Sauce Eats Dame & Biggs, Murder Goes to Church

Since I know the rest of the internet is still buzzing about Jay-Z’s concert last night I won’t bore you with details. But I will pose a question.

What in the hell happened to Sauce Money? I know its been a while since we’ve last seen him but shit. One could easily mistake him for Eightball. I’m sure this nigga had a gravy IV set up somewhere backstage.

Ma$e will be trading in his Timbs and jeans for a pair of Ferragamos and dress slacks next month. He is slated to appear as a guest pastor at Creflo Dollar’s mega-church in Atlanta. If you needed any more proof that this negro has some serious identity issues then there you have it. Somebody please give the man a map and a mirror so he can find himself. Tech nines or Bible hymns, what would Jesus do?

I would’ve loved to have been at the church service when they announced that Pastor Mason would make an appearance in the pulpit once again. I see that Creflo is really trying to attract young parishioners to his sanctuary. First he appears in the video for “Welcome To Atlanta,” now this. If you’re anything like me, you are probably wondering if he and 5-0 have a deal between each other.

While we’re on the subject of the good pastor, former friend turned foe Loon is back and has Ma$e in his crosshairs. Here’s the new track:

Loon “What Happened to Pastor?”

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  • Bol

    Obviously, he spent all his P Diddy royalties on chicken.

  • Sarutama

    I thought Big Pun was dead?

    And Puerto Rican…

    You know what, that didn’t really work out so well.

    Nothing to see here.

  • john cochran

    I guess since he wasnt in the lime light he let himself go. As for mase, that hypocrite need to sit his ass down somewhere. Creflo either dont see what he doin or he just dont care.

  • http://kennethkia KENNY


  • Ro

    Sauce looks like he ate all of Brooklyn.
    He needs to go to celebrity fit club.

    • Devon

      I eat the whole month of april nigga Just to take may off


    Too much “Sauce”…Money

  • IT IS I

    Sauce Money was always large but good god damn! He look like if he lay down and stand up, he’ll be the same height! As far as Mase goes, or Pastor, or Murda, or whateva the fuck he’s callin himself these days, he is a hypocrite at its finest. The boy is just confused.

  • Gutta

    its weird every fat rapper look like rick ross to me now,go figure, as far as mase hes a joke, he’ll do anything to sell records(selling ya soul) anyone who buys his album is a damn fool

  • xathug

    fuck loon its G-unit all day. stop crying stop lieing

  • B-Dub

    Loon ain’t got nothing on Mase. Mase was actually the hottest rapper out at one point and time. And I ain’t ever heard someone say they was feeling Loon. He just mad Mase called him out for trying to steal his style and image.

    Biship Boss Is The Future

  • skdamc

    that ain’t Sauce Money. That’s Jazze Pha. He be multitaskin’ like a muffukka. Mase is going through the fire for takin’ God for granted. He is sufferin’ his turmoil in public. It will make him a better man of God. If you don’t know, God takes away anything that you put before HIM. And, yeah, I talked about God AND used “muffukka” in the same post. I’m a MAN.

  • dj madwax

    so oddly enough, theres a line in here where he says “you’re not a gangsta/ you gave your life to Christ”

    hmmmmmm. at least its not as bad as sickle cell deep

  • Rome

    I wonder how Mase feels about that song “Pearly Gates” that Mobb Deep made.

  • Blaq Thought

    Sauce Money wrote “Missing You” for Puff Daddy’s Life On A Dead Man’s Dick tribute where he’s skipping and spinning around on stage while Faith is singing her heart out for coke and Sting is crying at how they bastardized his old Police song. I guess Sauce must have be eating the MTV award backstage snacks. When you see this nigga in the “Streets Are Watching” DVD he looks like he’s about 280 lbs but that picture above makes him look like Bonecrusher. He should join the Almost A Celebrity Fit club like ‘Crusher (unless he’s scarred).


      That Shit Was Funny Blaq Thought.
      Sauce Was The Nigga Back In The Day.
      You Had Jay-Z,Jaz O and Sauce Together.
      What The Fuck Happened?
      And Mase Got To Be The Dumbest Nigga Alive.
      You Leave The Game To Follow Jesus,Then You Come Back With A Lukewarm Album,Click Up With 50 And G-Unit,Beef With Loon and Fabolous,50 Can’t Get You Off Bad Boy and Then You Get Caught Trying To Pick A Transvestie Up In Atlanta!
      Now You Preaching Again!
      You and Creflo Dollar Are Hypocrites!

  • Lee

    sauce looks like a mini big pun r.i.p. Big Punisher.

  • Tha muhfuckin Rapture

    That nigga look like he’ll pour gravy on a breathmint. Gaddamn.

  • THE HOMIE REDD FLAGG 212 516 100

    i really dont care bout sauce though the man did drop some heat in some shit back in the day. but this phony muthafucka mase needs to stop frontin on god for real! how you gonna be on some records with muthafuckas talking greasy bout religion then flip the script and go preach. man yall need to really leave that g unot shit alone if you cant see throughthese bitches then you need eye surgery

  • dcgot420


  • KingTime


  • Александр

    “Всё гуд”

  • Tiberian

    PruBeT. Cpacubo 3a post :)