UPDATE: Cassie's M & U blow job rumor.

A while ago, I brought you the story of how P. Diddy is quietly plotting a comeback. In fact, you could say the dude's already back. Two singles by Bad Boy artists - albeit, artists signed to vanity Bad Boy subsidiaries - remain in the top five of Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart. I read somewhere that Diddy was claiming to have two number one singles at once, but only if you count some obscure charts that don't mean jack shit.

Still, this is a better year than he's had in a while. Will this current momentum carry over into his new album Press Play, which is supposed to be out October 3rd? I'm tempted to say no, but who knows. The lead single "Come to Me," featuring Nicole from PCD a/k/a the Pussycat Dolls has been getting spins on shitty pop radio. It's not any good, but I've certainly heard worse from the guy. And that broad from PCD is hot enough that I'd be interesting in peeping its video.

Speaking of hot, I think I mentioned here before that P. Diddy's new pop skank Cassie is fucking smokin', but it bears repeating: This broad is pretty dang hot, though admittedly fairly talentless. Before I wasn't sure about her ethnic background (which is important to me), but in "reasearching" for this piece I've discovered that she claims to be mixed with black and Philipino - though to date she's yet to explain exactly how much black she has in her other than P. Diddy's joint.

In the comments of my post the other day about P. Diddy, someone mentioned the lyrics of Cassie's hit single "Me & U" are all about giving a guy a blow job. I didn't think anything of it at the time, just because you read all kinds of crazy shit on the Internets. I had never heard the song before myself because I'm no fan of shitty R&B music, but it just so happened to come on the radio yesterday while I was on my way to get a sandwich from Mr. Goodcents.

Come to find out, the lyrics to Cassie's "Me & U" really are about slobbing some guy's knob. No Big Tigger. Perhaps this is common knowledge in certain circles; I don't get to hang around with 15-year-old girls nearly as often as I'd like (don't front). But if not, I'd certainly be more than happy to take credit for this discovery. Fuck whoever it was who mentioned it in the comments the other day. They were just speculating. I'm the first person who found out for sure.

Stream this mess at Cassie's MySpace if you haven't already heard it.

In a separate post on my own site, I think I'm going to go through the song's lyrics and show how they're really about oral sex (Note: See UPDATE above), similar to the way Elliott "Yellow Magic Orchestra" Wilson has done with the new Game single.