Oprah Winfrey, enemy of hip-hop

I basically never watch Oprah myself, obviously, but my mom will catch it from time to time and alert me if there’s going to be something interesting. For example, who can forget the episode back in the late ’90s when she admitted that she used to hit the pipe back in the day? It’s no wonder she has so many issues with her weight.

And didn’t she once have a nasty, back-alley abortion? This wouldn’t make sense, in the sense that I don’t think she’s quite old enough to have been out there like that pre-Roe vs. Wade. But she is from the South, so who knows?

I remember way, way back in the day, there was an entire episode dedicated to hip-hop legend McHammer. He showed up with the 200-or-so jigs he had on payroll at the time and, um, did the McHammer dance or whatever. But other than that, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen any rappers on Oprah.

Supposedly, Ludacris was on the show recently and there was a bit of an issue. He was there as part of the ensemble cast to the mediocre Oscar-winning film Crash, but Oprah made it a point to get all Bill O’Reilly on him because he likes to rap about hoes. And then she edited out a lot of his comments in response.

In the aftermath, it’s been suggested that Oprah might have some sort of issue with hip-hop. For example, Ice Cube wasn’t invited to her show about the film Barbershop despite the fact that he was both the film’s star and producer. And I don’t know that she’s actually had a rapper on to perform since the days of McHammer.

This would seem an issue in an age when you have a group like Three-6-Mafia winning Academy Awards and doing the Crunchy Black dance in front of ancient crackety-cracks like Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty. If rap can go on all of these other shows, how come rap can’t go on Oprah?

Meanwhile, Oprah swears up and down that she loves hip-hop. In fact, she’s good friends with that noted psychopath Mary J. Blige and has been known to keep a copy of 50 Cent’s “In da Club” on her iPod. As if either one of these facts should make much of a difference at all.

Here’s the thing: As far as TV is concerned, Oprah is probably the most influential institution other than American Idol. Artists who appear on her show are exposed to a vast audience and experience a significant increase in sales.

To have hip-hop artists banned from Oprah is roughly tantamount to MTV banning videos by black artists in the early ’80s. In an age when the best, and best-selling, rap album is something like King, I don’t think we can afford to have hip-hop banned from any media outlet.

Her little weak-ass apology is not enough. If Oprah wants to prove she’s down with hip-hop, she should put her money where her mouth is and have some rappers on her show. If not, the hip-hop community should attack.

I don’t care how many billions she’s worth; she’s still a crackhead with a mangled vagina, and she might need to be taken down a notch.

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  • Katari

    Why is everyone suprised Oprah doesn’t like hip hop. I mean does anyone know a black lady over fifty that does?

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    ^Yeah, but Oprah Winfrey likes to front like she does like hip-hop, and then doesn’t invite any rappers on her show.

    And when Luda went on there to talk about Crash, she went all Bill O’Reilly on him.

  • Dee

    THe hiphop community doesnt need Oprah’s support. People that watch Oprah are middle aged women, and guess what they don’t like hiphop anyway & probably never bought a rap cd in the first place. BOL you need to find something worthwhile to blog about.
    —–BOL why don’t you ether Diddy’s “Making tha Band #3012″
    OR RUN’s HOUSe second episode
    —-or talk about MASTER P’s upincoming talent search lol

  • http://www.crooked-soul.com Zilla

    Oprah, like Eminem in his pre-50 days as the biggest star in the world, has the power and influence to change how the majority of (white) people think. Before Slim Shady, white moms hated rap with a passion. Now? Both of my 40+ year old aunts love him because “he’s hot and he talks about real stuff.” So with the attention of previously ignorant people in his palm, Marshall decided to make songs about his pee-pee and mockingbirds and blah blah blah. His career’s over anyway thanks to Curtis “Exposed Torso” Jackson.
    Oprah controls the same white women but on a larger, daily scale. By bringing out Cube and Luda and TI and Nas, she could show frightened whites that rappers actually HAVE common sense and brains, they just talk shit to move units. How can you blast Luda for talking about “hoes” when “In Da Club” typifies all the ills of hip hop in 3 and a half minutes? Oh, right because it’s catchy…so is “What’s Your Fantasy” and “Area Codes.” Ludacris is a character that Chris Bridges created to be outlandish, whimsical, and nail hoes. Success! Why can’t Oprah see that? IT’S ENTERTAINMENT!

  • Barkley


  • MosBang

    she’s still a crackhead with a mangled vagina, and she might need to be taken down a notch.

    And u Blo ,oops, Bol might need to be taken up a notch.

    P.S. Have u ever been invited to the Oprah show or even Bill O’Rielly. I think that would be great TV.

  • I Fux

    Fuck Oprah, her money is made with the 40 somethings of the world, you know them fat white ladies that have nothing better to do then complain and write letters and shit about Janet’s Breast tramatizing her 9year old son-like watching his fat ass mom watch tv all fucking day isnt tramatizing enough to drive the little cracker into insanity- well anyways fuck the people that watch Oprah them motherfuckers are not even in my circle homie

  • Shae

    Kanye West was on Oprah

  • Katari

    If anyone actually paid attention to Oprahs show, she makes white people look pretty bad. Last week she had white alcoholics suburban mothers getting arrested in front of the kids (That shit rarely happens in the Hood)

    Basically i support anyone who embarasses white people.

  • Combat Jack

    Bol, how’s your mom? Really. Tell her I said whaddup.

  • candace

    She did support Nelly’s APPLE BOTTOMS and they subsequently had increased sales.

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    @DEE — the way rappers talk about losing money, why WOULDN’T they want Oprah’s spotlight?

    I think Kanye was on Oprah… I think.

    And Bol, you’re right about Crash. I mean, I just saw that shit Sunday, and while it was iight, it was mad predictable… like I knew the fake Arab dude’s doctor daughter copped blanks, and all that other shit. you could see those crosses coming a mile away.

  • faek_one

    >I don’t care how many billions she’s worth; she’s still a crackhead with a mangled vagina, and she might need to be taken down a notch.


  • http://www.sickamore.com Sickamore

    F Her and Her Old School Legends Ball

  • http://www.buildthedream.org DGthegreat

    Although Oprah had Common on her show, it was because he performed with Jamie Foxx (who may have gave Oprah the business). To give Oprah benefit of the doubt, maybe (just maybe), Oprah doesn’t have rappers on her show because the old white women who watch her over-emotional show don’t listen to or care about rap. That is not to let Oprah off the hook. Since she likes to tell rags-to-riches stories, she should have a show dedicated to telling the life story of some rappers (interesting show topic). Then these white women will see that some of these rappers are respectable people who have been given a bad rep by the media! Maybe then the hip-hop community will call it even…Maybe.

  • http://rapinjustice.blogspot.com/ Mac China

    Nice. Is Bol becoming progressive now?

  • Ogeezy

    Oprah’s audience does not want to see rappers. You gotta understand who she caters to. That would be like xxl doing an interview with a polka band every month.
    Bol, you know better,Hip Hop only needs Oprah if shes gonna play a crackhead in a snowman video.

  • Tru Wanksta

    Anyone cop that Stedman mix-tape???

  • gluvnast

    people trippin’ like oprah’s on a dionne warwick rampage and trying to boycott hiphop

    the fact is that she don’t support whut mainstream rap is doing, and in all honesty, she have every reason to when you have rappers getting shot, some just to get publicity, where women degrade themselves and the industry promoting it…why SHOULD oprah cosign to that????

  • H-Man

    After 50 minutes wit me she’d be screaming hip-hop at da top of her lungs. hip-op hip-op hip-op

  • john cochran

    FUCK OPRAH!! I dont fuck wit Ophrah cause she never show love to black folks period unless they hit mega super star status. With all of those white chicks in the audience and her always glorifying the white actors, she rarely shows love the the black up and comers. She can throw money around all she want but she still is dancing around like a house nigga if you ask me.

  • gluvnast

    @john cochran

    oprah does more for POOR underpriviledge black people than ANY big name of ANY race…PERIOD

    until anyone ELSE proves otherwise, people need to shut of about oprah not showing love for black people…

    she just HAD a special that showed black WOMEN empowerment, and had every woman of color known featured in that special….

    who ELSE in our black communities is doing that??? and she does this on a regular basis

    homie, you got to do your homework before stereotyping someone accusing them as being a tom…

  • http://novaslim.com nOva

    First off, this ain’t “Oprah vs. Blacks”, it’s Oprah vs. Hip-Hop. Let’s not confuse the two.

    Secondly, Oprah doesn’t owe hip-hop shit.


    since she chooses to open her mouth about it, the least she could do is provide a proper forum for understanding. How are you gonna shit on hip-hop on your show, but then apologize away from the show so your audience doesn’t know about it?

    I am not fooled by that shit.

    But yeah, both sides are on some B.S.

