OutKast = GOAT

First, respect to Run-DMC. Respect to Tribe Called Quest. Respect to The Roots….

Now, with that said, OutKast is the greatest hip-hop group to touch down on the planet…


From ’94 to ’06, they’ve not only been the most consistent, but the most evolving and most creative group. Four to five arguable classic albums and many, many, many records sold. The group has never followed trends and never ever been scared to go against the grain, be a radio single that was 130 bpm or an ode to rock n roll. Wow.

Some can even say that Andre 3000 is top 5 lyricisits of all time.

The thing that has impressed me even more over this 12 year carear is their ability to still have a working relationship, maintain being a group and go about their respective lives. Everyone knows that Andre and Big may not be bosom buddies anymore, but when it comes to the brand OUTKAST, they never let it down.

This is something that many in the hip-hop community lacks. For years we’ve seen groups break up, let egos get to them, and then when no one’s really paying attention (or caring) try for a comback. No disrespect, but the Fugees, Tha Dogg Pound, Tribe, and Pete Rock & CL Smooth all waited and waited until the anticipation was pretty much gone.

OutKast is living proof that family is powerful, and the way you come into the game is your greatest road.


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  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    Finally some love for Kast.

    Who cares if they practically hate eachother and don’t even make records in the same city anymore.

    They are still the best hip-hop duo in existence.

  • king douche

    Pointless post

  • http://xxlmag.com exo

    The boycott still stands.



    3)RUN DMC



  • Lee

    G.O.A.T damn Drama what took you this long to do a blog about anything this time around this one is aiight but come on homie you can do betta next time. Outkast is in my top five of fav groups of all time but there’s just too much compition to say there goat even if all there albums have gone platnum i am only 25 yrs old and i still consider A Tribe Called Quest the best group of all time and there last album sucked compared to M.M. or Low End Theroy. But thats my opinion. every body has his or her fav group.

  • twerkolator

    what boycott exo? clue me in…

    DJ Drama where the fuck you be at? I know you’re busy with the gangsta grillz, djing for TI, AMG, etc., but that’s what g4 powerbooks (excuse me macbooks) are for. We need more posts from you.

    Anyway, I concur with the post (and not just because i was born, raised, and live in ATL). To all who disagree (and for debate’s sake hopefully there are some who do) please don’t just spew nonsensical, hateful rhetoric. If you feel there is a hip-hop group better than Outkast (PE, EPMD, NWA, etc.), name the group and state your reasons.

    I, for one, feel that although Outkast is slightly over-rated (so are the Beatles), they are still the best ever…If you disagree, lets build.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?cat=29 noz

    i agree

  • houston chick

    outkast >>> your favorite rap group

  • http://www.sleepsmental.blogspot.com Sleep

    Eh I wouldn’t say best group of all time. Also would NEVER say 3000 top 5 lyricists. I mean as for a group and lyricist they both deserve some reginition. But well as lyricists go I could name 5 right now over 3000. Rakim, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, Nas, Kool G. Rap. There.

    Now people don’t get me wrong, I love OutKast. I’m a huge fan. But I’m also honest and open minded.

    Groups/Duos that might give them a run.

    Public Enemy
    Boogie Down Productions
    Gang Starr
    The Roots
    Wu-Tang Clan

    But yeah, it is debatable. I feel Gang Starr also had really good consistency/longetivity. PE too for the time being. Run-D.M.C.’s first four albums were classics. Wu-Tang Clan is just one of my favorite groups but OutKast might have something over them.

    Though it’s tough, I just don’t think I can put OutKast as the best group.

  • http://www.sleepsmental.blogspot.com Sleep

    Oh yeah and A Tribe Called Quest… wow my bad. I’m a huge fan of ATCQ and somehow I forget them *smh* ha damn.

  • http://www.myspace.com/yeahobi Anthony Obi

    i also agree.

  • http://sexy-results.blogspot.com Ian

    Forget hip-hop…OutKast might be the best American band of all time, regardless of genre. Think about how many other groups can claim four straight classics and have the fifth be their commercial zenith.

