Nas Pulls Jay-Z Out of the Retirement Home

After announcing his retirement, Jay-Z has been living a life of leisure that would make most real retirees jealous. While your Granddad is out sitting at the dock of the bay with his fishing pole, Hovi is jet setting across the globe. One week he is at Cannes kicking it with Bono and before he can even get the sand out of his chencletas, you can catch him back in NYC chopping it up with Bill Gates.

Word is that Jay may be putting his buddy pass days on hold for a moment to hit the studio once again.

Get ready for Roctober, folks! It is rumored that Young Hova will appear on one of Nas’ later singles from Hip-Hop Is Dead. Not only will this keep the album spins and momentum going strong, but it will give Jay a nice little set up for his own album. He has allegedly already completed three songs.

Don’t look for the first single to be produced by Kanye, though. Jay has supposedly tapped an old school producer to handle the production duties.

Now before you go deleting all of your Dem Franchize Boyz mp3s and porn to make room on your hard drive, keep in mind that this is all speculation at this point. But I’m hoping that this one actually comes into fruition.

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  • dat boy

    hov is my boy but he is lookin real jordan with the 45 right now.I mean he seems to be a shadow of himself

  • eskay

    U2 can live like Salvatore Ferragamo

  • Saun

    I’m sure Jay will come back on some old “Jay-Z is retired. This is the birth of Shawn Carter” and just start making albums as Shawn Carter. Either way, I wouldn’t mind a track or two.

  • Ninjagirrl

    *laughing at Shadow Jay*

    Thank MyGod Kanye isn’t producing, I’m bout sicka him touching the sky and everything else…..

    I’m not mad at Jay, not even a little bit…


    He’s coming back wearing jearsey n0- 45 wack ass fuck, Cam’ron gonna finish Gay-z old ass off

  • skdamc

    Can’t be mad a Hov, but what does it say for Hip-Hop music when we’re waiting with bated breath for a “retired” M.C. to give us hope.

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  • Honorable

    jay-z needs to make up his mind. we dont need a jordan or magic johnson of hip-hop. furthermore, the conflict of interests between def jam and his music is a bad look for hip-hop.

    i love jay. but you stepped out the game. please, for the intergity of def jam, leave it alone.

  • Ninjagirrl

    ah well, being retired means you can do what the hell you want and I guess he is….think about it like this, lots of companies bring back retirees as consultants and such, and like SKDAMC said if we are waiting for the retirees to make comebacks…..well that says a lot right there, now doesn’t it?
    *for me it just confirms my diagnosis that hiphop has cancer of the nutsack*

  • Scorpio

    Honorable, you dumb ass, how is that different from any other rapper that runs their label? Also Interscope, you are on timeout. Do not reply to any blogs for 3 days. That should get enough of the crack you are smoking out of your system. Cam’ron dust Jay. Wow! You can find all types on the internet. Saying shit like that, I am surprised you know how to use a computer. You must be part of the movement (Dipset), Dipshits is more like it. How ironic one of the leaders is named Jim Jones. You all are like a dumb ass cult.


    i hope the nigga come back and blaze ten more albums…that’s a black man getting as much cake as he can….bono 80 mick jagger a hunnid and they eating fresh cake….fukit jay….CHeat! FUk what anybody say..if you can command the sales get it then….so what jay 36…he better than anybody 16-26….hip hop heads gotta change their mindstate…this is a billion dollar biz…and aint nothing but old white people caking off it…why cant old black people get some lol

  • Emma


  • bxconnect

    theres a old song by shaq i forgot the name but its the only song nas and j did together.i think they took jay s vocals off.nas dont let us down with this album.i copped your double joint and only listened to 4 songs.

  • Trophy

    Hov coming back? Sure Nas’ album will be pushed back to 2008 right in time for a new prez but i’ll wait…I mean it’s Nas…but Hov needs to just make cameos. He needs to let Reasonable Doubt and The Black Album sell itself.

  • OnPoint of EarDrummahz Ent.

