Jeepers creepers. It sure hurts to find out that I’m my least favorite rapper’s least favorite writer. That’s the sort of thing that makes your soul burn slow.

No doubt all you fruit flies—excuse me, Loyal Readers—would love to see this “dialogue” go on forever. But since nobody’s talking about the real issue here, I’m gonna stop talking. [1]

Instead, lemme leave you with a post from The Most Enlightened Forum of All Time:

LMAO @ at ya'll cats copping pleas for the comment he made 

Ain't this okayplayer? "Conscious" fans letting a man disrespecting a woman right to her face by referring to her tits, and ya'll not speaking on it?

Had this been Nelly and he made this comment to Jill Scott, ya'll mofos would go through the roof and ask for a boycott and petition to ban his videos and boycott his music.

Shoot, had this been Kweli (who a lot of ya'll mofos hate) had made this same comment to Keysha Cole, ya'll wouldn't be as mad, but you would still hate on him for it.

BUT, its because someone Y'ALL LIKE made the comment, its okay (pun intended) and its XXL's and the girls fault?

Get the f*ck out of here! lol.


shame on a nuh!

who tried to run game on a nuh! 

That is all.


[1] The real issue being XXL’s “vendetta” against the biggest rap star in your apartment complex. Naturally.