Here comes the cold water

Here’s an idea: Why don’t OutKast just scrap Idlewild altogether and pretend it never existed in the first place?

The movie was always destined to be teh ghey anyway, just because all movies that star rappers kinda suck balls. Think about it. And what little I’ve seen of Idlewild up until this point has struck me as being especially Under the Cherry Moon-esque. You know Andre 3000 is “fascinated” with Prince, so this wouldn’t necessarily fall outside the realm of possibility.

How exactly does one go from not having a film career to speak of (Four Brothers notwithstanding) to making an Under the Cherry Moon-style botched abortion, completely bypassing a Purple Rain in the process? Because Andre 3000 was never Prince in the first place, you dumb bitches.

Somewhere along the line (possibly during sex with Erykah Badu) Andre 3000 got the bright idea that being a gay-ass singer was somehow more “advanced” than being a rapper. Next thing you know, he was dressing like a homeless gay person, eating all types of seeds, and riding on a different bus than Big Boi, for feng shui purposes.

Fortunately though, he somehow came up with “Hey Ya,” a great song and the main reason people bought about five million copies of Lovesexy, or whatever it’s called. Of course the rub is that the legions of young crackety-cracks who bought that album could care less about ’30s marching bands and what have you. Perhaps it’s time for Andre 3000 to fall back and salvage what’s left of his street cred. Like Common is doing.

You get the idea at this point that the main reason we’re being “treated” to Idlewild this fall, or whenever the fuck it’s coming out, is because whatever corporations put up the money for it spent way too much to just say fuck it, like Jive is doing with the Clipse. It’s already been three years and who knows how many millions of dollars in the making. And Lovesexy, gay as it was, was still one of the last rap albums to do its numbers.

Only thing is, if Idlewild sucks balls it could ether OutKast’s career. Early word on the few leaked songs from the album is decidedly not positive. Even Sean Fennessey is giving “Morris Brown” a vote of no confidence. The TIs might be better off hiding the negatives of Idlewild in a locked closet like they do with that movie Jerry Lewis made in a Nazi death camp, lest OutKast end up only popular in France.

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  • cghost

    *FNF* bitches!

  • Rey

    Andre 3000 really is on some shit. I understand getting bored with rap and all, but if Dude is gonna half-ass it, he should just leave it alone altogether.

    Big Boi has enough clout to make some noise in the industry as a solo artist, so he doesn’t really “need” 3000 at this point anyway.

    I think Idlewild will be ok-to-good simply because I feel that Outkast’s out-takes would be better than the shit that’s out right now. (and I know how sad that is to say, but still..)

    Anyway, I’m gonna check it out and hopefully it won’t be insulting to the fans, or to the legacy of Messrs. Boi & 3000.

    Also, Purple Rain (the album) > Everything Else except for Life After Death.

  • Tyler Durden

    Bol , u look like a broke-ass Sadat X

  • RandomName

    Gully as usual.

    LOL at the Jerry Lewis movie reference, that flick is on tighter lockdown than any other Burried movie/sex tape in hollywood history.

  • Tyler Durden

    Oh yeah and did i mention that i hate u? I hope u eat some spoiled mashed potatoes and choke to death on your own vomit…

  • twerkolator

    Under the Cherry Moon (album and movie) is the shit…

    Other than that, good post…

  • exo

    “all movies that star rappers kinda suck balls”

    Woah there, big fella. Boyz In The Hood, starring O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson as Darin “Doughboy” Baker. May have been before your time.

    Righty-o on everything else, tho.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    u a faggit ass nigga bol

  • Bol

    Boyz in the Hood wasn’t a very good movie. I don’t care if it did win an Oscar.

  • khal

    yet another movie i will not be seeing…

  • Rey

    New Jack City > Boyz N Da Hood

  • B-EZ

    Big Boi needs 3000 Rey, trust me.Check the numbers on the Puple Ribbon album for proof.And dont say its because its not a Big Boi solo and there was no should have went gold on principle.these niggas need each other, its just that simple.

  • G Off

    Menace II Society>New Jack City>Boyz N Da Hood

  • Rey

    Co-Sign, G Off… Menace II Society woulda been a rapper movie if Tupac didn’t beat up one of the Hughes Brothers..

    Altho’ MC Eiht is in the movie, so yeah, it counts..

    MIIS = Best “rap/hood” movie ever

    B-EZ: The Purple Ribbon album didn’t have a outkast-esque single attached to it. If Big Boi put out an accessible (not pop, but accessible) song, he could do relatively big numbers. The older rap fans that have moved away from the “trap’n'crack” rap would embrace it, IMO.

  • Katari

    It said when you have to start dissing shit that ain’t happened yet.

  • the dough

    It must be a really sad life that you lead, where every album that comes out sucks, every single is dissapointing, and every movie really wasn’t that good. Honestly is there anything in Hip Hop that you do like?

