Whatever you say

Jeepers creepers. It sure hurts to find out that I’m my least favorite rapper’s least favorite writer. That’s the sort of thing that makes your soul burn slow.

No doubt all you fruit flies—excuse me, Loyal Readers—would love to see this “dialogue” go on forever. But since nobody’s talking about the real issue here, I’m gonna stop talking. [1]

Instead, lemme leave you with a post from The Most Enlightened Forum of All Time:

LMAO @ at ya’ll cats copping pleas for the comment he made 

Ain’t this okayplayer? “Conscious” fans letting a man disrespecting a woman right to her face by referring to her tits, and ya’ll not speaking on it?

Had this been Nelly and he made this comment to Jill Scott, ya’ll mofos would go through the roof and ask for a boycott and petition to ban his videos and boycott his music.

Shoot, had this been Kweli (who a lot of ya’ll mofos hate) had made this same comment to Keysha Cole, ya’ll wouldn’t be as mad, but you would still hate on him for it.

BUT, its because someone Y’ALL LIKE made the comment, its okay (pun intended) and its XXL’s and the girls fault?

Get the f*ck out of here! lol.


shame on a nuh!

who tried to run game on a nuh! 

That is all.


[1] The real issue being XXL’s “vendetta” against the biggest rap star in your apartment complex. Naturally.

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  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ Main Event

    nicely stated.

  • e

    I could care less which rapper said it I don’t hold them in high estem they’re just regular guys

  • Deeeeeez Nuts

    Get off Phonte’s back already. He had a misunderstanding with someone. Fuck do you care? Is there really nothing better to write about?

  • qwtqwrt

    lmao at you quoting an alias internet troll on okayplayer to prove your point.

    as they say on OKP, you lost.

  • Thomas Whitlock

    Fuck XXL and this whack-ass column. You fucks bask in controversy…it sells and your “rep” grows. You win, we lose.


  • http://kingkam.blogspot.com Andkam


  • Thomas Whitlock

    As for this lady? WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

    A classic case of a no-name emcee getting at an emcee with acclaim in order to generate press for herself.


  • tron

    first off, you’re a canadian.

    second, you quoting a bias okp who has a man crush on 50 cent & holds zero weight like a broken scale.

    we don’t believe you, you need more people!

  • http://www.myspace.com/negoshagator Samuel Chesneau

    Can I have a job at XXL? Seems like ya’ll are hiring anybody. I can post quotes from messageboards too!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/kingpaul06 King Paul

    “U Mad?”- Killah Cam

    lmao at getting sonned by Phonte on an internet blog. ether, that shit that make ya soul burn slow!

  • http://whateverman.com over it.

    This site’s blogs stay with OKP’s dick in your mouth. I guess when you can’t write it’s important to leech.

  • Rottweiler

    Kind of pathetic to see the XXL bloggers gang up on Phonte, who most of the mag’s readers don’t even care / know much about.

    And a big ha-ha at the suggestion of LB being ‘conscious’. I guess you aotomatically deserve that label if you don’t rap about guns, crack & other Hip Hop cliché’s. Keep it mundane, right?

  • god


  • http://myopinionisbetterthanyours.blogspot.com atruhead

    dont be cunty, ma

  • lost one

    I think it would be hilarious if Nelly said some thing about Jill Scott’s brestesis.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Sorry these dudes are such assholes, ma.

  • brown

    Yes its alright because many of us see that you guys at XXL are trying to get us to hate on Little Brother. Sorry big titts not gonna work. Continue doing yall thing LB.

  • Julius

    Sorry Tara.

    “We don’t believe you. You need more people.”

    This is about what was said, and whether it’s worthy of the manufactured moral indignation you put forth on this internet sleeping pill.

    This argument was even flimsier than the last one. Time to give it up. You’ve embarrassed yourself.

  • The Game’s Marketing Plan.

    This whole thing is a publicity stunt to get Eternia some myspace hits and a couple radio spins.

    Lemme help ya’ll out.



    Or not…..LOL.

  • gluvnast

    wow, this phonte vs. XXL drama is pure soap opera entertainment!

  • gluvnast

    @ tara…you need to pratice up on your ether lessons, though…

    take notes from noz….

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    Nothing has changed from these cats getting booed, to Noz’s sonning of, to your speaking out against their entitlement to their 1st amendment amendment rights:

    LB is still wack. Always has been always will.

    But what get’s me is all this free press you’ve given them.

    They are now at pace to sell, oh I don’t know, a couple hundred more records now.

    You’d think this is the first time a derogatory comment has been made by a holier than thou type mufa.

  • Quez

    Phonte this, Phonte that, Phonte news do u eat breakfast before u jump on phonte dick quoting okayplayer for some more hits wasnt slick step ya game up skeo

  • The Game’s Marketing Plan.

