Least of the hip-hop moguls

It was announced recently that the Damon Dash Music Group has signed a distribution deal with Koch Records, where he’ll be releasing albums by Sizzla (not to be confused with Sizzler), the guy who did the god-awful theme music to “BET’s The Ultimate Hustler.” So I think it’s safe to say his career is pretty much over.

There was a time, after he was forced out of Roc-A-Fella records, when he was said to be handling the careers of a whole range of artists, including N.O.R.E., Rell, Nicole Wray, and the ODB’s corpse. But they may have opted to go work at a Church’s or something rather than put out albums on Koch.

The ODB is dead obviously, so I’m not sure what ended up happening with his final album. It may very well have already been released. I’ve had a copy of it sitting on my laptop for like six months now. djxplicit reviewed it a while back and said it wasn’t that good. N.O.R.E. was the only one left with any real potential, and I think he may be signed to some reggaeton label.

In addition to being forced out of Roc-A-Fella Records, and subsequently banned from the Island Def Jam building, he also somehow managed to get forced out of his own clothing company, Roc-A-Wear, which may have been his only other profitable business venture. So as of now, all he’s left with is Pro Keds, Team Roc, Roc Digital, America Magazine, and a bunch of other bullshit that may actually cost him money.

This would seem a rather precipitous decline for the man who once lorded over the vast Roc-A-Fella empire, but then this type of fall isn’t entirely uncommon, either. P. Diddy, Russell Simmons, and Master P hardly have careers as label heads to speak of, despite the fact that they’re P. Diddy, Russell Simmons, and Master P. Still, I think a case can be made for Damon Dash being the least talented of this bunch.

If there’s one thing all of these d-bags have in common, it’s that they all basically made their bones by attaching themselves, parasite-style, to some rapper who actually had talent. P. Diddy obviously had the Notorious B.I.G.; in Russell Simmons’ case, it was his brother’s group Run-DMC. I don’t know that Master P was ever affiliated with any talented rappers, but he’s from the South, so talent was naturally less of an issue.

That said, those other three also possess varying degrees of talent that extend outside of knowing some famous rapper, or in Master P’s case, a legion of wack-ass rappers. P. Diddy, for example, is a pretty good dancer and may very well have carved out a profitable career dancing in R&B videos had he never discovered the Notorious B.I.G. And didn’t Master P used to play for the Charlotte Hornets or the Houston Rockets or some shit?

Russell Simmons may not be master any particular craft, but he seems like the kind of guy that’s going to make a dollar regardless of the situation. This is, after all, the same guy that runs a debit card scheme designed to siphon money from the bank accounts of poor black people, Superman III-style. You may want to consult my special report on the state of his marriage, if you have any doubts about his business acumen.

Meanwhile, I don’t know that anyone was really surprised to see Damon Dash’s career fall apart so quickly after Jay-Z gave him his proverbial walking papers. It’ll be interesting to see if he’s able to mount some sort of second act to his career over at Koch, of if this the beginning of an even further slide into obscurity. Obviously, any smart money would have to be on the latter.

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  • http://www.crooked-soul.com Zilla

    Dash seems to me, after seeing him on TV and in “Backstage” and hearing stories about him, that he’s just a huge asshole who wears people after a while. Russell Simmons is a douche too and Diddy drinks Cambodian breast milk. Master P has a talking doll. They’re all ugly capitalists. But Dash was never bigger than Jay. Russ is bigger than Run-DMC, Diddy sampled his way to the top of the pops after Big passed, and Master P had artists like Skull Duggery and Mercedes to make him look good. Dame will never be bigger than Jay. So when it came time for the Roc-a-fella artists to choose bosses, is it any surprise that Dash got stuck with NORE and State Property (who have since fell apart)? Dame was like the non-rapping weed carrier to Jay–people tolerated him in order to get a piece of Hov. But now that they’re separate entities, there’s no reason to get behind Dame, a loud, obnoxious asshole who has C-List artists and ventures.

  • MosBang

    What about Easy-E, Suge Knight, Jermaine Dupri, Baby, J. Prince, and Irv Gotti. I prettyu sure they are worthless also without(respectively) Dr. Dre, Dr. Dre-Snoop, Kriss Kross, Hotboys-Mannie Fresh, drugs, and Ja Rule.

