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  • el jeez

    haha siiick

  • RoxStar

    maybe he needs to listen to The Anti-Corp. ENJOY!

  • Billy Kincaid

    I had another version of this joint. Wanted to sample the beginning, but never got around to it.

  • i write better than all these bloggers

    yn, you need to hire a better copy editor. seriously. you and i both know that semi-colons should never precede conjunctives. and that sentences shouldn’t begin with however. you ought to send your contributors — and, let’s face it, your bloggers — copies of the elements of style.

    shit, maybe i should start a blog so i can be up on this site one day.

  • Bomani

    Aren’t they called conjunctions? And isn’t semicolon one word, not a hyphenated one? Is that in “Elements of Style?”

  • Shalik B.

    i heard was suing yn for swagger jackin their site

  • dj mad wax

    so what Premo song is this – I listened to this fucker twice and dont hear shit. I dont count “snare” or “hi hat” samples either… what the funk man. give it up.

  • mike

    lol………. hip hop is over!!!!!!

  • Philly Black

    Premo used this for Cristina Aguillera’s new joint

  • Ogeezy




  • Baby Grandpa

    There’s more to this original from Luis Aviles, since there’s also an instrumental version that has the same intro, horn stabs and break beat. You want to look for the song “Happy Soul w/a hook” (that’s the real title, folks), by Dave Cortez and the Moon People. The only thing different in this version is that there’s no singing and it contains some fierce organ playing. The ‘hook’ they mention in the title refers to the melody of “Tighten Up” by Archie Bells, that’s played throughout the song. So, basically, Primo could have made the same Aguilera track with a different oldie. For those who’d like to put their hands on the Dave Cortez track might want to buy the CD called “DJ Pogo Presents Block Party Breaks #2″. It’s available in the U.K. on Strut Records (strutcd009). Track 2′s the one you’re looking for. Peace!

  • thebestout!!


  • kokobeats

    cool track!