So, Gillie Da Kid has accused Lil’ Wayne of doing some ghostwritin’ on The Carter 1 and not gettin’ credit for it…

dedication2.jpgLil Wayne is a problem on the mic and can’t nobody take shit away from his lyrical monstrocity (Dedication 2 out now).
gillie.jpg Gillie is a real nigga who been doin his thing for years now, above and below the radar in Philly and beyond (DJ Drama & Gillie Da Kid, on the way).
I fucks with both the homies, regardless.

So could it be true or is “the greatest rapper alive” unquestionable when it comes to his pen game?

When it comes to ghostwriting, this is some what of what I know:
-Common and Nas have both written for Mr. Smith.
-Jay, Snoop & Cube have written for Dre
-Big for Kim, Wayne for Baby, Erybody for Diddy, etc, etc.

But those are the obvious.
What are the non-obvious ones that ya’ll know about or heard rumor of?

nas.jpg-Anyone ever heard the rumor about Nas having writers?
foxyhead.jpg -Jay said in the new XXL that Foxy wrote her own shit, so…
skillzhead.jpg -Has Skillz yet to admit who he’s written for?
ti.jpg-Tip has done some ghostwriting…Bow Wow & Lil Kim for certain, but I’m not sure if I can disclose the others….(a guess anyone?)
diddy.jpg-Does a rap artist lose respect if he/she has had someone write for them? Or, like Puff said, “Don’t worry if they write rhymes, they write checks”?
Mr. Thanksgiving
Gobble, Gobble

P.S.: (Weekly message to the haters) I’m still in Japan gettin’ this $$$$$$$ while you hatin’ from ya bedroom/cubicle you Suckas. Arigatou!!!

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  • the dough

    I write for Nas.

  • Jack Swagger

    Gillie definitely wrote for Wayne, saw it with my own two nutz. Expose here:

  • Mingemasher

    You are a fucking moron Drama. I swear the way that idiots like you attempt to cover up the exposed truth is extremely troubling. The examples you bring up of Dre and Baby and Kim are actaully insulting considering NONE of them are even joked about as some of the best rappers alive (as Wayne is seriously discussed as.) Drama, you need to stop riding that industry dick and admit the truth. It’s this same mentality that keeps rap average at best as an artform now. But i’m CERTAIN you dont give a flying fuck about that kind of stuff since you probably spend your free time “Making It Rain” in the ATL scrip clubs with you and the rest of your talentless entourage. Step it up FUCKO!

  • e

    first, Its been allegeded that rhymefest writes for kanye, personally if the rapper is well respected as a lyricist and they don’t write their stuff than it matters but it they aren’t great lyrically than it dosent matter

  • Therapist

    i can’t say that i’m looking forward to a gillie gangsta grillz

  • KR

    Gillie da Kid said he wrote nothing for The Carter II and The Carter II is better than the first IMO. I mean, I could only see him ghostwriting shit like “Earthquake”. Dedication 1 and 2 is crack doe…

  • HUT

    Gillie wrote for Lil’Wayne I doubt it he just tryin to get his name back out there. cause I ain’t hear a word from him for a couple of years till they said he got shot now he’s getting all this press. Whatever if he did write for him it must of been some trash ass verse cause Gillie name don’t even come up when you talk about nice niggaz. If it was hot he should of kept it for himself his gangsta grillz tape is gonna be trash if he blows up after it comes out you the man then Drama but I doubt it. You need to do 1 with Plies 100% real nigga or Biship Solidified.

    Tell A friend To Tell A Friend

  • steve

    mr thanksgiving? gobble, gobble? “they write checks?” he said “I write checks,” because HE does. and to start it all you expose wayne in the beginning and then cockride him to sidestep any tension. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO GHOSTWRITE YOUR SHIT.

  • yoyo

    carter I is better than carter II, wtf are you guys listening to? and gillie is a liar because wayne been killing it on mixtapes.

  • rives305

    the dedication 2 is sick i’ve heard that its the bootleg version of illmatic.

  • Darryl Williams

    How could Lil’ Wayne go from a shitfest in his early years to a Genius Lyricist on ’06?
    Theres really only 1 explanation, Gillie wrote every clever wordplay, and every fluent Multie in the Carter II.
    Theres only 1 thing that ghostwriting can’t fake, and that’s a rappers flow. Lil’ Wayne has one of the shittiest flows in the game, which further proves he has a ghostwriter.

  • nonofya

    Fuck it who cares get money

  • Rey

    Lil’ Wayne has always been trash. I’m sorry, but B.M. Jr. is just not that good, no matter what Sickamore says.

    As for ghostwriting in general: I think that if it’s a Dr. Dre, Diddy, or Baby situation–where they’re the face of a label whose albums are less artistic expressions and more long commercials for their brands & label & up’n'coming artists–it’s not so bad. Nobody expects them to be dope lyricists, just entertainers.

    In other situations where MCs brag about how good they are–be they male or female–if someone gets outed as a user of ghostwriters, then that just kinda sucks. True fans connect with hip-hop artists because of the science behind the lyrics, or because they can relate to a situation that their fave MC has been thru..Finding out that someone you use to bring your day up is just spitting some shit that someone wrote for them is just upsetting.

    Lastly, if an MC has someone up in the studio with them that comes up with some hot shit that they want, be it some lines, a whole verse, or a hook, that’s not really so bad. I’ve written choruses for peoples songs that I haven’t been on and haven’t made a big deal out of it, it’s just helping a friend.


  • LOL


  • khal

    how you gonna say you fucks with both gillie AND wayne then ask if we think wayne has ghostwriter? wouldn’t you know, esp. if you in the studio while wayne is doing his thing? wouldn’t his “Coach” be right there? or you think this nigga had a study session so he could come to the studio and do it like he wrote it?

  • NoMamesBuey


    Eff Puff Biatch who said “Don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks”

    Props to Evidence from Dilated Peoples who said “don’t worry if I write checks, I write rhymes”.

  • e

    If Lil’ Wayne had a ghostwriter why wouldn’t he let the guy come out with an album because only Waynes albums sell other than him there’s no one on cash money why not cash in on two artists instead of one, plus I think its just Lil Wayne stepped up his game he showed flashes of talent when he was younger and i doubt b.g or juvenille ghost wrote for him back then

  • Here Comes The Hot Sauce

    Yeah, Nas is notorious. Ask Mr. Chalish or whatever that dude’s name is, or any of those C-level QB dudes that were hanging out during Stillmatic…It’s hard not to believe that son doesn’t get some help with all the rumors that fly around….

