The Big Bang (nullus)

It’s been floating around the Internets for about two years now, but Busta Rhymes’ The Big Bang was just released in stores yesterday. I ran a review of it on my own site a couple of weeks ago, but it was written by some other dude. So I’m sure you’re all thinking, I wonder what Bol thinks about the new Busta Rhymes album.

Funny you should ask.

In another post about the album here, a while ago, I had my concerns about the album’s commercial prospects. Busta Rhymes is a well-liked guy in the industry, and he shifted quite a few units back in the 1990s, but then he doesn’t really have a reputation as a guy who makes great albums. If I was going to sink $6 gozillion into someone’s album, it wouldn’t be Busta Rhymes.

The thing is, once you sink that much money into an album, it’s bound to come out at least kinda good. How else to explain The Documentary or, let’s face it, King? Lo and behold, that turns out to be the case here as well. I’m convinced at this point that Dr. Dre could make a great album with Yung Joc.

First of all, this album has incredible guest appearances. Both Stevie Wonder and Rick James, who had to be brought back from the grave, are singing hooks on this shit. In a row, actually. Neither one of them sound particularly good, but whatever. The broad from Floetry may not have a full set of teeth or a figure, but that bitch can sing.

Q-Tip may be working for food at this point, but he’s got talent, god damnit. Other rappers featured on this include Swizz Beatz (sort of), Missy Elliott, Raekwon and Nas. Only two tracks on this, way towards the end of the album, don’t feature some sort of guest artist. Fortunately though, none of those god-awful “Touch It” remixes are included.

[Is the Latoya Jackson featured on "I'll Do It All" the same one from, um, Playboy, or are my MP3s tagged wrong? Not to suggest that I copped my copy of this from illegal, mafia-run Internets.]

I don’t have the album booklet handy (um, I left it out in the car), but I would assume that the production lineup is similarly star-studded. I know for a fact that Dr. Dre, Swizz Beatz, DJ Scratch, Timbaland, and from the Black Eyed Peas all dropped beats on this. J Dilla’s corpse may have also been involved, come to think of it.

Of course the end result here ends up being way less than the sum of its parts. As a rapper, Busta Rhymes is best-suited for making wacky videos and showing up on the remix to every third shitty rap record ever released. No amount of big-budget producers and guest artists can change that, but it’s still fun to watch them try.

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  • P-Matik


  • P-Matik

    What’s funny is how around here in DC if they play “New York Sh*t” they always cut it off so that Jean Grae and Kweli don’t get any shine.

  • Lee

    This will go platnum and will have dr dre produce a couple tracks so it will be some what dope and i will buy this one

  • MosBang

    Am I the only person tired of Busta?
    Please make him stop!

  • Brendan

    thats actually LaToiya Williams, not Jackson.

  • Adam22

    busta is a horrible rapper. i’ll probably download this just to hear the beats, but i can’t stand hearing that guy rap.

  • Bol

    >thats actually LaToiya Williams, not Jackson.

    Damn, I’m gonna have to start copping my shit from Americans only.

  • Therapist

    Theres like 4 songs, 5 max, that i really like on this album… the rest are boring, the rick james shit sucks, the missy shit is horrible…

    if we’re using mics (remember those?) 3 1/2… if we’re using the sizes, shit is a L and a half

    over-hyped, and in my opinion it seems like New Yorkers really WANT this to be some kind of classic to jump start the come back… guess they’ll have to wait for the next Jim Jones album

  • Kornphlake aka (Oprah’s Minge)

    From the recording booth to the stage, Busta Rhymes is still a monster on the microphone. Sure, he can stunt and front with the best of them, peep his gaudy, gold rope inspired diamond studded chains, but when it comes to what matters musically, he’s asserted himself to be in an elite class. No longer a character (“I ain’t animated like say a Busta Rhymes,” said Jay-Z), he’s become more human, so to speak. He’s a classic artist that dropped a dope album. If you’re asking for more, you’re probably bitter and stuck in the past, while you ought to be listening to the future.
    Allhiphop had to be talking about you.

  • Bol

    >if we’re using mics (remember those?) 3 1/2… if we’re using the sizes, shit is a L and a half

    I’m not disagreeing.

    >Allhiphop had to be talking about you.

    They’re still wrong.

  • d rock

    yea this album is good, but it they hyped it WAY to much. I think Jeezy album is better than this

  • Lefty 2Gunz

    Good Look for Busa Buss…. album is fire!! It actually came out better than I expected.