  • bhillboy

    I second that emotion. Heeyyyyy!

  • silverblade987

    Good point The Dough… He hardly gives anything any type of credit, and The Barbershop movies were nice movies with Ice Cube and Eve. Also, what the the song, “The Mighty O”, is good lyrically if u actually listen to it.

    Andre 3000 in first verse

    “My relative in jail, ha, stay engaged/To whateva make money, now he married to that cage/Divorce is not an option and prenuptial is void/”

    Big Boi in second verse

    “Mighty ighty ighty ighty ighty ighty O/The worse thing since crack cocaine distributed to the poor/By the government/Oh I meant don’t nobody know/Conspiracy theory, you be the judge/Nobody’s slow/”

  • yaboy

    yea true bol. u are sometimes amusing but an occasional ounce of praise for say.. a good product may point some of these listless indecisive herbs in a direction, you know, like critics often do?
    then again, i dont come here for insightful comments.

  • Danja29

    “broke-ass Sadat X”???

    is that to suggest that the real Sadat X is rich?

  • Randy Exclusive

    Naw, Bol really looks like Gillie right now.

  • exo

    “Boyz in the Hood wasn’t a very good movie. I don’t care if it did win an Oscar.”

    Okay. Let’s not argue in front of the children. (No something or other.)

  • I Fux

    city of god>menace 2 society>breakin>new jack city>boyz in the hood

    By the way i am pretty sure one of the little niggers from city of god is a brazilian rapper

  • Belize

    Why hate..wait till the movie comes out u homothug…u must like fags cuz u and Affili talk about it alot!

  • B-EZ

    yea,we all love New Jack but lets be real: its the most unintentionally funny moview of all time.Every scene with Chris Rock is hilarious, especialy when he gets sober.shit,im laughing just typing this.Im not even gonna mention IceT’s line towards the end.He shoulda said no homo.

  • Southern Pride

    “Somewhere along the line (possibly during sex with Erykah Badu) Andre 3000 got the bright idea that being a gay-ass singer was somehow more “advanced” than being a rapper. Next thing you know, he was dressing like a homeless gay person, eating all types of seeds, and riding on a different bus than Big Boi, for feng shui purposes.”


  • Antonio DePietro

    dont forget ‘Pac in Juice!

  • UnFaded Disciple


    How got off of talking about movies from talkign about OutKast?

    Well…I like G Off’s list, he got it on point.

    I think the Idlewild will sell well and I ain’t sayign it will be a classic, but it will be a decent…maybe an above average content album.

    Either way I’m copping it regardless…but I will cop the leaks first

  • Bol

    I already pointed you worthless bitches to 15 albums I liked this year.

    My bad if this ruins your argument.

  • Rey

    Worthless bitches? Wow, we must’ve hurt your feelings. COME ON EVERYBODY, BOL NEEDS A HUG! (um…nullus)

  • Rome

    Bol did say he liked king on one of these blogs. I think.

  • G Off

    I fux- I agree that City of God is a great hood movie, but I wouldn’t put it in the same classification as Menace and the rest.

    Also, there are more rappers in Menace than just MC Eiht and the ghost of Pac… Too Short and Saafir are also showing their skills.

  • gluvnast

    people said the samething about their LAST album, that it will ruin their career, and thought the love below was the tip of the iceberg

    and they ended up getting the diamond plaque..

  • driveslow05

    this blog is pure ignorance, another example of a close-minded black man suffering from “crab in a bucket” syndrome, the minute another man does something in music that cant be classified(the love below is classic MUSIC not rap or rnb) and is outside of the box there r haters i obviously havent seen idlewild but the preview looks to be a movie of quality, outkast as a group have been 2 consistent black men that, in their music, characterize rap music from an intelligent and original point of view. every album they have touched, and movie ventures, has been of high quality. in short stop hating, because it makes you look like an asshole

  • http://xxl YEAH


  • GOD



    BUN B ETHER > bol

    HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • khal

    you know what… i don’t like boyz n da hood as a complete movie… but it has some stellar moments… like that “i ain’t from africa, you from africa, you african booty scratcher!” bit in the beginning… “get yo punk ass brother, i get my daddy, at least i got one muthafucka!”… but its more about certain scenes than the whole movie.

    Menace II Society is THAT MOVIE. classic all the way down the line.

    New Jack City is dope, but I don’t know if it’s better or worse than boyz n da hood. flava flav is in it though, so that helps.

  • WALT

    Who Is This Nigga???
    And Boyz N Da Hood is a Classic yall fucks jus to ignorant to understand…

  • sATaLyte

    you guys really need to watch menace II society again.

    Not really that good.

  • Rey

    Menace II Society was dope all around, and the title track from it’s soundtrack is a fuckin’ classic.

