Phonte has ethered himself



One of the dirty little secrets of the hip-hop community is that conscious rappers are often the worst when it comes to acting up around women in the biz. While the thugs can normally be counted on to behave in professional settings, nine times out of ten the deep, thoughtful, political backpack dudes will try to cop a feel. Cause they’re progressive like that.

In the latest example of this trend, Phonte, the best rapper in Little Brother—known here at XXL for taking a strong, principled stance against the ignorance of the music industryhas called one of Canada’s top female rappers Eternia Tit-ernia. To her face. Cause he’s respectful like that.

E aired him out in a Dear Diary on her MySpace page. “I have had dudes in the industry who were not interested in me beyond a piece of ASS treat me with more respect than that,” she wrote. “LB has lost a fan for life.  No more shows for me.  No CD purchases.  No telling the world how they need to hear this group from NC.”

Tay, of course, responded in her comments section. “As I’ve been told by people who have worked with you in a much closer capacity, this is a symptom of a much larger personal issue,” he shot back. “I could say a whole lot more, but I won’t.” 

He added: “Right now, you’re looking like the ‘crazy, emotional bitch female rapper’ stereotype that your music does such a good job of debunking.”

Riiiight. As if Phonte comes out looking good on this one. As if his whole shtick isn’t based on him being an intelligent alternative to hip-hop’s status quo.

Wonder what the holier-than-thou backpack Stans will have to say about this one. More likely than not, some snapperhead will pipe up and accuse Eternia of overreacting. Cause male rappers are never sensitive. Especially not when they feel dissed by a peer whose crew they’ve been down with for years.

I’ll let you fruit flies take it from here. No doubt the discussion will be enlightening.


Image above shamelessly jacked from the boards over at HipHopCanada. Sorry? Thanks? 

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  • Bol

    Not to derail the discussion early on, but those are some nice titties.

  • Lennox

    Jesus, you’d swear phonte raped her by this reaction. I kinda wish he would have ‘cos then this post would have had some semblance of purpose. So what he did a wordplay on her name OMG call 5-0. Should’nt u be burning bra’s, that’s gotta be more worthy to the feminine cause than this shit.

  • Sarutama

    I was about to ask how the titties are.

  • datniggamac

    I think that was fucked up, I’d expect it killa cam, game, or 50 but not him

  • Sarutama

    1) Just checked the myspace page, and damn. The play on words seems appropriate.

    2) Not for nothing, but I think she maybe overreacting a little bit. I mean, this is hip hop, name calling and shit talking come with the territory. She’s gonna have to grow a thicker skin.

  • d rock

    Looks like somebody is trying to create a little buzz for herself? Dam lighten up it was just a joke. I dont see how he degraded her whole existence by that little comment. Tell her to try to make a hit, and stop trying to ride the coat tails of a group that barely is known anyway.

  • Zilla Roc

    With every week that goes by, I find it hard to believe that I’ve spend money on Little Brother. I bought some of their CD’s and have paid to see them live twice.

    I could look past 9th’s DJ Premier-lite drums and blatant Pete Rock rip-off tracks. I could bypass Big Pooh’s miniscule lyrical ability. I could even let Joe Scudda’s wack ass not stop me from listening to “I’m Lovin It.” Because at the end of the day, Phonte is an ill MC.

    But the more he keeps talking on the internet and ranting on MySpace, the more I don’t ever want to deal with these clowns again. The bottom line is that LB GOT ON BECAUSE ?UESTLOVE DECIDED TO BLOW THEM UP TO ANYBODY THAT WOULD LISTEN! There are 10,000 unsigned acts just like LB out there. Respect to LB for getting into the industry and finding their niche audience. But Phonte, I don’t care what your thoughts are on the hip hop audience or rap radio or some random female MC who blew up your spot. I don’t want to hear how Atlantic bungled “The Minstrel Show” and that you may be TOO smart for the masses. Shut up and do your thing, which is delivering quality songs and rhymes. I understand that some fans want to read your MySpace blogs and get to know you a little bit better. The rest of us don’t give a rat’s ass what your thoughts are on anything–we just like your music, dawg. Lil’ Wayne is my man but I don’t care about his stance on Clear Channell. Express yourself through your music and let the rest of us wonder what you do when you’re not touring or recording.