    Well the niggah Jiggah but his figgahz. Why not come back and take more money then hit the beaches for more big pimpin. Power to his ass for getting the fukk up and pushing his way back to close to the top. Correct me if I’m wrong but alot of people are already under his big toe. All he would really have to do is step and you won’t hear from niggahs unless its on mixtape.

    OnPoint signing out!


    i dont think Jay will release a new album…he’ll just release, “unreleased” tracks….

  • whatevaman

    I love Jay but he was weak on the lst two verses I
    heard him on…Bumpin my music (scarface killed that one)
    and that Rick Ross joint Hov didnt do anything for me on
    that one..all the comparisons he made to coming out
    of retirement and being sad like Jordan..he might have jinxed himself.

  • AD

    Honestly, whoever thinks that he is going to come out and drop something wacj MUST be losing their mind. C’mon, wake up to reality. Jay spitting on an off day is still 10X better than most of the so called emcees out doing it now. IMO it will be a breath of fresh air.

  • Robbie

    “Don’t look for the first single to be produced by Kanye, though. Jay has supposedly tapped an old school producer to handle the production duties”

    ^ Best news I’ve heard all week. Although I didn’t know that DJ Premier was “old school” all of a sudden.

    Hopefully he gets 45 King or Marley Marl on deck.

  • Jjizzle

    u kno its gonnna be hott……kinda upset kanye isnt producing cuase hes got the hottest beats out there except for storch but thats gonnna be hotttttt jay z is gonnna come bakc strong but if u think he basicallly told us what was gonnna happen on all his songs

  • D Money

    With all due respect to you new-jack-dick-swingers,let that man do him!Jay,like fellow rap veteran Too Short,can bounce out of retirement and continue to flesh out fresh material for the consumers.That new Nas shit will likely be the hardest album of the year,with or without a Jay collabo.Hip Hop might be on life support as we speak,but the best is yet to come you nostalgic,psuedo critics!

  • i wrote rhymes in 84

    ive been djing for 10 years now , I cant wait to get back to spinning some hov shit, hov is a talent just like biggie and pac, few artist can have the whole club singing the verses and hook. feel me, he speaks with confidence kind of like a minister, better yet a real m.c.

  • Philly Black

    The smart move for Jay if he is to come back out is to not come back out as Jay-Z…seriously! If he comes back out he needs to reinvent himself as Shawn Carter & change his subject matter up. The setup would be crazy!

  • kat

    Jay-Z (9.8 artist)
    Nas (7.0 at best)…

    somehow equals a 20+ single.
    -I’m even confused. yet satisfied

  • XRAY3000

    yes..nice time to come back..hip hop is in a state of 911…

    “When I come back with tha 4-5 it aint to play games wit you, its to aim at you!!”

  • jumped off

    what? ni99as got expiration dates? it would be nice if the RETIRED stay retired for more than a few weeks at a time, but if these new mixtape “rappers” would realize this ain’t about droppin’ lukewarm half azzed singles, then maybe we would see the big picture and make some quality MUSIC. how y’all dissin’ Hov OR Nas. This is rhyming/emceeing/street POETRY at times. I could give a fcuk about a WET WIPE. This really ain’t a fashion show or popularity contest—these 2 dudes have CLASSICS!!! (look up that word on… AND y’all ni99as got the nerve to dis Jordan? You got 9 pairs of his shoes in your roached out closet! Show some damn respect and let’s PLEASE leave Dipshit outta this. Them ni99as songs got a shelf life of 2 weeks and then it’s just garbage to the ears…

  • lone1

    Ain’t no way in hell I’d delete my porn to put a Jay Z cd on that joint…but if this is true…I’m looking forward to it…Jay is ill…more looking forward to Nas though.

  • lukee lefty

    remeber, Jordan came outta retirement the first time and won three more championships

    NaS,Jay,Fab,Jada,Bank$,Clipse,Pharrell my cd stack will be growing by leeps and bounds

  • D’andra

    Well I think that Jay-Z needs to come out of retirement because all these niggas are coming at him like crazy.