    I mean, thats the beautiful thing about America you don’t need talent to become rich. So please stop picking on Dame, he’s having a bad year.

  • Jae Mitch


  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    >What about Easy-E, Suge Knight, Jermaine Dupri, Baby, J. Prince, and Irv Gotti.

    A case can be made for all six of them being somewhat less worthless than Damon Dash.

  • LOS

    >>>>What about Easy-E, Suge Knight, Jermaine Dupri, Baby, J. Prince, and Irv Gotti. I prettyu sure they are worthless also without(respectively) Dr. Dre, Dr. Dre-Snoop, Kriss Kross, Hotboys-Mannie Fresh, drugs, and Ja Rule.

    Jermaine Dupri wouldnt be shit without Kriss Kross?! Jermaine Dupri been in the business since he was 3′ with a curl. And folks like Usher and Mariah Carey wouldnt be shit without that nigga. You trippin….but you right about everybody else though

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    NORE signed to Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam… he’s gonna put out a hiphop cd on Roc-A-Fella, and a reggaeton album on the Roc’s Roc La Familia label.

  • Tru Wanksta

    “but he’s from the South, so talent was naturally less of an issue.”

    You NY dick sucker (no homo aka capt. homo)!!! Go bump your G-Unit trash, while you take the subway back to the projects.

  • http://www.myspace.com/writeonpointmagazine janice

    How do you sleep at night Bol? lol.

  • Sarutama


    If by “fire shit” you mean diarreah, then yes.

    No limit put out nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that was worth a canary fart.

  • Sarutama

    Now review the damn Coup album already.


    ‘I don’t know that Master P was ever affiliated with any talented rappers, but he’s from the South, so talent was naturally less of an issue.’


  • http://www.1800-Kill-Bol.com MP

    WTF do you think that this will chnage something in his life, that mofo still hase enough money to buy you together with your g/f and her dirty underwear, Dash sold his stake in Rocawear for $30 million, also he sold his interest in Roc-a-Fella for $20 million.
    “All he’s left with is Pro Keds, Team Roc, Roc Digital, America Magazine, and a bunch of other bullshit that may actually cost him money.”
    You dumb ass mother fucker do your home work thats what you are paid for, you forgot his Armadale Vodka which has revenu of $2 million a year. Also you forgot to give him credit for the discovey of Kanye West. The final cut is, he go $50 million from the Roc-A-Jay-Z shit and will continue to make around $2 million a year from his vodka, in the end he will still make more money a year than you and me together.(No Bol forget about makeing your g/f a prostitute, you still wont have more money than him, hey but look at the bright side youll get kicked out of XXL just like him from Roc-A-Blah-Blah)

  • jimi

    Russ made his bones carrying weed (and selling whammies) for Rick Rubin out of his collge dorm. Russ attached himself to Rick, and Rick attached himself to T-La Rock, the first artist, I believe, to be released on Def Jam. Then came LL, perhaps the first major signing. Oran “Juice” Jones was the first hip-hop/rnb artist, and he was signed to DJ. Run DMC was on Profile first, and Russ managed them. Run DMC wrote 80% of the Beasties first album which is why they are still eating so good (publishing). Russ has a goodly peice of Beastie publishing as well, as does Rick Rubin. Which is how they all became, and remain millionaires. Beastie have a sick catalogue of classic material that gets rediscovered every ten years like clockwork. Public Enemy, notsomuch.

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    Mosbang, you make good points.

    However, in most cases, success depends on navigating a two-way street.

    In the examples of E, JD, Baby and Irv, the artists needed them about as much as the producers/primary shareholders needed the the artists.

    With Dame, yes he was/is a bag. However, I’m convinced he had much to do with the success of the Roc as Jay and Biggs did.

    The Roc didn’t just blow up overnight cuz Jay had a hot album (although that seems the easy conclusion). It took the combined perseverance, patience and work-ethic of the 3 to achieve success.

    But it is tough to strike gold twice. Obviously, Dame’s career is over, but that doesn’t matter because he has more money than any of us will ever see.

    Any present/future attempts at reviving his career will not matter because he can afford it. He seems like he’s not satisfied with just riches, it seems success satisfies him.

    If it didn’t he’d be chillin somewhere on the Islands and not taking a raw deal from Koch (perhaps hetero).