  • The ON1E

    4 straight classics? Come on what kind of dro you nigs smokin…don’t get me wrong they have made some great records, but classic albumS, plural? I don’t buy that bullshit….you internet nerds need to stop believing every blog your dumb asses read…..have your own opinion dick riders

  • The ON1E

    btw xxlmag.com needs to get drama off the payroll….KING sucked ass and this blog has never had a good post…get aphilliated? drama needs to shut the fack up

  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ Main Event

    eh. i like solo artists better than groups. except in this case. and maybe a few others. fuggit im opinionated like that.


  • dddd

    ^Pointless Post^


  • ronburgandy

    you clowns pretend like every dj drama post isn’t pointless. i mean at this point what else are you expecting?
    and for the record: the roots?
    gimme a break.

  • bob

    i think big boi is a dope lyricist too.

  • h town soulja

    Greatest what of all time? Group from Atlanta? Niggas just upped and said, damn, they’ve never flopped commercially, so they’re legends now!


    Andre is not top 5, and hell, I’ve always had the thought that Big Boi had a better flow. Yeah, like dude said, get your own opinions. To say outkast, who mostly get love from white folks, are better than N.W.A., Geto Boys, P.E., UGK, and the Hot Boys? The Hot Boys never fell off when everyone was still there.

    In conclusion, be for real

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Southernplayalistic… was a classic debut, ATLiens had those funky beats, and was still a classic, Aquemeni was a good album, but not a classic I don’t think. I stopped listening after that because it got a little too pop for my tastes… With the first two, you could blaze a spliff with your homies and put that shit on and chill. It was good get-high music and it had a message. That new shit is just plastic, fuck it.

  • IT IS I

    You gotta love OutKast. They’re creative and they always keep you guessing. To me they’re definitely one of the greatest groups in hip-hop.

  • big rizz

    heeeeeeeeeeeeey yaaaaaaaaaaa! heeeeeeeeeeeeey yaaaaaaaaaaa

  • The Dza

    while other the other groups are selling themselves short for 15 minutes of fame, Outkast have been around for 12 years and their last album went DIAMOND. Fuck platinum. THE SHIT WENT DIAMOND!!!! That’s 10 million records sold. No group has been around for so long and made the music so different while being so successful. That’s a fact. OUTKAST = G-O-A-T. Holla at meh

  • Gutta

    drama, u just makin up bs…sure outkast is one of the best groups ever but not the g.o.a.t, im also starting to notice your very biased opinion with the southern movement right now,yea yall hot RIGHT NOW and it will be for right now,everything i read from you is about some south bs.knock it off. how can u you call outkast the greatest when NWA made a much bigger contribution to rap than outkast and they had what would call now an all-star team with the artist and the production. i respect everything about outkast and i like the new single but be a little more open minded please,for hip hop sake.LOL

  • Incilin

    I like Outkast too, but the Wu-Tang Clan is the greatest hip hop group of all time.

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    ^^^^^^^ Did dude really just try to say that the Hot Boys are better than OutKast?

    You must be outcha cotdamn mind, son.

  • rich

    Geto boys were better, so was Wu-Tang, the JUICE Crew, etc Kast is one of the best groups but not Goat.

  • capone

    I agree oukast is one of the greatest groups of all time just off of orginally which is something you don’t come across alot.

    Biship Boss Is The Future

  • http://www.myspace.com/specialopsbez B-EZ

    Straight outta Compton changed pop culture forever.To not mention NWA is blasphemous. Niggaz For Life, even without Cube, can be bumped til this day.Say what u want, but PE is dated, Juice Crew was never really a concrete entity, Wutang is potential but Kast and NWA really got it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/specialopsbez B-EZ

    And Run DMC sounds like shit when u listen to it now. I respect theyre pioneers of hip hop as we know it but their shit is a classic example of “timely over timeless”