    I have to vent this. Those niggas are wack. Plan and simple all that progressive backpack shit is a scam. I’m an intellectual, I was educated in at a fine institution in North Carolina, etc . . . but I understand hiphop for what it is. I feel Young Jezzy, I felt Black Moon, etc. I understand that Young Joc is needed for hiphop and he’s making hot club joints. but hearing a “rapper” demean an audience and then backpedal when it got minor attention on the internets is extremely lame. Obviously the little LB niggas believed the hype. Really, the music is trash, but 9th makes some ill beats. They’d do better just selling albums ala Petestrumentals with no rap on it. For the record again FUCK THEM NIGGAS. They’d do better just selling overseas and to white liberals because they confuse subpar lyrical ability and pseudo-conscious rap as being fuego.

  • Dude

    This chick says she wasn’t flaunting her tits, assuming thats right, still it’s prob safe to assume some of her success of fame or whatever it she’s gotten/accomplished is due to her um.. well, her tits. The point is, you gotta take the good with the bad, accepting success from objectification means accepting the objectification.

  • Tru Wanksta

    Kudos Tara… another piece of shit post.

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  • Spirit of Truth

    Who cares?


    Baby, did you read his comments, the gal talks about gettin her pussy eaten wit her…if she cant see that as a joke and has to “myspace” her feelings to the world instead of being str8 up, then thats just DUMB…any gal i know, if i cross the line(cuz i joke like that) they tell me and i stop..i dont find it on myspace…now im not a LB fan but i am a MAN and shorty went at it wrong…4real


    I jsut keep hearin “tig ol bitties” ova and ova again….

  • eauhellzgnaw

    This blog reads like a hip hop atricle written for a high school newspaper or Essence.

    Who cares about Phonte? more important, who cares about Canadian hip hop?

  • KR

    >>I think that was fucked up, I’d expect it killa cam, game, or 50 but not him

    Why, because you know them like that? Muhfuckaz is sooo naive.

  • J Ball

    Taken directly from Tay’s response…

    ‘Anyway, I would never joke like that with ANY female unless we were really close. And after knowing E for a few years, and spending a long, late night tour dinner with her and and a bunch of mutual friends (where we freely and frankly discussed everything from music, to sex, to racism, to Eternia telling us the finer points of having her pussy eaten), I figured we was family.’

    ….I TOTALLY disagreed with Tay on his last issue but to try to make a big deal of this is either some emotional shit or some ploy ya’ll planned to get her titties seen…

    Or her music heard, either one.

  • Jo Van Gogh

    wow, didn’t expect that from Mr. Tay Gravy. I guess he really wants to be down with the hip hop status quo

  • Honorable

    R.I.P Phonte’s rap Career

  • Grace

    The nigga is human. He didnt realize he would make her so mad cuz we as men dont get mad about shit like that.All she had to do was to tell him she felt disrespected and I bet he would have apologized.They both kinda childish with it but I think she took it a slight bit overboard.
    And oh yeah by the way since I aint got no ties to the the chick I dont got no problem with sayin….yall already know lol

  • edwin

    who does this broad think she is anyway, coming at dude like that like she holds any weight in such discussions? she’s canadian AND a white gi–oh..
    They both said they’ve known each other for years, but apparently they had different ideas of their relationship. Phonte said he figured they were family, so I really don’t think he meant anything by it. She did get all Dear Diary about it, when it could’ve been handled privately. Besides, some jokes, no matter how out of line they might seem, just have to be said.

  • Poisonous Dart

    This is some incredibly stupid shit that should’ve been handled bhind closed doors. In my opinion, Phonte fucked up because he offended her, she told him so and he did it again and didn’t apologize…If you respected somebody in the game (especially if you’re a female emcee, who’s ranks are dwindling crazily in the first place) and they treated you with disrespect how would you expect them to react? Phonte fucked up not once, not twice, but THREE times (especially by airing out her personal B.I. like that on MySpace. I’m still an LB fan and Eternia is still nice on the mic….Past them two, who else should really give a fuck? One.

  • G Off

    I think this is more of an example of Phonte not being a very good rapper (“Titernia” is a third grade joke, c’mon). He should have come stronger than that.

