The week in discount award shows, German bar brawls and interracial pornography

Finally, a semi-interesting week in hip hop. Jay-Z kick things off with his Reasonable Doubt concert Sunday. Potential sexual predators were all breaking out the lotion over this picture of Beyonce from the show. Wardrobe malfunction? Nah, that’s a shadow my friend. Speaking of masturbation . . .

A huge box of porn featuring interracial couples was left behind at a Kanye West photo shoot on Monday. Mr. West has openly admitted in the past that he was a major porn enthusiast, but shit, I didn’t think that he would need it to get him through a photo session. According to an insider, all of the pictures were of black men with white women. Becky wins again!

But seriously, when it comes to porn, people have their own preferences, so I‘m not shocked. I’m just glad that it wasn’t any male-on-male type of joints in there. At least he didn’t crash his SUV while getting his stroke on like some people.

The 6th Annual Bet Awards went down this past Tuesday in Los Angeles. I’ve had trips to the gynecologist more exciting then the ceremony. The performances for the most part were pretty predictable and lame.

Poor Clifford, his set was straight monkey ass and that’s putting it nicely. I know he said that he like his beat down low but that was just ridiculous.

But I don’t completely blame him for it. BET needs to stop hiring recent Job Corps graduates and step their game the fuck up. He still managed to hold it together as things eventually smoothed out towards the end before giving a short rant about Grand Hustle. Before doing a totally unnecessary performance of “It’s Goin’ Down” along with Yung Cock, Diddy asked to the crowd to give it up for T.I. for performing through the technical difficulties. Whatever nigga. You act as if he was saving the lives of African children in Namibia.

What more can I say about Busta’s performance that hasn’t already been said in the comment section at Nah Right? It was a pleasant surprise to see Eminem. I don’t think I’ve ever been that excited to see a white man on BET ever in my life.

Wow, now here’s a group of people I really don’t give two fucks about. Is it just me or do they always look like they just escaped from a group home? I’m just saying, they always look dingy.

When I heard the news yesterday that the Black Eyed Peas were involved in a bar fight, I knew they would walk away with zero scratches. Not because of their top flight security, but isn’t Taboo a high karate master or some shit?

For those of you interested in seeing pictures from the brawl, you can check them out at Splash News Online.

Foxy Brown got her hearing back just in time to learn that Lil’ Kim will be released on July 3rd. Damn. I’m anxious to see how Kim looks after 10 months away from a plastic surgeon and her personal glam squad. It’s going to be a little bit longer before Kim is able to do her media rounds since she will be under house arrest for thirty days, but I’m sure that pictures will hit the internet of her anyway. While Kim will be celebrating her independence soon, DMX is back in the slammer. His arrest record would make Bobby Brown proud.

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  • The ON1E
  • The ON1E

    above link only for the real N-I to the G’s please

  • Lefty 2Gunz

    This was more like the rumors or the news section, where’s the reckless talk?

    I thought you were gonna be wildin’ out on this blog. You’ve had some good blogs that was on some “damn I can’t believe homegirl just said that” type sh!t. But this………..?

    Come on ma, no more weekly news.

    Although, I can’t front… I AM curious as to what’s done happened to Lil Kim since she been in the joint though.


  • DJ Main Event

    fresh done did it again.

  • Mr. Me Too

    Ay yo Left shut the fuck up. You can’t deny that the chick is doing her thing. This is a gossip column nigga.

  • Mr. Me Too

    And Eminem straight ripped shit at the BET awards!

  • BLACK WALL STREET DICKRIDER keep it gangsta ya’ll and thuggsta ya’ll and most of all keep it GGGunot



  • Anesha

    roflmao, wow, internet thugs

  • Sad Day

    I thought xxl would weed out the dickheads in the comment section. I guess not.

  • Lefty 2Gunz

    Mr. Me Too, go play somewhere kiddo. I never said Fresh wasn’t doing her thing, what I said was the truth.

    There isn’t any gossip in this column only the weekly news, which is posted on every other site.

    I mean, the blog IS title “Talkin’ Reckless” not the hip hop news update. All that should’ve been under headlines. Hell, I WANT shorty to keep the wild sh!t coming, or were you unable to comprehend that?

  • Blaq Thought

    For some reckless talk – check

  • Belize

    Fresh —i mizzed u!!!!!!

  • pop a poppa

    haha eddie griffin will never be able to show his face anywhere again
    damn i’ve heard of gettin’ ur rocks off in a pinch but while u drivin’ and then crashin’?!?!?? lol
    and btw imo interracial porn is the only way to go! :)
    so fresh u want diddy to shout out angelina jolie and brad pitt instead then?
    i heard lil kim’s titties is leakin’
    those 30 days should serve her well then so she can stuff some cotton balls in them or something

  • kyfwle philzmwx

    shpdyamx laide gpfqetsy jkdpabs thcfs tyvoej hxsjlad