    This whole fiasco is a scam to get Eternia some more myspace hits and a couple radio spins. Here, I’ll help ya’ll out.




    Or not….LOL

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    “Had this been Nelly and he made this comment to Jill Scott, ya’ll mofos would go through the roof and ask for a boycott and petition to ban his videos and boycott his music.”

    so true.

  • The Game’s Marketing Plan.

    Umm I dont listen to Nelly anyway.

  • BarTek

    Give it a rest… I’m sure you can find something else to write about.. noone cares about your opinion for Phonte.. you are starting to sound really immature ma, where is your professionalism?

  • Illgamesh

    Had Nelly made this quote, XXL wouldn’t comment on it, because they’re flush with Nelly advert money.

  • Money…..Str8 Up

    man fuck all the bullshit…..so fuckin what….like aint nobody ever said shit about them jugs before. she really needs to suck it up. fa real.

  • Deeeeeez Nuts

    Titara or Titernia…..whose got bigger juggs?

  • OKP JRennolds

    Myspace emcees have no future, thus they pull dumb shit like this in order to get press and some attention.

    Thanks XXL for buying into the bullshit and continuing to drip your whack juice on the uninformed heads.

    And Tara, your column is whack. Everybody blogs, step your game up, you gossiping hound. Hiphop journalist? Please, you’re lame!

  • Cliffdogg

    Without XXL this wouldn’t even be an issue. Get off Phonte’s dick.

  • me

    i’m mad i wasted a minute of my life on that garbage you call writing. xxl needs to step they prescreening game up.

  • Unfaded Disciple

    I never really listen to phonte liek that, but what he did was wrong, but what she did also for venting steam off on myspace instead of handling her biz in amore appropriate way is funny to me.

    Women stand with each other in these situations, I betchu if the thing was vice versa you wouldn’t have a prob with it…

  • gluvnast

    [QUOTE]But what get’s me is all this free press you’ve given them.[QUOTE]

    ^^^same as last year, and look how many units were sold after that…lol

  • Kangol

    Don’t listen to these guys, sweetheart. Just send me a plane ticket to Canada & I’ll make all your frustrations disappear.


  • Masfonos

    Wow, while reading this article, I was floored by your journalistic integrity, and your incredible ability to distinguish between a signature and the actual comment. Why don’t you stop lurking on message boards, and actually confront the “fruit flies,” and treat them as real people, and have enough respect to have an actual conversation with them? You won’t because you’re scared, and hide behind your little worthless job at XXL. But really, great work. Thanks for aiding a corrupt magazine, and being too lazy to write your own damn blog. I’ll slide you in right behind Snow as Canada’s greatest ambassador for hip hop.

  • d rock

    Find a new career. You are a very bad writer.

  • bski

    Northern State >>>>> Northern Touch


    stfu bitch


  • http://fuckxxl xxl’s a fake ass bitch!

    get off the nigga dick!

  • xxl’s a fake ass bitch!

    get off the nigga’s dick already.

  • http://okayplayer.com majik

    get off his £$%!

  • http://okayplayer.com majik


  • Whoa!

    No doubt all you fruit flies—excuse me, Loyal Readers

    it must be that time of da month lololololololol

    nah seriously get a new friggin job

  • http://what? YES

    tara you dont want it.

  • Sam Miback

    >> Titara or Titernia…..whose got bigger juggs?

    Tit-ernia, without a doubt


    Jill Scott wouyldn’t talk about how best to eat her pussy, either “Tatas”… and if she did, then the same would probably happen by someone who she said that shit to.

    Jill Scott would probably, I don’t know, laugh and remember she would be inclined to “go there”?

    Don’t keep dodging that little detail and knock it off already b.


    LOL @ holier-than-thou-feminist- I-can-talk-vulgar-around-men-and-still-get-offended-when-they-give-it-back-to-me bullshit.

  • New York Nigga

    iz this XXL oh am sorry i though i waz readin People mag


    you KNOW these incidents w/ XXL are going to make their way into a Phonte verse sooner or later…

    I thought you were the respectable one, Tara, not like Byron or Noz, but somewhat mature. I thought you were better than this smear campaign. Did ‘Tay feel you up or something?…

  • Global Macro

    This reminds me of when Clinton finally got caught lying about getting head and the Republicans got all worked up… and nobody else really cared.

  • That Bul


  • Marcus

    Tara, here are some quotes from previous blogs that YOU WROTE. Maybe you should take a step back for a second and see how this applies to you:

    “If you didn’t know already, talking trash makes you popular in the workplace/blogosphere.”

