Liquor in the front

I think we can all agree that it’s important to have at least one song that people like before you call yourself putting out an album. For example, the debut albums by the Game and Tony Yayo had lead singles that were essentially 50 Cent songs – in fact, arguably the only two good songs Fiddy put out all last year.

The result? People actually bought those albums when they came out. Record companies are aware of this, which is why so many of your favorite rappers these days haven’t had an album out since like 2002. The new thinking in the record industry is why even bother if it doesn’t have the potential to be a big hit.

Lupe Fiasco has a hit, or the closest he’ll ever come to having one anyway, with “Kick Push.” As such, I wonder why the record label has decided to push the release of his debut album, Food and Liquor, back to August 29th. Would they not have been better off putting it out weeks ago already?

Ostensibly, the logic behind such a move is that the shit has already been widely disseminated for free throughout the Internets. Given its already somewhat limited commercial potential, having it bootlegged probably decimated what little chance it had at not being the next Minstrel Show.

That album didn’t sell very many copies, did it?

So now they’re bringing in a bunch of guest rappers and producers to save the album from certain commercial ruin. When I saw him live the other day, Lupe mentioned that the official version of the album, with the FBI symbol on it, will feature guest appearances by Jill Scott, Mike Shinoda, and Jay-Z.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily seem like a bad idea. Mobb Deep did something similar after Murda Muzik leaked, way back in the dark ages, and it turned out to be my third favorite Mobb Deep album. Granted, it was only destined to in retrospect, but I’m sure the situation could’ve ended up much worse.

Only thing is, this isn’t 1999 and Lupe Fiasco isn’t Mobb Deep. Even if they manage to hold this shit until three days before the release date, like they did with the TI album, it’s going to be bootlegged anyway. And there’s no guarantee that all of this new material isn’t going to suck balls.

The crowd at Intonation seemed decidedly nonplussed at the prospect of Lupe rhyming alongside Jill Scott, Mike Shinoda, and Jay-Z, even going so far as to loudly boo the Linkin Park frontman. At this point, I think you have to assume that “Kick Push” is the closest thing he’ll have to a hit.

And it ain’t getting any newer.

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  • Sleep

    Am I first?

  • Sleep

    Yeah looks like it. Anyway, Lupe is actually really good. Got curious and went on LimeWire and d/led a lot of his other shit. It’s actually really good. Him not putting out this album is startin’ to irratate me. I just hope it comes out and is successful. Because I think he deserves it.

  • UnFaded Disciple

    I wouldn’t really worried about “Kick Push” not being the only hit out…

    He got “Steady Mobbin’ aka Ghetto Story” “Kick Push II” “Just Might Be Okay”…I could go on…but you have to hear em for yourselves.

    I heard Kick Push before he amde a video of it…and I thought it was the wrong song to debut with…he had alot better songs that couldve made Lpe on the top spot…

    Thing is, Lupe keeps his music too precious for him, and its hard to really get tthe dude’s music if you haven’t research him, because he isn’t the type to be slaying the radio stations with commercial bullshit.

    In other words, he doesn’t have a strong presence when it comes to the Radio…he needs to have a stronger presence and multiple hit songs…and I’m talking about songs people would listen to without researching for it.

    Lupe got hit singles that he haven’t put out yet and the best bet of the next song woulg be “Ghetto Story”, that song is hella nice and it should be th enext step…

    Lupe will sell, cuz his skills and his flows is really unmatched right now.

    O and p.s.

    He already did a song woth Mike Shinoda and Ghostface Killah called “Spraypaint and ink pens” and yes all three verses were hot as hell…I was surprise about Shinoda.

  • Gutta


  • Rey

    Altho’ I’m trying to have an open mind when it comes to Senor Fiasco, he’s still gonna have to impress the fuck outta me to get me to drop an hour’s pay (that’s $13 in case anyone was curious) on an album.

  • 2chéLupe

    UnFaded Disciple Says: Lupe will sell, cuz his skills and his flows is really unmatched right now.

  • khal

    word. Is Kick Push even a hit? Anytime I watch Direct Effe-oops, Sucker Free on MTV during the week, it’s hardly in the top 5… always the “hot joint” or the “underground spot”… whattup with that? He was in a Kanye video, right?

    I don’t know if he is going to do well, regardless… we shall see.

