Let 'em vent
The hate's too intense
To keep it bottled-up inside
Let 'em speak their sentiments
How them boys getting money like they pull off the print
And it's like free money—this rap shit is a cinch
Take a hint:
Rubies and sapphire gems
If the colors weren't so vivid, I would swear it was rem
A dream state, revving them RPM's
I see the hate and understand from which it stems
Diamonds in the Jesus
VV's in the beard
Lookin' like I done paid my tithes for the year
Good riddance
To any chick who don't get it
She ain't speak
Musta thought the Porsche was a Civic
I spend pesos, I spend yen
I done set my Franck Muller watch to Big Ben
Traveled any hood and explored frontiers
I'm on the inside track to y'all niggas, switchin' gears
I'm gone. . .