    Certain figures in hip-hop have made it an easy target, and Oprah fell for it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/theanticorp RoxStar

    “I don’t care how many billions she’s worth; she’s still a crackhead with a mangled vagina, and she might need to be taken down a notch.”


  • thoreauly77

    i thought you heard: oprah is actually martha stewart in blackface. glad i could clear that up for you. one.

  • http://thewaltreport.blogspot.com Big Walt

    Again Bol. I was ahead of you on this one, as you may recall.

  • http://www.1800-Kill-Bol.com MP

    Who gives a fuck about her, she is worth $1,4 billion, she donated $7 million in Africa, i dont say that donating in Africa is bad, but Bitch look out the window when you got to your bitch ass show there are people that starve here also. Help your people also. (By helping your people i dont mean give cars to your viewers, or Rolls Roys to Steve Wonder)”About 3.5 million US residents including 1.35 million children have been homeless for a significant period of time. This information was gathered by the Urban Institute, but actual numbers are higher.” So next time before you make donation check your priorities who needs your charity more.

  • Katari

    I never realized how sour NY inhabitants have become. It must be sad, that once your region was were all the other people wanted to be. Ny dominated the hip hop scene, we looked up to yall for the latest fashion, then all of a sudden no one cared about NY. Last summer i went to visit my cousin in Brooklyn (His grandmother moved up north in the 1950’s on some the “south is oppresive shit”). I was excited at first, thinking i was going to the most thrilling place on earth ( i live in Atlanta now, but i’m from Brunswick county, GA). Was i unpleasantly suprised. True there was millions of people, but i didn’t know all yall did was sit outside and stand on the corner for real ( i mean i thought that shit was only in movies). I mean hear i am 20 years old and the only thing i did in NY was the same shit i did in Atlanta. I know our little shotgun houses in the south is like some old slave quater shit, but its better than those shitty project buildings in NY.
    The face of the matter is the rest of the world realized NY was basically not has awe inspiring as early eastcoast rappers had you believe. Sure they might always be a “party on the block” but if yall had money yall could go the parties the rap artist attend but since yall don’t yall are stuck to “partying on the block”

  • Kornphlake aka (Oprah’s Minge)

    Jesus it’s hot down here! I sure would like some attention. Just a lil rub or touch, something for christ’s sake. She hasn’t paid attention to me in years.

  • bxconnect

    i will take oprah over bill cosby any day.that nigga is crazy.
    Katari how the hell did nyc come up on this blog?

  • ProjectNRM

    Oprah doesn’t put a bunch of rappers on her show because that doesn’t cater to her audience. If tomorrow Oprah was told that 80% of her viewers are Black males between the ages of 18 and 25, she’d call Rick Ross herself to schedule an interview.

    But her viewers aren’t young black men. They’re middle-aged white women. This isn’t about race nearly as much as it is about doing what makes sense (cents).

  • gluvnast

    i would only start paying attention when someone not KNOWN for promoting negativity to speak…

    if someone like talib kweli or dead prez or even chuck d speak against oprah because she’s shits on hiphop…THEN you have a legit cause to cosign

    but the rappers that are complaining represents everything that oprah said she don’t support nor will cosign, which is the exessive use to the word “nigger” and the promotion of women being displayed in a derogatory manner…

    but plain and simple…it’s just that her core audience is NOT young and part of the hiphop culture…those are not her viewers…

    no different in trying to have the dixie chicks to do a show for summer jam

  • tj hooker

    come on people. not everyone likes rap music. you can’t rap about drugs and bitches and expect her to love you. plus don’t let ice cube lead you down that road. ice cube is trying to stir up controversy to get publicity for his new album. its the same thing he did with the west side connection and that bow down shit. pac had some personal beef and cube turned it into some coast shit. ludacris has a personal beef and cube tries to turn it into an oprah vs. crapppers. oprah doesn’t hate hip hop, she just hates rap music. i hate it too.

  • http://donnyslaughter.com $ayso is Donny Slaughter

    Hip hop don’t need Oprah’s stamp of approval no more than we need Bill Cosby’s, fuck her and her money…unless she givin’ me some!!!!

  • lone1

    Who cares if Oprah likes hip hop or not…the only people who watch her show are porch niggas like her anyway.

  • J

    This ia really SAD. I cant believe folks are on here making these disrespectful comments about a woman who has done more than most to uplift and enlighten black folks (and the rest of humanity, for that matter). Why are shows about loosing weight, getting out of debt, the AIDS epedemic, charity efforts, and honoring black women such as Maya Angelou and others, ones that only middle-aged white woman would be interested in?!?!? Now yall wanna disregard all her efforts just because she hasnt had a few hip-hop artists on her show?!?! Please! Discussions and disagreements are healthy but its unhealthy and misguided to label Oprah a sell out or Uncle Tom.

    Just some more propoganda to add to the ever growing divide between the hip hop generation and our elders.

  • Dr. Colossus

    Why does Oprah have to support mainstream rappers? She’s middle aged, my dad doesn’t run around buying mixtapes why should she care. Most mainstream rappers just spit garbage about guns and dope when should someone who’s been through the civil rights era support that crap?

  • gluvnast

    “This ia really SAD. I cant believe folks are on here making these disrespectful comments about a woman who has done more than most to uplift and enlighten black folks (and the rest of humanity, for that matter). Why are shows about losing weight, getting out of debt, the AIDS epedemic, charity efforts, and honoring black women such as Maya Angelou and others, ones that only middle-aged white woman would be interested in?!?!? Now yall wanna disregard all her efforts just because she hasnt had a few hip-hop artists on her show?!?! Please! Discussions and disagreements are healthy but its unhealthy and misguided to label Oprah a sell out or Uncle Tom.

    Just some more propoganda to add to the ever growing divide between the hip hop generation and our elders. ”

    word oprah is far from an uncle tom and if people do their history, do the knowledge, oprah had a fucked up upbringing, she epitimized whut a young teenaged female have to endure thru the hood to this day, and honestly she REALLY had it worse than a few females…everything that alot of rappers exploit in a derogatory way about hwo they treat women, she had a HISTORY of being in the bad end of that…from getting raped several times, to being mentally enslaved and extremely sexually addicted as a teen…and she like everything else, have nothing to hide about her past…but the thing you have to think is that she WILL put rappers out on her show, but it would be someone that’s known for their positivity and social consciousness…the only reason cube probably is constantly overlooked (even though he HAVE been on her show before with the rest of the boyz n the hood cast) is because he’s one of the PIONEERS of everything oprah is against when it comes to degrading women, and using the word “nigger” exessively on wax…

    another complaint is that she would invite alot of comedians that are no better…but you also have to take into account that comedians on stage DON’T take whut they do onstage as their image OFFSTAGE…rappers DO! and their fans expect them to be who they are onstage as well as offstage…so there’s an image that’s being fold that many rappers feel as if they are obligated to maintain, so all those rappers that promote violence, degrade women, and stay insecure by covering their importance as being a man thru exessive materialism…oprah just like alot of these rappers fans, are going to assume that whut you do onstage is how you act on the streets…

    and she’s not going to support that..and who’s to tell her that she’s wrong when you have all thsi unneccessary VIOLENCE in hiphop within the past six months? and HALF of the shootings being presumed PUBLICITY STUNTS!!! i mean you even have BUSTA being looked at skeptically because over the shooting of his bodygaurd….

    oprah vowed to not promote negativity on her show, because she learned the hard way during the early 90′s that those tabloid type shows would give people a wrongful voice and outlet…she learned that when she had the KKK and realized she made a mistake and vowed never to go that route again…even when that one novelist got busted in lying about his book, she HAD him on there and BUSTED his ASS about that…put him straight in check…she don’t support bullshit and she don’t like getting played…

    hiphop need to understand and put themselves in check…and like i said, if this was chuck d, kanye west (who DID perform on her show before with “hey momma”), common and someone of THAT nature…then MAYBE there’s a valid arguement going on…but the people that are complaining right now? granted cube and luda have DONE great things, but with how big her personal background affect her about mean mistreating women and who these rappers are KNOWN for..she’s not willing to give a platform for those types of rappers

  • Blaq Thought

    Quote from Bol

    “I don’t care how many billions she’s worth; she’s still a crackhead with a mangled vagina, and she might need to be taken down a notch”

    Damn Bol, I think you need to pump your brakes (although your sh!t is funny azz hell). Your boy YN mentioned you being a little outta control in July editorial page. i gotta agree with Gluvnast about Oprah’s position on Rappers. We all like porno but I doubt anyone is getting on a highly public platform to voice their interest in it. As grimey as Rap has become, some people find it hard to publicly support it (I don’t think this is right but it is what it is). I think Oprah can have her opinion on rap but no one who walks this earth should be overly judgemental cause for the tons and tons of good she has done I’m sure she has alot more dirt (crack smoking, pro-choice choosing and unique female friendship with Gayle;) but no marrage to Stedddy boy) in her past than some of the rappers she discriminates against!