  • http://www.myspace.com/geoffdilkes G Off

    This topic is related to the “downfall of NY rap”, but no one has really touched on it yet: Where are the new powerful executives in rap? The reason that Def Jam used to be able to promote Jay, DMX, Ja Rule, etc. is because they each had their own “label” and had CEO’s with street cred. Each “label” had its own movement and created its own buzz. Now you have super CEO’s lording over each artist and they can’t get release dates. Game got pushed back because of Busta’s buzz? I know they have an affiliation with Dre, but c’mon, can’t they both blow at the same time? With this new wave of artists, where are the asshole businessmen behind them? If Papoose is the next dude (or Saigon, or whomever), where is his Jay? Kay Slay? I think not. Busta? Nope. There are too many rappers and not enough businessmen right now.

  • Kornphlake

    HEY DUMMY! Dame is rich, Koch is the next great label, Def Jam is stocked full of future Koch signees, and your blog’s still miss the point completely. Maybe you should brainstorm how not to be such a douche while you’re at the dayjob selling shoes. Can we get a replacement for you yet? Don’t you have some shoes to sell or something?

  • http://www.myspace.com/geoffdilkes G Off

    Correction, “where is his Dame?

    Jimi, do you really think Run DMC wrote 80% of the Beastie Boys’ first album? I thought you might know a little bit about hip hop history until you dropped that gem on us.

    MP, Roc-A-Fella was sold for 10 million total, how did Dame get 20 mil out of that?

    This is the short bus comment section.

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    ^^”Dame is rich, Koch is the next great label, Def Jam is stocked full of future Koch signees,”

    What a terrific understanding of record company distribution deals. You sure know your stuff*.

    *It must be noted that for every future Koch signee, Dame will receive $0.00.

  • Paco

    it wouldn’t surprise me if DDMG flourishes at koch. sizzla is a good artiste with an underground hype especially in nyc and koch has been putting out decent albums.

  • http://www.1800-Kill-Bol.com MP

    Well it goes like this: In 1997 they sold 50% for $1.5 million, some time around 2001 Roc-A-Fella renegotiated their deal and extended their contract with Def Jam for $20 million dollars, than in the end of 2004 Def Jem bought the remaining 50% of Roc-A-Fella Records for $10 million dollars, everything adds up to $31.5 million. Finaly… Dame came out with something close to $20 million , something around around $17 million. So Roc-A-Fella was not sold for total of $10 million but $31.5 million and thas how Dame cam out with something close to $20 million. (Fucking jews, $31.5 well thorw some money on the streets just for fun.)

  • http://xxlmag.com one lion

    don’t show your ignorance by disrespecting SIZZLA KALONJI !!!!
    30+ albums in 10 yrs.
    Words of wisdom like a book of knowledge.

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    ^^^^^^^^”you forgot his Armadale Vodka which has revenu of $2 million a year…and will continue to make around $2 million a year from his vodka”

    Lest you forget, there is a substantial difference between $2 million in revenue and $2 million in profit.

  • datniggamac


  • http://www.1800-Kill-Bol.com MP

    Yeah you are right i made a mistake there the revenue in 2004 was exectly $2,6 million and the profit was $700 000.

  • BIG

    dame dash is just another in a long line of stupid niggers….. peace.

  • blackman

    First off before you shit on dame who helped build the career of Jay-z,kanye,beenie,he also help build the roc-a-wear clothes line and have produced moves.Yes he might be known for talking shit but not one artist have said how he fuck them over. That’s why Suge Knight should be the number one fuck up. This nigga is accused of fucking 2pac,snoop,dogg pound,dr dre out of royalties and he also has a deal with koch. He also just filed for bankruptcy.

  • gees dat dude

    look the nigga dame is an asswhole and hell if jay fucked him so what. its about time an artist realized that they dont need worthless niggas around gettin rich off them and the ultimate hustler was biggest bunch of bull shit i ever seen aprentice bitin ass shit. fuck dame he need to stop fuckin wit cam lame ass and get his shit together.

  • gees dat dude

    and fuck jim jones too he another fuckin lame, ass dumb ass.

