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  • Big G

    Classic song.

  • Randomname

    Whats the purpose of not putting the artist and title of this song in your post. Who doesn’t know this song. If you’re any darker than beige you should have this song on CD/Tape/Record somewhere in your house.

  • ian

    C’mon! Stop showboating. You know a lot of cats — black or white — didn’t know this track until they either heard it sampled by Kanye or featured in “The Kings of Comedy.” Great song though.

  • Puerto-Black

    Lenny put his heart out on this track and u gotta respect that. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • projectnrm

    This is the best song ever. Seven minutes of pure emotion.

    This is why I can’t mess with today’s male R & B. After hearing songs like this, you can’t go back to Avant and Jaheim.

  • Therapist

    god bless lenny for this one

  • lar

    when i saw that DJ Ayres-in XLR8R maybe- wrote about how he just discovered this cool record (hey- Overnight Celebrity! Gee!), he kinda herbed himself.
    this and Maze are pretty much in every single black household. true story.

  • exo

    not for nothing, i never heard this song until i copped it–in a perfectly legal manner –from Ayres’ website. i’m from Haiti. we ain’t listen to this shiite when i was growing up.

  • Bubz

    sooooooo i still don’t know the track can i get a name?

  • Paul

    blak people

  • kuss the great

    eskay…you like wong kar wai? dope pic!