  • Shortylightskin

    The Album is solid as fuck. If u never liked Busta, u still won’t so it aint for u. Listen to Anarchy then the BigBang, he’s gonna flow the same. like i said for folk rollin wit Bus, buy it. No matter what the haters scream its a solid HIPHOP album,cant believe its being questioned but whatever. Big ups BUS. Still wish “I’ll Hurt U”, “Where’s Your Money” and the other “Dont Get Carried Away was on it as bonus tracks or summin.15 tracks, i like 10 or 11 maybe 12. Nowadays u get 4 good songs,u made a “classic”. The Big Bang is head and shoulders above anything out rightnow easily.

  • d.GUTTA

    the album is mos def bangin!! i like the joints with Stevie and Rick James….im just pissed off he didnt include “wheres your money” and “ill hurt you”. what the f*ck was he thinking??!

  • mod

    Big Bang > Southern rap.
    “what the f*ck was he thinking??! ”

    I believe it was a sampling clearance problem.

  • khal

    J Dilla produced “You Can’t Hold The Torch”… look for the ‘after the bang’ mixtape on the internets. loads of exclusives — find “Ping” if you can. three’s company sample. gutter.


    this album is sick, arguably the best album of 05…and yes, its better than KING…lets see wot Lupe fiasco has in store…

  • dick dondi

    Have you noticed that compared to other rap entities, Nas, Missy, Swizz (you know what he does…his post-puffy/ east coast Lil Jonisms),Q T.I., and to some extent Rae, all handle a disproportionate amount of guest-spot duties? It’s like Foxy Brown’s career before her first album dropped. She was the first slave to the cameo(maybe); one day in I realised the game had changed – It was time to git in some draw’s, and the era (then untitled) of the “hot 16″ was upon us.

    Shout out to Jadakiss, T Kweli, Snoop, Cee lo, Fabol, Bun B, Jay Z

    nice tries:Angie Martinez, Pharoah Monche

    Shout out to my genitals after they ache from over-drawsing too.

  • MAC

    to bol, man i cant u believe u said dr. dre could of made a better album wit yung joc chill wit that man dont disrespect busta like that hes way better then yung joc and the “in the ghetto” shit is crack wit rick james and from reviews from allhiphop it looks like a classic album to me and busta can make good albums “the coming” and “when diaster strikes” are both crack and all his studio albums went plat except for his last album before “the big bang”, “it aint safe no more” i dont know wut u talkin bout man u must only like south rappers or something

  • gluvnast

    if you really want to look at it…there was really only THREE guest appearences to where they were actually rapping along with busta…the rest handled hook assistence

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Yo, for real, I’m not going to comment on the actual worth of this CD–I haven’t picked it up yet. But, with so many cameos, whether they spit bars or just choruses water down the product. I’m not saying that the album isn’t the fire, because from what I’ve heard, it all sounds nice…just saying that it should be titled “Busta Rhymes Presents:” That said, my stamp of approval is pending… Real niggaz should wait a minute while I review the CD–I’m a put you on hold…

  • khal

    Goldmine is the track. him and Rae chop it up nicely. that’s what, 3 diff. wu-tang collabs bus has done?

  • Tru Wanksta

    Big Bang can suck my Big Wang! Busta’s not the dude to carry N.Y.


    ALLHIPHOp gave it 4&1/2 stars…SHUT UP BOL…


    Good review frm BILLBORAD too

  • jiggy watson

    hey that cd is hot. all 15 tracks is better than the so called hot music, snap, motocycle, shoulder lean music, that is out right now. Go get the cd, bring real music back!

  • haha@suckamore

    im coppin this. and i haven’t copped anything in years. two thumbs up for busta doin his part to bring relevance back to new york

  • Gutta

    i heard the album,sorry, i didnt buy it in the stores though busta but i got you next time if there is a next time,lol, i like almost every joint especially the joint wit stevie wonder…the albums hot,maybe ill go buy it

  • Mrs Damian Marley

    Busta needs to take advice from Tupac “It’s all over now, take it like a man” How can he after being a clown for years turn around and be gangsta, as old as he is he should be setting trends not following them

  • Ian

    I haven’t gotten the album, I’m getting that bitch thursday, but I hope it’s better than that BULLSHIT that’s on the radio, “I Love My Chick” is straight ass. Every reviwe I read said that this was supposes to bring New York Back. I can’t judge the album, but I do know this if someone brings New York back, it really hasn’t left b/c Jay, 50, and Banks been holding it down, then it sure as hell won’t be JIMMY JONES or anyone from the Dipset. Them niggaz is straight ass. I hope Busta does good, b/c if he can break the trend of New York rappers bricking (Jim Jones, Bleek, Sheel, Yayo, Mobb Deep, and Cam’ron) then maybe someone other than Jay, 50 cent, and Banks can eat and New York can bring hip-hop back to it’s birthplace. They got a chance b/c King was a dope album, but it’s starting to lose steam.