  • South/WestRider

    I agree with alot of the statements posted. I would have to say that outkast is in the top 10-20 but not the GOAT. There have been alot of groups over the years all with significant contributions. NWA started that Gansgsta ish. PE was on that politacal ish. Tribe, JB’s, De-la the hole crew brought the afro ish. You got Run DMC, the Fugees, Wu-tang, Red & Meth, Goodie Mob, MOP, TRU, UGK, CMW etc… I could go on and on but my point is each group had something to add to hip hop. Depending on what era you think was the best or when you were born will sway anyones thought of whos the best. Me being born in 78, I have much love for Run DMC, NWA, EPMD, Beastie Boys etc. They were doing stuff no one else did. Then you get your Wu, OGC, CMW, UGK, Thug Life that did it big too. Outkast deserves Hall of fame status but with all the great groups out there I can’t honestly say they’re the GOAT.

  • XRAY3000

    Of course they they’re the GOAT! I mean their last album sold like 10 million..most rappers dont sell that in their whole career…and the lyrics speak for themselves..lol

  • Sarutama

    For starters, album sales has NOTHING to do with whether or not a group is good.

    P.E. = G.O.A.T

  • LOS

    Drama right.on both cases. What happened to the Kast gangsta grillz though?

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    wow i’m not going to go off on a rant, but i can’t even agree.

  • bxconnect

    there number two only to run dmc but honestly they get better with each album.its amazing how they never fell off and stick to doing what they do best MAKING GOOD MUSIC.

  • Chaddilac

    I concur. Aint no group out fucking wit Kast

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    i can’t get with andre post-Aquemini

  • ..

    mayn Kast was da shit back then, better than 50 dick ass riders


  • D Money

    Andre is cold as hell on the mic,wordplay ridiculous as shit!And Big Boi flow and swagger are harder than your favorite southern rappers’.These cats are the GOAT luencethus far,look at the influence,the art,consistency,and my Lord,the numbers!You niggaz love to hate on the hottest mixtape DJ at this time:Gangsta Grizzillz!!

  • I Fux

    what the fuck was that of course Outkast is #1, but you didnt do anything but dick ride some ATL artist so your working relationships can stay intact you are a hip-hop apolygist, never wanting to say whats on your mind because that might start conflict and then in turn get you murked by someone’s jewelry carrier. I will continue to read your blog every 3months when you make an entry about how Young Joc is the truth or how Rick Ross is going to revolutionize crack music or some bullshit. I am feeling Sickamore a little more atleast the dude has an honest opinion and doesnt seem to mind if its not popular

  • http://www.loudminoritymusic.com CGrizzyGetsBusy

    true words spoken
    they have at least one more classic left in them too and even if they dont continue after this, the music they have blessed us with is timeless.

  • livinlegend85

    the old outkast was alright…but andre is too WEIRD,WHITE,NERDY now…like if he wants to be one of t hose year 1940 dudes..

  • stcik_to_dj’ing

    Man this is the last Drama blog I read. Every one of these blogs is just free advertising for Southern artists. I could swear Drama compared Jeezy, Tip, and Lil Wayne to Nas, Pac, and Big at one point. Drama’s mixtapes may be fire but his writing sucks ass. Lame.

  • The Leak

    Why aint they the best, just because they getting the recognition they FINALLY deserve or what? They were out in 94, the majity of you didnt know them until 98 or 2000 even!!! Jokes. They been consistent with good musik. They been fam. Matter fact all this group talk shit, didnt erik try to have parrish set up for robbery back in the day. CL and Smooth at each others throats. PE flav got an STD by now. Now dont get me wrong I listened to and loved all of them but its outkast: No angle, no influence, just me watching and hearing them for 12 years came up with that conclusion.

    My TOP Groups No particular order
    Eightball and MJG
    Dogg Pound
    Infamous Syndicate*****DO your research on these chicks!!!!!
    Red and Meth

  • Tyler Durden

    “Now question: Is every nigga with dreds for the cause? Is every nigga with golds for the fall?Naw/so don’t get caught up in appearance”….my favorite Dre bar EVER!