  • Lil Wayne

    dumb fucktards lil wayne freestyle everything stupid ass bitches and u niggaz dont know whats going on n the game so u dont know who a hoe or a bitch shut the fuck up and sit in front of da computer bitches

  • G Off

    This is one bullshit ass piece. Keep your day job Drama because you will never be a defense lawyer. You pose the question of Wayne being ghostwritten, then you act like it’s not a bad thing, then you try to throw other old rumors (some true, others who knows?) to distract people from the current situation.

    If I was Wayne, I would be pissed that you basically put him on blast. If it wasn’t true, you should completely back him up… if it was true, you should keep your mouth shut or come out and say it happened.

    You should change your name to “DJ Avoid the Drama”

  • Morgan Cole

    I wrote Chingy’s last album.

  • Mingemasher

    Hey Drama you can remind us of the $$$$ that you are getting all you want – that still doesn’t change the fact that you are a fucking CULTURE VULTURE. I guess your little “reminder” is more an “admission” that you really are only in it for the dough. Fuckin faggot. Cats like you should get punched in the face on site.

  • Rome

    Why niggas hatin on Drama. Every gangsta grills is fire. Do your thing Drama.

  • john cochran

    First off, IMMA PHILLY NIGGA AND DRAM AND GIL IS PHILLY NIGGAS. But I dont respect how Gillie wanna come out sayin that shit now that weezy got the streets on lock. If it was true u shouldda been said something. As for drama, yall gotta respect the fact that the man is gettin money with both the niggas so he gotta keep it cool. What yall dont know business? Look out for PILLS new shit “BACK FROM MY HIATUS” and shut the fuck up.

  • Affili

    Dear Drama,
    Would you please use some of the money your getting to buy bigger sunshades for yourself and the rest of your ATL cohorts they dont seem to sell them large enough in Atlanta

  • Omar

    “Don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks”, was the hottest line Diddy never wrote. No one considers Wayne the “greatest rapper alive”, no one writes for Nas, and if someone does, hip-hop is going to hell anyways.

  • DJ Main Event

    i still front on lil wayne even though it seems he HAS stepped it up lyrically from his Hot Boyz days.

    dude just doesnt get me like that.

  • JML5150

    Nas wrote for Will Smith at one point, they were both on Sony. Jay is full of shit, he wrote over half of Ill NaNa, S.Carter is all over the credits. Ice Cube wrote for Eazy E back in the day. Grandmaster Caz ghostwrote for Big Bank Hank (Sugar Hill Gang). Is it exactly acceptable in hip hop, no, but other genre’s of music do it all the time. If I was able I would ghostwrite for some of these bums just for the publishing. Gille is airing out Wayne now, but who is to say that this dude has the stage presence or charisma (somewhat) of Wayne. At least dude thinks he’s the shit and it comes off in his flow and delivery which has improved by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Even if Gille wrote that shit you can’t coach someone completely on delivery.

  • e

    why would you pay someone to ghostwrite when stuff like “laffy taffy” and “i love my chick” are being played on the radio its not like it take skills to get hit records in hip hop anymore

  • sweet jones

    that nigga wayne write his shit before they went nation the boy was fire when he was 11 years old so gillie didn’t write shit. N.O. 9th ward bitch

  • Paychexx


  • Therapist

    Rey Says:

    July 11th, 2006 at 3:10 pm
    Lil’ Wayne has always been trash. I’m sorry, but B.M. Jr. is just not that good

    all i can do is shake my head

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    u a faggit ass fake kay slay biter yt who got run outta Philly Drama.

  • elephant nutz

    biggie ghostwrites for jay-z…..literally

  • Katari

    When Lil Wayne came out he wasn’t old enough to go to a PG-13 movie, now he gets older and get better, people want to say he has a ghostwriter, and then a sorry ghostwriter at that. i know i’ve gotten more talented as i got older so why can Wayne.

  • stcik_to_dj’ing

    Drama, you can’t spell for shit. Spell-check is pretty easy. And yeah, I am hatin’. If you are going to be “writing” a blog you ought to step your game up. This blog sucks.

  • Gutta

    lol @ the above comment. first, i dont think gillie writes for wayne cuz gillie is not nice like that and i dont think lil wayne even writes much to have ghost writers. ever since he started rappin like hov it sounds like he freestyles to me,thats just my opinion. as far as other ghostwriters, i honestly believe either raekwon writes for nas or vice vera because they rap too much alike. jay z is a liar if he says he never wrote for foxy, he and beanie sigel wote for her at one point and jay still does write for her so i dont know what hes talkin about. banks writes for 50 , i think the game has ghost writers,most notably eminem.(listen to his verse with em on the documentary)kanye uses bump j and rhymefest for ghostwriters. pretty alot of the artists that people put on a pedestal has used some help on a track at some point or another…drama just using this piece to cover his obvious bias for the south and the fact he dick ride T.I. keep it real man

  • Brick Man

    ghost writer? isn’t that a tv show? visit

  • J Ball

    Damn the hate for Drama is thick in this bitch…

    Do ya thing Dram!

    All the hustlers love it just to see one of us make it!

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    It ain’t no mixtape if there ain’t no mixin–its just a compilation–says DJ Premier. Take that DJ Drama.

  • B.R.

    Yall people know nothing about the industry and yall are playin yaselves wit ya dum azz comments about Gillie not ghost writin. This wasnt a rumor that started because Gillie wanted attention! He was gettin paper, and not just from rap! The rumor started cuz every nigga from Philly knew right off the bat Gillie was ghostwritin for em cuz we heard it in his flow! The slang, the swagger, the style…aint these the same Cash Money niggaz that used to wear Reeboks, Lugz, and Fubu…now they in Bape shit?! Black Thought dropped a Bape line back in 01/02 and yall aint know what da fuck he was talkin bout cuz them corny niggaz was rappin about “project chicks” and reeboks. Now they coppin Marc Jacob boots for dey bitches and tryin to convince the ol fiends that their crack aint soap!
    The only reason why he hasnt just flat out said what songs he is cuz there is a contract clause and Gillie cant say what songs he worte for Weezy, plus Gillie is still makin money off those albums.
    And for all the dum ass niggaz that are tryin to turn this shit into a up norf/ down souf thing, saying “Weezy is the best” but Gillie and Philly niggaz suck etc…just know that when u diss Philly and Gillie, u dissin yaself dickhead. Without Philly or Gillie, Weezy would still be sayin shit like “wobally wobally, drop, drop like its hot!”
    Gillie gave Cash Money there new idenity, “hustla music makers” blah… and est Gillie aint wit em no more, how would keep that hustla musik shit goin? You would get da nigga who fathered Gillie’s style…JAY-Z! So all u niggaz retarded ass niggaz out there talkin bout Hov fell off but u sayin Weezy is the best out…pick ya mouths up off da floor hatas. Big-ups to Hov for usin Weezy to murder da track dat many people feel Nas defeated em wit…(Weezy on Ether). That Hustlin (weezy on rick ross)…murda, big-ups Hov! I see it baby!
    And for all u idiots sayin Weezy freestyles all his raps, just cuz u buy a cd and the shit says freestyle, dont mean it came off his head! These days, niggaz are spittin shit they have penned for songs already on other peoples beats. You sound dum as shit. Know the biz, the holla back morons.

