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  • Bol

    Sweet, he’s taking requests.

    I’ll take “Come and Get Your Love” by early Native American hip-hop group Redbone.

  • Meka Soul

    “jam on it” by newcleus. i just love that jiggy shit.

  • Puerto-Black

    Jay-z/ BIGGIE Smalls/make u shit your draws BROOKLYN

  • lukee lefty

    yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh son, you crazy for this one yn!!!

    i dont know if you caught it but Cee was playing a bunch of songs sampled by jigga from reasonable doubt to the black album the shit made me crazy late for work

    P.S. feel free to ignore the swagger jackers, and how can i get down with an internship/weed carrier application?? (In order to elucidate my preceding belatedness I will quote a great man and philosopher “i got timing like a sedgeway/so holla back baby”)

  • screw music nigga


  • 3am

    did anyone notice that questlove just sampled this for dont feel right as well

  • Billy Kincaid

    Also was used in the hook for ATCQ featuring LONS & Hood’s “Scenario [Remix]“.


    Let’s get that Ronnie Foster “Mystic Brew”

  • Meka Soul

    “funky worm”

  • Tek

    415 – Groupie Ass Bitch

    Learn about the bay BOYEEE

  • Randomname

    Scenerio !! that’s what that was. I knew I heard those vocals sampled somewhere. As for the guitar base line that’s been covered

  • PhillyBlack

    The Roots said “It don’t feel right”

  • kane corleone

    three times dope “funky dividends”

  • mr. loopdigga

    it seems everyone uses that voice sample at :21