  • Ian

    Damn that was harsh: ‘…don’t care how many billions she’s worth; she’s still a crackhead with a mangled vagina…’



  • johnathan blaze

    Oprah doesn’t like niggers, surprise surprise. Maybe that’s because she used to be one, overcame her niggerness, and now avoids rappers because she hates to be reminded of the nigger she once was

    As for her beef with Ice Cube, how can she pretend to be friendly with the same man who said “Ice Cube will swarm, on any motherfucker in a blue uniform” in a song entitled “Fuck the Police”.

  • gluvnast

    some of y’all got a slave mentality…from the way y’all talking is that ever since she made it out the ghetto, then she’s a sell-out that cannot identify to the urban chaos because she lives a different lifestyle….which is bullshit

    we would give praise for jay-z and puff for SPLITING a one million dollar check for katrina when both of them are a MORE than a half of billion worth…only to get a fancy taxe rebate…whereas as oprah not just sent MONEY, but actual AID to people struck in the gulf area..in the same vain as david banner…but no props are giving for that…

    no props is given for her DAILY help…forget the show a bit and look at the REAL issue…NOBODY is giving a fuck about the hood, but oprah have constantly sent some sort of aid and empowerment to people that NEED it…

    we still call her a tom, because of our slave mentality…believe OUR OWN will not help us…we’re so used to being downtrodden that we knock ANYONE that is a self-made success story AND consistently contributing back to the ghetto…

    we don’t accept GOOD nutrition because we’re so used to feeding into that JUNK FOOD…and today’s RADIO is junk food, that we constantly feed on…MTV, BET, are JUNK FOOD…that we constantly feed on

    oprah’s legends ball where it was an EMPOWERMENT OF BLACK WOMEN…we turn our noses up, because it’s not whut we’re used to be fed on…INSTEAD we go to the STRIP CLUBS, enjoy the TIP DRILLS, look at PIMPS as if it’s a certified honor to control and demean the black woman….

    and alot of today’s rap EXPLOIT that…along with these rappers fronting an image and proving bullshit stripes by showcasing violence ON & OFF WAX…when rappers STAB people at award shows, when rappers died due to shooting another man over bullshit, when someone get killed at a video shoot, pr after a rap show…or get STABBED at a rap show, or get shot over some bullshit in general…especially at a certain RAP radio station…and endless DUMB shit that hit the news almost weekly these days…

    and if i was OPRAH that reads this NONSENSE that’s happening in hiphop…I WOULD support that shit either….

    the truth of the matter is alot of us and these rappers are MENTALLY ENSLAVE…and oprah’s NOT the problem, but WE ARE for condoning that bullshit…WE’RE the ones performing the MINSTREL SHOW…embarrassing ourselves for PUBLICITY….but refuse to check ourselves and quick to point the finger

  • gluvnast

    “I WOULD support that shit either”

    i meant to say “wouldn’t”

  • Katari

    ARSANIC i think that was the most ignorant shit i’ve ever read (and considering i’m from some the south thats pretty bad) I mean whats acting ghetto. I’ve lived in hoods all my life, and even though people outside the hood think everyone their is ignorant and ghetto that is not the truth, obviously you get your picture of the ghetto from t.v.( i mean i know some ignorant ass people in the hood,but i know more thats not.)

  • gangsta m

    f*** oprah nigga we dont need hre come on she 50 something we all young we dont need the middle age white house wives its all good

  • hahaha

    oprah is honest (well kinda, in an actions speak louder than words way) at least, about not liking rap. she should just own up to that fact and stand by it and say why. now that would make for a good oprah show.

  • alleyeCNtower

    I actually agree with you on this one, Bol. And as much as I respect your thoughts and your obvious research, I don’t often agree at all, ha ha.

    I respect, love, and actually WATCH Oprah… sometimes. But she’s FUCKIN UP LARGE with this hip hop avoidance. She’s like the Black woman who became vice-president of a corporation, so she stops talking to her Black buddies so she doesn’t look “suspicious” to her higher ups.

    She just doesn’t want to share her power with hip hop. So let’s take some of hers.

    Oprah ignoring hip hop has parallels to George Bush ignoring New Orleans.

  • alleyeCNtower

    Gluvnast, I respect what you’re saying… but Oprah doesn’t even have the “postive” rappers on her show.

    Has she had MOS DEF even?

    There’s no excuse. He’s a pro-Black MC. A legitimate movie star. No criminal record. He’s non-threatening to white women, even! But no, he hasn’t been on, as far as I know.

    Oprah don’t show love. So we shouldn’t show love back. She’s on some Vanity Fair shit, never having a Black person on their cover (and when they FINALLY put Beyonce on the -hip hop issue- cover, she was even more light-skinded than ever)

    I will always respect Oprah and her accomplishments… but she’s still fucking WRONG.

    sing it Lauryn:
    “you might win some, but you just lost one.”

  • 110hauler

    grow the fuck up.rap dont go everywhere. next youll be wantin to hear the preacher on sunday sing verses from 3 6 mafia and scarface.you stupid cock sucking mongrel!

  • andshewasayin

    >>>>>And didn’t she once have a nasty, back-alley abortion?

    i never heard of her having an abortion but i do know that she had a baby when she was 13 that died a few days after birth.

    And as far as her endorsing Apple Bottom’s, i dont even think she realized that they were associated w/hiphop… just needed something to lift up that 50 year old taint

  • gluvnast

    alleyeCNtower Says:

    June 11th, 2006 at 3:40 am
    Gluvnast, I respect what you’re saying… but Oprah doesn’t even have the “postive” rappers on her show.

    Has she had MOS DEF even?

    There’s no excuse. He’s a pro-Black MC. A legitimate movie star. No criminal record. He’s non-threatening to white women, even! But no, he hasn’t been on, as far as I know.

    Oprah don’t show love. So we shouldn’t show love back. She’s on some Vanity Fair shit, never having a Black person on their cover (and when they FINALLY put Beyonce on the -hip hop issue- cover, she was even more light-skinded than ever)

    I will always respect Oprah and her accomplishments… but she’s still fucking WRONG.

    sing it Lauryn:
    “you might win some, but you just lost one.”


    have mos def COMPLAINED about how come oprah never invited him? like i said until i hear rappers KNOWN for setting positive examples in their music, then a point can possibly be made…

    point blank, her show is not a hiphop show, her viewers are not hiphop viewers…it’s like having hambugers to a seafood restruant, they’re both food but one doesn’t go with the other

    so of course she’s not going to have a massive abundance of rappers on her show….and only would have one whenever it feels appropiate for her show, just like when she had kanye west to perform “hey mama” for mother’s day….

  • swood01

    First, I must say, I am a 31 year old black woman, and I am a big Oprah fan. The last time I checked this was a free country and you can support (or not), anyone you please. I don’t see Oprah complaining because none of these rappers are beating down her door offering her a place in their videos. Too me this just shows their lack of self confidence, and belief in their artform. Why do they feel the need to have to be validated by another human being. Could it be because because for this generation Oprah represents the voice of integrity, honor, self discovery, and faith. Is it possible that deep down they know that this trash and filth that they want to hide behind as art is nothing but a way that modern day gangstas and pimps have found as a legal hustle. And know darn well that no one in their right mind would promote it. Do yo mama’s and grandmama’s support it. They know it’s wrong, and are mad at her because she has the balls to tell them in no uncertain terms that I don’t agree, and I will not support it. The only reason whites are allowing them on their shows is because its bringing them money, not because they support hip-hop and care about the artist. Let’s be for real. If enough of us would stand up and stop accepting this traSH and filth and demand something more would it make us sellouts, or would it make us mature individuals who are excercising our rights to free speech. To me a “rapper” claiming to have done so much for the community is a joke. Guess what, it wouldn’t need so much work if you would stop helping to destroy it!!!

  • Blaq Thought

    Oprah in a pair of Applebottoms (eeegh – I vomitted on my keyboard)

  • http://xxl angel

    Why should Oprah allow rap artist to come on her show and show just how ignorant they are and look? Rap artist should be happy that she has saved them the humiliation. I mean really, it’s bad enough that 35 year old African-American men are still wearing there pants down to their ankles and proud of the fact that they DO NOT HAVE GOOD DICTION. But no, you want to go on national TV and really show the world all you think about is Hennessey, purple, ass, cloths, and rims. Yeah, that’s a great idea, lets show the world how far African Americans have come – we should be very proud. Better yet, Oprah, I think it would be a great idea to have the rap artist on the show whose videos air on BET after hours. Let’s show the world why they should buy rap music. I mean – it’s not like all we talk about is money, drugs, sex, hate, disrespecting women, and going to prison.

