After announcing his retirement, Jay-Z has been living a life of leisure that would make most real retirees jealous. While your Granddad is out sitting at the dock of the bay with his fishing pole, Hovi is jet setting across the globe. One week he is at Cannes kicking it with Bono and before he can even get the sand out of his chencletas, you can catch him back in NYC chopping it up with Bill Gates.

Word is that Jay may be putting his buddy pass days on hold for a moment to hit the studio once again.

Get ready for Roctober, folks! It is rumored that Young Hova will appear on one of Nas’ later singles from Hip-Hop Is Dead. Not only will this keep the album spins and momentum going strong, but it will give Jay a nice little set up for his own album. He has allegedly already completed three songs.

Don’t look for the first single to be produced by Kanye, though. Jay has supposedly tapped an old school producer to handle the production duties.

Now before you go deleting all of your Dem Franchize Boyz mp3s and porn to make room on your hard drive, keep in mind that this is all speculation at this point. But I’m hoping that this one actually comes into fruition.