  • WOW…

    Tara did a good job of choppin them quotes up… fo reals. Didn’t mention the part where all of them were kickin it in a diner after hours laughin, jokin, and talkin about everything (including how eternia likes her pussy eaten)….

    So yeah, after that I’d assume we’re cool. I mean we’ve hung out a few times, chopped it up a bit…if nothing else, after that I’d assume you can take a fuckin joke…

    But most importantly, if she liked and respected Tay & LB so much and was so hurt by this, why not just call and tell the nigga that?! An email maybe (it’s clear that Tay responds when contacted on myspace). But c’mon man….your myspace blog? Really? Like that was the only place you had to vent?! It’s a weak move, whether you got a dick (no lance bass) or a pair of e-titties

    I wish her the best of luck though…her myspace page got some hits…and in the end it might be fair to say that’s all she wanted.

  • Chihiro

    For people saying she had a hidden agenda, just wanted plays and hits from this.. thats ridiculous. Most of these people saying that are probably men. And a man will never understand how it feels as a woman to be commented on their body. Which is not their fault, but a man can simply not speak out like he understands. She was upset, put it in her blog for people to see, period. She didnt want to keep it a secret, which I wouldnt either.

    And wtf does her being white or canadian have to do with anything?? Oh yeah.. you ignorant fks just prove her points that she touches upon in her music.

    It is funny how people think backpackers or underground cats are angels. B boys will b boys.. and most boys are disrespectful towards women. But when you have a career and fans to worry about, maybe you should think twice before making a childish and disrespectul joke.

  • julio g

    R.kelly Peed on a lil girl and I still listen to his music. I’m not gonna stop fuckin wit LB over this.

  • fresh

    Damn damn damn James!

  • Letsbereal

    I dont even know why I’m commenting about this because this is far too reminiscent of a soap opera or some shit, but basically I see three fuck ups in this situation.

    Fuck up #1: Phonte for making the initial comment. Although like dude above said the man is human, you cant fault him for that even if its something that seems ignorant to the rest of us.

    But you CAN fault him for…

    Fuck up #2: Phonte for making the comment a 2nd time after Eternia corrected him in all honesty. That’s just some stupid shit.

    Fuck up #3: Eternia for using MYSPACE to air out dirty laundry and not approaching Phonte at the time of the incident or after, like grown adults.

    Thats all.

  • julio g

    Can’t be anything but honest homey.

  • Danja29

    first and foremost, cosign Bol. Sorry, they are.

    secondly, this should go to show once and for all that so-called “smart” MC’s are really no different than the “ignorant” artists they try to differentiate themselves from. They just do all their ignorance in real life. It just proves what I’ve believed all along, the “intelligent, progressive” rappers and the rappers that all the backpackers accuse of “holding the culture back” are really one and the same in real life.

    So no more idol nut-huggin’ from here on out, aight folks?


    fuck phonte.

  • Dara Mack

    I keep tellin’ that nigga to watch what he says, it’s all good they’ll be dropped anyway

  • Julius West

    Ya’ll missed the whole point of Little Brother. The whole point of the music is that they just regular nigga’s. They never claimed to be hollier than thou, nonmisoginistic or anyhting else. That shit is just real and genuine. All ya’ll are having your false perceptions and preconcieved notions of the grou shattered. Not some “conscious front” that they put forth.

    Never expected Tay to not like titties, or not be a human being and make a joke about them every once in a while. He may have let it go to far, but it didnt warrant a myspace post and certainly didnt warrant this one. Tay probably oughta say sorry. Shorty needs to chill. And Tara needs to find something more constructive to do with her time. Or at least something of interest to write about. A task shes yet to perform on what is certainly THE MOST BORING BLOG ( excuse me.THE ONLY BORING BLOG) on

  • Dr. Colossus

    Who gives a fuck about either of them, LB makes decent throwback 95 shit and Eternia is a man! She sure sounds like she has a dick. Fuck them both.


    Damn Tara you so fine

  • Blame Canada

    “And Tara needs to find something more constructive to do with her time. Or at least something of interest to write about. A task shes yet to perform on what is certainly THE MOST BORING BLOG ( excuse me.THE ONLY BORING BLOG) on”

    Tara Henly has ethered my attention span on many occasions.

  • MadeInMilwaukee

    I think she getting in her feelings over somr minor shit. If she felt that strongly she could have called Tay and got that straightened out. No need for that Myspace bullshit.