  • texas flippin

    who cars what the fat hoe likes. eat some moe white sausage hoe. she needs that hip hop in her dawg.

  • Payin Attention got me Broke!

    Its so crazy to see that people have a voice on the subject of Oprah and her unwillingness to support hip-hop but, what some fail to realize is that this middle aged black woman has mingled and got rich off these crackers for years. I really don’t care who her aligence is to, cause at the end of the day she still gon make her paper. Rappers and Oprah share the same hustle if no one notices, eminem was the only rapper, cep for 50 now, (I don’t like either) that understand this concept. You got to grab the attention of these crackers so you can take your success to the next level. And as a side note 50 was schooled by a cracker thats why he is successful now. I love rap but, more importantly I love the progression of my people and to see how some blacks are labeled or critcized because they woke up to the game and found out that these crackers run this shit, thats wack. Niggas love niggas that can ball, rap, sell the best drugs, drive the best car and all that shit, cause at the end of the day they can associate it wit “nigga” shit, like thats all we can do, but a different hustle like primarily entertaining these honkies is backwards cause they “shuckin and jivin” in black face. Well I got news for all people, niggas that ball are bought and sold, niggas that rap only get as far as thier good common sense will let them cause as soon as they make these crackers mad all them bids they skipped on cause they were loved seem to re-emerge somehow, and drug dealers, shit… the cops just let them keep making money so they can keep bustin them and takin it. All in all we all got to at some time form some type mindset that allows us to use these crackers to make money cause there are more of them than us so why not? Oprah gives shit away all the time so these crackers don’t be jealous. They publicize her income all the time so she know that they know. They got her shit down to the penny n the paper but by bill gates’s shit it just says “all the money in the world” Niggas need to wake up and by “niggas” I’m not using it as a term of endearment I mean niggas wit smart ass brains that have it but don’t use it for the fear of being judged by they dumb ass peers. We ain’t gon make no progress talkin shit on the ones who have made some success, don’t get me wrong I grew up on the street and have been on my own since i was 17, so i ain’t preaching, just when you talk to your elders look beyond what they say and be happy they took the time to share anything with you. This is what I mean— look at how Oprah keeps these white folks cryin and feeling sorry for shaniqua jackson, single parent 4 kids no man, oprah single handedly gives this woman a whole bunch of shit, some of which you at home watching may need, that is whats up. one person can’t save the race and furthurmore don’t sit there and say that if she called you to give you some free shit you wouldn’t take it. so in closing who really gives a fuck if she supports rap or not cause in reality she wasn’t always some rich black woman, just as these rappers weren’t always rich. maybe she don’t want no interruption of income cause it may seem like she switching up on her customers….. Think about it the strongest hustle stays strong cause of consistency, rappers got they hustle, she got hers, and why are rappers looking for her to give them time on her show? To increse their sales potential cause they know they will make bank if they get her connect. —-”smarten up, open the market up 1 million 2…”
    Black people STAY SMART

  • Evan

    texas flippin you just want oprah to eat white sausage because you want all the black cock for yourself……fuck your a inconsiderate faggot, fantisizing raging homosexual. I bet you just love your mouth getting fucking cock raped. you stupid fuck

  • Joo lee

    Oprah is not now, nor has she ever claimed to be “down with hiphop” . She is merely issued her apology trying not to hurt feelings of these hard ass losers who for whatever reason, don’t see the difference between Oprah’s audience and their own. What they need now is a avenue for crossing over into the world of serious acting and yet they need to be able to develop box-office power with the films that they will create and star in. One way to achieve all the aforementioned is through Oprah’s show. However, she owes them nothing and if they perceive that she is to be pimped to that end, I don’t think they are going to get too far with Oprah. Not saying that the corporate world doesn’t have her on the proverbial stroll for their own interest, however, she has no obligation to the world of rap and the world of rap will change before she does. I suggest that neither will happen.
    Your comment about the MTV comparison is off in that MTV was a network targeting music lovers and the other interest of very young people. Oprah has an audience of people with a range of interests. With all the power you rapper types have, you should by this time have a show which would be the equivalent of Oprah’s, since you all think you are all that and everything.

  • Bill E

    Why should Oprah have hip hop artists on her show? It’s not her audience. What adult with any brains at all wants to here those vulgar, ridiculous lyrics? The people that watch Oprah obviuosly don’t! I hear people say’ it’s not all bad’. Well, you can’t separate the stink from s**t…and that music is sh**t!

  • Tammy

    How ironic it is to hear about how Oprah Winfrey is not supporting the hip hop community, with all her black influence, and then you use your black influence to beat her down. So how are you doing any different than what you are accusing her of? Oprah worked her ass off for HER show to do it HER way!

  • Terrell

    Um,middle-aged, respectable women watch her show. Why the hell would those kind of women sit there in the audience to be made uncomfortable by people that don’t respect their worth? Brother you need to go somewhere and stop aiding the disrespect of black queens, especially a positive role model like Oprah. Did she not give both black and white people cars? New homes? Financial aid for college? Hip-Hop doesn’t need Oprah. And to my recollection she never bashed the genre. She was talking about the way they talk about women. Get over yourself man.

  • WOW

    Thank you Tammy. Its also a lack of respect. You need to respect Oprah’s “gangsta”!!! She grew up in the RACIST south and she made a name for herself. Secondly, its her show. She can do whatever she wants on her show.

    Personally, I don’t like Luda’s music. I only like a few of Ice Cubes’ songs and 50 is whack!!!!!

    Finally, Oprah can give money to whomever she wants. There is no government subsidy in Africa. Why must you wait for Oprah to give in our communities. Why don’t you do it yourself? There are plenty of people that are in need. She can’t save the world. And if she decided not to give her money away as many RAPPERS, ACTORS, and CORPORATIONS do, then that’s her business.

    I think these rappers are using her name to boost their own sales. Let’s start beef with Oprah. 50 is known to do it…He’ll start beef with a 2 year old to boost his sales.

  • texas flippin

    nice one evan. amazing. your probaly just another well fair sucking leach. your the homo i know its not your fault your daddy raped you and your mom sondomized you. and there for you went and raped your daughter and no telling what else. your the sad one. much less a poster child for abortion. your dad should be shot for nutting in your mom or actually sorry probaly dont even know who your daddy is.

  • texas flippin

    nice one evan. amazing. your probaly just another well fair sucking leach. your the homo i know its not your fault your daddy raped you and your mom sondomized you. and there for you went and raped your daughter and no telling what else. your the sad one. much less a poster child for abortion. your dad should be shot for nutting in your mom or actually sorry probaly dont even know who your daddy is.

  • Clova G’s

    EVAN ha your the stupid fuck. wow lets talk shit on the net pussy..



  • dre

    That woman is doing her job very well I don’t think she needs to explain anything to anyone on how she runs her show !!! What I would say is 50 cent or Ice cube should get there own show and have rappers on it all day long you dont get anywhere with talking shit about people that are doing good just get off yo own ass and make it happen for your self….

  • jas

    well oprah has lost a lot of fans over the last few months

  • Evan

    ha ha. im not going to lie that was a good one, but at least none of your comments were racist like your last, shit id let oprah give me a blowjob anyway. this site gives me a good laugh i either get made fun of casue im a white rich dude, the next they say im poor and im on welfare. Clova G’s whats wrong with talking shit on this site, thats pretty much what this whole forum is doing, talking shit about oprah, right? waht is a clover g anyway? just to the dude who made this post if oprah was to put rappers on her show how many middle aged suburba house mom will watch+enjoy it? I mean your not going to watch it anyway right? its not for them they want keny g and other faggots like that, so thats usually what she gives them. by the way texas flippin mom was going to get an abortion but i was over 2 months so instead i was just a fuck up, i have no kids becasue i have a bad case of genital warts, vd and hurpees that i got from your mom and it really hurts when i pee. and im not sure about you but around my house its just not right to fuck family what kind of sick neihbourhood do you live in?

  • Tha Blueprint

    you said i dont know and maybe way to many times. check your facts before you try to report your views as facts dog

  • Withheld

    Attn: The Bitch that wrote this article

    You mutherfuckin’ WHINING, CRY BABY, BITCHING, HOLLERING, WOMAN FEARING/WOMAN HATING BITCH! I bet you’re sucking your thumb right now, you virgin.

    You couldn’t even write this article without using the word “hoes” and making a violently misogynistic statement. You sound like you’re writing from behind bars, you ape.

    Why would a hard-core rapper want to be on Oprah anyway? Her audience is mostly women. If an artist’s songs are offensive to women, they will be offensive to her fans. That is just logical. She’s not going to jeopardize her entire livelihood for some overgrown children with microphones. They only want to be on the show so that they can exploit Oprah’s power.