  • Tyler Durden

    WHo’s the worst group ever? The St. Lunatics got my vote…just edging out the Ying Yang Twins

  • The Critic

    Outkast is ONE of the Greatest Groups of all time, keyword being one of. That being said hip-hop fans tend to live in the hear and now and Drama you being a Philly cat should no better. I know you live in the south and you must ride their dicks, but please don’t kid yourself, Outkast is not the GREATEST. Here is a list.

    1. RUN-DMC (The Orginators)

    2. EPMD (The most sampled group in Hip-Hop history, the most consistent, the biggest trend setters)

    3. N.W.A. (The West Coast EPMD, but other than Ice Cube no one can really spit and that’s the truth)

    4. Public Enemy (Would be higher if they stopped rapping in 1991)

    5. A Tribe Called Quest (A Better version of Outkast)

    6. De La Soul (If it was not for these there would be No Tribe or Kast)

    7. Wu-Tang Clan (How many groups can boast the album they have created)

    8. Outkast (The Best right now, but really what does that mean Hip-Hop sucks right now. Would they even be in the discussion in 1992)

    9. The Roots (Consistent)

    10. Mobb Deep (before G-Unit)

  • The Critic

    Sorry guy take away Mobb Deep, and insert GANGSTARR

  • H-man

    Whats da deal wit da breakup of dez too. I owe my carreer in part to dez fellas. Thank U for beleiving in me. If ither of U 2 fellas needs anythang, U know who to call. Indepandant?

  • Sapphire

    Damn DJ Drama get off the souths dick! One week you saying Jeezy, T.I., and Lil Wayne are the new Bigge, Jay, and Nas. Now you saying outkast is the best rap group ever. Damn, you aint even from around here. Please try write something that isn’t that isn’t completely biased. “Some can even say that Andre 3000 is top 5 lyricisits of all time”.
    I liked to lost my muthafucking lunch after reading that shit.



  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?cat=29 noz

    “My TOP Groups No particular order
    …Infamous Syndicate”

    This is the most insane thing i’ve ever read in the history of insane xxl comments.

  • Shortylightskin

    I agree for the most part,they are as consistent as anybody no doubt. But im biased so its ATCQ for me and i’d say WuTang but as far as group efforts they aint very consistent,i liked maybe 2 songs on “the W” and “Iron Flag” grew on me but i liked every Tribe album. Andre could maybe be top 5 if u stop and listen and dissect his shit, he’s def on a notha level. Big UPs to BigBoi too though,kinda like the “Phife Dawg” of the group,still nice but don’t get all the pub. And I know everybody got opinions but the dude that put “HotBoys” over Outkast, must be related to them cats or sommin,thats crazy fo real!

  • Shortylightskin

    And who cares how many “white” fans they got,if its good its good. Alot a white folks buyin TI and Little Wayne,etc. Hip hop is large yo.And just because Andre dress in his own way don’t mean he tryna be white. I played the fuck outta “The Love Below”so if that make me a “sellout” so be it. Outkast always keep it real, funky and original a big plus in HipHop nowadays.

  • http://www.prefixmag.com/staff/a/238 omni831

    Well thank you for stating the obvious.

    How about an entry on George Bush being president, or the sky being blue?

    I’d honestly enjoy what Drama had to say if it all didnt come off as self serving.

  • livinlegend85

    1. N.W.A.(yes i was born and raised in L.A.)

    2. Wu-Tang Clan

    3. UGK

    4. Eightball & MJG

    5. Westside Connection and uhh im too lazy to write more LOL

  • I Am A Hater

    Yes, Outkast is good, but to say they’re good because they sell alot of albums is stupid. And as good as Andre 3000 is, i don’t think he’s top 5 material. So he’s supposibly better then Biggie? Nas? Kool G. Rap? Big Daddy Kane? Rakim? KRS-One? I really don’t think so.

  • Animal Chin

    Ghetto Mafia was better.

  • Bugs

    Wu-Tang Clan aint nothin to fuck with!!