  • RA

    How are you gonna call yourself a “journalist” then take a quote completely out of context like that.

    You failed to mention that Tay and E have known each other for YEARS, and in the past she has blabbed to him about the joys of having her pussy eaten. So she’s allowed to spout off on all the nasty shit she wants but Tay can’t mention breasts?

    And while you’re selectively quoting, you may want to check out this quote from an Eternia interview:

    Any advice you’d like to give for those who wanna follow in your footsteps?

    Eternia: “Have a thick-skin. Don’t be easily offended or highly sensitive… that makes you a bitch in this game.”

  • allnice

    Yo, that broad is really losing control. Broads and dudes joke all the time about sexual shit. Maybe he took it too far, but the dude was obviously just teasing her. He coulda realy ethered her and called her a psycho bitch with emotional problems or even worst, not said anything to her at all.

    Just like a broad to overreact about some silly shit. Sounds like I am being sexist, but yall broads prove time and time again that yall can’t take jokes or deal with any type of disrespect. The hard truth is that yall have been the main targets of this consumerist society for so long that yall forgot what’s real. These images of knights in shining armor aren’t real. Most cats crack jokes, have fun, get sexual. It’s normal unless taken to the extreme (rape). There are rules you don’t break though. Maybe Ta should apologize, but only just to calm her silly ass down.

  • DJ Main Event

    i concur with the first post but not to stray from what i had to say…

    i dont know… doesnt sound like Phonte.
    but if the reported interaction is true, then yeah he’s wrong for it and she shouldve corrected dude on the spot.

    airing things out on myspace however is a no-no. thats instant defamation of character on a personal issue between two people.

    i would know, its happened to me before but myself and the individual got it cleared up in private (more or less).

    i want to hear P’s side of it before coming to any conclusions though.

  • P-Matik

    This is overblown and corny.

  • khal

    damn… phonte keeps sticking his foot in his mouth, huh? what a maroon… damn shame the last LB LP was shitty… coulda got more spins off this publicity.


    this is the thing. if I had a fragile rap career and made dumb comments on the internet about how my group is not being felt I wouldn’t have made a retort after this broad aired out my dirty laundry. i’d be quiet as a church mouse about anything for that matter. i mean negroes of all genres don’t particular feel little brother anyway the last thing they want to do is cause friction with the guilt ridden college white kids that support their music. but a good thing out of all this is displaying how powerful the internet is. i mean we just witnessed an entire career be ethered on the internets. i thought that bullshit vegan/PETA thing they backpedaled on would have solidified them with the bohemian black and white earthy demographic. not even a nice Young Jeezy cameo or a cosign from Jay-Z could save these negroes.


    Atlantic Records

  • 3am

    Hahahahaha at Bol’s comment. And I really don’t give a fuck about Tay’s comment. Maybe he thought it would be funny but it ended up in one of those Chris Griffin Im so awkward type deals which is why he kept it moving. Also he probably doesnt give a fuck about eternia. If i was him I wouldnt.

  • twocents

    Okay here’s my beef, personally I think the comment WAS wrong, but we all know phonte is a joker so it shouldn’t have been taken THAT seriously. Second she was comfortable expressing/exposing her feelings on “getting eating out”, to him and who ever was around before the whole titernia comment. She basically broke down the “lets be professional, respectful, and not sexual” wall. From hearing both sides it seems it was just a misunderstanding and private convo (myspace personal note) addressing it would been more appropriate. If he continued on without apologizing she‘d have more ground with me. The whole taking it public, boycott thing, before speaking with him makes it seem like she never really saw herself as cool with him, (maybe she just hung around him/them to boost her status/credibility). she’s says no beef to 9th or pooh, but saying boycott LB means she’s stepping on all three careers. Note she still has LB material on her site ala ninth’s production. (:s). side note: I personally was at a show where E performed in front of an audience with young children, and though all artist performing were told of the PG status. E continued to rhyme on getting eaten out while on her period. I only put her on blast cause this whole “I’m a victim” thing isn’t cutting it with me. I’d hate to say that this whole thing smells rotten of PR and shameless plugs, but its hard to see anything else past that. Personally I hope they both do good in their careers and this whole stunt doesn’t hurt either of them.

