So it’s official. Aphilliates Music Group signed a label deal with Asylum. Shout to Joie Manda and Todd Mosckowitz for seein the future.

First off the label will be Willie The Kid, the Crown Prince. Fresh from Michigan, the kid is sickenin’. After the Gangsta Grillz Album Drops later this year (or 1st quarter next year), the first project off AMG is right behind it…We got some more for you so stay tuned…

Willie The Kid “Villain”

Willie The Kid feat. Juelz Santana “Gotta Get It” (Produced by DJ Don Cannon)

Oooooohhhh shit!!!!!! I almost forgot the haters!! Woops.
New XXL Magazine. Gangsta Grillz makes up 20% of The Top 20 Street Albums.


Now what you know about that???

-See u at the Ozone Awards

Mr. Thanksgivin’

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  • Bol

    Finally, the nation can breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Sonny Cheeba

    2nd, “ahhhhh”

  • Honorable

    congrats. you deserve it. your work is quality.

  • PG Lee

    wtf 1st song herd the sample on a better song/2nd song juelz santana stole the show.

  • Ethan Padgett

    Dont let me see you around ATL, nigga, or ima fuck your ass up


  • Jay W

    Dammnit Drama. Im happy for you and all that, But you gotta start using this blog for more than Gansta grillz side project commercials.

    I coulda read this in a press release on

  • Bundles

    Jay-W hit that on the head! Drama come back up north and find some talent! WUN!!

  • fuckthis bullshit

    nobody trying to hear about your weak projects….use your myspace for selfpromotion.

  • New York Nigga

    Ethan Padgett Says:

    July 31st, 2006 at 3:16 pm
    Dont let me see you around ATL, nigga, or ima fuck your ass up


    why r there haters everywhere damn theyre could be a colunum bout 2pac iz alive and a nigga would say FUCK THIS NIGGA! Fuck stop snitchn STOP HATIN!

  • New York Nigga

    Ethan Padgett Says:

    July 31st, 2006 at 3:16 pm
    Dont let me see you around ATL, nigga, or ima fuck your ass up


    why r there haters everywhere damn theyre could be a colunum bout 2pac iz alive and a nigga would say FUCK THIS NIGGA! Fuck stop snitchn STOP HATIN! DJ Drama u don well 4 ya self get more nigga from da east like freeway or beanie

  • G Off

    lol @ Drama’s wack self promotion getting ethered on his own blog

  • Harrisburg

    Three of the biggest MCs out right now hit top 20 street albums? WHAT A SHOCK!

    I must admit, good job with the Bun B tape. Someone had to do something special to make people want to listen to that worthless shermhead.

  • Jay

    word on the streets is you can’t come back to philly, family

  • Lo

    So whats up with the Gillie the Kid grillz cd?

  • DJ Main Event

    good job but get back to blogging.

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Ok, I’m here now… Those who want it with Drama get it from me. The only thing y’all niggaz scratchin’ is ya ass…

  • DocZeus

    Who the fuck cares about mixtapes?

  • Mingemasher

    Drama is a self promoting homo…stop wasting out time with your useless posts about your little fucking record label with your wack ass rapper Gille Da Kid. What a dumb fuckin name that is kinda stupid like how you bit Kay Slays name – DRAMA…..bitch ass

  • fuckuman

    These comments are on point..Drama trying to toot his own horn about being written up about selling fucking mixtapes and his bullshit label deal where he will push garbage like “Willie Da Kid”…this man has zero credibilty xxl please replace this blog asap, give it to someone people care about at least…

  • face


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  • Erik

    congrats, one, if not the, hottest mixtape dj in the game

  • twetwe

    cant wait to not hear the hot dogshit you guys produce.

  • d rock

    ay man, good job and all but this aint no commercial. You pose to be posting ya thought and feelings on things. not some dam mixtape that about to come out.

  • KR

    So eh, any response to The Drama King?

  • Belize

    Rub that shit in niggaz faces cuz…haaa

  • Paul Cantor

    Congratulations Sir. Much deserved….

