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  • Penneez

    you campin with Ernest?

  • Baby Grandpa

    Ridin’ High by Faze-O was already used by EPMD on their second album Unfinished Business. They used it in ‘Please listen to my demo’. Ridin’ High is a great, great track.

  • Meka Soul

    please please please, please listen to my demo..

  • Meka Soul

    or that madness w/kriss kross when they started cussing. wonder where bow where gets his inspiration from, mack daddy or daddy mack.

  • fckthis

    what about o.c.?

  • King Paul

    buckshot tore this up on enta da stage. bcc!

    word…life too. “my mind is grand like endless sand”


    Kris Kross remade this shit…how yall forget that?

  • Mr.Chris

    Kris Kross…c’mon man who the hell is thinking about Kris kross?!?! EPMD “Please Please listen to my demo!”

  • bongolock

    and p had juice wit mr virgil simms


    i remember that kris kross joint. when they tried to grow up, but the public wasn’t havin’ it.

  • rakimfan

    please listen to my demo…

  • Lee

    YO this has been used not only as a sample but lot’s of movies as well. Don’t front Yellow nig know’s his old school shit.


    Yo E. Sermans lisp is so heavy on this some go back and listen bet you’ll be rollin!

  • eight12

    Low profile used it also
    Group consisted of WC and DJ Alladin, I believe