First, respect to Run-DMC. Respect to Tribe Called Quest. Respect to The Roots....

Now, with that said, OutKast is the greatest hip-hop group to touch down on the planet...


From ’94 to ’06, they've not only been the most consistent, but the most evolving and most creative group. Four to five arguable classic albums and many, many, many records sold. The group has never followed trends and never ever been scared to go against the grain, be a radio single that was 130 bpm or an ode to rock n roll. Wow.

Some can even say that Andre 3000 is top 5 lyricisits of all time.

The thing that has impressed me even more over this 12 year carear is their ability to still have a working relationship, maintain being a group and go about their respective lives. Everyone knows that Andre and Big may not be bosom buddies anymore, but when it comes to the brand OUTKAST, they never let it down.

This is something that many in the hip-hop community lacks. For years we've seen groups break up, let egos get to them, and then when no one's really paying attention (or caring) try for a comback. No disrespect, but the Fugees, Tha Dogg Pound, Tribe, and Pete Rock & CL Smooth all waited and waited until the anticipation was pretty much gone.

OutKast is living proof that family is powerful, and the way you come into the game is your greatest road.