After the whole media spectacle that was the Murder Inc trial, Irv Gotti and Ja Rule almost seemed to vanish into thin air. And no one appeared to really give a shit.

But from what I am hearing they are looking to shine a spotlight on the label once again. No, they aren't going to introduce the new Murder Inc. by doing a tell-all interview with a magazine or putting together a one-night-only concert showcasing their greatest hits. They are taking a substitute route and hitting the small screen with a new reality show, detailing their efforts to rebuild Murder Inc. And what's the first thing on the agenda? Calling out other muthafuckas of course!

Irv and Ja are planning on using their television time as a forum to air a few people out. The actual targets are unspecified at this point, but I'll leave the fun of speculating up to you. Irv probably feels as if he has his swagger back since signing a new label deal with Atlantic Records. He also supposedly received a nice little million dollar bonus from Lyor.

Now this isn't going to be the run of the mill, gritty *Smack* type of joint. Word is that MTV camera crews have been hired to handle the visuals. I have my fingers cross that Sway isn't involved in this shit. Every time he interviews an artist I can never fully concentrate on what's going on since I'm focusing on his headwrap.

Shouldn't they be out trying to hustle some of those leftover Ervin Geoffrey T-shirts? I know there has got to be something more constructive that they can be doing with their free time.