  • B.R.

    Hahahaha@ Gillie’s comback to lil waynes diss “O u da fireman? Im a cold bucket of water”…lines like dat made Weezy a notable m.c.

  • B.R.

    Gilly Da Kid in an interview disscussing the whole Weezy beef and ghostwriting talk, click the link bitches!

  • Gutta

    i hope that wasnt for me B.R. ?? r u in the studio when he doin his tracks? so how u know he not freestylin?? just because u a frustrated bumb ass rapper dont mean someone cant have the talent to freestlye a whole song…hov aint the whole only rapper in the world who freestyle songz…get off his dick

  • Jae Mitch

    Has Gillie tha Kid ever had any hits on the charts? Wayne is just about the sickest rapper in the game right now, check out Dedication 2 if you are a non-beliver! The whole D2 is fire, but check Wayne’s verse on the Cannon remix the shit’s fuckin crazy!!

  • Grinchy G.

    Ay Drama! a Hit Dog Will Holla huh..MINGEMASTER must been in his cubicle wit HATA Mode on HI HI. For real though, I can hear Gillie in Wayne songs now that i just heard that diss song, and Wayne lost some points and Gillie is on my “watch’em radar”..feel me. HOOD SHYT!! yall check me out at 3(w)…I write my OWN shyt..ALL the time…lol..AY DRAMA Souf Cac waitin on a Gangsta Grillz! Check Me Out!

    GOTTA Get IT!

  • Grinchy G.

    I hope he read this far down.!.?

  • B.R.

    What does havin any hits on the charts have to do with Gillie ghostwritin…has weezy had any hits on the charts?????? NO! When u respond to me, respond with common sense. I hate talkin to a dum muhfukahs about hip-hop. Just cuz Weezy dont have any chart breakers doesnt take away from D1 or D1 does it? Thats what I thought. And credit D2 to the real Mr. Carter…S.Carter if u get my drift.
    Lastly Mr Gutta, if u cant except the fact that Weezy has a ghost writer no matter all the things that are comin out, your the 1 thats on a nigga dick. If u listen to any of the songs on D2 u cant name 1 thats sounds like a freestyle cuz they are all too well arranged! And if thats not the case, then Weezy is in the background as his own hype up man sayin the rhymes already. Face it, Weezy aint as thoro as u thought he was. So like Weezy said “swallow da truth and beltch reality” (or whoever said it).
    Now, u tell me, how do you know that “Weezy freestyles every song” (that alone sounds like it came from a retard), were u in the studio? Or maybe he is just remembering some of the shit Gilly taught him and sayin it in a different form. To a Philly nigga, everything Weezy is saying, we dun heard before! From either Gillie, Dutch and Spade. I know u been suckin his dick real hard cuz u neva heard a down souf nigga spit dat fluid before but face it, technically, u still havent…Gilly and Hov! Im outta hea like Cash Money in 01, before they signed Gillie and da Figgas! Dutch u aint forgotten in this either my nigga, I see Weezy spittin dat shit u already said too my nigga! They swagger jacked da whole MF…real niggaz know fam, holla!

  • flava dav


  • me

    Can ask y’all a question? Me and my homeboys were talkin about this dude drama, and we were debating if son was black or not. I mean he says the n-word all the muthafuckin time, but he surely doesnt look it at all. lol

  • millz

    Arigatou!!! that fucking classic! LOL

    Wayne’s sudden jump on the talent meter is suspect.

  • j rock

    nas have a ghostwriter. i hope you burn in hell for speaking such blasphemy honestly drama. who ghost writesyour blogs?
    anyways nas has written for ll, will smith, and wait for it…..prodigy and havoc. feast on that shit people. cormega has also written for the mobb.nas im surewrites a lot of brave hearts shit like oochie wally is def all nas. nas have a ghostwriter. i know mega and him spit eachothers cipher rhymes before paying homage. like “lifes a bitch but god forbid the bitch divorce me” that was a mega rhyme but changed around andusedby nas. thats it …ha nas have a ghost writer.ridic…i do wanna here skillz song with the names in it tho.

  • TIP

    I don’t write shit.

  • gluvnast

    according to the xxlmag interview, gillie said he never ghost for wanye, but wanye studied and took his style, but wrote for baby instead

    but whutever, ghostwriters gotta eat too

  • ronburgandy

    how many people in japan do you guys think know better english then drama?
    500 million?
    i mean, the guy is illiterate.

  • Vindi

    No doubt Lil Wayne has stepped it up but the hype he gets is ridiculous y’all talking like he’s even on par with a Common, Papoose, Nas or Talib Kweli – fuck outta here!

  • li jones

    yo B.R. gillie said himself he ain’t never wrote for that nigga weezy, he said weezy just studied him, and thats how the fuck you get serious flow, influence. and if wayne been studyin hov like you said, then i bet he does freestyle some tracks if not all. and you can hype your own rhymes on freestyles, all you gotta do is play the shit back once or twice.

  • BK Slime

    wayne studied Jay-Z flow and used it, you can be mad at him for that but hes coming up with his own flows. its not spectacular but it do keep your attention wich is more than most rappers can do now a days. Gillie is nice but i dont see it in wayne’s flow. he just has a NY/up north flow and a lot of southerners havent really heard that cause they were too busy hating on the north while they were trying to come up.

  • B.R.

    Gillie is not admitting it flat out because cash money still wirtes his checks and has a clause in his contract. He ghost wrote for weezy. He’s pullin a Biggie/ lil Kim cuz of the contract which he has to honor if he wants those checks!