  • GunPonTeet

    I dont see what was so wrong with Tay’s comment. If they were so close, and if she told them how she likes getting eaten out, then i fail to see how Tay’s comment is disrespectful. You’re gonna tell a dude how you like getting eaten out? that must mean yall are close and can talk about various sexual topics. So now for the dude to make a comment about your tits, why you gettin upset for?

    and if it did upset you… since yall are so close…. CALL THE NEGRO…

    why u gotta post it on the net? that’s a wack juice!

  • Clarknova

    So, we’re supposed to believe the word of someone just because she posts it on her blog? Hmmm. This post seems more indicative of Tara’s ongoing hatred of indie rap/rappers than anything else, to me. I like LB, I like Jeezy. I don’t care what they do in their private lives, because whether they’re “conscious” or “gangsta” virtually all rappers are simply playing a role to make music and sell records. Don’t you know that by now, Tara?

  • Ricardo

    Three obvious things:

    1 – Tara must have forgotten people would be reading Eternia’s MySpace post in its entirety, since she left a link and all. And why do I say this? Because when we put two and two together (i.e., read both Tara’s and Eternia’s posts), it’s very clear Tara took some quotes out of context so it could fit her whole reasoning. Too bad people still know how to read. Or more like “the truth always comes out in the end”.

    2 – What Eternia did is no different of what a typical female does. If it wasn’t MySpace or a press-release, she would be taking this shit to the hood, instead of confronting the cat with her issue. It’s not female bashing by any means, it just is what it is. Women have ways of handling situations far different from men, and we should all get used to that.

    3 – IF they weren’t so close like that, then Phonte clearly stepped a line. But IF Phonte’s claims of close friendship are true, then girl’s clearly over-reacting. And even if that’s not the case, better she not get angry if people start claiming she’s orchestrating a publicity stunt here.

    Word up!

  • rakimfan

    LB’s brand is taking a fuckin pummeling lately…in the end the groups music will be the litmus test. I have to believe cats are in the lab working right now bangin out some embracable boombappable shit. For the record I dont own, nor have I ever heard anything other than the single that was put out on this album. I’m on the fence. The fact that he insulted a woman neither surprises me nor saddens me. It just shows a lack of judgement.

  • dj madwax

    theres no such thing as bad publicity dummies

  • YO, TARA! DJ Lucky Luke

    It’s ya boy DJ Lucky Luke. First, you need to stop calling your loyal readers names like “Fruit Flies” Shit ain’t cool… Bol does that shit like he’s superior or something, when he’s really only a pimp in his own rhyme (blog.) In fact, if I were a bitch-ass female, I might be offended by that shit, but love is love, I’ll let you have that one. Now, I don’t give a frequent flying fuck if a rapper is backpack or not, but other black male role models have done much worse than make titty-jokes out of a girl’s name and that shit didn’t get any play on your blog. You’z a hata to the core. I know you must defend your womenfolk and make much ado about every instance of misogyny in hip hop, but shit, at least no women have been murked this year like your previous list of male MCs and weed-carriers who caught one in the vitals. Baby girl, I rap…and I swear to you this: If I were to ever say something to piss you off, you should come tell me–we’ll talk it out like two adults, and when that’s over, “I’m a break out the hot-tub, T-Bone steak, cheese eggs and Welch’s grape. We’ll conversate for a few, then in a few we gon’ do what we came to do–me doin you–stick it all the way in you til your face turns blue. Lick it all over, get you off a time or two…and fuck Marvin Gaye, we fuckin to “Brooklyn Zoo” doing it old and dirty give you a bastard child, boo…” Just like that mami, I’m your Latin lover, call me: 404-22(Message Interrupted) Love ya!

  • dummies

    this shit is trash….

  • FWMJ

    lol phonte won

  • monty

    Lets face it, if Eternia has more that a 5th grade education then she’s heard “Tit-Ernia” before. If she’s bent outa shape over “Tit-Ernia” can you imagine what ” bitch” or “cunt” can do?

  • Enlightened

    I think we’re giving Ms. Tara Henley a pass because she’s a woman and she looks kinda cute – because if Bol would have wrote a blog abot SOME BULLSHIT LIKE THIS – WE WOULD BE LETTING THAT NIGGA HAVE IT- the whole response portion would be about him!
    “U faggit ass nigga Bol!” “What the fuck is wrong with you Bol?” I could just hear us now.
    But, I’m not complanin cuz hey, I love the ladies!

