Kay Slay Crowns His Drama Queen and Lil Eazy Loses His Virginity

Let me first start off by saying that since I am in Georgia I have to rely on other people’s opinions and reviews of Summer Jam. And from what I’ve been hearing it was a pretty good show. How about those Dipset kids, eh? Ha! From my understanding most of the crowd decided it was time to bounce once they hit the stage. And to no one’s surprise there was not an attack on Jay-Z.

Between the two if them, Buffie the Body and Kay Slay look like they can barely fill out a deposit slip for a bank. There are some couples who look like they have no business being with each other. I don’t believe that is the case with these two. This looks like it could be a match made in welfare fraud heaven.

The Drama King has been Buffie’s cake daddy every since her ass hit the scene. I’m thinking there is a sex tape floating around out there somewhere and frankly I would dig my eye out like Houston before I watch it.

As I stated before Kay Slay is right up there with Rick Ross and Donald Rumpsfield on my list of vagina dryers. Of course that doesn’t matter to Buffie since she is on the receiving end of things. The shit that some women do for a fresh Apple Bottoms outfit . . .damn shame. I just hope that she stacks up her coins long enough to get off the pole for good.

There has been a lot of anticipation surrounding Lil’ Eazy-E’s major label debut. Rumors have been circulating about a possible relationship with G-Unit for quite some time now. Word is that the self proclaimed prince of Compton is in the final stages of  leaving Virgin Records to make things happen with 50 and the gang. Since my spiddey senses tell me that Spider Loc’s album will drop around Neveruary 23rd 3089 (not that anybody actually gives two fucks), Lil’ E would be a welcome addition to the roster.

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  • http://www.87northmusic.com J. Biz


    ….First biothces!

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    fuck lil eazy

    i didnt know kay was with buffie… that’s an odd look.

  • http://www.unkut.com Robbie

    If the big fella doesn’t really ‘get your engine runnin” these days, check him out before he discovered a meal between breakfast and brunch:


  • GI JOE

    i’d buttfuck buffie allday!



  • http://www.myspace.com/theanticorp RoxStar



    kay slay is having a field day get it lol

  • http://www.myspace.com/blueflag06 BLUEFLAG06

    I fuccs wit Lil Eazy and I fuccs wit Spider Loc but I know Spider is not a marketable rapper. I’m sure Eazy is a lot more marketable than Spider so dat might be a smart move for Fiddy and da Guerilla Unit. And Buffie gettin sloppy nowadayz but she could still get it.

  • Ice Man

    that would be interesting if easy went to G-unit


  • Ironman007

    Watch “Down with the King pt2″
    Kayslay and buffie throw there players card in.

  • o.g. big chill

    kay slay and buffie i dont know but i would do buffie no doubt and as far as lil easy i think the move to g-unit might be good so he could get some help on writting and hooks cause the voice is almost there so good luck cuzz

  • hurricanegame12

    Since my spiddey senses tell me that Spider Loc’s album will drop around Neveruary 23rd 3089 (not that anybody actually gives two fucks), LMAO

  • lone1

    I only happen to get mad when I see a fine chic going out with some sub-par dude…this is not the case with Buffie…that chic is busted…busted as hell…don’t matter how big her ass is or none of that…you see her face in that pic?….ugly.

  • I Am A Hater

    Lil Eazy sucks.

  • XRAY3000

    Lil Eazy sux..couldnt even come up with an original name..BUT 50 added someone else to his entourage to protect him from the big bad GAME! LOL! Im glad that the “Expiration to other girls” has found somebody that can overlook her lack of sounding like she graduated 6th grade..but I guess her body makes up for that…

  • thedramaking

    This shit is hilarious. This chick “FRESH” is still mad cause I wouldn’t fuck her and now she’s hating on the GOD. Me and Buffie make more money individually than about 10 staff members on this website put 2gether. Buffie does about 10 shows or better a month for $4,000 a show, not including her website, so u do the math. And as 4 me I’m on my 3rd million dollar deal, not including being Shaq’s A&R for his label with Mark Stevens, a ring tones deal, Hot97, Shade45, Papoose’s 1.4 million dollar deal and my new DVD Deal. So that dirty bitch “Fresh” got our paper game confused. But maybe if she wasn’t so ugly and such a hater she would’ve had a chance and wouldn’t be dykein’ it. Call VANSILK, he’s captain save a hoe, not me. Buffie takes care of herself. I don’t buy her clothes and bags and she will quickly tell you that shit. Besides we ain’t been fuckin with each other for about 2 Months now so you’re late on the info Bitch!!!


  • Julia_Claudine_Deveraux

    Ah Buffie, my favorite reindeer in a wig. Usually I think she’s fine but in this pic she is not the bidness. And Fresh you know I’m usually with you on the list of vag dryers but Kay Slay might be eligible for getting it. I think he’s sexy.

    Lil Eazy looks just like his daddy and that about as much as I know about him hehe.

  • http://xxlmag.com fresh

    LOL, cyber thuggin at its finest people.

  • Court

    what does H.A.M. stand for?

  • AprylCali

    Oh wow.. Fresh .. if kay slay was pulling all those deals and doing all that.. how did he find the time to put “all” his bizness out there by commenting on your article…he needs to give me break and get a life!!!!!!


  • ya mamma

    Reckless she is!!! And someone’s feelings got hurt MR SLAY. Isn’t time $$$ and since you are making sooo much shouldn’t you being doing something better with your time than reading this AND COMMENTING!!!!! FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/writeonpointmagazine janice

    “As I stated before Kay Slay is right up there with Rick Ross and Donald Rumpsfield on my list of vagina dryers”

    LOL!!! Kay Slay’s definitely on my list!

