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  • Kelvin Brown

    i heard was suing yn for swagger jackin their site

  • J Ball

    this is from a r&B joint…like swv I think

  • DG

    nah its from that new chingy song with tyrese

  • Philly Black

    It’s from SWV

  • YesSir

    ^Yeah, It was used in Rain by SWV

  • R

    Yeah the 1st guy is right SWV – Rain

  • cghost

    No dumb DG SWV sampled the beginning for “Rain”

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Yeah, that’s definitely SWV–I used to be a closet homose…oops! I mean, I used to be a closet SWV fan… Fo’sho’!

  • TizzEl-HajjMalikEl-Nasty

    notice how people have the chain of events mixed up in their comments…as if Jaco Pastorious needed to

    a)resurrect himself from bein’ dead for 20-some odd years [and he might've had the dopest death of all time, at that, killed in a fuckin' bar fight somewhere in new york city]

    b) travel 30 years in the future

    c) steal ideas from borderline talented negro spiritual singin’ mothefuckas.

    heh. hi-lar-i-ous.

  • qwtrqtwy

    actually he was killed in ft. lauderdale if im not mistaken…

    i feel this song should be off limits from sampling.
    especially by the likes of chingy.

  • Truth

    In 1998, swv used this solely Jaco composition in “Rain”, giving abosolutely no credit Jaco. They released the album this way, and it wasn’t until his current estate pursued them to give Jaco mention in swv’s credits that they re-released the same cd later, but now it had Jaco’s name as a partial composer. Oh their too kind. Now it’s Chingy’s turn to try. I would love to see swv complain about Chingy not giving them credit for “their” song. Ironic. This song should be illegal to sample or even have a note be changed in the first place.

  • Giangio

    It was also used by Cannibal Ox, for the song “Pigeon”.