  • dj mad wax

    jay z comes out with a new album, triple plat guaranteed. even his weakest album (the commercial slanted “In my lifetime volume 1″) is 10x better than most of the trash released these days.

  • Ian

    I don’t know if this is going to be on Nas new album, but I heard a song called “the best” that had Nas, BIG, and Jay on it. That shit was crazy, I went back and listened to all my Jay cds to see if it was an old verse, but that shit is new. If that’s any sign of how hot Nas cd is going to be crack. As for Jay doing a comeback, Mtv had that nigga stumbling for words when they brought up a quote that said he was just going to take a few years off and then drop a comeback album. Jay left at his peak, but black album could’ve sold more the first week if that ‘Pac soundtrack and The G-unit album weren’t dropping the same week. If he come back and is slotted during a week where there aren’t many hip hop releases then he’s looking at 700,000- 1,000,000 the first week, b/c everyone is going to want that cd.

  • Rizoh

    This needs to happen!

  • gees dat dude

    i need a real mc to spit on some shit until these new niggas start commin wit some ral shit i would love to see hova back givin me some solid shit to listen to its like any nigga under the age of 25 cant fuccking rap any way.

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  • lone Nigerian

    Jay-Z (9.8 artist)
    Nas (7.0 at best)…

    somehow equals a 20+ single.
    -I’m even confused. yet satisfied

    you gotta add, then divide

    so the real answer is: 8.4
    which is still freakin’ awesome

  • 2chéLupe

    Yo, the man is jus doin’ what he love to do, ya dig. When Tiger Woods retire (which he should after another monumental win) you expect him not play golf…come on
    ..FNF UP
    Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liqour Coming on the 27th….B Prepared




  • Blaq Thought

    Do you Jay! What’s funny is between Jay and Busta who else is known for dropping consistant albums with good club bangers not just mainstream jams?
    Bring that East coast raw back because the South is doing the damn thing and their united with one another. I want the East to rise and the West to rise again because I miss diverse rap music.

  • Ant-Man

    yo kid dat sum dope shit rite their my fav mc nas and another great by the name of jay-z gon drop a single of nasty nas album called hip hop is dead. i hope nas bring back the art of hip hop back son cause it really is dead. mc needa step up. da lyrical masta mind

  • westcoastnurmouth

    it’s true. jay aint struggling no more. my boy eating 3 course meals every day, no problem. we all want to hear new blood. but have you heard some of this new shit. its beyond
    jay need to drop another album and do it like he always do. fools always going to hate. fuck em all. we waiting GOD MC

  • westside money

    Man yall dumb Hova already on Nas album.All you gotta do is listen to the “The Best” by Nas,Hova,and legend Biggie Smalls.

  • lwazie in SA

    I’m looking foward on listening to the best mcees colaborate with the finest flow ever expirienced in the globe.Who can ever dout the old school that made us love rap & street hop,if there is then fuck them all because they’ll remain unknown & hating till they die.I can’t wait to hear jay murdering camron.Esko & Hova r d best so far,who ever that think I’m wrong can fly to South Africa & suck my behind.

  • luigi lord

    hope i’aint been punk’d? nas and jay-z album!……… crazy luv for it……..haters can perish in hell!!!

  • Young HOV

    i heard that kanye slipped up and said hes currently producing for jay???
    also i heard timbaland said he is producing for HOV at the moment??

    anyone know anyhting about that ..

    with that being said..

    COME BACK HOV..the game needs you

  • What tha hell!!

    As long as Jay-Z comes with some verbal heat, I’m good.

    Hip Hop Is Dead The N comes out in November.

  • Jon

    Jay Z please comeback and save hip hop. Bring your sidekick nas with you, we need the ol great and powerful Jay Z to lead us. 50 cent and other suckers will not be able to surrive with you here. ol great and powerful king of hiphop Jay Z save us all please.

