Since I’m moving across the country (this morning!) to T-Dot—to be closer to New York until I get my paperwork issues sorted—all of you beloved fruit flies are going to have to satisfy yourselves with a few tidbits. I promise I’ll be back to incense you in a few days. (And maybe tell you about Caribana, which is supposed to be the best party this side of the border.) In the meantime, here are some questions I’ll be mulling over on the plane:

1. MySpace has become the top website in America. Does this mean that thirsty rappers troll for jumpoff chicks more than everyone else combined googles themselves? Should there be a mixtape of MySpace joints? Would Papoose’s “New Friend Request” make the cut?

2. Is anyone else hyped that Mysonne is out of prison?

3. Will the Oprah Hates Hip-Hop controversy ever die?

4. How many more random Saigon features will have to pop up before we get an album?

5. Can someone let The Game know that “I look kinda cute” isn’t the best comeback to the flick of him in a thong on 50’s new mixtape? And is anyone surprised that Game plays the sucker role on Change of Heart?

8. Doesn’t it seem like rapping is just a pit stop now on the way to entrepreneur or Hollywood actor or record label CEO?

9. Is Tru-Life ever going to get in the ring with Jim “Dirt Angel” Jones?

10. Does anyone actually believe that Baby and Lil Wayne are lovers?