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  • BIG

    first bitches

  • Casey

    IS this that Biggie Duets joint with MJB?

  • Randomname

    Nice find

    It was weird i never really listened to that album that much, but after he died i listened to this song for like 2 days straight its was fu*kin freaky hearing him talk like that.

  • user

    this is also “kurt kobain” by proof and also according to, its Atmosphere’s “The Woman with the Tattooed Hands”

  • busta

    kurt kobain, proof?

  • Carl

    what is this?

  • jones


    Kurt Kobain was a song on Proof’s album Searching for Jerry Garcia. The song is about a suicide letter that Proof is writing.

  • grace

    it was also used by (dare i say this name on a xxlmag website?) BENZINO on his second cd. its the first song