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    I know I’d like to give Tara something–it might not be some kind of pass though. I wanna rock that to sleep, for real. I wanna see what’s in that jacket of hers…

  • isikar

    first off ….for that clowns that left comments disrespecting canadian hip-hop/eternia/LB….etc… a dick….u clowns are probably inspiring wack rappers and producers…trying to get out of the hood..or suburbs….2nd im a fan of both and they both make good music….the bottom line is she felt disrespected….she deserves an apology….as far as phonte….the personal things…should have remained personal….it seems as if everyone wants to be respected but will not show any respect….it’s sad…..oh and for the those who view it as a black and white issue…..grow up…ur seting us back another 30yrz…with dumb ass comments like”and she’s a white gurl” u f$%kin clown…get cultured….self destruction dummies….this is hip-hop….and if u keep feeding into this……the powers that be are going to continue laughing all the way to the bank with your money”real eyes/realize/real lies”…..oh and lastly”eternia for president”

  • Enlightened

    Fa sho

  • Shone Jones

    If this trend continues with Phonte, he and the rest of LB will spend the rest of their careers touring Coffeeshops.

  • Jesse Jackson Jr. type

    Half the nigga’s in the rap game sold drugs to other black people before they got on, and nobody bats an eye. That nigga Phonte tells a tit joke and yall wanna boycott LB? Yall niggas is nutts.

  • Jay
  • Global Macro

    Damn Tara, you’re coming off like a whiny PC backpacker with this one

  • shimikeo

    what most people keep missing is that a)- myspace blogs are public diaries where EVERYONE rants and vents, and b) all she was saying is that she was disrespected by someone who, she herself, had respect for. when that happens it sucks, no matter who you are or what industry you’re in- i think we all can agree on that.
    the girl just vented her frustration. that’s all. no big deal. it’s all these other people, who have nothing better to obsess about, who turned it into such a big fucking deal.
    yea, who gives a shit. give her two kudos, or don’t, and move on. focus your energy to saving the whales or some shit.

  • JR DOT

    this is stupid blog. but u chopped up and selected bits of phrases kinda sik and make sound how u want to sound. myspace for airing out shit like that. NO! making it worse by making a blog on XXL.NO no one gives a shit about this. aint u got better material to write about, tara?
    FUCK THIS POST, FUCK LB AND FUCK ETER-WHATEVER(good way to get myspace hits though.)

  • King Paul

    damn Tara just ethered herself with another boring blog! ’06 is the year of etherings, the shit that make ya soul burn slow.

  • lost one

    Eternia looks and sounds like a man………….cept for dem TITS!!!DAmn

  • BlackBoy

    Nice try… but any time a woman talks wit dudes about the “finer points of having their pussy eaten” a boundary is crossed and certain prudeness goes out the window.

    Meaning, if she would talk that way, he felt really comfortable with her and felt he had a pass to get a little flirty.

    You women need to learn boundarries wit that understanding that if you put it out there like that, someone’s going to give it back like that.

    I do believe she has a problem with that boundary and that ‘Tay’s assessment is correct. I was all ready to bash him but she’s bullshitting.

    Phonte’s words:
    “But as I’ve been told by people who have worked with you in a much closer capacity, this is a symptom of a much larger personal issue. I could say a whole lot more, but I won’t.

    I apologize if I came across the wrong way, but you coulda handled this a whole lot better.

    I had no idea I had rubbed you the wrong way, and if I woulda found out from YOU instead of myspace, I would have alot more sympathy. But right now, you’re looking like the ‘crazy, emotional bitch female rapper’ stereotype that your music does such a good job of debunking.”

  • Phonte of Little Brother

    Damn Tara, this blog (like my last album) flopped to high hell.

    You tried to smear my name even further and sensationalize a misunderstanding between two people and that STILL couldn’t save “Northern Touch” from being the most boring, lifeless, least-read shit on XXL.

    YN, please drop this sleep-inducing heffa and replace her with dream hampton or any other intelligent female writers who have wits to go with their tits.


  • Milton and Bradley


    you just got e-skeeted on tara!

    skeet skeet skeet skeet!!!!

