The realest killer

A few years ago, there was a series of stories in the Los Angeles Times by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chuck Philips suggest that it was the Notorious B.I.G. who had 2Pac “assasinated” in Las Vegas, back in 1996.

At the time, I’ll admit I found the story fairly ridonkulous. According to Philips’ account, Biggie was in Vegas the night of the Tyson fight and paid some crip $1 million cash to ether ‘Pac, but only if he did it with Biggie’s gun. Which sounds like some shit right out of the Sopranos, if you aske me.

A gang of prominent hip-hop figures, including P. Diddy and Russell Simmons, who seemed especially incensed, came out of the woodwork to dispute the claim. P. Diddy even brought a sheet of paper from the studio (his own, I should mention) that would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Biggie couldn’t have been in Vegas that night.

Who knows what actually happened that fateful night in 1996, but the new book Notorious C.O.P., about the NYPD’s first hip-hop cop, Derrick Parker, suggests such a scenario might not have been as far-fetched as you’d like to think. Indeed by 1996, Biggie is alleged to have already had his share of blood on his hands.

While ‘Pac was showering with guys up in Clinton, he would swear up and down that Biggie and Puff had something to do with his infamous shooting at the Quad Studios, in Times Square. Come to find out, there may actually be some truth to that. Biggie was connected to some notorious killers in Brooklyn named King Tut and Nubbs and ordered them to kill ‘Pac.


According to the [confidential informant], the Quad incident was a contract shooting coming from Biggie. I suspect that’s true because Tupac and Biggie had a war brewing. [...]

There were a bunch of theories floating around, but after putting together all the information I’d received, the most plausible one for me was that the order came from Biggie; the streets were talking, and word was that it was him. Biggie surely knew Tut because of his Brooklyn ties. Biggie associates like Lance “Un” Rivera hailed from Brooklyn’s criminal underworld, so it’s clear the rapper could’ve accessed figures like Tut and Nubbs without much difficulty.

I’ve heard my share of theories about what happened that night, and I’m not sure this one is any more or less plausible than any of the others. Where it makes sense, though, is that it helps explain why ‘Pac would always suggest Big was involved. To hear Biggie’s mother tell it, in Nick Broomfield’s Biggie & Tupac, this was just a ruse to sell records.

Similarly, I’m sure we’ll be hearing stories about the infamous ’95 Source Awards for the rest of our lives, but have you heard the one about some kid from Bad Boy getting his chain snatched? Supposedly, Biggie had someone off the cat that did the snatchin’.


According to this [confidential informant], there was a robbery at the Source Awards in Manhattan that never got reported to the police: a guy named Zack with Biggie and the Bad Boy camp had his gold chain stolen. I received word that Ben O’Gara–aka Killer Ben, the notorious gunman from Myrtle Avenue in North Brooklyn–had something to do with that. Not soon after, Killer Ben was shot with a .40-caliber handgun while talking at a pay phone in his Myrtle Avenue stomping grounds.

Informants in the street tell me Ben’s death was payback for that robbery, with Biggie commissioning the hit.

Old school rap heads will recall Killer Ben from “What’s on Your Mind?” off Don’t Sweat the Technique. “Next stop was mine, a familar scene / I was meeting my friend, Killer Ben in Ft. Green.” Does this mean Rakim is going to cap Diddy? We can only hope.

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  • DJ Lucky Luke

    “It’s unbelievable…Biggie Smalls in the illest.”

  • rives305

    this is what everyone has said but never had evidence makes sense though but then who killed biggie

  • Provokate

    how does anyone follow up on that……..sure is alot of talkin’and name droppin’.
    We all want to know why it is our fallen brothers were taken away but sometimes karma can be a real bitch..and somethings are better left alone……but making the jakes responsible for fuckin up both investigations………….so neccessary.

  • the dough

    Jigga knows whats up, “Same night, same fight, one of us cats ain’t playin’ right, I’ll let you tell it”

  • khal

    sounds kind of suspect to me… i mean what’s he basing this all off of? street chatter? to hear Cease tell it, them BIG and the MAFIA didn’t even know Pac was on his way to the studio… just doesn’t make sense.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    u a faggit ass nigga bol

  • I Fux

    Yo Jigga buck fiftied “Un” Rivera and his credibility with me personally went threw the roof, how much gangster can you be cutting someone up is straight up gully

  • Rey

    The Dough–Good call. I always wondered about that line.

    As for the entry.. I’m a subscriber to the theory that says Suge Knight had both ‘Pac & BIG killed.