  • BlaQ



  • BlaQ


  • H-Man

    Its called swagger-jackin. Yall want da truth….I ghostwrite for da whole industry…all sidez. U C, Ill help 50 do his stuntin on da game. Den da game will come to me needin da script flipped on 50. Beefs R profittable. While these 2 try 2 destroy each others careers, I kick back and blow da kush in da air. Yo, I do it 4 free. I have never got paid one cent 4 any of it. If I sign wit a label, den I have to stay loyal to dat label which is really what I want cause a mans gotta get paid, but if I could get paid da other way, it would B 2x az much money. Az for da ladies. I love them all, but if I were to choose 1, den dats da only 1 dat I could write 4. If I say no to dez women den I can write 4 dem all. I dont think of it az ghost writin though, I C it az inspiring. Im really a one woman man, and da only azz dat I sell iz my own. Im such a complex person dat I have over 50 personalities, so in da end there will be 50 stars playin my parts on stage. 50 KINGS Like Hollywood, dey R playin my part. But reality iz ders only 1 king. Most people would be jealous, but Ive gotten famous doin it, so I cant be mad, but I need to get paid. I think 50% is a good deal. Back to da game thang, well there will B no more radio in da future tanks to I-pod, but U C puttin art in da CD covers, even if its da game in a g-string, iz just 1 way of bringin CD consumption back up. Cant get dat off of I-pod. Truth iz dat 50 cent stole my swagger. I fell in love hard wit his stripper bitch dat he cent in to steal my style. We’ll on da real, he thought he waz playin me, but in da end youll C what happens. I call it da sound of revenge. I waz really playin him. I fed her 50′s till her shit started to make cents. Hes just an actor playin me on stage. I really did those thangs he sings about. Dats hard core. We R 1 n-da same except for da snitchin part. He was my ryde in da industry, but when da snitchin thang came out, I pulled out. Yo, Im a hustler, and if people dont trust me dan my career would be over, even my street credibility and dats all I have ever had in da streetz. My word and my balls. Say hello to my little friend!! Dats me. Da real Scarface. 50 cent is so scared of me and D-D-D blok he wears a vest all day and never leaves. We have a love hate relationship. Shit iz really twisted. Cause hes a hippocrite. Hell sing about how he loves u, den next song its about how he wants to kill ya. To understand how it all started U have to understand da latino culture. I werked for da Mexican mob. U say doin what, guess?? All da above. They R ruthless az waz I. SPM would follow da blow around writin about da drama dat came outta da streetz. Dey kept it real. Most of it waz writtin about me. U know, step up and get your azz an icecube. I waz a cold blooded muther fucker. They also laughed at me, they know Id act a fool someday. I love to make fun of myself, what better therapy? Check out old-school hustletown wit riddler on da roof and run away. Runnnnnn fooooor yooooor liiiiiife, heeeeees reeeeetuuuuuurnnnnnneeeeed. Da spanish culture calls me da messiah. Dey probably say dat cause I could fill 2 beds full of 100 dollar bills in a weekend. Makin it rain, for real. Im on fire now, and my boy got shanked in Texas Penitentary. I wont comment what for. All my boys R dead or in prizon now. Life is like a box of chocolates, ya really know what your gonna get. All Ive ever really needed was a littlebit. Peace

  • dominican

    someone writing for nas u must be out your mind lol

  • rap fan



  • Gutta

    first,check your quotes because i never said weezy freestlyes every song, i said he doesnt write much to have ghost writers.again,gillie is not nice like that to ghostwrite for anyone in my opinion,he was the wackest of all the major figgas except for that chick but she dont count,he the wackest out of all them.him ghostwriting and getting shot is all a publicity stunt cuz the nigga cant sell records. last, im from jersey so i could give 2 shits about how a down south nigga rap but to say gillie is responsible for the way wayne raps now is really out of line considering how garbage he is

  • bloody bean

    nas is the bestbestbest rapper ever his style of telling stories come on who can fuck with that

  • houston chick


    uhh yes he is, he’s biracial..he’s half black and half white

  • rap fan

    houston chick



  • B.R.

    Anybody notice that there are over 50 posts by people who listen to hip-hop but none have ever headr a rumor about NAS havin a ghost writer? Nigga the only place that rumor started was here! Nobody is dumb enuff to say that Nas, who was known to be a lyrical monster est the days of 3rd Bass and Da Xtra P would even direspect hip-hop except a young dum nigga. But then again, maybe Nas’s “Book of Ryhmes” was somebody elses…fuck outta here!
    Also, Drama knows da real deal wit Gillie and Weezy but because Weezy made him more money than anybody else on his wack ass mixtape tapes, and Gillie may be on his way to top that wit his anticipated response is playing both sides of the fence instead of bein a real nigga and not giving a fuck and tellin it how he really feels!! Thats why he’s tryin to side track us wit bullshit allegations of other people usin ghost wirters (notice, he hasnt said who may have ghost written for Nas). I feel like a fool just typin it. Dats str8 blasphemy lol smh! He supposed to be a Philly nigga but he doesnt know? Fuck outta hea! Philly niggaz est day 1 that Gillie was ghost writin for dat lable and he aint have to say shit. Pull ya skirt down, keep it real, and stop tryin to avoid drama Mr. Drama Man.

  • Sonny Cheeba

    Jadakiss had alil’ dude under him writing on his 1st album and on various other verses at the time named Roc Star (or something like that), he was w/the Lox then he disappeared??? look into it…

  • houston chick


    yes he is, he said it himself, look at his old posts. He said his dad is black and his moms is white, he so pale cause he took after his moms, drama getta tan nukka lol.

  • Hot Damn!

    B.R. – i don’t give a fuck if Gillie wrote for that nigga or not but GOD DAMN, get off a nigga dick (yes homo)! It’s one thing to rep your city but its another thing to DICK RIDE! And as for drama, leave a nigga alone, this blog shit is about another source of income for a nigga: not syntax, grammatics and punctuation. Thats ’cause thos world is about paper: im trying to get paper, y’all are trying to get paper, drama, best believe is getting paper, wayne been had paper, gillie got paper but not wayne paper, and for that fool B.R., i don’t know if he’s looking for paper, i think he’s just looking for a gillie’s dick and a reach around (yes, mother fuckin homo!).

  • deirezbitch

    Drama u a dickrider how u gon dj for wayne and gillie and they beefing u should try to stop the beef or side u just trynna get paid

  • cool cat

    if gillie ghostwrote for Baby, then why are all of Baby’s ryhmes boo boo? can anybody answer this question. anybody on cash money could have wrote those horrible rhymes. shit, me and my homeboys freestyle better than gillie writes for Baby. plus gillie never admitted, we’ll see how GDK does on his new gangsta grillz

  • dude

    dumb dudes ……. NO ONE writes jada’s shit ……. dude’s is siLLy

  • Jason

    If Wayne really has a ghost writer I’m really not fucking with him no more………a did u know on one of the tracks on dedication 2 he spits some of the same shit he spit on tha couch on the basement with j-nicks…so i doubt he freestyle anymore……cuss just like carter one i was watching this freestyle (rap city the basment) on (you tube)…where wayne was supposed to be freestyling but he spit some shit of the carter 1…so i really doubt he freestyle…..but my nigga B^’d up from the feet up……….and that i i’ma fuck with him on……o also carter one was whack as hell maybe he really did have a “ghostwriter”, cuss that was a huge improvement in about a year….real lyricst may take a min. to spit some real shit that i heard this nigga say in about a year….so soak yo ass on that….and if he freestyled both why the hell carter one ain’t as tight as carter 2 they should both be equally the same…..

