It's not everyday that a story like this one comes across my desk, so you'll have to excuse me if I get a bit carried away.

Are rappers really putting a shoe on women like that? For all the talk about violence against women in hip-hop, you don't see very many real examples, now do you?

I notice both this and the VIBE story about domestic violence use the example of Big Pun, who's been dead for six years anyway, pistol-whipping his baby's mother. What the VIBE story fails to mention is that Big Pun was hispanic - still somewhat of an anamoly in hip-hop - and hispanics have a strong element of machismo in their culture.

Absent any other real examples of domestic abuse by rappers, I think you'd have to assume that Big Pun's being a vicious woman beater had as much to do with him being a "latino" as it did with him being a rapper. Interestingly enough, I'm pretty sure the broad that wrote the VIBE story was also hispanic. Conflict of interest? Bueller?

I also like how the article (the Women's eNews one) tries to conflate the stop snitching movement with this alleged domestic violence in hip-hop. First of all, the way they refer to the stop snitching movement suggests that there isn't a case to be made about the criminal justice system's use of criminal informants. In reality, the one doesn't have very much to do with the other.

When's the last time you heard of a black woman, unless she was a crack whore or some such, let a jig put a shoe on her, but then not say anything because that would be snitching? Anyone that's ever dealt with an irate black woman knows that those bitches are just waiting for an excuse to a) fuck with your car, b) go get some nickel to beat you up, or c) all of the above.

And that's when they don't try to fight you themselves. The truth of the matter is that some of these broads, especially black chicks, can scrap, if they have to. Busta Rhymes' lesbian, drug-addled baby's mother yanked a few dreads out of his head before he ran to five-o. If a woman swings on a man, and then he swings back, does that make him a woman beater?

In ten years now of working in the "service" industry (no!), all of the women I ever met who remained in abusive relationships were white women. Most likely, they understood that if they ran to the cops, that would only serve to break up their marriage, and then they'd be forced to go live, you know, where black women live. You can read into that what you want.