  • Big Time Lucky


  • Tommy

    can somebody tell me why everyone is making a big deal about the retirement sh!t,,like you aint never changed your mind…Ill be at the record store early in roctober…Hova

  • Babyface pimp

    Soul of a Hustler, Mind of a C.E.O…….The best rapper alive is outta retirement…..The Kingdom returns!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blue lion

    I think Jay-z coming out will be the best thing for hip hop becuz it means that someone real and got something real to say will finally bring something back to the table becuz I am tired of the lean wit it and rock wit shiznit they got on the radio. At least Hov and Nas will bring that New York Rap back!!. I think that Jay-z should sign back DMX though so def jam will finally come back. And I also think jay should LL becuz 50 looks like he is going to sign LL.
    So the top eight top rappers that could save def Jam are Jay-z, Nas, Jada, LL, Juelz, Method Man, DMX and the last person that could and Jay should sign is Maino.

  • Micheal

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  • Trae Bizzo

    Why everytime somebody mention jay-z
    or Nas Dip set and Camron gotta come out the toilet. just compare the three
    Lyricaly and go back to camrons first album with that song the hook go “Horse and carriage,i hit her wit a little puerto rican judo”. need i say more- wet wipes, push it they should write for the birdman.

  • D-Reppin

    Man Jay is a great ‘commercial’ artist, but im tired of you lamef&%ks sayin jay is hard. Man f&%k Jay, im looking forward to the Nas more. C’mon you guys say hip hop is on life support and you think Jay is the cure? All you dumbf&%ks smoking some baking soda crack. Esco, unless he f&%ks this album up (marketing strategy to give Jay more sales) is gonna prove WHY he is the best since rakim. Who the f&%k has Jay influenced except half assed DJ’s and Pop whitees. It’s like nas said in Nas is like “soon enough you’ll all see who the real prophet is”. Real talk [if you don't believe me cop illmatic and reasonable doubt...No comparison cuz 1 is classic and the other is a fabricated protege of the 90's revolution]

  • Jay

    YO jay will cure hip hop, all you hear on the radio is lean wit it rik wit it snap your finger chicken noodle soup that shit is wak, Jay gonna come back and drop fire on kindon come whitch there sayin will be released nvember 21st, and he already got 2 hits out kingdom come and show me what you got and them dipset garbage they wak jAY COULD KILL CAM ON ONE DISS TRACK AND CAM CAN DROP 10 HE’LL STILL LOOSE. All the dipset are fags cam wearin pink jim wearin purple juel wearin clothes bigga than him please

  • Prospect

    Yo why are ya trippin, why is dat each time an artist gets ready to drop an album, ya wanna compare him to someone else. The bottom line is dat NAS and JAY-Z are both “Hip Hop Icons”. I mean, you talkin bout to MC’s that that both had there share of good consistent albums and went at each other in a true hip hop manner. No guns, no violence…….jus wax. Then when the smoke was cleared, both of these guys wised up, matured and and pretty much joined forces. Isn’t dat wut “Real Hip Hop” is all about??? Jay-Z and Nas album is gonna be tight. And I’m not plannin comparin there albums at all. I consider these two MC’s equal. If ya disagree, can someone in here that’s an actual intelligent hip hop head PLEASE explain to me wut “REAL HIP HOP” is den????? And den tell me why ya think Jay-Z is a commercial rapper? How? Commercial is when people make songs like Laffy Taffy, Lean wit it Rock wit it, and all dat otha bullshit. I think ya jus hatin on Jay-Z because he is actually makin money.

  • ayo

    I’m tired of people thinkin Jay is the shyt. that dude is wack as ever, I didn’t even like him when he wasn’t in retirement. Now he’s out? Who cares. He ain’t gone change nuttin..If u want a change u need more than just that bum, u need bone thugs n harmony, scarface, ruff ryders, em, nas, wu tang, ll, etc..dem dudes..

    Stop w/ all dis south shyt..I hate them southern rappers w/ 0 talent..excluding paul wall, chamillionare, ti, etc..NO dancin songs..enough plz!

  • Beef

    Both of the albums are out now and damn them shits is hot!!!!!!! I’m glad Jay-Z came back, better yet I think hookin up wit Nas was his best move so far. The Black Republican’s was hot but overall both albums was killa. They should do more songs with each other.

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