Ten questions

Since I’m moving across the country (this morning!) to T-Dot—to be closer to New York until I get my paperwork issues sorted—all of you beloved fruit flies are going to have to satisfy yourselves with a few tidbits. I promise I’ll be back to incense you in a few days. (And maybe tell you about Caribana, which is supposed to be the best party this side of the border.) In the meantime, here are some questions I’ll be mulling over on the plane:

1. MySpace has become the top website in America. Does this mean that thirsty rappers troll for jumpoff chicks more than everyone else combined googles themselves? Should there be a mixtape of MySpace joints? Would Papoose’s “New Friend Request” make the cut?

2. Is anyone else hyped that Mysonne is out of prison?

3. Will the Oprah Hates Hip-Hop controversy ever die?

4. How many more random Saigon features will have to pop up before we get an album?

5. Can someone let The Game know that “I look kinda cute” isn’t the best comeback to the flick of him in a thong on 50’s new mixtape? And is anyone surprised that Game plays the sucker role on Change of Heart?

6. Is hip-hop’s audience 80% white?

7. When are Stans going to learn that the men’s room is not the place to go looking for autographs?

8. Doesn’t it seem like rapping is just a pit stop now on the way to entrepreneur or Hollywood actor or record label CEO?

9. Is Tru-Life ever going to get in the ring with Jim “Dirt Angel” Jones?

10. Does anyone actually believe that Baby and Lil Wayne are lovers?

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  • http://nahright.com eskay

    I’d like to shoot the fair one with Stanley Crouch

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    1. “Every summer, Toronto (Canada) blazes with the excitement of calypso…”

  • Lefty 2Gunz

    >>>Can someone let The Game know that “I look kinda cute” isn’t the best comeback to the flick of him in a thong on 50’s new mixtape?

    Damn if I wasn’t thinking the same
    sh!t when I saw that clip!
    I’m sorry but taking a dime to a Male strip club on your 1st, 2nd, last or any date for that matter is in NO WAY acceptable!
    What the f#ck a man doing feeling comfortable in a “sausage shop” anyway?


  • the un-etherer

    ten responses-

    1. Rupert Murdoch owns myspace. That says it all.

    2. Rhetorical question?

    3. Apparently not, because people are still bringing that dumb-ass issue up.

    4. Whenever he makes that teeny-bopper/club banger that these stupid ass record companies want.

    5. This whole g-unit-unot diss fest has become extremely gay.

    6. That is the one of the most ignorant stats I have ever seen.

    7. When will celebrities stop being assholes and understand that this stuff comes with the territory?

    8. Rappers realize that people are only going to buy their records for so long.(if lucky) They would rather get their hollywood on or rape other artists.

    9.Ring around the collar?

    10. Please refrain from ever projecting that image again. Disgusting.

  • Money Red

    Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend

  • raul

    he didn’t take a girl to a male strip club for a date he took he there to meet his mom where she owned get ya facts right

  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ Main Event

    lmao @ ‘dirt angel’. ive heard caribana is insane. if youre going take pics.


  • Belize

    50 and game are gay..google it!

  • pop a poppa

    hip-hops audience ain’t 80% white
    its just that for the most part white people buy the records and blacks bootleg… therefore the reason why real meaningful shit don’t sell

  • http://www.myspace.com/specialopsbez B-EZ

    1.Myspace songs are the worst thing ever.A mixtape of these joints should only be put out there to be objects of ridicule.
    2.Fuck yea!!!(“The Truth” on the Violator soundtrack was just that)
    3.I thought it was already.
    4.I think the Un-Etherer summed this one up well enough.
    5.That shit is the least of The Game’s problems.Jimmy Iovine isnt gonna let him have Dre beats, remember who said it first.
    6.Probably, my people are only 12-13% of the entire population
    7.Never, if they did they wouldnt be Stans.
    8.No, its just that Jay-Z and a few others are always in our faces and make it seem that way. You gotta go at least platinum to get to Hollywood or a record label and we all know most of these niggas aint doing that.
    9.Who gives a shit? (sorry to answer a question with a question)
    Im not gonna achknowledge question #10 (shit, i think i just did)

  • HUH?



  • http://www.branddestruction.com Clyde Smith

    Best of luck in NY.

    You’re just what they need! [lol]

  • killabees

    Hey Tara, you fine. When you are in tdot make sure u hit alberts on st. clair and bathurst for the best west indi food in the city. Im diggin ur stlye of writing and best luck in tdot.
    Main Danforth Stand Up.
    East side.

  • killabees

    oh carabana is off the hook i went since i was 13. make sure u check the pick up trucks wit pools in the back of the trucks.

  • Styles

    That stripper pic and change of heart shit was funny. The baby weezy shit it might be true because those two are a little too close and look funny around each other. Look at wayne face when he around that nigga. In they new video, he’ll heav that stupid smile on his face.


    GAYME, aka Doja is such a fag for takin his date to a sausage factory faggot t otally unacceptable mayn that pic is hilarious.

  • http://www.damonbrown.net Damon Brown

    Went to Caribana several years ago and had a wonderful time – even compared to Mardi Gras!

    Two tips: Drink lots of water and wear your dancing shoes. You’ll be up the whole time.


    myspace.com/born2surviveent. peace!

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    tara jus sent me pix of her pussy

  • slyrical

    remember when baby was on the 5th anniversery cover of xxl and in that interview said he could put 500 degrees in his mouth,what was the title of waynes cd?

  • H-man

    1. fuck myspace(place for sexual predators)and papoose will make da cut.
    2.Im hyped. Go Mysonne
    3.Rumor haz it dat Oprah is gay. Bet I coulde bring her back from da otherside. Kanye should write…Oprah walks wit me.
    4.Saigon will never put out an album.
    5.The Game iz over…Dat strippin shit dont fly.
    6.Yes, Hip-hops audience is more dan 80% white.
    7. What is it with dudes wanting 2 look at my cack. Yes its dat big.
    8. Yes, rapping iz a pit stop 4 sumthang bigger. Ya gotta start somewhere. Rappin iz da minor leagues of Hollywood.
    9. Game, Set, Match, Dipset 40-Luv
    10. Im a ladiez man, Tara, I can give U a personal demonstration, if you could handle it.

  • cavabien

    Im truly dissappointed in your decision to move to Toronto. THe only legitimate excuse for anyone from Vancouver to be in that city is a flight stopover, or if they are a self-hating wannabe New Yorker. Im only kidding of course, enjoy the concrete.

    PS Caribana might be a nice weekend, but seriously, have you ever been to Montreal on any night of the week from May to September?