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  • 911

    I hate clicking on your column just because I’ve only heard damn near everyone of these in a rap and r&b song…….Yes I’m ashamed but I’m was born in 82….so my excuse is it was before my time……keep enlightening…some of us….most of us…all hell all of us…1

  • Kail

    elliot wilson is king of the break finds.

  • Kail

    don’t forget the streets is watching

  • DJ Larry Akambe

    Is this “Grillz” by Nelly! Yay! I love Nelly! Good find Yellow Nigga! HaHa, YAY!

  • mr_marvelous

    hi my name is

  • Puerto-Black

    Type to start beef then run to the cops/ When I see you in the street got one in the drop/ Would I rather be on tour gettin a 100 a pop/ Or taking Pictures with some bitchs in front of the Drop

  • Yung World

    If I shoot you I’m brainless
    Nuff said

  • Katari

    Elliot Wilson, if you read this could you put the song sampled on here too.

  • Billy Kincaid

    Katari, soooooo many tracks sampled this song. That’s wht the entry is called “All In One”.

  • A

    Im not going to say what rappers used this track what what but I will say that the uk punk band primal scream used this track and dialouge from the film “out of the blue” for their track kill all hippies” on their xmntr. Just throwing that out there.

  • A

    yn are you ever going to do alc or timbo week we need that

  • long duk dong

    def squad sampled this as well. “can u dig it”

  • long duk dong

    beatnuts too…..”your the best there is”

  • Meka Soul

    streets is watching, beatnuts forever, my name is… did i miss anything?

  • long duk dong

    Hi my name is…..

  • A

    I thoght we werent telling fuck it nore got it to

  • Manny

    What did Nore use it for?

  • Young’n

    U dumbasses is this is Friend or Foe pt. 2

  • Young’n

    correction the song right b4 it streets is watching

  • el jeez

    i use those drums all day