  • OGeezy

    To bad you can’t promote yourself in Philly.
    You cant go back and its out there now.
    Now Kay Slay is talking bout bustin yo ass.

  • The Originator

    What The Fuck was asylum thinking.

    FUCK DJ DRAMA!!!!!!!!!

  • The Critic


  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    u a faggit ass cracka drama

    even tho sum of yo mixtapes is dope u a catweasel lookin’ yes-man faggit

    and kay slay sunned da livin’ shit outta u u bitin’ faggit

  • Rome

    As long as those mixtapes keep coming with that fire I got your back. niggas need to stop hating.

  • fuckuman

    People still care about Trick Daddy?

  • David

    Ethan Padgett Says:

    July 31st, 2006 at 3:16 pm
    Dont let me see you around ATL, nigga, or ima fuck your ass up


    You sound pretty hard for a dude posting under someone else’s name.

  • I Like Rap

    Gee, a writer for the XXL website has a bunch of cd’s that he put together of other peoples music in a top twenty for XXL’s new issue…wow…you must be proud of yourself…you did a lot of hard work using other people to get mentioned a mgazine that you work for…I smell a Benzino/Source episode coming on.

  • I Am A Hater

    Drama……why do you promote yourself on your blog? You ain’t no DJ!!! You suck!

    And yes I AM A HATER!!!!

    HAHAHAHAH!!! You know what i say gets to you becuz you know it’s the truth!!

    Go make another Gangsta Grillz mixtape!!

    Oh and how the hell are you gonna make a Gillie Da Kid and Lil Wayne Gangsta Grillz? You sound like flip flopper!!

    P.S. Both Lil Wayne and Gillie Da Kid SUCK ASS!!!!

  • Mr.Me

    lol. Slay got his goon squad on here. Yo Drama put that Young Dro “My Girl Got A Girl” song in the bangers section. How you rides wit Grand Hustle yet there aint no Dro or Country King bangers on there? What good wit their Gangsta Grillz mixtapes? Dro’s albums comin in a few weeks. Get on ya job nig. Oh an all the hate means you finally comin up in the game.

  • Enlightened

    DJ DRAMA – CONGRATULATIONS and you are killin that mixtape world but – I’m sorry, your dude Willie (in my opinion) is not sickenin unless you mean it in a bad way. Not the first artist to jump off a label anyway. Maybe a member in a 4 man group.
    It’s not that he can’t rap,but it’s his “swagger”. It’s been done too many times. He sounds like this whole era of Bump J/Papoose/etc. niggas that fell off the fake Jay-Z family tree.
    I’m from the Midwest and I hate to hear niggas with deliberate East Coast style (unless they can elevate it somehow). Willie, if you see this, find yourself. Be yourself. Rep this midwest shit cause we don’t sound like nobody else. We’re the perfect melting pot of everything. Find that.

  • god

    u a faggit ass nigga cd player drama.

  • Mr. 303

    Niggaz be haten just to do it! Do ya thing Drama… Ever nigga on here would love to be in the same situation!!! Makes we wanna grind harder!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah.. and give K-Slay some props so he can stop cryin’!!!!

  • Screw Musik King

    Yo, Drama, tilt your hat the direction it should be faced, you are white.

  • Dj Spinna

    Dj Drama you need to get up on this down south cat name Cofa Boy da Atl Idol. Im tellinya he hott!!

  • dj kay ol ass slay

    nice commercial, am onto u fool u stole ma swagger an shine , wen i see u ama kick u in da knees am da real drama

  • big remo

    Anybody else who leaves a fuckin hatin’ ass comment needs to shut the fuck up and get money. The nigga Drama is fuckin killin the mixtape scene right now and all I see is hate,hate,hate from a bunch a faggot ass niggas/bitches who are either are Kay Slay dick-riders or niggas who just hate because he puttin’ the South on and he building his foundation. Yall dumbass even bothered to comment on his blog page like cryin bitches!!! Drama, the Chi got love for ya, good lookin’ out on that Bump J mixtape, too! APHILLIATES, YOU FUCK NIGGASSSS!!!!

