Rumor has it that Jay-Z had a child a couple of years back with one of the girls who appeared in the video for "Give It To Me." After having the baby the unknown chick started to have a sexual relationship (read: fucking) with Nas. Word is that Jay wanted to keep the whole situation on the low so he shipped the girl and the child off to London. Not only did he not want the details of this sticky situation to leak out but he also didn't want this to be material for a diss track from Nas. Supposedly Jay's baby mother got paid a fortune after signing a confidentiality agreement that she would never go public since the two of them were never an actual couple.

Now I know what you are thinking. Too good and juicy to be true, right? But wait, there's more ladies and gentlemen.

Apparently King Joffee Joe is going to hit the stage with fellow Dips Juelz and Jim Jones to perform a new track and thought that a picture of Jay-Z's alleged seed would be the perfect addition to the infamous Summer Jam screen.