  • ?uestlove

    Tara Henley is a pretty face. Nothing more. Thats all thats it. Her writing sucks, shes obviously not very bright, and this blog sucks.

    “Northern Touch” LOL fuck Canada, fuck Canadian rap, fuck Canadian females that think they can lecture us about hiphop and fuck Tara Henley. You suck, you stupid bitch.

  • James Snead

    ^^Does this dude leave the house or search the internet all day on comments about him. Phonte your a semi-famous rapper, please leave the house.

  • Someoneyouknow

    You know I was ready to look at this as a misunderstading.

    Tay, you just turned around and insulted all women. I would think that a “grown man” knows that comments about tits should stay in the company of men. I think that men with little d%cks should watch what they say.

    You know that you don’t want that get out.

  • Definition

    ahahah damn tay just killed it.

    officially ethered and down for that count Tara. I’m waiting on the comeback.

  • jmcarr

    Unfortunately this is another instance of hiphop’s disrepect for women and disregard for the real problem.

    First, it is appalling that references are made about a person’s race and their appreciation or knowledge about the hiphop culture. Hiphop is not a black thing or white thing or chinese thing. It’s a humanity thing. Hiphop lives in NY,Israel, Cuba, and Tornoto.

    The mere mention of Tara being white should not even matter. It only makes that person appear ignorant in this day and age.

    In regard to this particular beef with Phonte, let it slide people. I’m not taking sides, because the real issue still hasn’t been addressed, which in my opinion is women, and why do the most successful women in hiphop have to use sex to sell their cds? Now, there is a topic!

    Nevertheless, I’m not going to boycott Little Brother. There shit is dope. But neither do I condone this “He said. She said” nonsense. It’s time to let this go. We’re adults, not sophomores in high school that goes out to Tara, Ether, and Phonte.

  • I eat so many shrimp

    yet the first song on her myspace is produced by 9th wonder…notice she aint take that down..

  • TheReal

    You know whats funny?? Whats funny is that some talentless white rapper gets called “Titernia” and all of a sudden all hell breaks loose but nobody has shit to say when rappers are talking about “bitches” and “Nigga’s” in their music.

    People need to stop believing the fucking hype like conscious rappers are some type of God’s. They fuck, smoke weed and cuss just like the rest of us. I am not saying that it isnt disrespectful but what is high school is getting on a blog and complaining about it instead of putting dude in check from the get go.

    I love the fact this white girl gets called and name and everyone is in arms but black women get disrespected all the time and I dont see anyone in serious shock or making a big deal about that.

    Welcome to our world Eternia

  • Epitome

    Does making fun of a Canadian even count?

    This is a non story. One backpacker disses another backpacker who is A: A woman & B: From Canada

    As far as I’m concerned, any rapper has a free pass to make fun of wack female rappers or Canadians any time they want.

  • Epitome

    Oh and she’s WHITE!!!

    A White Canadian Female Backpack rapper, that’s like a quadruple curse.

  • Whoa

    damn who da fuk cares bout this shit please man lol


    ..controversial comments about hip-hop fans, a stalemate with Noz and Ethering Tara Henley and subsequently giving a mediocre white Jean Grae some U.S. exposure are three reasons why…

    (not to mention the fact we’ll know her as Tit-ernia from now on… nice)

  • gluvnast

    even though it’s obvious that this is a mere overreaction and misunderstanding, i do understand why this female rapper is upset. considering the odds that’s automatically against her, being white, canadian, and a woman, it is a consistent uphill battle for her to be taken seriously as a MC. especially when most female emcees are stereotyped (mostly thru themselves) as degrading sex-exploitive mindless bodies…and when someone you thought as a colleague proves to not take you seriously…then it’s understandible for the way she reacted that way…

    it’s no different from the overreaction that phonte did the week prior at the fayetteville summerjam, when he blamed the fans for not reacting to their performance…

    frustrated backpackers….DAMN! seems like all of y’all are mad rappers!!!

  • Boner Jams 03

    I titty fuck Canadian bitches to Percy Miracles

  • Eternia

    nah just F*ckin’ w/ y’all…

    they call her Hernia in Tdot…

  • http://SOURCE.COM ONE

    that wack ass bitch should just be happy some bodies even mentioning her name who cares about canadian hip hop.