    Although I disagree with the way that Oprah handled the situation, I respect her for standing up to the degrading and oftentimes wack lyrics that get on the radio these days.

    By the way I am a female. And I still think you’re a bitch. And I know that you never have sex.

  • meesa davis

    oh why don’t yawl just shut up about oprah?
    why the hell do we spend so much time going at eachother? don’t nobody else do that. we’re so ass backward.
    oprah is the shit and can’t 50, luda, or ice cube take that away from her. she’s not the first nor the last to have beef with hip hop over its misogynist lyrics. don’t get yawl feelings all hurt now. how can you blame her? please. your own mother probably can’t stand to listen to some of the garbage that’s on the radio these days. so don’t diss oprah because she makes a few comments about it. please i’m only 29 and getting sick of hearing the anti-woman (otherwise homo) lyrics of some of these so-called artists. yawl know it too. yawl know that hip hop ain’t nothing like it used to be when real mcs were out – rakim, kool g rap, etc.
    so shut the hell up. cause you’re getting on my nerves. oprah is a solid individual who we should be proud of. we should look at her as our “elder”, our “ole head” who just has a more seasoned opinion on music today – she’s not our enemy!

  • SUE

    XXL who the fuck u think u are? Try have the nerve to talk shit to Oprah. She don’t have to like rap music if she don’t want too. That her choice. If she act funny with them rappers. That their business not none of yours. All ya’ll magazine is dedicated to kissing 50 cent ass, and using gimmick rappers to sell to them damn magazines. Ya’ll need shut up becuz she have the power to ya’ll company out of businees. Ya’ll mad ya’ll can’t billions of dollars like she can.

  • SUE

    Oprah did more good for the black people then yo damn magazine and rap music combine. So who are u?

  • PN

    Listen, I love hip-hop, but I get why Oprah doesnt support it. hello? look at what we talk about, and look at how videos portray women. Does that in any way look like anything Oprah would support? Watch an episode. She is about helping people improve themselves and their lives. Why do we assume that because someone is Black, they have to love hip-hop. It’s not synonymous with being Black. We all know the ways in which hip hop has been beneficial to Black people and youth as a whole in this country. It has provided us with a vehicle to express ourselves and a platform to make people around the world aware what our reality is in America. Hoewever, the fact is that, we also have contributed to girls thinking they have to prance around naked for attention,and guys thinking they can plain disrespect women…. and to little boys thinking the only option they have in life is to be a rapper…maybe an athlete. Whatever it is, they need to be rich, however possible…half the time ending up in jail. Anwyay, the point is that Oprah has done a lot and helped so many people in so many ways.
    Are we serious? We’re going to focus on the fact that she is not a hiphop fan/supporter? Don’t we have other things to talk about?



  • Majesty

    Check this out! Hip Hop music has been getting blasted for years, but alot of us watch movies all the time and they have had the same story lines for years. Murder, Mayham, Rape; you get the picture. Another thing; Heavy metal music portrays the same content and its ALL-AMERICAN music for the rednecks and yuppies that like to get into the mosh pit, but when our people have a good time; we are gangbangers. Oprah idolizes the likes of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and th erest of them and they are in the movies killing and degrading women, but they are sex symbols in white americas eyes in which Oprah fits right in. There are children being killed, molested, and all types of things and she does very pleasant interviews with the criminals. Hip Hop is hardcore news that the major newpapers cannot thoroughly detail and everyone in society has gone through what is mentioned in Hip Hop (No Disrespect; but wasn’t Oprah raped by an Uncle?) See what I am saying. Everything happens on a daily basis, but it seems as though WE are always at the forefront of being the worst race on the planet due to stereotyping through Hip Hop. Don’t get it twisted; Caucasians have been raping, murdering, and degrading women for years, but Harriett Tubman could not put that in a rhyme. Oprah has became the house N***a and is very cxomfortable in her lilly white world. We as african americans have alot against us, but due to someone elses opinion due to there status; that does not mean you have to lose your manhood/womanhood and not listen to it. America has really tried its best to stick a stake in our peoples heart through our music, movies, dress attire and anything else that we try to accomplish. She always flirts and compliments the white actors all the time on her show and idolizes them like she has no religion, but no matter what she says; Keep supporting Hip Hop.


    Oprah doesnt fuk wit rappers bcuz most of her audiences r WHITE FEMALES..and rappers r known 4 disrespectin females..

  • tanaka

    again bitch ass bol has to be racist (ancient cracketycracks like jack nicholoson) to get publicity and bitches to read his article. plus lupe fiasco hates him as well now. its going downhill for neeky bol

  • naeneq

    If any of you had a shred of sense, you would see that Oprah is not against hip-hop but the rappers message which is continually disrespecting of us women(especially black women). All of you who stand against her, you are no better than the rappers who demean and hate us. Furthermore she earned her money by hard work and her own talent, not by calling somebody a b**** or a hoe. You want to be down for a cause? How bout telling these rappers to stop disrespecting your black sisters. Oprah don’t owe you, Nelly or any of them other ones anything. They should be apologizing to us!

  • The Brain

    With Ludacris bitchin’ about wanting an apology from Oprah, I want an apology from Ludacris for putting out the music he puts out (and further promoting that tackhead, Shawna, who is equally as degrading to Black women).

    Rappers want to be on both sides of the fence. They want be kings and exempt of any scrutiny and they want to be rewarded for nothing…or rather nothing that is weighted in balance of the power and influence they have on culture for progressive actions. And when it comes to advertising that they are positive or progressive, they throw up in the air about how many turkeys, money, or FUN DAYs they threw for the KIDS or COMMUNITY (they love those words, KIDS and COMMUNITY). But those lyrics they make more money from cannot be absolved from some gift-giving. Ludacris gave $150,000 to Katrina victims and thinks that is substantial in SERVICE. He is so lost and uninformed.

    This attack against Oprah shows how unintelligent they are. It saddens me that they have no idea that so many intellectuals (who love rap) are actually embarrassed because this argument further shows that our men with microphones are so quick to blast their ignorance as victimization.

    But I don’t know if he, Ludacris, listens to anyone outside of the entertainment industry because someone, and I mean someone, has had to tell him he sounds fraudulent in attacking Oprah because she doesn’t care to get down with him like that. People in the industry are usually to afraid of the star celebrity to tell them when they are making an ass of themselves. And eventhough Ludacris may have a Black Lawyer or receptionist or whatever on payroll, those people usually don’t get heard or don’t have the courage to tell them what critical thinkers are saying. It is not that I or others hate Ludacris. We just wished he wasn’t as vile against Black women in his craft. And it is not just entertainment. Ludacris sends out a message that a so-called positive Black man (as he would describe himself) says it is okay to view and treat Black women as he does and raps about in his craft. His art, and it is art, is not viewed by the mainstream as art because they are looking at the celebrity in being the designer, police, judge, and defender of these ideas he is putting out. Ludacris’ messages give so much instruction to men on how to view and treat Black women. That is just how it is.

    It’s very egotistical to whine and be seen whining about his bruised ego. He has no grounds to attack her that way upon this issue. Now we can attack Oprah on being a Mammy but this assault from Ludacris and male rappers is simply personal. It only has to do with them wanting more sales and figuring out that is they sang country music or gospel they could be on the show for sure.

    They should stop trying to bait for people to get on their bandwagon when they are the biggest and most irresponsible Black men with as much power and influence that cry victim all the time when they can’t get their ways.

    And also…Ludacris has an album coming out this month. I know all the tricks for trying to galvanize buzz. He brought up the same subject in noticing he was not on Oprah’s schedule which could propel his sales. We all know rappers have an expiration date. Being on her show can solidify more mainstream longevity. That is what the issue really is. We, sisters that support Oprah eventhough we too have issues with her, are not falling for the attacks on her in this argument because she would show love to our Black male rappers if they showed healthy love for Black women.

  • dtm

    what’s this with hip-hop begging to be accepted? mainstream even?! if you’re going to fight something, fight crack. aborting oprah is the biggest waste of time i evr heard. you prolly got a better chance agnst crack anyway.

  • Stephen Sharper

    And why the hell should Oprah Allow rappers on her show? Who in her audience wantes to see a hip hop artist on the set in the first place. Besides, it’s about subject material. Just cause the American youth is brainwashed by these violent and sexuallu explicit lyrics, doesn’t mean an intellectual like Oprah has to be.

  • http://oprahagainsthiphop sheila

    I think we have bigger problems than this. Oprah should not have to apologize for expressing how she feels about rap music. She said she has a problem with the way black women are put down in rap music. rappers should try to put music out that is positive, so our young people
    have something positive to look up to. Oprah is a positive influence on black women how hard work can be rewared in a good way. Rappers want young black women to think they have to shake there butts,lay on top of cars half naked to get some attention. I know black women don’t have to do that. That is her show you don’t like it get your own show.

