So, Gillie Da Kid has accused Lil' Wayne of doing some ghostwritin' on The Carter 1 and not gettin' credit for it...

dedication2.jpgLil Wayne is a problem on the mic and can't nobody take shit away from his lyrical monstrocity (Dedication 2 out now).
gillie.jpg Gillie is a real nigga who been doin his thing for years now, above and below the radar in Philly and beyond (DJ Drama & Gillie Da Kid, on the way).
I fucks with both the homies, regardless.

So could it be true or is "the greatest rapper alive" unquestionable when it comes to his pen game?

When it comes to ghostwriting, this is some what of what I know:
-Common and Nas have both written for Mr. Smith.
-Jay, Snoop & Cube have written for Dre
-Big for Kim, Wayne for Baby, Erybody for Diddy, etc, etc.

But those are the obvious.
What are the non-obvious ones that ya'll know about or heard rumor of?

nas.jpg-Anyone ever heard the rumor about Nas having writers?
foxyhead.jpg -Jay said in the new XXL that Foxy wrote her own shit, so...
skillzhead.jpg -Has Skillz yet to admit who he's written for?
ti.jpg-Tip has done some ghostwriting...Bow Wow & Lil Kim for certain, but I'm not sure if I can disclose the others....(a guess anyone?)
diddy.jpg-Does a rap artist lose respect if he/she has had someone write for them? Or, like Puff said, "Don't worry if they write rhymes, they write checks"?
Mr. Thanksgiving
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