  • Julia_Claudine_Deveraux

    I love when the “entertainers” come back to attack! LMAO @ “the drama king”

  • elephant nutz

    drama king, please let us poor miserable fucks talk shit because our lives are so pathetic while you fuck buffies and make millions we entertain ourselves by talking about you muthafuckas…. what else do i have to do in my cubicle…. work? Fresh- keep the hate flowing

  • thatgirl

    H.A.M.= Hot Ass Mess !

  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ Main Event

    lmao @ vaginal dryers. that alone is one of the ultimate low blows.

  • Ninjagirrl

    H.A.M.=Hot Ass Mess for those who didn’t know….

    Cyber Thug!! LOL!!Ilk @ The Drama King & Ilk at Buffie, he seems like the type to have traces of his lunch in the corners of his mouth, and she seems the type to have traces of everybody in the corners of hers.
    Funniest shit ever:”frankly I would dig my eye out like Houston before I watch it.”
    is “dykein” a real word?

    I 2nd that!

  • Ninjagirrl

    correction : Funniest shit ever:”frankly I would dig my eye out like Houston before I watch it.”
    I 2nd that!
    (not the ridiculous word “dykein”)

  • H-Man

    Your right. lil EZ may put out a cd dat could reinvent da wheel, but I think hell stick wit what hes good at. Da streetz. Hes da king of da streetz and da rap world is full of fakes. If he were to run da rap world da way he runs da streetz eryone would get a couple of shots. Heres a toast.

  • mod

    Spider Loc got dropped from G-Unit.

  • GeorgiaP

    There is nothing worse than seeing an old ass fourty year old stripping. Like Blondie at the Claremont lounge here in Atlanta. She’s fourty, black, with this raggedy weave and she crushes cans with her titties..lol.

  • Chocolate Atlanta

    Why are you such a Hater? How are you going to say that hese two look like they’d be in Welfare Fraud Heaven when they probably have enough to buy your whole family a new start. Boy, I tell you Black people are such Haters, they can’t even support each other within our own cummunity. Get it Together. Some of your readers do like Gossip but you don’t have to be so Raunchy.

  • Chocolate Atlanta

    I have a comment for “Ya Mamma” too. How are you going to say why Slay has time to read this shit, you the same type of psycho fan that be on line with a “PDiddy Runs the City” banner in your hand, wearing a shiny t-shirt, at 6am trying to get tickets to a concert or some shit. You type of hoe ass fans always wanna glimpse into a Niggas life then turn around & Bash them once you get the attention you’re begging for. Get a job. As for me PR- is my job so I always have my ears to the streets.

  • http://crunktastical.blogspot.com Fresh

    LMAO, did I get “ethered” ?

  • C

    Aint not one gangsta in G-Unit. And if Lil Eazy joined G-unit, there still wuldnt be no gangstas. Why is everybody signin wit monkeys?

  • http://www.facebook.com bama


  • http://www.sqad-up.com So Amazin’

    Fresh is hilarious! I read her blog everyday… But damn she did get at Kay Slay didn’t she?

  • http://www.freewebs.com/lathgroove/index.htm That Girl Toya

    No Fresh you didn’t get ‘Ethered’, it was more like a wack ass attemped at ‘Supa Ugly’… Can someone please tell Fat Man Scoo- OOPS, Uh I mean ‘Gay Slay’ to SIT HIS ASS DOWN FOR THE REST OF 2006 with that BULLSHIT!!

  • http://xxl.mag.com g ride

    Stop hating on spider loc hes got more flows than the gayme youd know that if you i dont know shit about rap motherfuckers listen to him. Locs cd drops in october 23 of 2006 for your information ggggggggg g unit

  • Lola Falana

    Fresh….you spoke nothing but the truth. This clown braggin about his “riches” when he really don’t even own his own “street” name. Him and his hoe make a good Ronnie and Dolla Bill combo. He is the “Vagina Dryer King”.

  • youngmac

    man fuk kay slay…am a big papoose fan but kay always talking down on tha south and shit….man fuk you….true enough papoose is tha truth but u ain’t shit…u mad at Dj Drama because he took yo name and he is now the dj everyones talking about ….man fuk u and that ugly chic buffie…

  • I’llsueyou

    I think all of you Motherfuckers need to mind your bizness. the fact remains both of them is making more money then all of you numbskulls put together. My advice go back to school get an education, and 10 years from now after you earn a degree you will realize that people with money don’t sit around and gossip. Hint:Notice that this is my first and last time on this website

  • http://myspace.com/rocksterr334 ROCKY334*

    gotttdamn..dat girl eye cokk like a shotty

  • downsouth star

    Damn slay I dont even read shit on here but, ya stock just went to negative 9 million. You fake & phony cyber thug ass loser wanna be rich nigga. Get a life and stop ragging bout shit you wish you did. You and ya bitch busted , oh yeah I got that meth for ya. Opps! did I say that out loud.

  • DOC

    Nothing to say about K, Buffie is always f…able… Need I say more.

  • I suck cock for a living

    I wanna have a shot all over my face for 2 dollars

  • A Bird In The Hand

    I would love to have Buffy’s ass as pillow, wouldn’t u?

  • jr

    Buffie is just a Slut bucket lookin to fuck, to get ahead in life. Kay Slay is real gay, tha nigga’s career is basically over. And lil Eazy E wont fit at all in Gunit, other than the fact that their all fake ass wannabe gangstas!


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