  • Penelton

    If Oprah doesn’t want to have rappers on her show that is her decision. 50 cents and other rappers promote violence sex and stupidy, and if she doesn’t want them on her show that’s her decision. After All IT is SHER SHOW. 100%

  • Penelton

    Oh by the way Oprah is one of the most Genourous kind, loving, human beings on this earth. So Screw anybody who does not support her.She does have a right to her own opinion.!!

  • Rsm

    I am a black male and proud of it Oprah is trying to act white she four got where she came from

  • http://tntsweetthingaol.com trinidee

    i think we have passed the stage of mud slinging.here is the difference between the good and the bad.everything that oprah did was cast in the sea of forgetfulness and a no fishing sign was put there by the good father however those same things remains with the bad father who made them happen and keep them handy to throw in her face whenever he sees fit so who is your father the good or the bad?

  • http://tntsweetthingaol.com trinidee

    let the person without sin cast the first stone. the past is the past.this is the present.if any of you can go through what oprah went through and come out on top like she did then go ahead and murder her character but if you know that there is no way you can overcome what oprah overcome then you need to find a positive way to deal with your ailment.

  • http://AOL.com Coacht

    Oprah is a man hater! plain and simple. Look at what she does. Some call it lifting I call it spliting the sex’s. I hate watching Tv now because everythings about what woman need and want and now what people need and want or families,to hell with her and the other man haters, Black white or any color.

  • Teresa, from Memphis

    This is outrageous,once again this is an example of the ignorance of our own race. How could you speak such muderous things of Oprah. She is a legend who has weathered many storms. All this bruhaha of crack pipes and self-administerered abortions should never have resurfaced. There is a better way to address this issue directly with Oprah’s “people” rather than puttiing OUR busines in the streets. Another example of the “crabs in a bucket effect”



  • Markus Hines

    I think Oprah in a strange sort of when is tryin to maintain her “non-black veiwers”. After all, they are the ones that put her on top. I think admitting that she likes hip-hop would ruffle some “white folks” feathers. Come on people, ya’ll know how the game is played!

  • Adrienne Jennings

    It seems to me that there is a lot more hate towards Oprah than there is towards the male chauvinist, poison-pushing rappers that disrespect themselves and their people (esp. their black women)for a few measly bucks that they barely ever use to help better anyone else in this God-forsaken world – when all she has done is overcome drugs and a tainted past to become the richest and most influential Black women in history (our past is what makes us who we are today and she is great)- she reeks of positivity and is an example of what every Black person (esp. woman) can achieve. Hip-hop has become a disgusting display of self-hatred and self-loathing disguised by the phrase “bling-bling”. And if I were Oprah, I would not want these woman haters on my show either – with their filthy, mindless, thoughtless lyrics, and lack of creative luster perpetuating the bullshit stereotypes about Black people. Black America, Oprah is the one we should be looking up to, not these silly rappers. Black men – get a grip (and not to on your pistols or your penises, but on your minds), esp. you rappers – you have the greatest medium of self-expression, yet you’ll use it so destructively. You’ll are helping to raise the children of today and you’ll are doing a horrible job of it – teaching them how to rob, steal, and kill other black people, teaching them how to define themselves through material things, and how to disrespect one another (esp. the women whom give them life) – overall teaching black people how to make black people extinct – so ignorant and dispiccable. I am 27 years old and I grew up with hip-hop, and I can honestly say that most of the rap artists out now to me are deplorable human beings that are doing the white man the hugest favor in the world – killing us. If I were a KKK member, I’d say keep up the good work, but being that I am a black woman who no matter what still loves being black (because I know what it means to be black), I can not stand by and allow whomever wrote this article (and please God don’t let it have been a black man) verbally wale on a sister who has achieved so much greatness in this world and encourages so much greatness in people of all ages, sexes, races, and orientations – the exact opposite of what hip-hop (now) does esp. for it’s youth. It’s truely sad to me – our lack of love, respect, knowledge, and unity – as long as these fucked up attitues about women and about ourselves as black people remain and are perpetuated in song by blacks about blacks we are bound to be extinct – just as they had planned. Divide and conquer – young against the old, woman against man, and so on – we’re comitting a mass suicide with hip-hop as the catalyst of our genocide. In short, to whomever wrote this article, if you dislike Oprah, you dislike yourself. Open your mind before you open your mouth – and disrespect another sister. Go home and hug your mother – you need it – hopefully it will remind you how great, and powerful, and wonderful, and needed a positive, strong, nurturing black woman is. I will keep you in my meditative prayers (and my writing as I continue to speak out against this self-cruelty amongst Black Americans) – you and the entire hip-hop nation and hope that a change will soon come.
    Peace! Black love and true understanding.

  • http://wwswh1aol.com mc


  • TJ


  • Nicole

    Having seen the epsiode of Oprah in question, it becomes clear to me that Oprah makes a strong argument as to why it is not on her show. It conflicts (strongly) with her beliefs on equality, as well as that the “N” word is self-demeaning. And because she own the show, she has every right to NOT allow such music on her show. As a caucasion woman, I find the music infuriating. I treat all i meet with fairness and respect (I’m also Jewish, to not do so would make me a hypocrite), to see that an Africa-American would identify themselves with a slur is disgusting. I do not refer to myself as a “hoe,” “Cracka’,” or the “K” word, and I find it horribly unfair that some African Americans feel they can throw words such as these around and not get any reaction other than: “Oh, it’s just a ‘black’ thing.”
    I am all for Oprah’s “ban” on Hip Hop music on her show, because it shows she cares about improving the image of African Americans, and minorities in general

  • Robert Murillo

    Oprah is first concerned with community. In her up-biulding of society she has gained what she has gained. Others have gained it by tearing society down. For Oprah to make an attempt to change her modus operandi now would destroy her. She may feel, and this feeling would be accurate, that MOST (not all) of hip-hop/rap is tearing down society, African American society in particular. So, why in the world would she promote something so distructive on her show. To say that just because “white” channels promote the destruction of black society,and society in general, so should Oprah is absolutely fallacy.

  • kati

    The author of this article is very resentful of Oprah…and he has the right to be because Oprah doesn’t acknowledge the positive influences of Hip Hop enough on her show. However, the author was very wrong to criticize Oprah’s weight ( and a lot of poor people have weight problems because they don’t have gym memberships available and places other than the corner convenience stores to shop for good food) and the fact that she is from the South (in essence, criticizing and disparaging southern African Americans in a very negative way). This actually promotes racism against the most oppressed people in the US. I do not believe that the author intended to do so…but I am advising him to be wary of his words.
    And, if hip hop artists would stop calling beautiful African American women bitches and hos, they would deserve more respect and people would pay more attention to the good things that they do also.

  • http://Saturdaybol Naomi

    Come on people, business is business. How would you like it if you had a business and someone came in to tell you how to run it. This is supposed to be a county where you have a choice. If I had a retail store and I wanted to only sell jeans and some one kept telling me to sell silk dresses, I would recent it. Give Oprah a break, she targets her market. “Can’t we all just get along.”

  • J-Prince

    Everything that you stated was great on was based on your opinions and a few facts. Yes, being on the O show will boost a rappers career, but as a woman she may not want to have a raper on her show that talks about killin hes wife(Marshall Mathers)or talking about bitch this and hoe that. It comes to the point where she wants people rappers to Respect women period. And by you making this statement and i quote,” she’s still a crackhead with a mangled vagina, and she might need to be taken down a notch” was just not called for what so ever speach your mind no need to result to bad talking or anything of the sort. Everyones an adult and talk like an adult not like a child and bad talking one another.

  • TomatoMike

    This blog, the subject and most of the responses are in index of just how much the gene pool needs chlorine.

  • fran arnold, rn

    “Her little weak-ass apology is not enough. If Oprah wants to prove she’s down with hip-hop, she should put her money where her mouth is and have some rappers on her show. If not, the hip-hop community should attack.

    I don’t care how many billions she’s worth; she’s still a crackhead with a mangled vagina, and she might need to be taken down a notch.”

    and you wonder why she wont showcase hip-hoppers? if you are any example of what goes on in your world of pure noise, than wh would want to draw attention to an industry that puts up with vile and repulsive people like you. No one deserves this, worse there are hundreds of 19-26 year old people dying..getting picked off like flies…to protect for us and introduce to another, a concept of personal freedoms,..for the likes of you..do you kiss your Mother with that mouth?

