho. someone made the argument that if it was Remy Ma doin’ the same thing over that beat instead of a white bitch that it would be considered “hip-hop”. i don’t think so but whateva. and what about the crazy cat that bumrushed the show at the end???? haha gully

  • Reed

    Why is it you fucking crack (80′s) babies can’t seem to spell or know the meaning of simple words?

    I’ve seen you and a shit load of other idiot’s use the word “ONE” instead of “WON”! you looking pretty stupid right now, but I know a bunch of other crack (80′s) babies can’t tell the fucking difference.

    For future reference…
    “One” is a number and
    “WON” means to win something.

    Fucking moron.

  • K.O.T.S

    VMA’s SUCKED KING KONG BALLS this year…the only thing that I was satisfied with was T.I.’s performance, Hype William appreciation and Chamillionaire winning against all ods (I had T.I. winning)…other than that it sucked. BEP best hip hop video or best rap video WTF (over STAY FLY or TESTIFY) give me a F’in break. For that MTV should had given the award to D4L or DFB better yet they should had cancelled that category if they knew that BEP was going to win. Oh well can’t wait for the BET “HIP-HOP” awards later this year.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Fuck the VMAs & MTV.

    29 outta 31 ain’ bad. Good job, Sick.

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Damn, has it been a month already? I thought menstrual periods only come once a month, but damn this one’s been flowing for four damn weeks… Someone should have changed the tampon after that 80′s Baby shit so the rest of this nonsense couldn’t have spilled out like it did… Nothing gained/everything lost for having read this shit for the last month. In the end, you’ve made no larger a mark on this shit than DJ Drama’s lame ass. Go do what you do well, sonny, because blogging on here has got you coming off SOFT.

  • http://myspace.com/thebeatshrine Grace Starr PRODUCER/RAPPER

    Sick Go check out my production skills. soundclick.com/gracestarr


  • http://myspace.com/thebeatshrine Grace Starr PRODUCER/RAPPER

    SICK also on motbproductions.com they got me as september producer of the month

  • http://www.myspace.com/sirjantzversatile Sir Jantz

    SICK. I got a question and I’m hoping you would awnser it. I love mixtapes. I been trying to get on some for a while. MY question(s) is what are the proper ways in making a mixtape and what are some people who look for new artists to be on their mixtapes. I’m a keep bring them fire ass follow up questions. I’m out!!

  • DJ N-Credible

    crack Says:

    August 31st, 2006 at 10:39 pm
    Obviously this website consumes his life
    im on your mind 10:39 at night…hmmm and i need to get a life…you deserve no response like Gillie

  • DJ N-Credible

    by the way VMAs did suck…BIGTIME…BET has the best awardshow hands down…a whole lot of BlackStar Power…

  • K.O.T.S

    one and only reason why the BET AWARDS were better this year…BET got an apperance from EMINEM (A CRACKA) and MTV (CRACKA OWNED) couldnt do that…now thats sad…I guess the days of BET being the ugly step brother has been gone and lost…MTV your the UGLY STEP CHILD NOW…ha ha ha..

  • mike404

    yo why is there a picture of chris brown on every sickamore blog?? why doesnt he post his own pic. ha

  • Miami Monica

    Good job Sick! You didnt do it ALL the way like you said but im proud you did what you did! Cause i know how busy you are….

    “Takeover The 70’s Babies”

    Ha Ha…. Your a CLOWN! I SWEAR! LOL…. ;-)

  • DJ N-Credible

    K.O.T.S I know your white after that comment…”the only reason the BET awards were better was because Eminem”…LOL…are you serious…you white folk really tickle me…i liked how you threw CRACKA in there to come off as black…Devil use yall like puppets…the Bet Awards was hot from the preshow to the postshow…know why because we know how to party…oh and its all black yet whites tune in…mtv awards would suck if it did not have any hip hop / chocolate flavor…em showing up for a 25 sec performance did not make the show what it was…you white people tickle me…oh and by the way we dont call yall cracker anymore…we use words like dead,pale,stupid,bitch,muthafuckas…not directed at all white folk because blacks aren’t racist we love all people because we are a people of peace just those who think they are better than people of color

  • loosenut

    Why not have posted 3 more blogs moresicka? Just like I tell ya mom…You’re not done till you swallow…Now finish…I hate quitters…You shoulda rode Kast’s nut’s like the other Bol’s and Bitches on the net…

  • loosenut

    -Promote Saigon “Pain In My Life”
    -Get New Signings In The Studio
    -Takeover The 70’s Babies
    -That chick in the new Lil’ Scrappy/Young Buck video
    -Do a new mixtape

    Saigon…Will flop…

    If you signed someoen it was not worth it…Keep em out the studio…We’e had enough Shit soup for the year

    It’s illegal to knowingly infect someone with a disease…

    I’m open to the mixtape but keep those new fuckers off it…Tell Saigon to rap backwards and lay off the facials…

  • K.O.T.S

    DJ N-CREDIBLE…If you look at both awards they both had the same “hip-hop/r/b” performers (t.i., beyonce, busta,) what i am saying is that BET awards was better because they brought out everyone….they had surprises…i only mention eminem because for years he was MTV poster-boy…by the way i aint white i am a SPIC, A WETBACK A HISPANIC….