  • Zilla


    I was hating on your ass initially. I wasn’t feeling the “Touch the Sky” verse. I couldn’t understand why you were on the cover of Fader like 4 months ago. But then I heard “Kick Push” and a slew of your mixtape tracks.
    I didn’t download your album ’cause I want to be surprised with some good music. I just copped “Chi-Town Guevera” and I’m eager for “Food and Liquor.” You gave me hope that a new, real MC with intricate rhymes and non-stupid concepts could make it with a major label.
    Be good.

  • exo

    Damned. For a nickel that ain’t even drop an album, Lupe sure got a good amount of loyal Stans.

  • Rey

    PS- Shinoda isn’t that bad.. He raps his raps and seems loyal to the game, and isn’t really even trying to be an uber-Rakim lyricist or anything, so give him a break.

    Check out “Cigarettes” off the Fort Minor album and tell me this man doesn’t have a place in the game.

    Shinoda > (you knew this was coming) Juelz, Yayo, Jim Jones etc etc

  • B-Dub

    I’ve never heard any of his songs but the one in that commercail for some kind of mega mix C.D. But personally I’m not intrested in hearing anything he has to say he sounds like a lame. And so what if he has skills and a good flow either of the two have anything to do with selling records and being successful in the music industry. D4L went gold picture if they would of had laffy taffy and choclate bar they’d be platinuim and they suck.

    Biship Boss Is The Future

  • UnFaded Disciple

    B-Dub…like you said

    You aint never heard of his shit


    why you talking again?

    “And so what if he has skills and a good flow either of the two have anything to do with selling records and being successful in the music industry.”-B-Dub


    Just stfu and save the embarrassment…please…

  • P-Matik

    >Lupe will sell, cuz his skills and his flows is really unmatched right now.

    This isn’t 1994. We’re in some alternate universe with that ish now. Rick Ross??? I rest my case.

  • Meka Soul

    for those that want to know…

    >Powered by the Timbaland-produced hit “Promiscuous,” the Grammy-winning songbird’s latest album, Loose, took the big out of Busta’s Bang and debuted atop the pop chart, moving 219,000 for the week ended Sunday, according to Nielsen SoundScan…

    Meanwhile, last week’s number one, Busta Rhymes’ The Big Bang, dropped four spots to five with 69,000…>

    is it safe to say that bol was right?

  • exo

    “Shinoda > (you knew this was coming) Juelz, Yayo, Jim Jones etc etc”

    That’s not saying much.

  • Meka Soul

    >Lupe will sell, cuz his skills and his flows is really unmatched right now.>

    true, and i pray it does, but i also pray that rhymefest’s “blue collar” will go triple platinum in it’s 1st week.

  • Meka Soul

    >I’ve never heard any of his songs but the one in that commercail for some kind of mega mix C.D. But personally I’m not intrested in hearing anything he has to say he sounds like a lame…>

    this sounds like your typical “everyone’s entitled to their own opinion” case, but then…

    >Biship Boss Is The Future>

    sounds like an aspiring “beef”-starter to me.

    >Shinoda > (you knew this was coming) Juelz, Yayo, Jim Jones etc etc>

    that kinda sounds like:

    syphillis > AIDS

    they both suck, it’s just that one is a “lesser evil,” of sorts.

  • Rey

    Jeez… Looks like I’m in the Fort MINORITY when it comes to liking Mike Shinoda. ;-)

  • DJ Main Event

    I didnt like Lupe’s verse in SprayPaint and Ink Pens. Ghost and Mike, yes. Lupe… ehhh… i didnt feel the continous vibe that these collabs are supposed to have.

  • dddd

    all i can say is that lupe is the next big thing…oh, wait, he’s already the big thing…it’s his time…unlike rhymefest, who needed kanye to grace two tracks with him, lupe has NOBODY on “kick push” and that shit is hot…sad thing is, when the album does finally drop, there will be so many more guests that the album will actually turn out shitty…agreed, they should’ve just released it when they had their first chance…

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    I’m not feeling this Lupe character. “Touch The Sky” had a great beat, Kanye’s verse was, well…acceptable, but Lupe’s verse didn’t make any damn sense. The song was about touching the sky/elevating yourself and Lupe’s verse had nothing to do with no thing. Skateboarders are just like any other group trying to one-up the next man claiming to be “real” or “hard.” Lupe looks like a real hard turd. Eat it Loopgay.

  • gluvnast

    to answer your question as to why lupe’s album was “kicked, pushed”, is because apparently you haven’t been updated on the fact that his album was leaked and started to get bootlegged, which forced lupe to push the album back to bring newer and fresher material….