  • KG

    Why should Oprah support hip-hop? If she wasn’t as famous as she is, Oprah would be just another HOE, excuse me, Bitch. Oops, she still is a bitch according to a couple of people on this thread. So many venomous words for a woman who has done so much good for many people over the 20 year span of her talk show career. Hip-hop and rap has done it’s share of good, but, the image it portrays sends the wrong messages to our young people and apparently, to 20/30-something African-Americans as well. I personally used to love many rap/hip-hop songs, but, as I’ve gotten older, and now have a daughter of my own, those words I used to sing so gleefully now burn my ears. Even now…”If a bitch get a attitude, drop her like she’s like she’s hot”. The music sounds good, but the words BURN BAD. Wouldn’t let my little girl be singin’ that! I’d be ashamed for her to know I’d been shouting “Put shit past no HO” when I was in my early twenties. So why should somebody who is a positive as Oprah want to encourage those types of lyrics? Rappers shouldn’t want anybody talking to their Mamas and sisters and daughters like that, so why make that kind of music?

  • JE

    That YOU dislike Oprah is her finest endorsement. You are a perfect example of the knuckle walking, groin preocupied, angry, woman hating, education bashing, nu-age uncle thom, that she and I and most of the Black population have fought against since slavery. Oprah has made her Billions
    and is willing to spend them on helping all of us to be the best people we can be. On the other hand, you and rap music have reaffirmed the stereotype of Black women as “Bitches & Ho’s” and Black men as sex crazed and totally in capapble of taking any
    responsibility for any thing, least of all the children they produce.
    Given the choice between Oprah at her worst or you at your best…there is no contest. I choose Oprah.

  • Joe

    Maybe she doesn’t like hip-hop because hip-hop currently sucks ass. Why should a sophisticated woman like Oprah, who runs a sophisticated educational show, change the entire nature of her show just to be “down with hip-hop?”

    You think Oprah’s viewers tune in to watch young millionaire kids yell and grab their dicks?

    Jesus fucking Christ you’re dumb.

  • Todd

    Well….how refreshing!! Someone else who feels that they’re “owed” something by someone else. What does Oprah owe you or anybody else, rappers included? It’s her show and America is private interprise. Play your race card someplace else.

  • countess

    Read your article regarding Oprah vs. hip-hop artists. I watch her show and have yet to see classical musicians, opera singers, and/or animal tamers. It’s her show and her perogative to have whomever she wants on it. It’s kind of like you having a party with only certain folk you want to show up. It’s her party. Also, I watch the judges shows (Judy, Joe, Maybelline) and people love to tell other folks dirty little secrets since they MAD. We don’t need to talk about folk like that. She ain’t the Mother of Jesus (pure as the driven snow). She’s a human being and deserves that small respect, like you, me and everybody else trying to make it. I like the fact that you have a column, write, and use analytical thought. Keep it up!

  • countess

    Also, one other thing. We must be careful of this “willie lynch mentality.” We just might be out of physical salvery, but not mental slavery. Willie Lynch said the way to break the blacks is through black women. Some hip-hop artists’ negative views and verbalization of black females sounds just like they work for Willie Lynch. I am beginning to wonder if they are KKK who have undergone radical pigmentation injections and placed in strategic areas around the country to maintain Willie Lynch’s idealogy. Pretty much how Hitler set up a farm of blonde hair/blue-eyed people to show Aryan superiority. It’s amazing to hear such hatred for the same entity (women)who supposedly gives such joy and pleasure. The mind-set behind this is deep! It’s like enjoying a beautifully grilled steak, chicken, etc. and then throwing it all up. I believe this is considered a mental illness? Like buying a pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes, wearing them to a party, receiving pleasure from friends compliments – then going home and cutting them up. And, the women who tolerate and support not being appreciated for the pleasure they provide are also suspect. Willie Lynch’s idealogies need to be confronted and stopped. People of color are prehistoric, we need to shine – not burn out like this.

  • Dee

    I totally agree with Oprah that these rappers should not be on her show. I get sick and tired of listening to their broken English and the total disrespect of women. I tired of hearing women described as hoes and looking like hoes. We have young girls who listen to these rappers talking about having sex with them. Oprah keep them and the other trash off of your show.

  • Mary Brown


  • Heather

    As a 36 year old black female I admit that I hardly ever listen to hip hop. Never cared for the art form and it reminds me of the dancehall music from my native Jamaica which sickens me half the time due to its emphasis on aggression and sex. I could never see myself spending my hard earned income on a hip hop or dancehall cd. As a matter of fact if I could get BET off my cable package without losing channels I like I probably would. How many half naked women do I have to see shaking their rump in those sleazy videos. Whatever happened to modesty.

    What I do religiously is have my daily fill of Oprah because her shows “in general” enriches my understanding of human relationships and what’s going on in the world. Even if Oprah show exposes you to neagative conditions in the world or in your life she empowers you by letting you know how you can change/help in your own small or big way. Compare this to rap that constantly harp on the negative aspect of our society, wallows in it and accepts it as the norm. Who wants to listen to rappers degrading the very sex that carried them for nine months and glorifying violence and criminal behavior.

    Ever wonder why our black communities seems to be in constant turmoil — high incarceration rate, high mortality rate etc. I bet the people who commit criminal acts spend a lot of time listening to and internalizing unhealty lyrics on a regular basis. IF MORE PEOPLE WATCHED OPRAH WE WOULD HAVE A BETTER SOCIETY. ALSO DON’T FORGET TO ATTEND CHURCH.

  • http://yahoo j.carroll,atlanta

    I’d like to say that oprah is nothing but good… and as for rap yeah my kids like it i will listen to some but not much if you dont like oprah
    then maybe you have issues……she has did nothing but good for every one
    rap has got a few people including some of there own, so on that note take it for what you know. so far as i know no one has been killed over oprah..and even if she dont like rap she has the choice too or not to. it ills me that some people cant stand if someone does good and as for her
    weight half of america is over weight
    and i think she’s done a great job at doing whatever it takes to be healthy
    but worked very hard to be wealthy and as for being violated when she was young she not twisted shes did alot to help other victims so all the nasty comments are uncalled for and
    ignernt yeah.. for suggesting anything other.lets put it this way her billions are from good and his millions are from whatever he can put together maybe not all good and oprah shares much of hers does lude?

  • lisa

    that article is some of the worst writing I have ever read. Get educated.

  • http://aol.com Trene’

    as a 52yr old black woman who grew up with the r& b since the 60′s…I have only been able to enjoy a very few hip-hop artists. The beat might drive me but I just can’t understand what they are saying for the most part. Some of it might be relevant but the message is garbled. I also find most of the videos distastful…I don’t care to see tits and thonged shaking asses…that’s not entertaining to me and it sems to be a contest of who can be the nastiest. that’s so sophomoric, juvenile and non-creative. The hip-hop criticism of Oprah that I have read on this blog is sophomoric and juvenile as well…one day theses a-holes will wake up and wonder “what was I thinking”.

  • Crystal

    For those who don’t watch Oprah, she goes Bill O’Reilly on pretty much everything she doesnt agree with. Why should she agree with rap, cuz she’s black? Oh please….why should she be a fan of music that degrades women and talks about drug dealing, that’ not her lifestyle- at least 75% of rap on the radio makes mentions of one of these two in some form. Now if Tigger didn’t want rappers in his basement, maybe that would be something worth writing about….

  • jen

    oprah is a bussiness woman she doesn’t have rap and hip hop on the show b/c that is not her audience..as far as giving ludacris a hard time about calling woman hoes??? why would someone who tries to empower woman on tv have someone on that is going to disrespect women by calling them hoes? i he thinks enough to say it then he should not care if people don’t like it… or promote it. oprah has the right to have or not have anyone she wants on the show..it is a choice that is hers, and if hip hop doesn’t like it she seems to be ok with that. as far as the comment made by someone saying that like anyone that makes white people look stupid…you really need to get with the times. you are exactly why there is still racism in the world, and why affirmative action is needed even though it is crap in todays day and age…fair is not equal it is giving everyone what they have earned deserved and work for…you don’t get shit in life b/c of the color of your skin you get what you get b/c you earned it. educate yourself b/c you sound like an idiot!

  • greg

    lets talk about single black men who are raising there kids on there on. ophah will not put these people on either. there are a lot of good blackmen taking care of home and some are rappers talk about that.

  • Tinyman2474

    You know….i’ve red all the comments made by all the people on this website…and I’ve come to one conclusion….Oprah is not the center of the universe…She’s just making the digits like everybody else…except she’s doing it on a grander scale…She doesn’t need to support Hip-Hop in anyway,shape,or form…Hip-Hop has anuff’support to survive neither with her support or not to last centuries…if I was Luridris,or 50 cent,or whoever…I would give two shits if Oprah liked me or not…she doesn’t represent Hip-Hop..and she never will…

  • Sonja

    Wow! Here we go fighting amongst ourselves and giving the white folk something else to talk about. Why do we keep doing this???? There’s always two sides and Oprah is a corporation, so other people are hired to make decisions, though she has the final say-so. We should go after her producers also, shouldn’t we?

