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  • jaycee

    sippin dat sizzurp with the first jawn…
    the second jawn is a mystery to me but it’s all good.

    my MJ mixtape headlines this week’s edition of Mixtape Mondays on, hope you checked out the copy i sent to ya…

    holla back YN and keep up the good work with the breaks. i enjoy this shit…


  • Danja29


  • Torry

    Three 6 Mafia- Sippin on Syrup Cam’Ron- Get Down (i’ve been tryin to find this sample for a min)

  • Matic

    Marvin is the fucking man- Here My Dear is the best album of alltime fucks!

  • qwtrqtwy

    you know i’ve heard that song from hear my dear a bunch of times & never picked up it was sippin on some sizzurp…

    here i was thinking that those jigs came up with something original..

    how foolish of me.

  • Tray

    DJ Paul and Juicy J are musical geniuses, too bad they can’t rap half the time. And Cam, what can I say, who else would rap over such a beat but him. Purple Haze >> Blueprint…

  • T

    Yeah, who would’ve thunk of rhyming over Marvin?


  • Manny

    I had been lookin for that Cam beat for the longest..but I forgot the name of the Marvin joint…I found my cover like a week ago, when I wasn’t even looking for it…

    I had no idea the 3-6 was a sample…damn