Internet message boards went crazy this weekend when word began to quickly spread about the Clipse dissing Juelz Santana during a recent listening session.

If you are waiting for a diss record to emerge from all of this, carry on. The duo hit us up to set the facts straight.

 “SOHH was not invited to this listening session,” Pusha T told XXLMAG.COM. “Their attempts to start beef by reporting gossip as fact are ridiculous.” The report claims that Clipse called the prince of the Dips “dumb” and said that they will lose Juelz Santana’s fans because they refuse to “dumb down” their music. “The comments were completely taken out of context,” Pusha continued. “We have no ill will towards Juelz or the Diplomats.”

I can now sleep peacefully tonight knowing all of this.

Now before someone decides to run up in the comments section with a fully loaded virtual AK 47, don’t kill the messenger. I know how certain niggas can get. I’m too grown for cyber beef any damn way.

Speaking of the Clipse, a source at Def Jam told us that apparently Jimmy Iovine put in a call to Jay-Z and smoothed over that whole situation. So now Clipse will definitely be releasing “Wamp Wamp.” And they all lived happily ever after.