  • The ON1E

    fuck blackman

  • http://www.fotolog.com/wastoids Motelsicks

    “No limit put out nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that was worth a canary fart.”

    umm what about the video version of “make em say unhh”… and the snoop album on no limit had at least 2 tracks.. come on…

    also, what about dame dash’s cameo for roc-a-pads on the now defunct Chappelles’s show… i guess that’s his fault also….

    oh no, that would be oprah

  • http://www.jamieradford.com J.

    Master P produced, at low cost, a whole bunch of mediocre albums that were nonetheless pretty fun to listen to (all those old Tru joints were the shit). P.Diddy has produced one or two very excellent albums, and then, at high cost and with huge marketing budgets, several god-awful records (or re-hashes of old Biggie joints) that are completely forgettable. Which is worse?

  • thoreauly77

    diddy is a one-man modern day minstrel show. “preserve my sexy”? c’mon yo. he is a caricature of a hip-hop icon; sure he has achieved a certain “icon status” due to his sharky business ventures and thus his money, but at what cost? the death of his premiere artist (oh, did i mention his “best” friend?) and the incarceration of his protege (though truth be recognized —- how can your protege be a better mc than you —- albeit a sub-par mc at that?). bol, with all his foibles, mock criticism, real criticism, and completely obtuse cynical bordering on leptonish musings, is absolutely one-hundred percent correct on this one. oh wait, was this supposed to be about dame dash? my bad yo.

  • The Maidi One

    …And the ODB’s corpse! LMAO – Bol you are cold, again – how do you sleep at night after your blog?

  • XRAY3000

    *Co-sign!! I feel guilty for laughing at that.

  • darby darbouze

    Yo bol.
    I like your blogs keep grindin fam.
    But dame is still cakin my dude.
    Dash has his hands in many real estate ventures.
    30 mill for his share in the ROC(he has reasonable doubt masters)
    20 mill for Cock – A – Wear
    2 mill a year off that armadale shit.
    Probably gets 2 mill altogether from state prop clothing , pro keds… And that other B.S.
    Probably got a mill from B.E.T for that ultimate hustler shit

    I’d say he aint doing to bad but I understand the hate.

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    This character Bol is saying the South doesn’t have standards and yet I heard him the other day talking to his boyfriend on some “Boy, shake that Laffy Taffy” shit. I remember when I used to see Bol and his then boyfriend, (*name withheld) dressing up like Outkast. For some reason, Byron always dressed as Andre 3000, never Big Boi. He used to say that the tight pants embarrassed his medium-endowed b/f, but because Byron has a twat, this was was “naturally less of an issue.” Seriously, man, you typed all that shit just to let us know that you think Damon Dash is the least of the hip-hop moguls? Losing out to Master P, even? Hmmm… Remember, final blog copies due on my desk no later than 5:00p, okay?

  • Capostatus

    You all are some dumb ass mother fuckas. Dame is going to keep making money an doin his damn thang. For him to be the least talented out of all the moguls he doin $300,000,000 ok at it. The nigga who wrote this is gotta be the least talented writer at XXL maybe even at my nephew pre school. You dont need to have any talent to make money, look at 50cent he know he cant rap but he know how to sell records. the bitch that wrote this article he know he is not a good writer but he knows that if write some bullshit that people will read it so they can cus his bitch ass out. As long as you smart enough to make money fuck everything else.

  • papadio1889

    i’ll tell u this much, Dame is a better business man than Jay.

  • http://myspace.com/ombiant mr.ombiant

    First of all…smart businessmen dont get blackballed out of the industry. He didnt go to Koch because he wanted to, he went to Koch because he had to. For a man to have arguably the greatest rapper of our time(Jay), and then go to a Sizzla or NORE or Graph is not the mark of a great businessman. Don’t let Cam fool you with thinking Koch is the greatest label out now. This is the best move Dame could of made being in his situation, but trust me…Koch was not 1st,2nd,nor 3rd choice. As the saying goes DAME DASH IS DONE…DAME DASH IS DONE! Everyone realizes it, now you Dickset ryders need to get it.

  • southside ced

    Yall talk shit about Master P but he is one of the reasons why dudes are even getting deals in the south(for millions) and staying more on the independent side of the industry. Yall must have forgot how much cash he made when he was trailblazin the south and west

  • Ogeezy

    Dash should take whats left of his millions and go away. That also goes for P. Diddy is to busy trying to form Bad Boy ATL to realze his run is over. Baby from Cash Money is a 4 and a half foot gangsta from being included.

