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  • hotbox


    Hollow bones – wu
    cypress hill interlude

  • Kail

    nice song… I love the vibe.

  • oboogie

    This is crazy. Forget the sample, the song is bananas.

  • Paul Cantor

    ehhhh….this wasn’t too tough to find. But how many versions of it do you have? There’s a couple better covers of it

  • 2chéLupe

    Crazy sample…but not worth gettin’ sued over…

  • Billy Kincaid

    Wu-Tang clears most of their samples. RZA (and crew) just doesn’t credit them. He says it’s like giving away your record collection.


    I know I heard this smple off that Cassidy where he talked about everyone that was in jail, but i forgot the name of that song

  • julio wise

    this was on tha wu-tang hollow bones n cassidy the message on tha ima hustla cd n cypress hill man i love looking up samples im good when it cum to these samples.

  • julio wise

    o yea if u didnt kno thats slyena johnson father u kno her for singing all falls down with kanye west

  • theG.O.D

    Peace to man, woman, and child,
    this is nice, dun very nice. Lyrics are lovely, more meaningful than any R& B joint out there, harder than any of that bling bling rap now I see why The Wu used this.