    Larenz Tate, Jada Pinkett, Sam Jackson…all stars, all in that movie.

    M.II.S. is the best of the “hood/rapper” movies, period. “Juice” is gonna get some burn cuz it’s unabashedly East Coast, but M.II.S., even with all it’s West Coast imagery (that’s not a knock), still transcends.

    You get fuckin’ hypnotized right from jump street, and when Caine gets it in the end, you really feel for him.

    I’m not hating on anyone’s opinion, I just feel it’s a quality movie that doesn’t get brought up as much as it should when “Urban” movies are discussed.


  • DGthegreat

    Bol, I could not sit back and read this anymore!

    Normally I give you benefit of the doubt being that you are Midwest swangin. But you are nuts if you don’t think Idlewild will NOT be THE album of 06! True, “The Mighty O” and “Morris Brown” are not “as soon as I heard it, I knew it was classic” material we have be blessed with from ‘Kast, but both are strong singles in their own right. If you would actually listen to more than beats, you would recognize that lyrically “The Mighty O” is right up there with other gems (think “Miss Jackson”, which happens to be the last time the duo was on the same song) and “Morris Brown” is just down right good music! I don’t think Outkast should dumb down for people like you and sound like ALL South music or New Yorkers who simply don’t have a clue.

    You claim to want to hear good Hip-Hop and being that no rap act can break the Top 10 on Billboard without dumbing down to the lowest common demoninator, Outkast’s singles SHOULD be a breath of fresh air. I know people like you are waiting for Outkast to flop so you can say I told you so, but face it Outkast is the last of a dying breed. Embrace it while you can!

  • flexatron

    paid in full, that’s a good movie with a rap guy. I’ve heard the new single they got the “mighty O” and wasn’t impressed. They do what they want and I’m sure the movie will suck, I can only hope the album is good.

  • Miss L

    Somewhere along the line Andre 3000 got the bright idea that being a gay-ass singer was somehow more “advanced” than being a rapper

    Basically, cause in Vibe hes like I dont want to be 40 and rapping, ok so u want ot be 40 singing when u cant sing or playing instruments you cant play? (he said he wants to be playing a sax or some shit) Dre NEEDS to know what hes good at and stop when the fans tell him its over but this route hes going to ether he own career *smh* all while trying to be different, and hence Ander 3000, I just think he tries too hard! BUt I also think when hes rapping as the other half of Outkast he contributing to an artform and therefore being a true artist aka rapper

  • Miss L


    saying love below is CLASSIC, thats ur opinion, even the people I know who liked the album dont listen to that shit anymore, classic is determined by time not by a bunch of idiots labeling it a classic

  • Enlightened

    I’m sorry but Outkast has been overrated since Stankonia. The first 2 CDs were classic. After they have been average. That being different just for the sake of being different is not cool. Remember that Scooby Doo song? Come on. It’s painful to see because I was really a fan. But y’all have to admit, they have not came with bonafide heat in a long time.

  • Rey

    “I’m sorry but Outkast has been overrated since Stankonia.” aka “Since people north of the Mason-Dixon finally started to listen to them”


  • Loose Nut…

    Bryan Crawford? Wow son…Outkast can release a double album hummin and 10 million people like you and me will buy it just to see if them niggas really hummin. You will buy it to critique it…Money…Every person in the rap game pray to God every other album that Outkast put out Dre ain’t rappin…This is the age where folks really listenin and what some real shit…That’s why Outkast stay on top…They dissed em once and they came and took over…Diss em again Luscious Leftfoot and Benjamin Andre just might snap the game in half…Think about it..>All Dre got to rap about nowadays is how weak the game is…It’s on and poppin…Peace out…Mr. Crawford do you have a degree to do what you do…Can’t believe my tax money helped pay for your stance in hip-hop…

  • Jackson

    Rap music as of late has lacked any substance, it is a terrible reflection of our community, and this is the trash that we bob to like a bunch senile zombies headed to the slaughter. Why not celebrate the Kast for pushing the bounderies with progressive music and innovation in style and language. You niggas sound like some uncle tom’s acting like rims,crack,grills,trapping is all that we have to offer as a people. We are a people of stagnation because niggas like bol, simp ass folk that choose to keep negativity alive. Is it wrong for a brother to refuse an oversized hat a tall tee and a prostitute under his arm. He aint real then,he gay, he aint a man doing something artistic and creative. Some of these comments are simply baffling and its disturbing to see that our culture is producing so many brothers that are unaware of what they are giving to the world. We can’t snap dance get crunk and kill each other forever, somebody has to take responsibility and reach our people in a different way. Outkast is the truth,13 years strong, not just a package of monotony to close our minds,eyes and ears even further. Idlewild will be no different from the rest of their classics. Yall saying,doing and living by the exact shit the racist powers that be, wants you to. What yall want Little John presents,Big Sam and Bo (Sambo)this is what the radio and idiot box is feeding u. Until we speak again.

