In this business, we hold our tongues often. Shit, I don’t write too much here because my words hurt. Running this magazine is my daily operation, so I gots to be careful with what I can or can’t say. The streets have no conscience however. And neither does the rap industry. People in it gossip like little schoolgirls at a sleepover.

Below are 10 things that rap fans and industry scum agree on but are afraid to admit. Go to a barbershop, ride a subway train, hang out a record label or studio for more than an hour or two, and prove me wrong. What y’all chumps need a disclaimer? It’s the views of the consensus and not necessarily YN’s. Still you close-minded hypocrites will probably point the finger of blame at me anyway. Oh well: There’s a reason this shit is called It Is What It Is.

10 Things Hip-Hop Heads Feel But Are Afraid To Admit

1. Jay-Z was foul for the way he handled his split with Dame Dash.
2. 2Pac is not the greatest rapper of all time.
3. Through the years, DJ Premier has fallen off.
4. Funkmaster Flex was never a great DJ.
5. Lupe Fiasco is overrated.
6. We only dig The Roots as a back-up band.
7. All posthumous rap albums suck.
8. We really can’t defend the misogyny, violence and ignorance in our music. Sorry Oprah.
9. We only respect the idea of artistic longevity.
10. Neither Papoose nor any of these new generation New York rappers are going to bring the Big Apple back.

Bonus: Broke or not, Suge Knight still scares the shit out of us.