  • Ludacris

    Feild Mobb >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OutKast

  • bzpot15

    wutang over outkast
    nwa over outkast
    btnh over outkast

  • Gutta

    LOL!! i saw somebody put infamous syndicate and red and meth?? lol…whoever you are,your a joke,lol….i change my mind, i think run dmc is the best group ever,one,because they brought rap to the main stream.two, because they made everyone where addidas. three,because they were doing collabos with artists from a different genre of music b4 any other rapper.and last because of their longevity,i know their albums are horrible but to be 25 to 30 yrs in the game and to still have enough pull to be able to release something,says alot. just ask joe budden,styles p,the game,clipse,ja rule,the entire wu-tang clan besides ghostface.

  • LS

    Never mind white people loving Kast’s music. The fact is they are the G.O.A.T cause they aint scared to do what every other rap group is afraid to do. All of their albums are classics and their best songs don’t even get realeased as singles. Check back in 20 years and see who gets the most love from Generation X.


    1. RUN DMC
    2. ATCQ
    3. OUTkAST
    4. THE ROOTS
    5. UGK



    scratch that list I forgot about the Fugees and De la Soul.

    Outkast maybe top 10 but not the GOAT

  • The Black Eminem

    Outkast is the greatest group of all time yall who think not something wrong now ill admit Run Dmc and all them paved the way but Outkast some fools wit it. Eminem is the best rapper alive right now forget Jay-Z and forget new york ol weak a** n****s THA SOUTH IS RUNNIN THE GAME AND GON BE RUNNIN IT FOR A LONG TIME TO COME!!!!!!!

  • ATLien

    Man, everyone of the outkast albums were classics…from southplayerlisticcaddilacmuzik to speakerboxx/the love below. And because i really can’t think of any other group who has this many consistently good albums I’d have to name them the GOAT.

    My favorite groups:
    -UGK(Bun B)
    -N.W.A.(Cube n Dre)
    -DIPLOMATS(don’t hate, everyone in dipset be spiting hard especially jr, 40 cal, and hell rell)
    -Clipse(both come hard)

    I’ve never listening to Run-DMC, ATCQ, EPMD, or any of dat shit so i can’t rate them.

  • catonic

    How is a philly nigga gonna be such a dick rider for the south. Not saying nothing is wrong with the south, but ever since the south got better with wayne and TI nigga thinks these dudes are big and jay. Dont believe the hype, he is just doing promotion for them and giving them free advertisement so he can throw on a wack sampled beat for them and put it on his mixtape, that I wont buy or either check on datpiff.com. His next shit will probably be a one time listen, probably skipping at least 10 songs with 5 beyonce beats and someone rapping over a nelly furtado single.

    With that said, Outkast is one of the greatest groups of all time, but not THE greatest. Sure they have been the most consistent, but that doesn’t neccessarily guarantee you as one of the greatest. Think about it, in the purest art form it has to be the WU or Public enemy. RUN DMC was cold but are niggas still bumping dmc songs on the regular? How many niggas are still listening to Forever, Iron man, built for cuban links, liquid swords, No said date, Supreme clientele? Mad niggas got them on rotaion.

    Wu made the most impact on rap alone, PE brought in knowledge and Outkast brought introspection and funk. NWA really cant be considered a group, they were a loosley based group who formed to make Music. Gangstarr has been just as consistent as outkast but they are not recognized cause they spit more of an original gritty form of hip-hop, so to just blanketly say outkast is the best cause of their recognition is a mad disservice to hip-hop.

    With 9 niggas its hard to be super-consistent, but if yall real hiphop niggas was told by a genie that he could grant you a wish from a sure fire classic from any group in rap history who would ya’ll niggas choose? Think about it.