  • BlackBoy

    LOL @ “Loopgay”

    I like him (nullus) but his verses on everything on that wasn’t “Kick Push” was complex and intricate, but forgettable. I call it “Ms. Jade’s Syndrome”, fancy wordplay (that owes a lot to Jay) but nothing underneath.

  • Gutta

    if busta rhymes,an artist who is known outside of the hip hop industry, cannot sell records i cant see how lupe will do any better than him unless he drops some crazy single that will make everyone wanna get the album but, i have yet to hear anything like from him thus far. we should all know by now that skillz alone does not get u those sales or that grammy,u need commercial success and u have to play the game(ex. jayz,50,eminem,outkast,etc) all artist who have gone out of their element to sell records on the other side you have nas,mos def,dmx,etc. who choose not to play that game and in result their albums fail. its up to lupe to decide if he would rather keep it real or force the issue with a pop single

  • Gutta

    lol @ blackboy for listening to a ms jade album

  • UnFaded Disciple

    DJ Lucky Luke Says:
    June 29th, 2006 at 6:20 am

    but Lupe’s verse didn’t make any damn sense.

    You know why? cuz you a DUMB nigga thats why…

    first off when lupe saids for example “Peach fuzz buzz but bit on the verge”

    He means exactly what he just said…

    He has a peach fuzz buzz..meaning he aint really known yet but he’s bit on the verge to becoming well known/famous

    He uses metaphors alot…yall just gotta understand what he is saying…

  • that nigga

    “can’t stop lyin like i’m mumra”…you young fucks who aint hip on thundercats will never get that one…dj lucky luke u gotta be like 16

  • KaLiCkO

    Yo lupe fiasco is the truth … point,blank,period. His wordplay, lyrical content, metaphors, flow and etc. are insane. the kid has talent why cant yall just except that shit yo, and on the flipside he is far more than a skateboard rapper… if u ain heard his material besides kick push then how the fuck can you judge dude? i work in a music store and people ask for his cd… dude has a nice mediocre buzz… wouldnt say big… wouldsnt say small… he the future of hiphop… end of story, tell theese other emcees to step it up.

  • dj madwax

    I couldnt agree more, they really fuck themselves with this push back shit. I’m one of the few remaining cats who actually cops albums (at least among my friends), and I was genuinely amped about copping this…. but end of august? I’ll be turned on to some new artist/new shit by then, why would I buy the album?

  • tha young nigga

    fuck all that squre pay a bitch,skateboard,white boy shit.niggas wanna here hood shit.nigga talk about having money and game young nigga.

  • Els

    have ya’ll heard no place to go……or Got Cha. Fire. Ya’ll wishing for the man to fail..well it wont happen kidz im sorry. Its the grind from the 1500′s at Thornton to the FNF movement of 06.

  • The Truth

    Lupe is the truth but he does need to dumb down with the lyrics.

    Shit like “Game Time”, “Failure” and “Lupe The Killer” would go straight through people’s heads.

    He’s already got simple to understand songs with nice beats that are better than Kick Push so I don’t see him struggling with singles, Plus he’s got 2 Neptunes and a Kanye beat.

    But if he wants to see platinum, he needs to grab his balls, holla at Scott Storch and invite Young Jeezy to dance.

  • B-Dub

    Yall niggaz really need to get the fuck out of N.Y. because niggaz in the rest of America don’t give a fuck about who N.Y. thinks is the shit. They record buying states don’t care about LUPE niggaz in N.Y. that say they like him is going to buy the album from the bootleggers 2 for 5, 1 for 3, or pay the whole 5 for it and lupe don’t get shit out of that.

  • H-Man

    Liquor in da front, poker in da rear. lolololol Dats my motto. wax on wax off. lololol

  • rw2938

    lupe is that nigga hands down madison and albany all day he is cold his word play is crazy and he also has a excellent delivery the only reason he wouldnt be hot is because this world prefers stupid d4l shit over some real shit

  • Jonniboi812

    Lupe is gonna be the next big thing in hip hop. It’s just that his style and approach is different from a typical mc, but that’s what makes him so good cuz he’s different. Everyone just ain’t ready to accept it yet, but still he’s gonna be a force soon.

  • June

    I will definaely be copoing his albulm no matter what. First Albulm Im getting in a few years.. Now to get a CD player….
    FnF up and fuck all of you ignorent hoodrats who hate him just cause of his subject matter.
    Is it his fault you never finished 6th grade? SInce you probably dont know what I said the answer is “no its not” Now Fuck off and listen to Dipset pussies

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