  • Jason

    o yea on that jeezy shit i know he write cuss look at the shit he talk about……..damn CRACK all day….no real nigga wanna hear dat…or a nigga on that real hip-hop shit….so i know he write he said he’s going to come on some lyrical shit to get 5 mics on the source… he may higher a ghost writer 4 this shit…cuss we heard a little 2 much 4 that nigga 2 be lyrical…..and nasty nas…..that i love…ain’t writing if your consider one of the greatest of all time….and who writing 4 Kim if Big dead….i really wanna know dat answer….

  • Jason

    ops and i messed up on the nas i meant if he had a ghostwriter and is consider the greatest of all time i don’t think so….it would’ve been said years ago….before they consider him it….so pop off

  • AbstractinPhilly

    ayo, first off…much love to drama cuz im a philly dude myself. Second of all, its alot of is a business in all aspects..In all honesty, I respect Wayne n Gillie, but u kno like i kno Wayne went from average to a verbal killa overnight, but who cares let em make money, I didnt like Wayne comin at Gillie on that track, shit was uncalled for…plus dont come on here sayin u from wherever, i dont care if u ride to work on Pee Wee Herman’s dick, if u rep ur location more than ur own name, then u aint shit…



  • kingtee3

    fuck gillie fuck cash money fuck lil wayne and all these wack cowards that ruined hip hop!!!!

  • fuck u man

    Mingemasher hit the nail on the head…all you Stans can ride Drama’s dick as much as you want, but he is most def. a culture vulture who only respects the money and not the culture..maybe I should get a “watch’em radar”..this is by far the funniest blog on this site but its neck and neck with Sickamore.

  • L.B.
  • The Realest

    What the fuck is all you argueing about! All of yall sound like dick suckers. It is not that serious, But I am going to lay some real shit down! For one, Wayne isn’t the hottest rapper out! But, he did step his game up! Now did GDK write for him….not Carter 2 or 1, But he did help him in Carter 1, like anybody in a crew would help each other. But GDK did rub off to the whole Cash Money and especially Weezy regarding his Swagger. If u been around Gil, which noone of yall dumbasses have, Gil got a crazy Star quality swagger, which is showing a little in Weezy now. The dude up top who claimes to know the business and talks about contracts, you are right, but the difference here is that GDK did not have a written contract. All money he got was under the table. GDK left Cash Money, he didn’t get dropped. So, if an artist leaves a label without being released, he can’t get a record deal because he is still signed to that label, and GDK is looking for a record deal. So there is no clauses! Cash Money kept him around cause he doing some writing. The real fact, most of yall didnt hear what GDK wrote for Baby because the shit never came out, remember the never released project “Best of Both Worlds” wit R.Kelly. And finally Drama, the hottest in the Game. Did what he had to do to make that money, no one should dis this nigga, he about business, which is the whole Music indusry. However, for real, Drama ain’t hot, it is the artist on his CDs that are hot and sell the cd! U buy a gangsta grillz, not because of Drama, but because of the artist on there. U don’t even gotta put Drama name on it, yall still buy it. GDK Gangsts Grillz, best seller in Philly, nationally a dud! May sell better because of the press that GDK is gettin now. But before this, Drama (U know) u wasn’t putting out a Gillie Gangsta Grillz, I been hearin about that for a year. It don’t take a year to put out a CD. The only reason u was considering it, cause you the hottest mixtape DJ in the Country, but ain’t shit in Philly, u was tryin to step up your status in Philly. But u the man, make that money though, I respect your shit.

  • pk47 AKA prince of philly

    i’m not sayin this just cuz i’m from philly……….u can fuckin tell gillie had alot 2 do with wayne’s shit….look how he switched his shit up from tha block is hot till when he first got signed till tha carter(both of them)i used to think wayne wrote his own shit…best rapper alive? the best of anything alive would do his own shit………look at how he talkin bout all this grindin he did…..u AINT NEVA HEAR HIM TALK ALL THAT SHIT EVER BEFORE IN UR LIFE….other than the past couple LP’s……..any1 else notice when wayne almost left for hova that baby named him VP?………he musta caught on they was fuckin him over.

  • pk47 AKA prince of philly

    and plus u kno there is more to this story if outta the blue wayne comes out with the diss track and GDK neva triggered it…………..when spade-o comin home………even if i wasnt from philly…….i’d still fuck with drama……..and oh……..he gave a shoutout to bg on fireman (the unreleased version)……….he is really confused

  • New York Nigga

    iz dj drmama black or spanish? if becuase he said nigga

  • fuck u man

    And finally Drama, the hottest in the Game. Did what he had to do to make that money, no one should dis this nigga, he about business, which is the whole Music indusry.


  • Brick Man

    that “Can’t Ban the Snowman” was a classic. You can only get that ablum’s ringtones on

    just a bit of info for the people who actually read this blog because they like Drama.

  • I Am A Hater

    >>Anyone ever heard the rumor about Nas having writers?

    Yeah i heard the rumor, but i think it was about It Was Written….and one of members of The Firm(guess which one if you wan’t) supposibly wrote the album, and before he the “member who wrote the album” went to jail, and Nas hopped on it and made it a album……i really don’t think its tru…but if you can guess which one it was that supposibly wrote for him than that will be funny. I’ll just say this… wasn’t Foxy.

    Of course though, i don’t really beleive it, but you never know.

  • B.R.

    So with all the talent wit AZ, Cormega, Nature and Nas, 1 person wrote that whole album? hahahahahaha, thats sounds crazy!!! AZ alone would neva use a ghost writer cuz he ill as shit in his own right. Nature was nasty too. The only weak link in dat chain at that time (hes much better now) was Cormega, and I know the rumor wasnt about him cuz he got kicked out da group! lol. fam, niggaz say anything

  • Killa Cam

    Who the fuck would let TIP write for them? If you gon get someone to ghostwrite for you then make sure they are a multi-platinum selling artist.

  • Dipset

    weather it was true or not if gillie da kid wrote for lil wayne on the carter 1…. the carter 2 was way better so who gives a fuck!!!!

  • Dipset

    Cam’Ron ghost wrote for lil kim’s verse on “Crush on you”… download a song called “Harlem” he admits it

  • Jay

    First off Camron wrote the lil cease “Crush On you”. Second T.I. aint never wrote shit for kim. Yall some haters for Lil’ Kim’s music not to be shit she sure has alot of ghostwriters. Admit it the bitch is Gutta. Lil’ Wayne and the majority of down south rappers are GARBAGE!!! Pac said it best Jay and Nas are Bullshit. Rhymefest writes for Kayne.

  • Styles

    I say fuck it if people have ghostwriters, thats just more money that they not seeing.

