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Unless you have a life, you know full and well that we are halfway through our second day of Jivecott 2006, in which our Rainbow Coalition of legal music purchasers of good taste will bring a certain Apartheid-regime supporting conglomerate to its proverbial knees.

Unless they release more cocaine rap.

Our cause is noble, our numbers large and our members intelligent(a).

Now, before we get into the important matters at hand, I'd like to give you an update on our progress:

Days of boycotting: 1.5
$ spent on Jive products: 0.00

This is great news. Success is right around the corner. Once we get past this Outkast hurdle, that is.

Seriously people, I know most of you have nothing to live for(b), but hoping that Idlewild will be better than a solo Cee-Lo album is what we in the activist community like to call false hope. Outkast hasn't been a viable group for years now. And for even more years before that they were just two guys rapping on the same record. Their best album is long behind them and each subsequent one has seen an exponential drop in quality(c). Listen to Noz if you want.

Truth is, Outkast has always been about their sum being greater than the total of their parts. And once they started to go too far away from each other(d), the equation stopped adding up.

You don't have to pick up Idlewild. It's no big loss.

Viva la revolucion!



(a) Except for the one tool who thinks that Jay-Z's first name is "Ernesto." I don't know where we find these guys.

(b) Or else you wouldn't be here.

(c) Unless, of course, you began to listen to hip-hop when 2Pac died; then, for you, the opposite holds true.

(d) Right around Aquemini. You can look it up.