    As for the Quad Studios shooting of Mr. Shakur, conspiracy theories are entertaining, but it’s not so far-fetched to think that some stick-up kids saw BIG & Co. up in the studio and decided to stick around and “jack” the next rapper they recognized that tried coming into the studio. ‘Pac’s ass was crazy, so I’m sure he declined to aquiesce to their request to relieve himself of his jewels.

    I’m sure the rabbit hole around the Quad Studio shooting, as well as the assassinations of BIG & ‘Pac goes very deep indeed.

    Also, yes Bol, they were assassinated, no quotation marks. Even you can break character for a minute and admit that there were some shady fuckers behind both shootings.

    RIP, Mr. Wallace & Mr. Shakur.


  • KR

    …Pac and Big had no “war” brewing until after the Quad incident.

  • Goonie

    STOP SNITCHING SO WHAT. RAT. Journalism ain’t a reason to be a dry snitch.

    Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend

  • Bol

    >…Pac and Big had no “war” brewing until after the Quad incident.

    According to this guy, there had been rumblings of a beef between the two for weeks before the Quad incident.

    Who are you supposed to be?

  • Rey

    Why in the hell would ‘Pac (who wasn’t stupid) go to a studio in New York, home of Junior M.A.F.I.A. and Bad Boy, —without any people with him, goons or whatnot—if there was a war brewing?

    What the fuck, Bol? Like BIG & ‘Pac are gonna have problems “brewing” and then just meet up and smoke-um peace pipe?

    That’s fuckin’ retarded man, even for you.

  • Bol

    Who said ‘Pac was alone? He had three people with him that night.

    And he wasn’t going there to meet Biggie. He was going there to do a song with Little Shawn.

  • Rey


    Stupid rabbit hole. I never knew he had 3 people with him.


    Whatever, add another “I just got ethered” to my tally.

  • Sarutama

    Let me ask this question…

    Who gives a rats ass?

    You wanna play gangster? Then don’t pitch a fit when some gangster shit happens to you.

    The “Thug Life” is a short life. They made their choices and these are the consequences.

  • My Big Balls

    I know for a fizact that Killer Ben robbed P. Diddy @ The Crab Inn on Myrtle Ave…a couple of blocks from Ben’s Projects, for a Rolex watch…Gotdamn right…Big and Pac are stone cold killers!!!

  • dj madwax

    for a second there, I thought i was reading posts from the idiots at

    next you’ll be telling us the “man” is keeping black folks down, that Frank Sinatro had JFK killed and that the CIA ships in cocaine to distribute in the hood

  • thoreauly77

    i sure wish they were both still alive so we could hvae seen them fall off and then laugh at them.

  • e

    i still think suge and puffy had a deal so that they can make money off these guys forever by wacking them both

  • Gutta

    every knows biggie had some demons in the closet,the only pwerson who thinks biggie was some type of angel is his mother who still acts like she doesnt know why someone would kill him. now because of the lack of good music we call can deeply appreciate biggie and 2pacs music hopefully the artists today notice this and get oof the bs

  • pop a poppa

    whateva mufuckas… suge knight killed pac cuz pac was leaving death row which thereby would leave death row ass out… remember they already lost doc dre… so of course pac was worth way more dead than alive… suge is still eatin off of pac’s corpse… then we all know about the dirty cop that was paid off to kill b.i.g.

  • Money Red

    PAC would have never fell off. BIG maybe even though he could rap his ass off. Pac was a more in depth artist.

    Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend

  • Money Red

    If Pac was on DeathRow or not Suge would still make his money. He owed all the publishing read the credits.

  • Rey

    BIG probably woulda dropped another album or 2 and then pushed Kim and JM to the forefront, maybe do that Commission album with Jigga, but I don’t think he would’ve fallen off. He was already eyeing (sp) movie roles before he died, and that was still a time when not every rapper wanted to act.

    As for Suge still making money, Pac probably wouldn’t have sold as many records alive as he does posthumously. That aura and that mystique carries a long way, “dead rappers get better promotion” and whatnot.

    Still tho’, it’s fuckin’ tragic what happened to them and to hip-hop.

    *turns up “7 mack eleven/ain’t nothin’ separatin’ us but my mack ten” collabo*

  • grandpajoeburst aka chris dolla from crooklyn

    First off, speculations are just speculations, and for some run of the mill journalist to bring this up in a book, story what have you, close to the 10yr anny of pacs death is so lame….

    I myself am a fellow crooklynite dedicated to the memory of the glorious notorious one. So every time I hear a new rumor, some new found evidence or whatever these half-ass writers wanna come up with I pay it no mind. Keep B.I.G.’s name out ya mouth already, find something else to write about.