  • Jason

    Top 5 wtf u really don’t know hip-hop………..maybe 20….he tight but not that lyrical now…..theirs otha niggas really spittin’ hot fiha(like how chappelle say it) in the streets and booths…u goota step your lyrical mixtapes up a notch….even though 1 of ur tightest was little brothers cuss they on that real underground shit….theirs mad niggas in the south 4 u 2 get and u pick some of the whackest ever….u need 2 do a lot more houston specials cuss lots of niggas doin it big down there more than the A…do a Luda, some1 really worth talking about 4 decades…….

  • pop a poppa

    wu-tang the best group hands down….. 9 great mcs and no weak lyricsists in the fuckin group

  • http://I Southern Nicca

    They are livin legends. Real lyrical and can follow a beat(East Coast)…

  • e

    wu tang>outkast>all other groups

  • dfw

    they stole mighty o from dura hale

  • Rodney

    Y’all bitches that say Outkast is not the best rap group all time don’t really listen to their lyrics. Since you say all these other groups are better name any of them that are still together and been around as long and has had an album go DIAMOND. You can’t name any of them. Whoever said the south is on a movement you damn right we are we are bringing the best music in the industry. We came up with the movement crunk. Now every rapper from every other region of the country wants to use the 808 beat pattern. Where did that start in the south. Rims on cars 20′s,22′s, 24′s, 26′s, 28′s we started that. We have the best producer in the industry Lil’ Jon every song he produces for someone else always turn out to be hit. 3000 is one the best of all time he writes the hooks for all their song. I tell u what put anyone up to battle and I bet he will kill em. His creative mind process is way higher than everyone else’s.

  • Rodney

    Come to think of it. Outkast really put the south on the map. Hell yea they would would have people listening to them in 92. They had people listening to them in 94 and 96 which is not too much different. They were booed at the 95 source awards when east coast and west coast was runnin it. So that means people were still listening to them. Even after being booed they stayed on top name a motherfuckin group that has done that. Nobody has done that. They broke the barrier for the south. They are the kings of the south.

  • Shortylightskin

    LOok im a Wu fan forever, but you can’t tell me that the GROUP efforts are better overall and as consistent as Outkast. We all know its a fuckin all star group, but besides the first 2 albums, they ain’t made anything close to “classic”. Shit, i’ll take EVERY solo Ghostface over all the last 2 WU group efforts, same with the late ODB. Meth’s first was a few songs from classic,Rae done made one, Bobby Digital album was good, Genuis did make a classic. I just think after WU Forever everybody been puttin more in solo joints,tryna do fa self. Nuttin wrong wit that.

  • Shortylightskin

    A Tribe Called Quest…….PERIOD

  • CIRE

    I agree andre 3000 is tight and Big Boi flow is nice but the goat not necessarily so. Album sales alone cant be a factor when calling a group the goat. What about De la soul they have gone from hot to not back to hot. Outkast on the other hand have never gone from not the boys have always been hot. I hope they stay I’ll give the five more years then goat maybe.

  • honeykiss

    field mob is the shit

  • That bol

    man all yall hatin a$$ dudes need to start living in today and stop living in yesterday…where are all those other groups at now???

  • Thugmisses

    I agree with the person who said that loving a particular group depends on your time era. I was born in 84 and im young only being 22 years old. I am from the south and believe it or not the first rap song i heard was from wu-tang and after that i loved hip-hop and redman was my favorite. Now talking to ya niggas like ya mama ima drop some knowlege on ya. I love Outkast and they are a superb group, hell i got a tatoo on my forearm that says SOUTHERNPLAYALISTIC

  • Thugmisses

    I agree with the person who said that loving a particular group depends on your time era. I was born in 84 and im young only being 22 years old. I am from the south and believe it or not the first rap song i heard was from wu-tang and after that i loved hip-hop and redman was my favorite. Now talking to ya niggas like ya mama ima drop some knowlege on ya. I love Outkast and they are a superb group, hell i got a tatoo on my forearm that says SOUTHERNPLAYALISTIC