  • I Am A Hater

    >>who just hate because he puttin’ the South on and he building his foundation.

    Thats kind of sad considering that he’s from Philly.

  • Mr.Me

    Drama bout to turn Hollywood cuz he took home a few ozone awards last night. I guess you got the juice now homes.

  • gutta

    drama, u a clown man. u tryna be something ur not. get ya jon b lookin ass outta here, u no talent havin ass nigga

  • Sir Jantz

    I glad you guys made it. I remember when you first jumped off with TI. The “In Da streets” movement is classic material. IT proves that with a little talent and effort, one can pretty do whatever they want to. To the Affiliates: “Keep doing your job”.

  • Hoodsavior

    drama if u not gonna put out gillie REFRAIN FROM USING PHILLY SLANG…cause if Gillie GG dont come out….LIKE T.O NIGGA U ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED HERE

  • Fernando

    What the fuck is the point of this Gimps columns?? To let us know of the c-level album deals he is putting together?? “I just got singed to Asylum” WOW thats AWESOME!! WHO THE FUCK IS ASYLUM??? Write something useful, you are worthless Drama

  • Fernando

    Willie the Kid?? Really? That is some top notch talent right thurr. Maybe Ill listen to it. Or maybe I will use it to clean up dog shit on the street. Not sure

  • Fernando

    Im suprised Big Remo can type and suck Drama’s dick at the same time.. Thats TALENT. Unlike Drama. Is Willie the Kid Gille’s retarded brother? Or just a bitin ass faggit?

  • JO

    Drama needs to change his name to DJ Rothlisberger (spelling); I have to say ya doing a good job with the mixtapes. Keep it coming shawty!

  • motelsicks

    …LL Cool J Signs Seven-Figure TV Development Deal…

    wtf is this seven figure shit yo… heads is starving an whatnot

  • concerned hater

    i’d like to see you step up your dj’ing ability frankly… you have a couple crowd pleasing ‘scratch techniques’ using 2 copies of the same record to stagger a voice is neat… but what happen to tha turntablism.. you aint no dj, you a disc jock…

    now, meanwhile, your blog is one of the worst, i know 8 year olds who rep harder , posting on the daily and what not, always with something to say..(1), and yet all you can do is jock your own discs..

    not a dj!

    xxl’s blogs is hot, but you’re bringing like half a match to the game, you dont even have a surface to strike it on (2), internets abuzz with information, yet somehow you seem to have created a black hole of sorts where space and time seem to coalece into a bland pudding of insignificance….
    hiphop dj = turntablist
    disc jock = disco = you = sven vath = any dork with a computer = “blend” dj

    i’ll give you “blend” dj status, ok, take that… you’ll need it.. enjoy the success

    (1) and no “he speaks with his hands” bullshyat.. if so you should post a daily scratch routine like whatshisface does to rare breaks… but you don’t

    (2) i see you rubbing a match all up on that scraggly ass brillo beard

  • concerned hater

    ps. the blends is weak

  • PeterPopofff

    Yo fuck all you fuckin hating ass racist fucks with this cracker shit y’all just mad homeboy doin big thangs and you punk ass donkeys cant! This is gangsta shit and his the muthafuckin thanks he gets. Drama IS tha MIXTAPE KING and y’all better know dat!


    whats up with the replacementz??????