  • chopper city untame guerillas

    i guess gille da gimmick wrote man i miss dawgs to since he says he wrote the whole carter if wayne is smart dont respond

  • Erik

    “-Tip has done some ghostwriting…Bow Wow & Lil Kim for certain, but I’m not sure if I can disclose the others….(a guess anyone?)”


  • chopper city untame guerillas

    man what is up with these haters on wayne bg,juvie, drag-on,gille the gimmick all got dis tracks on weezy baby these guys are older than and hatin him bitches get jealous weezy keeping makin money nigga fuck em

  • chopper city untame guerillas

    when does gille tha gimmick mixtape drop

  • Dipset

    hey “Jay” it was the lil cease song but kim’s verse i read about it and heard it in a song and killa said he has ghost written for girls b4… he never said nothin bout lil cease and if he would have ghost written for cease dont you think that would have been a big deal since they have beef???

  • D.Dot

    Each time T.I or Grand Hustle has worked with Kim, T.i’s influence is heard on the track (Get your shit together, I know You See Me, Get Yours). Kim is credited on 2/3 of those songs. She’s not on Get Your Shit Together b/c she’s just singing the chorus.

    If he put in work on any of Kim’s other tracks we would definately have heard the T.i influence since it’s a part of their working relationship.

    And I have a question for you all that doubt Kim’s writing…

    Don’t you think Junior Mafia would have ALREADY exposed Kim for not writting her shit? They’ve already told the world about her sex life, why not Kill her as much as she’s killed them and EXPOSE her?

  • I Am A Hater

    >>The only weak link in dat chain at that time (hes much better now) was Cormega, and I know the rumor wasnt about him cuz he got kicked out da group! lol. fam, niggaz say anything


    Lol thats why it’s a rumor! Because one of the rumors i heard was Cormega supposibly wrote It Was Written…lmao…yeah i don’t beleive it either, especially considering i can’t remember a song a song where Megas lyrical ability matched Nas..Cormegas good though…but he obviously ain’t on Nas level.

  • Loose Nut…

    Uhhh…Lil Wayne been rapping since he was twelve..>Back that ass up he was like 16…Of course he’ll say wobble it wobble it…He’s a grown man now…If you pissed the bed when you was 5 folks don’t expect you to just keep pissing on yourself year after year huh? Wayne living in Miami. He living in Georgia…He in the NY…He’s exposed to shit..Before all of that he was stuck around the same folks…The only hot boy that ain’t stepped his game up is turk cause he still in jail…Everybody done changed their flow overnight. Cause the rap game changes overnight…

  • kev..215

    before yall down south peeps start talkin shit about gillie first check out his video interview on da page and then comment

  • omni831

    skillz name drops everyone hes written for when he does ghostwriter live.

  • rakimfan

    This rap shit is getting faker and faker. Could you imagine if Dondi had someone do burners for him in his blackbook so he could put a copy on a subway car. Where is the artistry?

  • Enlightened

    Hell yeah it matters! But only if your primary occupation is MCing. For instance Dr. Dre he’s a producer – he keeps it real. We don’t expect him to write. But if you’re a real MC – you’re supposed to write your shit – ALL OF IT. Niggas can pitch in ideas if you’re around your homies – that’s nothing. But you have to write your own shit. BOW WOW claims he’s writing all his own now. But did y’all peep that verse of his on 3-6 Mafia’s “Side to Side”? If that ain’t a T.I. verse then I’m deaf.

  • son

    instead of rumors, why dont you just check ascap or somethin, you’ll find somethin about nas and jay

  • KingofChicago

    What the hell is yall niggas talk’n about Wayne is hot and he just stepped his game up as he got older. He started recieving more knwoledge and was stepping his lyrical ability up more


    Cormega wrote some songs off of Illmatic. Nas use 2 admit it but he won’t anymore.


    Mega wrote Life’s a Bitch and Street Dreams

  • Jamie

    Fuck Wayne!

  • Weezy F.Jr

    I think GDK doesn’t really know what to say to keep the hype around before his album or mixtape drops
    Check this link out

    In the last few paragraphs of this interview, he answers the following questions

    Do you remember a specific verse you wrote for Baby?

    Perfect example: “Brrrrrrrr! What happened to that boy.” Clipse was in the studio when we wrote it, they seen that I wrote it. They seen Stunna in the booth like, “Gillie, how you say that?” I would rap a verse and he might take a word out to make it sound New Orleans, but it’s my pen. And I been around New Orleans so much that I know what they talk about. And I know Stunna he can’t say too many big words, so you got to make it as simple as possible

    Were you straight writing verses for Wayne, or was it more of a coaching thing?

    No, Wayne had good breath control, so it was really more of a study thing.

    Now if any of you dumb asses know who a ghost writer is supposed to be then does gillie qualify to be one? He clearly admits that he doesn’t/never wrote for wayne but wayne studied his swagger.
    Ok so u want weezy to call himself Gillie Jr. every rapper picks up influence from lots of other people and lil wayne realized that making music that only made sense to N.O ppl wasn’t fair to other Hip hop listeners. He switched his flow to be commercial and universal, where was gillie when weezy was practicing with them squad up boys.
    Weezy has been around since 11. What more proof do you guys need to accept the fact that he was a promising lil start who had a future and the time has come.
    I thought weezy’s career would be over after gillie left CMR if his claims are true…. Every single day, weezy comes out with stronger and stronger bars, he is getting better gillie, u cant believe it,
    Why the fuck do you think he is studying psychology in school, rap is an art, it is writing and being able to channel your thoughts into a more sophiscated swagger, now he can get more things to talk about,

    You dumb shit.

  • scottyo

    tell me drama who else does ti write for besides the whole psc. You got to tell us!

  • ScrOOgie Don1

    Yo Drama do us a Favor Put out the Mix tape Ghostwriters and basically have the Ghost Writer spit what he wrote. Call it give me my Royalties back or some thing to that extent. You can even use that show they had on PBS that shit was the jump off
    “Ghost Writer” Word!! I got to admit that show was hot.


    ScrOOgie Don 1

  • Starburst

    I don’t nkow who to believe or what to make of the Gillie/Wayne situation. Bottom line, I don’t nkow why you guys are even arguing over it. How does it affect you? It’s not your problem and you’re not the rapper. So what is the big deal?

    Jadakiss had alil’ dude under him writing on his 1st album and on various other verses at the time named Roc Star (or something like that), he was w/the Lox then he disappeared??? look into it…

    Jadakiss is a ghostwriter himself (along with Styles P). So he doesn’t have anyone writing for him.

  • CreativeMind

    To be honest, I really don’t know who to believe in this sitution. Not too much is adding up correctly with Gilli’es claims. Besides, Gillie is the one who has to prove it. Truth be told, I think he was immature about the whole thing.