  • Thugmisses

    sorry wasn’t finished yet… anyway the point is, is that hip hop is a culture its not just the music. Hip hop influences every faucet of your being in this american culture. So its only natural that one will give more props to influentials in their area meaning their environment, where they are from. Hip-hop is about forward movement and while artists still sample from the likes of nwa, epmd,etc…one has to realize that the music is not dead itself its just that the artists are not producing anything else since their contribution. Outkast is as much of a contribution to hip-hop with being in 12 years in the game and with their albums being enriched with originality which is what i can say that these young artist lack. No one has ambition anymore and its all about making a quick buck if u dont mind conforming. At least andre was honest about one thing he said in vibe this month……He explains he ran outta shit to say…..at least he knows when to stop and is so passionate about the music that he’d rather not say shit then put out wack shit. im done.

  • forte

    Man if we look at gropus you need to see it from another point of view, for instance the last OUTKAST cd should not be included as thats was Andre selling 9 million copies. Andre had the women, the white folks,the Gs where as Big Boi was only the south. So the greatest group in the last 30 years is Run DMC. They changed hop hop and gave birth to the 50 cents and then NWA, coz thats the west right there.

  • http://google Deshawn

    Number 1. G-UNIT
    2. Three 6 Mafia
    3. Nappy Roots
    4. Field Mob
    5. Outkast

    *50 Cent is the best rapper alive

  • justonce

    one shouldn’t speak in absolutes in such a opinion driven topic such the G.O.A.T. To person A Outkast could be the greatest, to person B Run DMC, and so on. With that said, I think it’s undeniable that Outkast has made major cultural and musical contributions to music, not just Hip-Hop, but music…period. I think it’s undeniable that they’ve practiced and executed a praise-worthy example of longevity, individuality, creativity, and relevance in the world of music.

    Say what you want about Andre 3000, but he approached the color barrier and destroyed it, “Hey Ya” secured an even larger fan-base and lured the most unlikely of fans into the realm of Hip-Hop…Old white people…via Outkast.
    As for the “top 5″ comment, I wouldn’t say that, but I would argue top 10 (not taking anything from Big Boi, he is lyrically talented as well). If you don’t believe me go to http://www.ohhla.com and read his lyrical content on “Aquemini,” and then listen to the album.

    With that being said, Outkast has stood the test of time and they are and will remain an icon in not only Hip-Hop, but music.

  • jmizzle

    It aint even close when u say kast is the best group ever. PE and Run DMC might have been more influential, but when it comes to style, lyrical prowess and originality it’s a wrap. There are song on southernplayalistic and ATLiens that r way ahead of their time.

  • jmizzle

    Deshawn must be the DUMBEST nigga alive!! Come on homie, G -Unit?? U can tell these young niggas got tha game twisted. 3-6 might be in tha top ten but not 5, and nappy and field mob are just offsprings of what kast started. Real classics will stand up against time and i know fa sho 50 and G-Unit wont have the affect on the game in 10 years like kast have

  • A-Ra

    Outkast provides everything you would ever want to gain from music and then some, they are the greatest, the last album proved it

  • Moon2Jupiter

    OUTKAST is the GOAT!!!! A lot of y’all hate to admit it, but name one group that has the balls to CONSTANTLY switch it up every album???name one group that has 5 PLATINUM albums???? They ain’t commercial, they don’t sound like NO COMMERCIAL GROUP out!!!

    Quit Hating, especially y’all NEW YORK NIGGAS!!!!!!
    EPMD quit, Wu-Tang ain’t been the same, Tribe’s last album SUCKED!!!!

  • g_fonz

    e-40 is te greatest of all-time hands down. no one has stayed street relevant toaudiences young and old for as longas he has ever. think about it,name another artist who has been as relevant underground as well as mainstream(somewhat) for 20 years. his influence is undeniable. no westcoast artist or artist from any region for that matter has been respected by all regions like 40 water has. hes rapped with countless artists from the east, south, and midwest and still is the creator and proprieter for most of the popular slang we use today.