    And for these dudes to start saying B.I.G. Was a stone cold killer, that he ordered all these hits is really stupid. Did you hear him? Did you do the hit? I ain’t think so, so fall back and stay daown before you end up gettin laid down…

    The only cats that knew or know what went down was the cats that was down from day one. Respect due to D-roc, gutta, gee, lil cease and the mafia, dj mister cee and the rest of you that were there.

    Your man foodrap……….R.I.P. B.I.G.

  • john cochran

    Let that nigga rest in peace bitch.



  • Belize

    Good post!

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  • KR

    >According to this guy, there had been rumblings of a beef between the two for weeks before the Quad incident.

    Who are you supposed to be?

    I’m someone you responded to, I’m sure you would know that. Anyway, an esteemed blogger as yourself would surely have sense enough to know that the words “beef” and “war” are two words that are hardly interchangeable. Anyway, what was this beef attributed to?

  • 911

    My Big Balls Says:

    July 14th, 2006 at 1:42 pm
    I know for a fizact that Killer Ben robbed P. Diddy @ The Crab Inn on Myrtle Ave…a couple of blocks from Ben’s Projects, for a Rolex watch…Gotdamn right…Big and Pac are stone cold killers!!!

    Puffy getting robbed like a bitch to hide that fact he did some shit he shouldn’t of did so we riding for that

    That line by Pac makes all the sense in the world to me now.

  • ghostndadarkness

    men stop da snitching men, watch ur bac son cats get etered for yapping like dat hahahahaahahahahahahahahah

  • Meka Soul

    >Also, yes Bol, they were assassinated, no quotation marks…>

    not really. if big and ‘pac were assassinated, you might as well say that proof was assassinated also [i'm not dissin' proof rip], alongside big hawk and busta rhymes’ & ti’s weed carriers. or that gravy had an assassination attempt on his life and he only got away w/a bullet in his ass.

    with everybody devoting so much energy to “theories” and other wild goose chases, it’s no wonder why the real killer[s] are [probably] walking free and ethering piff pocketers.

  • Tyler

    I can’t even get 2 deep into this subject. All I can say is y’all need to really peep the joint by 2Pac “NO More Pain” and I mean peep the shit deeply. Y’all know what ThugLife really meant to 2pac. U all know that he was a good dude & he was all about black people and he wasn’t no fake frontin ass nigga either. So ask yourself who stood to gain by 2pac dying? Who all has been on the top of the Rap Game over the last 10 or so years and would they have been on top if 2pac had not died?

  • armaggedion

    eh, more rumors. Not sure i believe these ones. And no big and pac were not “assissinated” Presidents and political figures get assassinated, big and pac just got ethered.

  • juztin

    just ask cease again what happened I hear he’s singin like a choire these days Disgrace 2 BIGs Memory

  • stoneyisland

    I hope that bring legal actions against your slanderous, no reporting ass, some journalist will do anything to push their creed up a notch, the editor of this needs to be fired or killed by the very same “hitmen” who he dropped dime on in this bullshit article. Bol, watch your back playa, you playing with fire. Oh yeah I fucked your babies mom.

  • Styles

    We just need to find out who killed two men who never reached they prime. Hip Hop hasn’t been the same since they left.

  • black

    West or East coast, squeeze toast leave most
    in the blood they layin in, ask Dre and them


    Pac said biggie had him shot. Most people who get shot know who did it. You know they were not silent when they were robbing him. What reason would Pac have to lie.Did anyone see the footage after he got shot puffy and biggie looked guilty. He gave them the finger when he was getting into the ambulance. Who went to the hospital to check on they man’z. If that was they man they should have been the first nigga’s at the hospital. Or out killing the muthafucka who shot him! Real Talk

  • TSF

    All I know is that Nick Broomfield documentary was the biggest waste of money I ever spent.

    The Biggie and Pac deaths will never be solved because then none of y’all would ahve anything to talk about.

  • DEQUES(pronouncedDEXX!)

    i read an interview where PAC said that the shooting came from (y’al know who) but he felt biggie an ‘em knew it was coming but didn’t warn him and that’s why he was salty because they was boys(how do u tell your friend that ur’re other friend might try to kill him?)and big’s mom said big tried to get up with him after wards to tell him sumthin but after Pac went public he said fuck i don’t believe BIG ordered it and how come no one ever called Pac a snitch for revealing this but evety body calls everybody a snitch for shit that’s their choice to tell or not.

  • livinlegend85


  • westside money

    I dont wanna believe Biggie would do something like that but for now there is no proof of that.If Big really did do that he laid down a stupid move cause Pan was gonna resolve it.