  • Zilla

    Oh how I wanted to believe in this album. For months we’ve heard it’s Busta’s “most personal work.” We’ve heard about the Stevie Wonder cameo and Rick James’ last guest apperance before his death. We’ve heard Busta claiming to become the King of NY with this album. We’ve heard “Touch It” 4,569,854 times. We’ve heard Dr. Dre had his hands all over this project, sonning Busta in the vocal booth for sheer perfection.

    And at the end of the day…it’s another Busta Rhymes album!

    I love and respect Trevor Smith as an MC, but he is not built for albums as a solo artist. After 10 years in the game, it’s painfully obvious now. If he were to remain solo, he should only cut 7 song EPs with his 2-3 singles included. Who listens to Busta’s album cuts ever? “Big Bang” has 5 good songs–1 more than the Gnarls Barkley album. “Big Bang” = every Busta album ever made. Tears.

  • gluvnast

    deep expectations always lowers with disappointment….never put extreme high expectations or get caught up with the hype and you’ll value an album more….the thing about it is that it’s SUPPOSE to be a busta album, but it WAS one of his most personal if you truely listen to it…

    people done the samething with illmatic when it 1st came it…it was ALSO overly hyped, because it was said to “bring NY back”, and nas is the “next rakim” which were big shoes to fill right there…and every mag was giving it a perfect rating, including the source giving it 5 mics and so on and so on…but so ALOT of people got caught up into the hype of it all, but once they heard it for themselves, they were disappointed…but because the album was wack, but it wasn’t whut they were conditioned in hearing…which was at that time melodic FLOWS under a g-funk beat….that was dominating the radio…OR if it was NY, some extreme JAZZ shit with abstract rhyming along with it…there wasn’t no medium, nor there wasn’t an album the just was TOO real and illmatic was an album that was TOO real..and nobody was ready for that…it was why biggie’s “ready to die” was a crossover success…because it was TECHNICALLY a westcoast album, but an east coast rapper was doing it…so it fitted into their comfort zone…it took almost TWO YEARS for people to appreciate “illmatic” and most of that is largely due to the success of “it was written” was veered away the rawness that illmatic was about…people went back to the 1st album and caught the jewels that they were overlooking before…

    with busta album right here…people today are conditioned to whut the south is doing right now…and busta is just trying to remind people how they do…while representing NY along the way…so there’s no “southern record” no west coast joint…even DRE produced “cocaina” which is probably the most backpack track you’ll ever get out from dre…it’s throwback, but modernized at the sametime….yet still maintaining a style that busta owns as his

  • Sushi K

    Whew… first off, the commentary over here (in general) is a WHOLE lot less “grade school” innane than on BOL’s “other” site, which… DAAMN…takes it to whole new level (as entertaining as it occasionally is).

    Moving on, I haven’t heard the whole album, but what I heard (about 10 tracks on Napster) ranges from hot to routine to eh to bleh. I think I will pick it up though, as I like the sound of it overall. If I do, it will be the first Busta album I cop since I picked up a used LOTNS cassette back in like 91.

    Thinking back I never picked up a Busta album not because I don’t like him, but because there was always SOMETHING more interesting to get. [Let's see will it be Supreme Clientele, or... whatever Busta's album of that year was. No competition.]

    These days tho… this is gold. FUCK MAN, THIS SUCKS! WHAT HAPPENED TO HIP HOP???

    I’ve got a bit of hope for Lupe Fiasco… [fingers crossed]

  • Ian

    The album isn’t that bad, it’s the best produced since the game project. I want to see how it does first week.

  • Shortylightskin

    By the way Bol, thats som disrespectful shit u said bout jDilla’s corpse producing a track. How bout the late JDill. ANd the track is classic Dilla sound, he was one of the more slept on Producers of his time. RIP JDIllA, and the late RIck James sounded just fine to me. Bol i know u gotta be a little pussy motherfucka, u tough as hell on the internet aint u.

  • Hustle Hard

    Why is everyone saying “bring new york back”?? New york never fell off. Majority of NY rappers have dominated the charts in the past years (50 cent, Banks, Mase, Fat joe, Ja Rule, Jadakiss ect), Plus Busta, Remy, Jadakiss, Styles and nas relesing new albums THIS year. Not to mention the “on my new york shit” mixtape.

  • Busta Rhymes


  • leemangena

    busta is rite fuck u bitch bol record ya own big bang if u think u kan do better

  • \sjios\deio\shnd

    bol u talk crap, this albums fire. busta spits truth

  • ZiG

    MAn Bust fell off after ELE and thats the truth, if he manages to come up again then good for him. I wrote him off in 99′

  • Shortylightskin

    ^^^^^^^^^^^Im sure alot of artist(especially hiphop) wish they could “fall off” and still go platinum or gold EVERY time.