  • bob

    you talk alot of shit for someone who aint as rich as dame is.

  • JML5150

    Dame believed in Jay when everyone else did not. Dame just never learned to humble and it is hurting his business now. But he still knows how to make money. Jay did not make all the decisions at Rocafella by himself. It was a THREE way vote. I think maybe he should fall back from music and focus on other areas to make money (film, real estate, marketing, etc.). His pride to reclaim music mogul status might lead to a complete falling off. If most of you made that type of money that quick you’d be assholes too, I would.

  • Gutta

    dame may not be able to rap,dance,sing,or even draw for that matter but he does have an eye for talent(or did).i think diddy is the least talented unless u think that what he does his called dancing or if you think he actual writes his own raps,but give dame credit he found arguably the most successful rapper in the game in kanye west,he was on time magazine and it wouldnt have happened if dame didnt give him his shot, and lets not forget that jayz could not get a deal but it was dame who saw hovs ability. suge knight is the least talented out of all ceo’s/moguls

  • http://www.grizzentertainment.com Grizz

    Leave Dame alone man all those niggas is talented they know how to get that paper You a HATER instead of trying to get in where you fit in you want to hate there GOES THAT DAMN NIGGER ATTITUDE insted of harping on the not so obvious to naked eye people why not correct the problem find a way for YOU to GET PAID first then empower some peolpe like they did and DO do Be MAD CAUSE tou in THE 2cent Column


  • michael wallace

    The world has a short memory…Roc-a-Fella wouldnt be what it is today without Dame Dash. I love my man Jay-Z, but why isnt anyone looking at how grimy he did Dame?? They built that empire together, and then Jay goes and takes everything successful that came from Roc-a-fella from Dame??? I mean Dame & jAY & Biggs put 10 years of there lives into Roc-A-Fella and then they had to give it up?? Thats Grimy…but nobody ever looked at Jay and was like,”Yo, that was messed up man!!”…why??….i support Dame Dash and i appreciate his Hustle. He needs to Humble himself though, but i give respect where it is do. Dame Dash was the man, and still is. its the ROC!!!

  • Steve Mann

    To disrespect Sizzla is radiculous. Lirically there is no hip-hop artist who can flow to a riddim the way this deejay can. Period. Dada’s got over 30 albums to his name, records more in one year, than most can in a career. It is unfortunate if someone’s first exposure to Sizzla is the “Ultimate Hustler”, as this is not a very good representation of Sizzla’s skills. Dada’s got tunes for the rudeboys, tunes for the i-man, and tunes for the ladies.

    Dame may have to be patient to try to break this artist into mainstream US markets, however if he can pull it off, it could be absolutely huge.

    Dame may need Sizzla more than Sizzla needs dame, because with or without him, Sizzla will continue to sell out venues all over the world, as he has done for the past 10 years.

    Furthermore, if Sizzla and Jay-z went toe-to-toe on the mic, jigga man would be in a whole heap of trouble, serious.

  • firmass

    Apparently they all were talented at one time. That is obvious. They all have made millions at one time or another. Give all the brothers some credit due. Some people have natural talent, and some people create talent, but cant sustain. In some cases, people make the money, but in other cases, the money makes certain individuals. Thats a fact. Dont hate the player, hate the game, people.

  • Bryan

    Sizzla’s career is not over. Sizzla has to be one of the best artists. The Ultimate Hustler song is not bad at all. But it sounds Damon Dash is screwd. But Sizzla will not go down although he might not get big international status like many Rap artist. See Sizzla is REGGAE (dancehall) not rap. Only time will tell.

  • Devante

    Koch actually would look like a bad transition for dame but look at it this way he may be down but not out he’s now venturing into producing some major pictures like “The Shadow Boxer” and “the Woodsman” ….now we need to see if he can replicate the suceess on the indie side of the business…!

  • chief

    leave dash alone, fuck all that, o the nigga not talented. don’t give me that bullshit i’m from the south and i’m running my mouth. P had a talented ass squad what the fuck u mean P can rap betta then his old squad. U need to get your mouth of the glass dick and smell the sess. What the fuck yall been listening to. Back to dash, bra keep directing movies u getting betta by the year.