  • kuttboy2

    i cant take this shit all you cats on here that hate on drama cuz u on somebody need to step back an take a look at the whole game. ever wonder why there are so many rock groups that make big money in the industry and become successful? you ever see them on blogs hatin on other cats thats doin what they doin or tryin to do? no you know why they support each others in this industry. we hate on each other yet we are the minority in this country and in this industry. the only reason we are so familiar with this rap game is because of the technology that allows access to alot more people. back in the day when artists were on the chitlin circuit they supported each other. do you think you would ever hear b.b. king hollering “fuck chuck berry, that nigga stealing my chords” thats how they spread the blues and r-n-b music. now if somebody aint in your camp they shit aint up to par. when you got cats like drama in the position he’s in you should pay home and ask for advice and a blueprint so you can put your voice out there. ever here blink182 beefin with greenday? shit no they makin plans to do music together and go on tour. and our dumbasses talkin about drama is a faggot, why u wont come to philly, can he please get off the south dick…. what if drama and his camp team up with kay slay and his camp……..WOW!!!!!

  • driven

    This is just priceless how people have so much time on their hands that they spend it trying to act like gangsters on the internet. You are not convincing anyone by postin threats on a blog site. Also for those of you who spent a whole paragraph on how you hate the apphiliates: you are doing nothing big in music so you choose to hate on someone like willie the kid who is actually lyrical? I think you need to go back to your little weak ass young joc records and quit showing distaste because you are ENVIOUS. period



  • Midwest Capo/Don Maximus

    Drama Fuck The Haters Famo, Do You Like You Do. Gangsta Grillz Needs To B Retail Bro, #1 Fan of your teams & work (no homo) Come To Milwaukee, and put us on the Map, wegot heat, & you should be one to expose it. Keep The Heat Comin Fam, DON’T STOP


    check out willie the kid exclusive video coming soon on the auc mix dvd vol. 2 and Dj Drama and the affiliates interview

  • J Kern


  • J Kern


  • Raps Assassin

    To all ya’ll haters in the field, its real. So all ya’ll gum poppers out there hatin on my boy Will really should consider stopping. I mean you ain’t gone post where you really hang at because you studio, ain’t nobody who is really a G going to be blogging some hatin BS like what I’m reading. Yo this Raps Assassin Album coming soon Street Rep Ent. Easy Targets Vol. 1 Just like all ya’ll faggots. Post where you be posted at no matter the city and watch how you get dealt a raw deal. All ya’ll haters have no credability in the streets or anywhere else. Bullets are really hot and ain’t none of ya’ll fags Robocop. Matter of fact a mauthafu**a who has time to blog on the net probably doesn’t even own a gun. Ya’ll hatin on my boy and can’t f**k with him on the mic or in the streets. So for future reference please know who your talking about before speaking because /one shot can be a life long connection to your brain/ now small faggot fragments are drippin down gutter drains/ got the weather forecast screaming high chance of bloody rains/ no sunshine but blue stains from stainless bangs/ smoke clears and he’s still here/ Raps Assassin bringing up my nigga rear/ and for all ya’ll hata’s full of fear/ quick to type but slow to come to the clear/ talkin all gangster, a bunch of internet queers.

  • Raps Assassin

    Oh! Before I forget Street Rep Ent. and GOOK Productions are on the rise. GOOK, hands down is one of the best underground beat makers out here. Big Up to the Entire New Orleans(UPTOWN TO THE DOWNTOWN UNTIL THE MEAT SHOW). Big Up to The Entire GUN RULE LA DA DARK and lil bro WILLIE THE KID. I been backin ya’ll form day one. 07 is the year of accomplishment. STREET REPRESENTATIVES ON THE RISE.

  • Raps Assassin

    You ever wonder where the term niggas come from? Spell niggas backwards. Makes you think huh! So fellas pull your pants up thats for fags.

  • Native Son

    Willie the Kid is the best rapper of the new milenium! He is “It was Written Nas” reborn! Lyrics for days. Big up to drama whose first artist is bringing the art back into Hip Hop! AMG/Asylum/Atlantic you fucks pay attention!

  • http://xxlmag Mo-Africa

    Gun Ru, willie is from the same hood I am(Thomas). So I must show love. So all you haten niggas come through Franklin and Madison and holla at a nigga.To willie the kid keep reppin Gun Ru.


  • Peace2dagods

    we stay down with the aphilliates, all day,
    gangsta grillz , u bitchez

  • Peace2dagods