  • EnglandRepresent

    I’m ridin with the theory that both Pac and Big got popped by Fat Boy Suge. Why has’nt anyone stepped to that fat fuck yet?

    R.I.P. Frank White, the best to ever do it.

  • boogs brown

    Per Big Jaz, all of BIG’s gun-talk was just a repackaging of the life of Jimmy Henchmen. Now my whole theory has always been that Pac and Biggie, were street dudes, and although not necessarily the baddest on the block, however they had those connections. It was their exploitation of said connections put them right in the crossfire.

  • killabees

    cause no one can ride on suge. suge is untouchable, sad to say but true.

  • Locsta


  • on my grind

    A nigga can get touched in these days. All it take is for a nigga to want you dead. Lil niggas is offin niggas everyday so dont neva say a nigga cant be touched. We seen the proof wit all these rappers gettin killed ova the years.

  • Omar

    Let that nigga rest in peace bitch.


  • http://n/a Alphalad

    Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, those dudes were killed. DO something about Jam Master Jay or someone we don’t know about.

  • yehyeh

    who care what you think bol?!

  • Gerald

    This doesn’t prove anything to me. I think that the whole Tupac/Biggie feud will always remain a mystery. Just because the “Hip-Hop Cop” says Big killed 2pac doesn’t mean it’s so.

    On top of that, 2pac was getting into all kinds of crazy shit in 96′, banging with LA gangs, starting beefs with every rapper at that time, including Dr. Dre! All that let’s you know that Pac had more enemies than just on the east coast.

  • TizzEl-HajjMalikEl-Nasty

    …maybe nas did it.

  • Ryan

    Suge Knight is the man responsible for both Biggie and Tupac’s deaths and I’m ready to chip in whenever someone organizes his sit down with the grim reaper. Puff too.

  • Steve

    We’d like to think the best of BIG, but we don’t know. I don’t believe it, but ya neva know…

  • Freddy Freeloader

    You gonna take the word of a cop? The infamous ‘hip-hop cop’ nonetheless? Like that’s a reliable source. Remember how the LAPD tried for years to cover up that a corrupt cop shot Biggie? And how the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chuck Philips and the Los Angeles Times are tied into this cover-up? Check out the article Rolling Stone published a while back if you haven’t already:

    And now Derrick Parker steps forward with some ‘new information’. Sure.

  • Young G

    Pac was shot by Biggie in 94. Pac lets it go public then him and Biggie start beefin. Two years later around 96 Pac wants out of Death Row The Devils Advocate Suge isnt feelin that, Suge has Pac killed thinkin hes is worth more dead and everyone will think Biggie did it. Then Puffy turned around and killed Biggie.

  • rakimfan

    Yo the book isn’t out yet! Do they talk about Biggie retaliating for the OGC video that used the same actor featured in “Hit em Up”? Thats the million dollar question!

  • jiggy

    i believe it. biggie was on of the realest street niccas to ever blow on the mic. pac was the most poetic, unitil suge starte cutting and choppin his shit up.

  • http://yahoo V

    This whole thing is some straight bullshit. They got Biggie sounding like he is Suge Knight, or worse, Al Capone…commissioning hits and shit…Nigga please…Tell me this, if Biggie was so connected and hired two notorious gunmen to kill Pac at the quad, why wasn’t Pac Dead at the Quad? You tellin’ me all of a sudden cats known for puttin’ in work fuck up an easy ass hit like Pac at the Quad,two on one,two guns verse none…Once again, NIGGA PLEASE!!!


    “and when the beef come we nowhere to be found…why stick around til the winner is announced…” – ma$e on “hold me down” with diddy

    i dont know about biggie ordering dudes around tho

  • str8gangsta

    Killer Ben was from the Far Side of Fort Greene Houses. Some of u may remember the incident where his little brother(6yrs old)in 1990 was killed supposedly by the kid Polite from Marcy searching for Ben’s brother Mister. Anyway Polite had his head blown clean off at a phone booth bye who ? (chill). For your info the kid’s name that was robbed was named Zeke not Zack from and he is from Prospect Plaza. And, It was not for a gold chain but for a $80,000 Rolex and the fact that BIG got robbed at the Crab inn on Myrtle.ave by KB’s man D-Wiz. Long story short someone paged Ben he went to the phone booth and was hit 8 times at close range from a In retalliation the Black Gurilla Family(Kool G. Rap claims he’s down with, yeah right he is Big C son) shot up Prospect Plaza and killed a little girl by accident. I thought this was funny there was a rumor in 95′ that Little Fame from M.O.P. took the hit on Ben. U never know though, them M.O.P boys r some dirty motherfucker’s from Prospect Plaza and Fame’s brother Big Mallot was a buckwild nigger…..