    “…after a couple months on it, I have come to the conclusion that myspace is not about music at all. In reality, the social networking site was designed for the sole purpose of getting random chicks to engage in text sex with semi-famous rappers.”

    “…more often than not, the ones who actually bother communicating end up being (a) nutty Stans that are addicted to CAPS, (b) angry haters who can’t spell, or (c) bloggers who get a kick out of baiting artists. Basically, whatever random shit these folks can think up gets spewed into the atmosphere within seconds of them thinking it—and often anonymously. There’s no effort required and no filter to weed out the bullshit.”

    “The result? Many, many meltdowns. More and more often, we’re hearing from artists that are massively fed up with the impact that net nerds are having on their public profile.”

    “Clearly, the Internet—be it MySpace, blogs, or discussions boards—is the best thing ever to happen to rap fans. But I have to wonder if it does rappers any good.”

  • YO TARA! DJ Lucky Luke

    OK Mami, I’m back from the grind. Listen, I know that shit was wrong, what Phonte said about Titties4Eternity or whatever the fuck her name was. What do we do now? Boycott their music? –It wasn’t selling enough to make a boycott worthwhile. Take a stand against misogyny? –No, someone’d just call me a bitch-ass nigga and that’d be that. For real, if your feelings were hurt in some way, I can feel bad about that shit, but name-calling is so elementary. I think we’d all stand up if he punched a hole in her head or something, but name calling doesn’t warrant a call to arms or some shit. Let this one go and I promise I’ll get your back for the next one. Oh, and sorry for the terrible rhyme in my last post–I wouldn’t really do that stuff…well, som–ehh, nah, I wouldn’t…

  • fuckuman

    Ninth Wonder has decent produc. skills (Heartburn is the shit) but do people really give a fuck about Little Brother? And if so, why?? Same goes for Lupe…

  • Danja29

    Yeah, this is pretty ridiculous at this point. Sorry to say but when a chick reveals her vulgar side, the automatic belief is gonna be that she can handle such talk. I would never have an explicit convo with a girl about shit like oral sex and then NOT get the impression that she couldn’t take a comment like that.

    And in sayin’ that, I ain’t sayin’ this cause it’s PHONTE OF LITTLE BROTHER… I’d say the same thing if it was “Shanda’s lil’ brother”.

  • ak618

    Oh come on now, i know I’m beatin a dead horse, but get off his dick already.

    The shit’s gonna be star magazine soon, gettin paparazzi to follow him around on the beach spreadin rumors sayin he’s havin a gay relationship with Khrysis.

  • Spirit Of Truth

    CUT this bitch off!

  • http://okayplayer.com majik

    ha-ha-haaa. sillyyyyyyyyyyy. look at chu now.

  • Dr. Colossus

    who cares?

  • R.I.P Little Brother

    It sure hurts to find out that I’m my least favorite rapper’s least favorite writer. That’s the sort of thing that makes your soul burn slow.

    CLASSIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    little brother does have a pair of not so good rappers. i don’t know how they made it this far. and maybe they aren’t that awful. the best way to describe is what seperates Talib Kweli from Mos Def. I can listen to Mos hours on end, but Talib I just totally gain ADD. LB is 2 Talib Kweli’s.

  • kevin

    Damn you sound pressed….

  • thoreauly77

    tara you have been surprisingly quiet after all of this; is it possible you have been overly sensitive about getting ethered by all the fruit-flies? how about this — i went on her myspace and noticed that most all of her pictures feature quite prominently her physical “attributes” — now, i don’t think there is ever a proper moment to objectify a female (unless of course she is objectifying me first) *gasp!, reverse gender roles!*, but to light up a torch and frankenstein phonte is pretty ridorkulous when eternia refers to herself and her parts in much more vulgar fashions in her very own music. it seems to me (as if i matter) that sisterhood solidarity has somewhat ethered you and eternia. that was still a dick-move on phonte though.

  • Boner Jams 03

    I titty fuck canadian bitches to Percy Miracles

  • daesonesb

    Hmm. Whatever happened to you looking at Canadian hip-hop?

    I think this whole internet gossip shit isn’t working out for you.

    By the way, I figure that a muhfucker is allowed to make a few mistakes, and that Eternia was way outta line bringin this bullshit out into the blogosphere.

  • http://www.myspace.com/kracktheking KR

    damn…u not even gonna respond tara?

  • http://www.urbanology101.com The Critic

    Tara are you even black????

  • Jay W

    This blog has been officially Ethered. It’s time to either put up or shut up Tara….

    Either come with something interesting or put this lame blog to sleep.

  • Big J

    What’s more offensive, his comments or the publication you work for Eye Candy? I like both personally. LOL!!!

  • rick rustling

    damn now a blogger an a rapper r beefing wat has beef come to,pac an biggie an rolling over in dey graves