  • Arkansas Nicca

    Wayne’s da best rapper period. Gillie just want a piece of Wayne’s fame. He jus mad at Wayne popularity. Fame Ridin ass nigga!!!

  • D. Easy

    This is the irony of hip-hop. The conflict of originality and business. For some originality isn’t good business. You have to be aware of the package and the person. If you just listen for certain things then your requiring of the artist to speak for themselves is none. If you want a more personal experience with your music then you want your artist to write what they say, and say what they write.

  • daytonz finest

    to whoever said diddy’s line “dont worry if i write rhymes, i write checks” is the rawest shit he said, get the fuck outta here that cracka is a lame he’s on some “im rich so dont worry if im fake” type shit that dilated peoples line “dont worry if i write checks, i write rhymes” completely shit all over diddys face bro forreal that shit was ILL.. real talk…

  • \sjios\deio\shnd

    doc is also good ghostwriter

  • Fernando

    If he wrote “Weezy F Baby, & please say the Baby” Then he should get some kind of award cause that $hit is ridiculous!! h H HA HA AH A

  • Emazing7788

    I hate readin shit from niggas who dont know wut da fuck they talkin bout just cause a nigga say he ghostwrited 4 wayne dont mean he did every fuckin song gillie said he ghostwrited 4 baby too yall ever heard Baby say some tight shit.Plus da song “problem solver” which i didnt even know was a diss song had some tight lyrics. Did gillie help write a diss song about hisself. I aint hatin on gillie because i dont know shit about da nigga. Its just some mo east coast niggas hatin on da south again. I would be scared too da south dont look like its slowin up anytime soon. In wayne iz slowly becomin a legend nigga only 25. East coast niggas just need to keep hatin on east coast niggas.



  • Blakie Baby

    Gillie is trash! Gillie didn’t write shit for Wayne cause he wouldnt have made Wayne’s rhymes better than his own! Yall hatin niggas are stupid! Wayne is the best rapper alive!

  • http://I Ballin’ Underground

    Billy THA BITCH is a fuckin wish he could be Wayne. Did Gillie write Wayne’s lyrics on “I Can’t Feel My Face”. Hell no. Da nigga can’t get that deep. Juelz is better den tha wack ass nigga. (Da Juelz be wreckin). Da only reason dis nigga gettin fame now because he steady lyin tryin 2 accuse (pardon my spelling) Lil’ Wayne of not writin anything. He is trash!!! Wayne iz DA BEST PERIOD!!!! Like Game said stop LYIN NONAME ASS NIGGA!!! NEVER HEARD OF HIM BEFORE NOW!!!

  • http://I Ballin’ Underground


  • yung hustla


  • Mrs. Cleo

    Even I da great Mrs. Cleo knows Gillie is lyin more than me

    P.S. * I can see the future and your are wanting 2 respond 2 what i have said…Itz in the Taro Cards and the Starz *

  • Mrs.Jones


  • kev..215

    lil wayne is the king of the south lol hahah wahhtttt i guess you forgot about LUDA…hmmmmmmmmm i guess so anyway Gillie already said he wrote for lil wayne on m.t.v SUUCKKAA FFRREE .. that shit was funny ..if you didn see it check it out the first video on the page on the left


  • Real

    It’s blatantly obvious that B.R. has done his homework. He’s one of the very few cats that post on here that actually know about hiphop.

    Do any of y’all cats claiming that Wayne freestyles his rhymes even know what a “freestyle” is????

  • PJeezy


  • lil J

    he go hard

  • Chris Villain

    Im so sick of ignant(ignorant) Niggas sayin How do u go from shitty rapper the best in the Game…..How Do You From the of 1 to 18?…How do you Go From 123 and ABC to To Advanced Calculus to Writing Essays….It Called Growth And Maturity You Ignorant FUCKS

  • sprite

    If y’all think gillie da kid actually wrote for lil wayne y’all is stupid. Gillie can’t rap his self listen to one of his song he’s a clown. Like trina said he need to get back on the bench and let the real players handle the rap game. Gillie is whack lil wayne is way better come on dawgs

  • Down Souf Ni66a

    Already Sprite I totally agree wit chu. Dis nigga iz a lyin joke. A NOBODY!!! GO AWAY GILLIE NO ONE CARES

  • nay


  • Little Rock Boi



    “But those are the obvious.
    What are the non-obvious ones that ya’ll know about or heard rumor of?”

    ALL YOU FAKIN A$$ PEOPLE WHO THINK THINK YOU CAN ANSWER THIS THEN GO AHEAD. Nobody but the rappers who got extended careers and keep comin back year after year since you can remember got ORIGINALITY. They are the best rappers alive for startin careers by simply being them and setting trends. You kno…BIG, PAC, Jay Z, E-40, UGK, 36Mafia, etc. They can call themselves the best rappers dead or alive. So first of all, Lil Wayne does not deserve to be called the “best rapper alive.” Secondly, anyone who uses a ghost-writer has no originality and therefore does not deserve to be called “the best rapper alive.” I’m gettin tired of all these rappers wit a big head callin themselves the “best,king, queen..” or any title unless they got thier respect by originality and truth. Money doesn’t make you anything but richer…Your ORIGINAL words in rap are what make you anything.

    As far as GILLIE DA KID goes…well who is that?? lol. NOBODY! Above and below radar, (hmph)HE AINT ON THE RADAR, his biggest claim to fame is “supposedly” qhost-writing for Lil Wayne. Real talk. Even if he did, then he don’t deserve a piece of the cake. What, he want a bone or somethin? If he didn’t write for Lil Wayne and is just ridin then WHY PICK LIL WAYNE TO SAY U WROTE FOR…if you gonna lie then pick a better rapper for some press.

  • Lets Get It

    Ain’t NoBody Better Than Wayne Thatz why he chose him. I guess you gotta get on some how. Maybe He wrote for the newest R&B sensation 50cent

  • Modi

    someone needs to please think about this for a second…DRAMA! people are saying that Baby offered you a chunk of money (400,000) to delay/stop gillie’s gangsta grillz mixtape. can SOMEONE let me know what the deal is, either with a myspace message or something?! GOODNESS.