    50cent from fort greene – Dead
    Killer Ben from fort greene – Dead
    Ju Ju from fort greene – Dead
    Sharrod from Dekalb ave – Dead
    Wize World’s Brother – Dead
    P-nut from Lg – Dead
    JR – from Lg – Dead
    Peter Rab from Lg – Dead
    Wayne O from Grand Ave – Dead
    Ron K from Grand Ave – Dead
    Malloy from farragut pj’s – dead
    Tray Washington farragut pj’s – dead
    Gucci from farragut pj’s – dead
    Drac from E.N.Y – Life
    Casino Mike and Berg The Sty – 20yrs
    Chaka and Mae Mae Nostrand ave – Life
    D -Wiz Fort Greene- 15 yrs
    World from LG ,Kim’s x – facing life
    Stan Burrell from Marcy – 20yrs
    Tyson the Stuy – Dead

  • str8gangsta


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  • Young Hef

    The book was a good book you obviously took alot of things out of context. Read it again homie.

  • cxktupqdz tyzxhlqd

    rvsje nichm lcgjhz qytpjlfx eqfcjld mkzxlo zvbg

  • dont belive this shit

    This is so stupid. People now say that biggie was a don. Some dude who could order real criminals to kill somebody. This is bullshit and if you believe that biggie gave the hit order then you are stupid. Bad Boy Records was funded by a criminal group called Black Mafia. Biggie and pac had many friends in that group. Black Mafia asked pac to join Bad Boy Records. When pac didn”t join they tried to kill him. Puffy and Biggie knew about this and didn”t warn pac. They were his friends and they was gona let him get killed. I have no respect for those kind of people who only cares about money and nothing else. I think that it was a set up. Their is so much proof that 1994 shooting was a set up.

    went public he said fuck i don’t believe BIG ordered it and how come no one ever called Pac a snitch for revealing

    He said that biggie and puffy knew about the shooting but didn”t warn him. That aint snitchin you fool. Who????? Who did he say that the shooting came from????? Jimmy Henchmen himself said it that he knew about the shooting

    “For real nicca, I don’t give a **** , it could go down right now!, why you blaming Puffy and Biggie? Them niccas ain’t got nothing to do with this…Nobody came to rob you, they came to discipline you, that’s what happened!”

    Then how come another BMF member Walter King Tut Johnson says that he didn”t knew about the shooting?

    “I can understand why the Tupac fans would not like me… but I want them to know that I’m definitely not responsible for his attempted assassination, nor did I have anything to do with his assassination.

    Yeah right???!!!! Other one says that they knew about 1994 shooting and other one denies it????

    Maybe police was involde????

    First cop I looked up to see was the cop that took the stand against me in the rape charge. He had a half smile on his face, and he could see them looking at my balls. He said, “What’s up, Tupac? How’s it hanging?”

    Biggie and Puffy were his friends and didn”t warn about him. They was gona let pac get shot. They oviously knew about this set up. The reason why pac was set up is that he didn”t wana join Bad Boy Records.

  • the one

    .” Does this mean Rakim is going to cap Diddy? We can only hope.

    HAHAHAHAAHAAHAHHA!!!! This nigga Bol Is fuckin hilarious.

  • thug101

    i dont give a fuk wot any1 thinks 2pac is a live
    he is still the realist niggga out there he is an inspiration rest in peace man!!!!

  • the brown

    Yo! I see shit in my dreams sometimes. Years back; late 90′s, I bumped into Pac in the Bahamas. It was the wildest shit. I played it low and he told me not to tell anyone of the encounter. I promised. That was the first, and only time I died in a dream. A couple years later, Miss Cleo did an interview with XXL or The Source, telling her “visions” of the game: “Will Keith Murray be set free?”, “Is B.I.G. dead?”, “Is Pac dead?”. “Yes” she said Keith Murray will be set free soon, “Yes”, BIG is dead. What she said about Pac just floored me, “No, 2Pac is not dead, he’s living in the Bahamas somewhere.” Now we all know that “Miss Cleo” shit is a bunch of rubbish and it’s probably pretty safe to say that Pac is gone (RIP), but he was a visionary, a brainiac, and he knew what was coming. So maybe he did pull a Makaveli. I think Puff and them had every thing to do with that New York hit, and I think “The Big Homie” Suge had everything to do with that Vegas shit. Take a read for yourself; Pacs’ words in this 1995 interview with the very respectable Kevin Powell @ The realest shit you ever read.

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