  • http://www.icedangeldesigns.com Iced Angel | The Joi of Functioning

    ::waves goodbye::

  • DJ N-Credible

    just messing with you KOTS but be careful what you say and say what you mean…oh and the bet awards was better because it was black period end of discussion…people were in awe b/c he rarely shows for shows and that was his 1st appearance in a while

  • Belize

    RENIGGER! haaaaa…i guess u get a strong B- for ur efforts

  • maddhatter

    whats so incredible about your dj skills dj incredible?

  • babyboy

    u right nigga Since when Black eye peas is Hip Hop?? i was shock as hell 2 man, best Pop, yeah probably, who cares?? but best hip hop??? lol, the world is comin 2 an terrible End

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    K.O.T.S.–’Bout time we had another spic on here. I got tired of being the only one.

  • DJ N-Credible

    my dj skills are credible…my dj skills are incredible…my dj’n credible

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    just announce u signed gille already..tho it dunt matter as nobody u signed or work wit is eva comin out

    u best put dat mixtape out and get back in da game, sick, cuz yo lipgloss wearin ass gon be back out on 125th street sellin’ cds by dis time next year after atlantic fire yo ass

  • Simzz

    Holla at me for entry #1 in your checklist!

  • Mr.Me

    Why are you leavin lil teasers an shit Sick? Could you please just post a tracklisting an a release date an make everything easier for everybody?

  • DJ N-Credible

    i lick my ass

  • Young Crack

    yo man FUCK DA BLACK I PUSSIEs and Gay.I.Am their messin up hip hop fuckin fagots FUCK COMMERCIAL!

  • http://jahchink.blogspot.com JahChink

    KEVIN FEDERLINE’S NEW VIDEO ON MY SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • maddhatter

    i like rice.
    oh and LAST

  • Peter-Pop-Off

    Saigon…Pain in my life… Go cop it

  • H-man

    Fock commercial hip-hop…its time 2 take the muzik back to the streetz….

  • http://myspace.com/djsyncity syncity

    main chick in banks and buck video:
    sillicone butt and breat implants.
    how i know? 50 wouldnt shut up about it to his boys and his boys wouldnt shut up about it to me…and yep he had to check that out!

  • http://thatwhitedude.blogspot.com/ thatwhitedude

    missin 2, thats just plain lazy…http://thatwhitedude.blogspot.com/

  • Young Jeezus

    Man, without this blog to read, I’m going to resort to masturbating to Tara’s picture and nutting on Sick’s picture. I wipe my hand on you, faggot. Oh, and you still owe me 2 mothafucka. You’re the reason why Wu-Tang hates A&Rs. You’z a bitch made lip gloss Chris Brown with a Nelly-look mothafucka. I’ll teach yo children the truth that their dad is a fairy. Yain no mixtape DJ–you’z a compilation maker–fuck outta here. Ho.

  • Spark

    dj n wateva, u racist fuck.

  • Mr.Me

    Where’s Armstrong Custer at? Its been a few days now.

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    Has the sick one retired from the blogging business??? Or did YN fire his ass along with DJ Drama???


    nigga you dont know these niggas the black eye peas, I know for a fact they hip hop they were first signed to easy e lable ruthless back in the day, for years they were hip hop hard core in fact, but guess what nobody bought a real hip hop act, they called um back packers! not like kanye, kanye is not a back packer he just wears one, real hip hop didnt pay off for them, for you to say they aint hip hop is a joke, o.k so whos real hip hop? d4l? trick daddy? oh I know whos real hip hop papoose! but guess what that nigga aint got no heavy weight belts nigga, that award was well desearved I mean these niggas and that one latino dude grew up in the projects and thats a fact and the projects they grew up in is all latino projects and those fools up in there are murderus a real war zone if you ask me, as far as the girl goes I dont know were she from but she aint hood but she good at what she do, whats the difference between fergie and lets say one of puffs girls who sings? why is fergies sucess no good but cierras is? do you consider cierra real hip hop and why just because she sings with down south niggas, nigga you full of shit and you to lazy to do yo history searching on shit you talk about jumping the gun on what you only see and not what you know, and you supposed to be industry. put yo picture by the “negro please” box


    p.s since all you fools love fifty so much and always stick up for him like you trully know the dude, ansewer this question, if fifty cent is hip hop hard core, why he did a song with fergie from the black eye peas, london brige ring a bell, so if he is such an iconic hip hop cat what do you got to say about his feature on london london? and dont reply with “its all about the money” because if hes reppin for n.y and thats yo man they maybe yall should holla at the boy about doing a song with a non hip hop artist.

  • H-man

    Hey, cross out chick in Yung Buck Video…been there done that…lololol


    SIck come the fuck bac.

  • frankwhite45

    Do u nigga what u bout upnorth talent . keep promoting the 80s baby campaign


  • the one

    MAC lipglass wearin fag.
    Sicamore = 80′s crack baby. Thats why you got sonned by that other columnist you fuckin bitch. You dont owe me shit.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey


  • http://www.myspace.com/gopentertainment Sayso is Donny Slaughter

    myspace.com/gopentertainment Check it out and cop it from cdbaby.com/sayso

  • http://www.hiphoptogo.com HIP HOP MADE MOBIL

    Check it out…HHMM

  • http://www.hiphoptogo.com Chill Will


  • http://www.hiphoptogo.com Chill Will

    test do this shit work ?