  • DipSet South

    yall all are some dumb fucks dame got 22 mill for his share in roc a fella thirty mill for his share in roc a wear and has created a tv show from nothing that was third in the ratings on his shows night do the math that millis in commercials he has his on clothing lie(team roc) his own shoe company (pro keds) his own line of watches movies alcohol formal line a bad ass wife and artist what more do you need this man has inked a deal with a major move production for three films this man has not fallin off he just took his money more quietly

  • firmass

    It’s apparent that Dame, gave JayZ his big break. If it wasn’t for Dame, JayZ wouldnt be where he is today. Anyway, If you listen to all of Biggies lyrics, you will see that JayZ bit off of all of biggies music. Thats not fair that JayZ got all that fame and fortune, biting off of biggies shit. Everyone should pay attention to the similarities of both rappers. You will see that JayZ didnt come up with his own lyrics. He mimics Biggie all the way. So actually biggie should get all the credit for JayZ success. Pay attention people Do your homework correctly. Dame funded the money for JayZ, but jay copied everything that biggie put out. So apparently JayZ has no talent. Before anyone comments on this, do your homework first. Check it out thoroughly, then come back on here and state your comment.

  • firmass

    As far as untalented moguls, In my opinion, Suge knight has no talent at all. What is he good for, but trying to intimidate people into giving him all their money. Everyone that was under suge, created their own Image. Suge has nothing to bring to the table. Thats why he had tupac killed, because tupac threatened to leave Death row. Tupac made Death row in the end. At the beginning it was Docter Dre, Snoop, Ice cube. After everyone left, then came pac. Pac was all that suge had left. Tupac is better off dead to suge. Because he keeps releasing tupac lyrics that he wrote during the course of his career. As you see, death row release a album every year. And you know everyone is going to go out and buy it. Suge made off like a bandit. Yeah he filed bankrupt, but as long as he got tupac’s unreleased lyrics, he will always make money off of pac. I wonder where would tupac be today if he were still in existance. I dont think it would be Death row. Death Row is hands down the worst label, that anyone could ever be apart of. Suge knight needs to find employment elsewhere. Maybe he’ll be good at bending over, since he’s done so much time in prison. He’s worthless. He has nothing on Dame. Believe that people.


    First off, you need to to STOP HATING on the South !!! You’re ALWAYS taking shots at the South EVERY chance you get! NYQUILL THAT SICKNESS!!! Now Dame may be the least talented of the aforementioned moguls,but he is by far no idiot!! He knows that he HAS to bounce back now to prove that he IS as he once said THE ULTIMATE HUSTLER !! He may NEVER come off as well as he did w/Jay but I’m willing to bet that when its ALL said & done… Dame WILL come out on top!!!And leave haters like yourself with the same view you’ve had for years! You know … the one of his ass when you’re left behind kissing it !!!

  • RotterdamSoldier.

    I really don’t understand how you can hate Dame…yeah he maybe an asshole but you can’t deny his hustle..And for me Rocafella was Jay Dame & Biggs…that’s why they were the strongest team…but that money is a mutha…And even if Dame doesn’t make a dollar again this lifetime he’ll still is set for life….

  • collossal collins

    The biggest and the best Hip Hop line is in the ofin from Dr Dre.
    Dr dre the King of Hip Hop

  • DJ Junior Green

    I’m not sure how you got your job as a music critic, but you clearly don’t know shit. Sizzla Kalonji is the King of the Reggae world, and is one of the most talented artists to come out of any genre. He has recorded over 40 albums and has fans all over the world. It is we Americans who are slow to the catch, as the rest of the world has a much better understanding of the fire that is Dancehall music. You need to learn what you are talking about before you run your mouth. Judgement, seen!

  • Nurul Ceo

    First all these lames counting another niggas dollars please grow up. Second on Dame Dash yes he was a part of somthing big but all good things come to a end, yall are naming big wigs in the business but remember all of them knew when to call it quits or move to a different plan, Def Jam had Russell and Rick Rubin, now there is LA Reid and Jay, Master P Had all of his brothers now its his son, but that dont stop dude from getting deals done because if he wasn’t marketable he wont have no deals,as for Diddy he know he only had BIG and a handful of bustas but he venture into other things ie restaraunts, clothes, TV shows etc, so lets be smart and these lames that are just counting dollars youre not accounts or the IRS so please stop

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