  • Will T. Bagyou

    outkast is the shit! ever since i heard players ball i been fuckin wit them…the last album was for the whites,i aint mad get cha $. I hope they bring it back like the 1st album-classic shit right der

    belly,state property,menace II society, boyz in the hood,paid in full,new jack city,how high, 3 strikes,8 mile,friday 1,2,& 3, soul plane,the wash,& waist deep all good movies in my opinion

    atl & get rich and die snithing-thumbs down in my opinion

  • nonofya

    Shut the fuck up please!!!

  • Tyler

    Every now and then nigga, U hit something on the head like a motherfucker cause this movie is dead on arrival fo’ sho’. But Mr.3000 & Boi I give love 2 for at the least driving in their own lane even if it’s a shitty lane, ya’ dig. They should just put out another banger like AT Aliens & shut everyone up but yea’ dude does think he is Prince & why can’t niggas figure out ‘dat if U think U Prince then U know U not Prince cause there can be only 1. But the music U can peep at the site below comes close:

  • D.C.istheshit

    Whoever this bol cat is must have went to the store and brought a gallon of hate-anigga-aid because how can you pre judge something your broke ass hasn’t even viewed yet. Andre 3000 is one of the best to ever do it and Big Boi is as versatile a mc as they come. Bol you have a high estrogen level feminine ass NIGGA!!!!

  • Fernando

    Boys in the hood and Menace werent good??? You lost whatever shriveling piece of hip hop journalistic cred your weak ass ever managed to get in the first place. BROKE SADAT X!!! HA HA HA

  • RoxStar

    i LOVE andre 3000, but yeah- that nigga is bugging!

  • the dough

    I do concede to the strange glitch in the universe of you actually churning out a post praising something, Bol, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that the vast majority of your blogs are hell bent on deriding everything that was ever praised by any other commentator on the culture. Even this singular “positive” post was littered with pieces about how those album/artists really aren’t that great: “Busta Rhymes, The Big Bang. Yeah, it’s somewhat of a disappointment” “Dilated Peoples, 20/20. I think the public kinda turned their backs on these guys after that “This Way” abortion, and I can’t blame them.” “Jay Dee, Donuts. In retrospect, this was pretty thrown together and slapshod.”.

  • DCMadeMan

    Dre 3000 switched his whole style up and helped outkast sell 10 million albums. So who’s the dummy? Besides 50 what other rapper or rap group sold that many albums in the past five years? Nelly probably came the closet but thats it So once again Bol, you’re a bitch and don’t know what the FUCK you talkin bout.

    Smoke Somethin Bitch!!

  • pop a poppa

    here goes dumbass bol hatin on shit b4 it even comes out again

  • nonofya

    The nigga need pussy

  • e

    paid in full with cam’ron best hood movie ever.
    an average album form outkast will get critical acclaim and sell a ton of records people love them.
    bol keep writing post that hate on people its hillarious

  • A-Ra

    It wasn’t 5 million it was over 11 million in the U.S only. You should check your sources before you post stuff on the internet. And look you were wrong about Gnarls Barkly too. You must have had a hard childhood or something. Anyway, Idlewild will open at number one and you will look stupid AGAIN.

  • Everett Thomas


    This article was probably written by some “rap gangsta-wannebe” from “Suburbia”.

    They got to use derogatory terms to make themselves larger than life. (and also so that nobody will question their judgement).

    Here it is:

    “See yo n—-! Dre needz some b—-s and h–s..He needed some big -ss drug deal to go down in a warehouse on the worst street in ATL. He need to deal wit the moral f—ing dilemma of a true gangsta.. Why a m—-f–k’as Daddy aint around, but he turn-out being the same way—type o’ sh–”..

  • C Knight

    That dude bol looks as stupid as he sounds, let us hear the demo you let some record copany listen to that made you hate everything

  • cutta

    oh no not sean fennessey giving it a bad review. idiot reduced to needing cosigners especially when said review main critique was big boi ceding the stage to scar.

    “its not about the song really”

  • bolpussy

    look i respect black people but fuck bryan crawford u fuckin racist shit. fuck ur dad as well, u fucking nerd, i seen ur pic u bald neeky fuckin queer. u keep saying cracker and people are going to start calling u a ni994. my black friends get offended by the word cracka cos they think it means whip cracker as in whipping black slaves but ur fuckin dick wipe punk ass think u can spread the word ‘yo i fucked my mom last night and am trying to spread more racist insults’. saying that paul wall and mike shinoda are wiggaz because they rap well you could be called a wannabe white for a journalist. no ur writing is interesting or inventive, try another job u fucking shithole

  • jenny