  • thizzordie3

    ya’ll people is hatin’ on outkast a tribe called quest’s last album was garbage n.w.a. cain’t stay together wu tang ain’t been the same since they lost odb g-unit is gay field mob ain’t real three 6 mafia ain’t been tight since da last album and only 2 songs is hot i’ll give nappy roots some credit they tight but ain’t made nuttin 4 3 years jay-z ain’t even tha best rapper 40 spits better wayne spits better big boi spits just as good or even better hands outkast is tha best group ever

  • http://www.xxlmag.com jayhustler

    Outkast is the greatest group of all time. What is the debate for?..The Only group that could give them a run is A Tribe Called Quest with 3 straight unarguable classic(Paths & Rhythms of Life, Low End Theory, & Midnight Mauraders..).

    -Public Enemy?..”It takes A Nation of Millions to hold us back” was their ONLY classic and to be honest with you, their ONLY album worth listening to…

    -NWA?..”Straight Outta Compton” was their ONLY classic and their ONLY album worth listening too..Cube was the ONLY member in the group that could actually rap!

    -Run-Dmc..Could give Outkast a run, but in the long run, Outkast would edge them..

    -Wu-Tang Clan..Even though these are my dudes, they only made ONE classic album. I also like their solo albums better than their group albums(Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Liquid Swords, Supreme Clientele..)

    -The Roots..Could give Outkast a serious run..IMO, they run neck & neck with Kast as far as consistency, creativity, and originality..Its a toss-up..

    The rest of the groups ya’ll mentioned are irrelevant……

  • silverblade987

    Damn it. Do yall not watch Outkast when they’re on television. They do not hate each other or dislike each other. Why you wanna spread lies. Slandering they names just like Big Boi said on Hollywood Divorce. You can’t expect them to be around each other all the time. Big Boi is married with a family and Dre has a child of his own. Plus they grown men, you can’t expect them to live in the same house. They ain’t the Franchize Boyz.

  • from damitten

    Things might have been different for this awesome duo if the Internet was popular in ’94′.

    Good post

  • kevbo jenkins

    lmfao @ some dude saying the hot boyz are better than outkast
    funniest thing i’ve heard all day, thanks for that

  • mrgetbad

    i can agree outkast are the g.o.a.t and i love atcq and wu-tang, cause them boys the common denominator the nigga numerator ya’ll know aquemini put them boys on another planet from the rest

  • I’m White

    1. Juice Crew
    2. Wu-Tang Clan
    3. A Tribe Called Quest
    4. Outkast
    5. N.W.A.

  • http://www.peasant.com Bonzo the Clown

    Man, fuck all of you. Jay B is the tightest white rapper of all time. Check him out on soundclick. No, not Jay Z….Jay B….

    Jay B’s last single on soundclick got 234 hot votes…his spoken word shit is some of the longest shit I’ve ever heard. I’m Horny was a classic. Who else could be a known virgin and believe the Matrix is real and STILL chart on soundclick. Eminem is the best rapper alive? PLEASE…Eminem is a fucking retarded goat rapist compared to Jay B.

    TOp five…

    1. Jay B
    2. Insane Clown Posse
    3. Spice GIrls
    4. Master P
    5. Kid Rock


  • http://www.peasant.com Bonzo the Clown

    I just shit AND pissed my pants. WHAT!?

  • knyght lyfe

    u must not b a TRUE fan of real HIP HOP!!!

  • knyght lyfe

    go back to 94′ 95′ and listen, just listen to 3000′s verse on TLC’s something this way come wicked, off of the CRAZYSEXYCOOL album. that verse would STILL BE RELEVANT TODAY!!! get off the dope man and THINK before you speak, especially on topics you seem to know nothing about!!!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=10307 DC’s Finest

    Wait a minute!

  • ukkh

    aaa haaa hush dat fuss!! outkast kick ass!! dey my top group defo dey both bring der own shit 2 da table dey could both go der own ways an still b hot, an andre is king man he easily 1 ov da best its da player an da poet!!!!silverblade u rite der man dese grown men aint dey chillin at ome gettin high anymore! an em is da best white rapper u fukin fool dnt even start wi dat bullshit

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