  • SJE545

    Why would a “real” black woman want to support hip hop by those artist that degrade black women in their lyrics…I respect Oprah for being real instead of being phony like so many others…who laugh at us and see us as some type of minstral show behind closed doors. I love the art of hip hop…but if you want to express yourself and have lyrical freedom you can’t be upset if some are offended or are not supportive. If Marshall Mathers had a song that degraded African Americans, he wouldn’t be in XXL or The Source in a positive light…

  • Real/Sue Age:16 female

    Some of ya’ll black women got a big conception on some rappers. Black Men/Rappers know how to respect a real lady when they meet them. When they rap about degading material. They are not talking to all black women. Ya’ll know it some women who doesn’t have any kind of self-respect for themselves that are promiscious, sleazy and will do any kind of sexual act to get money, or finer things in life. They are rapping about those type of particular women. They are not talking the women who carries and treats theirselves like a lady. Why only get mad at the rappers. Those women decided degade theirselves. No one made them do that. So I’m saying don’t blame all on the rappers. The woman is responsible for her actions as well. If u treats yo self like a hoe then everybody else men included will treat u like a hoe. If u treat yo self like a lady then everybody will treat u like a lady. Becuz, rappers are not the only one raps/sing sexual explict lyrics about women. Ya’ll lets get real.

  • http://ruanidiotorranIDIOT? Sam

    R u an educated man, or an educated IDIOT, or none of the above? (With all due respect, of course!)As Luda said, “we can Disagree without actin an ass!”

  • Real/Sue

    Sam who r u talking too. If u was talkin to me. Then it look like u didn’t read my name or whole paragraph. Like I said females r responsible for their own actions. I never heard nobody never complaint against Hef with playboy, and rock n roll artists saying they degading women, but if a rapper do it. Then it a big deal. No boy complain about Lil Kim and Trina rapping about highly sexual exploit lyrics. To some of ya’ll eyes they’re feminist. I didn’t say I agree or I support them (rappers) to promote high sexual exploited lyrics about women. So who ever think that, need to get it correct.

  • Real/Sue

    I apologized Sam, I realized u was responsing to the Columnist Boi. I’m sorry. My Bad.

  • http://www.sorryassbabydaddies.com Fadia

    I feel you 100% I have been trying to get on her show about my child support issues and web site, along with all the organizations i’m working with to rebuild the black family, and she just will not respond two years later.
    It’s like she just dismisses us and our issues completely.
    It’s funny how so many black people jump to her defense and she could care less about they ass ya heard!!!

  • http://www.sorryassbabydaddies.com Fadia

    I feel you 100% I have been trying to get on her show about my child support issues and web site, along with all the organizations i’m working with to rebuild the black family, and she just will not respond two years later.
    It’s like she just dismisses us and our issues completely.
    It’s funny how so many black people jump to her defense and she could care less about they ass ya heard!!!

  • Sai

    Mr. Crawford, as I write this I really do not believe you are not worthy of my audience because you insult those of your discerning readers, including myself, in assuming that your foul mouth jeers and elemental arguments achieve anything. I begin to question the esteem of XXL for allowing such substandard work to be published. There must be a certain standard below which writing can no longer be considered journalism. I urge XXL editors to consider this.

    One thing came across very clearly to me in your poorly written and poorly structured article, that you believe that there is some kind of criteria to be a good/loyal African American?
    And, I quote “If Oprah wants to prove she’s down with hip-hop…”
    What you are suggesting is that to be REALLY BLACK, or to be DOWN WITH THE BLACK FOLK, everybody must follow, believe, adore and worship every aspect of Blackness, and more specifically, Hip Hop culture! That, combrades, is dangerous rubbish. Not only does Mr Crawford prove how obtuse he really is, he implies that African Americans are sheep, and should be lead blindly into EVERY SINGLE aspect of Hip Hop culture, including the belief that naked booties shaking on TV, aptly represents their culture!! More dangerous rubbish.
    Yes, thank you Mr Crawford for citing that the highly esteemed 50 cent does not approve of Oprah Winfrey, what contribution has he really made to the black race? Taking us to the candy shop? During Hurricane Katrina, the aggregate amount of money that Oprah’s Angel Network invested both in relief aid and reconstruction totals $51.8 million. We compare this to the 25,000 dollars Mr Cent so kindly donated as an education bursary alongside allowing profit from sale of his ringtones to go to Katrina victims! We applaud you. Rethink your futile implications that Oprah is not LOYAL to her race, SHE puts her dollars where it makes cents. And so if I was to ask you, is there more to the black race than booty shaking, and being taken to the candy shop? I am certain you would answer plainly, “definetly maybe.”
    Oprah is a woman, much like your mother I expect, a woman of integrity, who is not afraid to state publicly her disgust for the manner in which African America women are degraded in these Hip Hop videos, this is after all the accusation she put forward to Ludacris, who is guilty of that very crime!

    To suggest that there are no serious issues that need to be addressed in Hip Hop culture is to commit a fallacy!

  • Stax On Deck

    I love Hip Hop as much as the next guy but i think Oprah knows that Hip Hop supportz negativity and wants OUR black people to get it together…Get Off The Streets…and Get Into to Schoolz like da white kidz. She still needz to support black people who are makin a way for themselves though.

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  • Samantha

    I’m assuming that you are an African , Black, or Negro which ever you prefer. I beg of you to please read: The Speech By Willie Lynch written in 1712.Read it word for word and see if you are not disgusted seeing .50, or ice cube being interviewed by white women while dissing a sister.The same white women who would have had you hanging from a tree about40 years ago. BE BLESS YOUNG PEOPLE.

  • Samantha

    One Luv

  • Grant

    maybe if rappers didn’t go around acting like big childish Niggers ( oh I used that word, talking about ther guns drugs and bitches, civilized people would warm up to them. Those frigging idiots glorify a gangster, drug-dealing lifestyle, then expect everyone else to love them. Too bad, Jigaboo, I don’t love you at all! You write songs about sneakers and rims, you exult in being stupid and uneducated, you’d rather loot your own city than help out your neighbours in times of trouble.

    Oprah hates niggers. So does Chris Rock, Bill Cosby and Maya Angelou. There’s a good reason behind this, so take heed. If you’re a nigger,either un-nig yourself immediately, or suck it up.

  • http://www.tackforce.com caped crusader

    Damn Byron Crawford is a fucking idiot. He was right when he stated that Ice Cube wasn’t invited on Oprah even though he was the producer and star. He was wrong when he said it was for the movie Barber Shop, it was for the show on FX, Black/White. Fire Byron Crawford

  • Alex

    Grant shut ya punk ass up with those words you using man. You could never get away with that in my hood. Oprah aint shit but a reflection of your stupid assss. F**king Fag. By the way the people that you mentioned dont hate blacks asshole. But a dumbass with a name like grant that probably grew up in la la land would not know that. And oprah pick your muthafuckin weight up! or down……whatever just wake up and smell the muthafuckin coffee. People like grant make me sick…… Oh if you wanna know who said it then here:


  • missdrie

    Yall need to stop dissing Oprah for real. She does a lot of good for the community and also has a scholarship fund, open to high school students (yes black and white). Maybe she does’nt want rappers on her show becasue of their mysogynistic lyrics, or the fact that they perpetuate the stereotype that black men are violent and hypersexual. As a woman, I would not want a man on my show who bombards the radio with derogatory lyrics. Oprah is a very intelligent woman, who embraces and uplifts her African American heritage. Regardless of whether a rapper appeared on her show, ain’t no way in hell those old folks that watch Oprah are going to buy those CDs anyway.

  • missdrie

    Yall need to stop dissing Oprah for real. She does a lot of good for the community and also has a scholarship fund, open to high school students (yes black and white). Maybe she does’nt want rappers on her show becasue of their mysogynistic lyrics, or the fact that they perpetuate the stereotype that black men are violent and hypersexual. As a woman, I would not want a man on my show who bombards the radio with derogatory lyrics. Oprah is a very intelligent woman, who embraces and uplifts her African American heritage. Regardless of whether a rapper appeared on her show, ain’t no way in hell those old folks that watch Oprah are going to buy those CDs anyway.

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  • Tonya

    I wish that people would get it thru their heads. Why would I have someone on my show that’s calling women bitches and telling them to shake their asses. Although some of the songs do not refer to all women, but they refer to some. And most of the rappers are married, but want to talk about women this way. How many times do you have to hear them call women bitches or hoes? So if she doesn’t want that type of rap on her show then so be it. That doesn’t make her wrong. I think it is about time to clean up the rap some. Hpw come there’s not more political rap, like Public Enemy do it. We need to stand up for the positive rap!!!

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    i am a white male, with a white wife. we both want to lick oprah’s pussy.

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