  • Juve

    Fuck Dat Lyin Ass Nigga Gillie

  • gunemdown

    Gillie is a dick taker….u heard this kid rap….he aint got shit on them fools on freestyle friday…talkin bout he be ghostwrittin fo wayne…he be be doin that fo the B.M not the B.M.J…neva gon shine like wayne gunna shine… biatch..clean ur ass crack rite wit ur the fuckin hooks u wrote fo the B.M

  • Ismail Ali Adib

    Lil’ Wayne is not the best, nor
    T.I, 50 cent, game, or even one of my favorite cats, Luda. Other than Pac &
    Big, who died early in their careers,
    nobody with less than 10 yrs. from the 1st single they released should be
    considered for such a title. You should have longevity #1. Two- a handful of decent songs spread over 3
    albums doesn’t cut it either. You need to put out solid work consistently. If your shit can be played all the way through and at least 2/3 of it have fans, their peers
    in rap, and critics in agreement, that
    it’s quality. Pure sales should never
    determine this. Case in point MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, 50 Cent. These are some of the highest selling guy’s ever. Lyrically though none of them could touch an LL Cool J, Big Daddy Cane, or Ice Cube. To be great people have to pump your shit from way back
    like it just came out. Most 50 cent, Lil’ Wayne songs you can’t say the lyrics to, and they’re out now. But, put on Rakim, Pac, Big, Cube, Scarface, KRS-1, LL, Too Short, Jay-Z, Nas, Twista. Poeple still play their first albums, and a majority of work put out since has been equal if not better. Also, look at their flow,
    it’s not cookie cutter like most rappers coming out. 50 cent sounds identicle to Mase, D4L like Franchise boys, young Joc like jeezy, etc…
    When you put out multi-platinum albums
    that aren’t the same as the last material you did. Where fans see your growth in maturity, skills, creative
    concepts. And it’s respected universally by the genre. Nobody would
    say LL can’t flow, scarface is wack, Jay-Z is corny, Nas rhymes are basic,
    Rakim should retire. These guys have worked with the best, past and present. Reason why is, people
    recognize and respect the elite in the game, and clamour to work with them. That’s why nobody outside Aftermath works with G-unit. That’s why Lil’ Wayne is alone at Cash Money.
    50 has done 3 albums, 2 his own and 1 G-unit. How can he be the best? Weezy
    didn’t really have a rap career before Carter 1. How can he be the best? Eminem 2 great 2 mediocre. Luda
    2 great and 2 mediocre. T.I, some hot songs on mediocre albums(great movie).
    Game 1 hot album, and some decent colabo’s. The best in the game hardly get nominated for grammy’s. But every
    rapper know’s who they are.

  • Trap Sumthin’

    Mane Fuck Thiz Nigga Willy Da kid

  • jamal

    gilly is trash!!!!! i battled him myself, in front of his crib in philly, had his neighbors all come out to witness the massacare and everything. but to be fair this did happen awhile ago(when he first signd to cash money)but judging from his latest mixtape joint(cannon)and all of lil wayne’s lyrics I’ll still eat that trash mouth, flash money, eye poppin, fake ass philly gangster the fuck up!!!! FUCK GILLY AND LIL WAYNE……….Cash Clae

    witness the legacy for ya-self at

  • Cassanova

    For every body saying that Gillie aint shit…Y’all need to lessen to ole boy diss to Wayne…Gillie is spittin on all his disses and He spits like Wayne…so somebody is jockin somebodys style

  • Young Fruit

    I think Lloyd Banks ghostwrites for 50 cent. People don’t feel Banks like I do. Lloyd Banks is one of the hottest rappers out. He do a lot of mixtapes like Wayne did

  • fire

    wayne is by far one of the dopest lyricist out. And he was never garbage lyrically i mean shit he was barely a teenager when we all first heard him. He had one of hottest solo songs on the Hot Boys first cd. his flow was garbage though. he had Juve, BG, and Turk who were more seasoned. But he came up. People act like wayne been totally garbage and just appeared out of no where. I’ve followed closely and it has been a progression. Now people cant believe how dope he is now compared to when he first arrived. And when somebody is ready for the #1 spot they gotta challenge whoever has it at that moment. So he went at Jay. Like Kobe went at Mike.. he wasn’t afraid and people took it as disrespect that he went at Mike J. Wayne didn’t side step and go at nobody weak. He went at the crown so give him props. True Jay was his idol, now he got his own, swag a sure fire flow. Im a Jay fan too..Lets be honest if they do battle its not a walk in the park for Jay. Wayne is nice with the pen or mic whatever his method is but only time will tell. On pure skill alone only other people i could see fuckin with wayne is em. but wayne delivery is vicious. Dont sleep on the kid

  • geiko

    Very good webpage you have here and best greetings to all your visitors.

  • jr

    Ok, we all know every verse on Diddy’s whole bullshit album Pressplay was all ghostwritten,
    But c’mon Wayne, everyone knows Gillie wrote for him, cuz his style of flow really really changed on CArter 2

  • Promotion offrs

    Just stopped by to visit and got the crunch on your stuff in here – bravo!

  • Advanced School

    check this out!

  • rx__

    good URL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jusabrudda

    Aasim wrote for Diddy. Gillie wrote for Wayne. Jay wrote for Foxy. Skillz wrote for Shaq lmao.

    and that nigga whoz brave enough to say he wrote for Nas, i mean come on. thats not even funny. XXL needs to put up some age checks to leave some comments. too much youngns on this. this shit aint even funny. i got no respect for Jay after Swagger Jacker, straight up. i got no respect for 50 after Candy Shop. yo, im sayin this to everybody. 50 Cent IS THE REINCARNATION OF JA RULE. NO JOKE, think about it ppl. he got rich doin the same thing Ja got rich doin. SINGIN. 50′s whole beef with Ja was cause he makin girlie music, well 50 fans, whats up with 21 Questions? Candy Shop? Just A Lil Bit ? 21 Questions was on his debut. Get Rich was supposed to be the opposite of pain is love or the last whatever. i kno i started with somethin and endin with somethin else but im just sayin dont pick up Befor I Self Destruct. and i can still be a 50 fan………………………………………..NAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, are u kiddin ? man fuck everybody that gotta problem with Nas. That dude is the last real nigga alive. im done man. somebody holla tellin me y nas and fif got beef anyway. im sure 50 copped Illmatic no joke lol

  • no__

    Nice work chief ;-)

  • Twinn (Broken Equipment)

    u kno gillie aint write for wayne cuz i heard them on a track together and gillie was ight dont take up for him cuz he from philly

  • 213

    dr dre is definatly better rapper then wayne no matter what

  • Stax On Deck

    Wayne is the best now!!!

  • geogia boy

    Aint no way bitchie the kid wrote for Wayne. Wayne ghostwrites for other people. And plus Gillie lyrics straight ass on the track.

  • boss

    wayne dont have time for WILLIE THE SQUID

  • MOB To tha death

    Yo why cant willie the squid go suck a dick and watch wayne shine and kill every fuck track he on. Wayne can take any beat and rip that shit apart

  • http://AOL dilla

    you wanna know wayne carter? and how he blew up? YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT! he’s been BLOWN! proof? SQAD UP MIXTAPES 1-7! ghost write that you BITCH YOU! don’t even speak on WAYNE cause you just don’t KNOW!

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    Lovely. Made my day (which is saying something)

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