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  • Therapist

    yo triumvirat is amazing… there like an iller Supertramp

    g-unit is up on it

  • Torry

    I got that *cake*

  • Danja29

    Fitty got the mAAaac… hit you in ya bAAAaack…

  • Kail

    nice one

  • Ashley Parker Angel

    Is this Ja-Rule and Ashanti?

  • eze

    yo wat song is this?

  • grace


  • Dante’

    lloyd banks – cake

  • Dante’

    lloyd banks – cake?

  • younggutta

    I be layed back in all black wit gb on a fitt hat wit a chick on the side wit a 45 on the lap if she see the nigga I am beef wit the gun gone to attack you might fall like you got heart attack Iam to cold like the king it back


    This is also S.A.S – All Fine way before Llyod Banks – Cake

  • EroKa

    Naw….Naw…Y’all whack dudes got dis all twizted!! This got looped rather nicely by da Great DJ BABU cpl years back!!! Fitty and his lame ducks got no FIRE!