  • Spyn Cycal

    Enough with the whole “Backpacker” label… XXL has you all brainwashed… Welcome to the Matrix.

  • The Critic

    I mean, this is pointless. Eternia should be happy that at least people recognize her sex appeal. I mean at least she does not look like Angie Stone.

  • God Himself


    I concur…if ya wanna know who the illest rappers in NC are…

    come find out:

    (Da Arsonist & Loot-Tenant TRAX)
    1st n Flite Legacy Entertainment!!!!

    ha! oh and ask Phonte…”they dont want no Quarrels over here”

    p.s. –

    Durham, NC Stand Up!!!!

  • Big J

    Tara Guzzles in NC, all Cum, all served.



  • NickeNitro

    Titernia. That’s funny. Big deal – find something important to write about.

    Magazine people are stupid. “As if his whole shtick isn’t based on him being an intelligent alternative to hip-hop’s status quo.” Have any of you ever really listened to Phonte and Little Brother? Or are you all just basing on what you read about them elsewhere?

    I swear, while you’re better off in this country if you know how to read, people would have much more free minds if they were illiterate. From a very young age, we’re taught to take everything that published as facts and truths. They give us textbooks and force us to accept it all as fact and regurgitate it on tests.

    All that ends up training us to do is take anything written or published anywhere as the truth the rest of our lives. So people read stuff by idiot music industry scribes and don’t even think to question it. It’s worse with indie rock fans, who believe anything they read about some moody cracker dude being a “genuis” or someone else “sucking” or whatever, but it’s the same with lame hip-hop fans and writers.

    Little Brother is a group that just makes honest, soulful rap music about their lives, thoughts, and experiences. They don’t whine excessively or spend all their time complaining about other rappers or try to sound smart and intelligent. They mostly just have creative fun.

    Being smart isn’t their “schtick.” They just happen to be smart people making music. So indirectly it’s smart stuff (not book smart, not street smart, just generally smart). But they don’t try to force their intelligence on anyone, and you get the impression they don’t even realize how smart they are, which probably why their music is so good.

    On the other hand, most journalists think that they are a lot smarter than they really are (the art-student epidemic), so their stuff just comes off as stupid.

  • Knowledge Speaks

    She does have a nice rack.

  • Chad

    since when is LB a conscious rap group. They rap about everyday shit that a brotha from the states who ain’t tryin to get 15 30 years in prison can relate to. It looks like this white girl from Canada and many others in the states are labeling Phonte “the intelligent negro”. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! So what the brothas well-spoken. So what, you can understand the syllables in his lyrics. So what he went to college. So what he takes care of his family. Looks like Canadians got the “token nigga” outlook just like Americans.

    LB is not even a conscious group IMO. I don’t hear them rapping about the war, Katrina, Bush, the problems of they’re local community often if ever. The rap about the keepin they head above water and goin through everyday life which two white girls from Canada can’t even try to understand. Now if he was wrong about the comment about ole girl then he was just wrong. But it sounds like that they have a deeper personal issue and she got feelings for dude.

    Getting back to the jump-off point though; why is everybody putin LB in a box they didn’t ask for. Shit. How come you never hear people saying that The Game is a conscious mc. Most of his first lp was concious and had many historical references. Take Black Wall Street. People don’t label Field Mob or David Banner conscious either. Banner is very conscious about his community and Field Mob is concious though even more poetic. What about “Georgia” and “Blacker the Berry”. Just because they got country accents don’t mean they are dumbasses.

    Fuck it though. black men get stereotyped way too much in this country and probably way too much in other countries and I’m sure Canada ain’t immune. If he was being sexist then he was. But we don’t know for sure.

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  • raf

    tara, you are a terrible blogger

  • libera

    i’am really impressed!!

  • formula 1

    Chi ha fatto questo? E un buon posto per trovare le informazioni importanti!:)

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  • Homer Corlee

    I cannot imagine I’ve ever viewed your weblog using this type of numerous responses onto it!

  • The Magnificent

    Man for all yall stupid muthafuckas dissin LB fuck yall stupid ass muthafukas dnt know shit bout real hiphop yall niggas is da reason hiphop suffering now dum bitches fuck yall Phonte da best rapper alive

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