Let me first start off by saying that since I am in Georgia I have to rely on other people’s opinions and reviews of Summer Jam. And from what I’ve been hearing it was a pretty good show. How about those Dipset kids, eh? Ha! From my understanding most of the crowd decided it was time to bounce once they hit the stage. And to no one’s surprise there was not an attack on Jay-Z.

Between the two if them, Buffie the Body and Kay Slay look like they can barely fill out a deposit slip for a bank. There are some couples who look like they have no business being with each other. I don’t believe that is the case with these two. This looks like it could be a match made in welfare fraud heaven.

The Drama King has been Buffie’s cake daddy every since her ass hit the scene. I’m thinking there is a sex tape floating around out there somewhere and frankly I would dig my eye out like Houston before I watch it.

As I stated before Kay Slay is right up there with Rick Ross and Donald Rumpsfield on my list of vagina dryers. Of course that doesn’t matter to Buffie since she is on the receiving end of things. The shit that some women do for a fresh Apple Bottoms outfit . . .damn shame. I just hope that she stacks up her coins long enough to get off the pole for good.

There has been a lot of anticipation surrounding Lil’ Eazy-E’s major label debut. Rumors have been circulating about a possible relationship with G-Unit for quite some time now. Word is that the self proclaimed prince of Compton is in the final stages of  leaving Virgin Records to make things happen with 50 and the gang. Since my spiddey senses tell me that Spider Loc’s album will drop around Neveruary 23rd 3089 (not that anybody actually gives two fucks), Lil’ E would be a welcome addition to the roster.