“I don’t hear a single”

Unless you’re on Koch Records, getting that Sheek LaRouche money, it must be pretty difficult to make a buck selling rap albums. How else to explain the situation with albums like Rhymefest’s Blue Collar, which is currently set to fail miserably July 11th, and the Clipse’s Hell Hath No Fury, which was recently pushed back to God knows when.

Obviously, it’s somewhat difficult to say, not being privy to the goings-on over at Jive Records and Trustfund Records. Maybe Mark Ronson, intent on proving his street cred to his new black friends, has developed a nasty PCP habit and just keeps forgetting to put the Rhymefest album out. Crazier things have happened.

Most likely though, the problem with both of these artists is that they don’t have a hit. If anybody liked “Brand New,” I’m sure Blue Collar would’ve been out way back in 2005, when it was originally scheduled. Who knows how much Trustfund dropped on Kanye’s production, not to mention the video for that bloody miscarriage.

Similarly, I’m sure the apartheid regime that runs Jive is decidedly non-plussed that they spent all that money on the video for the Clipse’s “Mr. Me Too” for no good reason. Those cats might have buzz among the Sean Fennessey crowd, but I haven’t heard a Clipse song on the radio since like ’03.

Interestingly enough, I heard the Rhymefest album recently and that shit’s incredible. I only copped it in the first place just so I could rag on it for my own personal amusement, but come to find out, it’s one of the better albums to come out in the past couple of years. Supposedly, the Clipse’ album is really good, too.

Unfortunately though, an album isn’t going to sell very well just because it’s good. Busta Rhymes’ album had beats and guest rappin’ by a host of hip-hop luminaries (even a few dead ones), and it still managed to sell less its first week out than Tony Yayo’s Thoughts of a Predicate Felon. The reason? Nobody liked its wack-ass singles.

I’m sure it doesn’t help matters that the artists spend so much money producing these albums in the first place. You can hardly blame a label like Jive or Trustfund for being a bit apprehensive about putting these albums out after they spent like $6 gozillion recording and promoting them. If these bad boys brick, some crackety-crack might be out of a job.

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  • http://www.livejournal.com Rey


    Um, I really don’t have much to add one way or another. I just like that I’m first.

    Rhymefest doesn’t interest me, altho’ the Clipse have grown on me (blah blah no homo) since their ’02 debut. Dunno if I’d buy an album from them, but that’s mostly cuz I fucking hate Pharrell.

    B. Rad G > Tony Yayo

  • wtf

    Clipse went from underrated to overrated in like record time.

  • gees dat dude

    itsfucked up that no one can put out a fuckin record that you want to hear clipse had a strong buzz after thier first album and should dropped another that following spring or winter but niggas dropped the ball and we aint heard from em since only way to release a fuckin cd now is to be on koch or interscope. and that shit fucked up.

  • A^G

    Yeah shit man after seeing that “2 bars of every bloody rapper in the whole of the US” shit-ass megamix of “Touch It” on MTV I honestly thought the album was going to be hot garbage.

    However, listening to a lot of the tracks up on this site, I gotta say I might have to buy it – I reckon any dumb bastard could’ve picked a better choice for the single release though.


  • http://novaslim.com nOva

    I think Busta’s album did about as well as it did based on his PR problems. He’s making bad choices, plain and simple, and the record-buying public just don’t like his ass no more.

  • Gutta

    im still not sure how rhymesfest even got a deal…i dont see any potential in him selling records,no marketability, as far as clipse they were done dirty. they had 3 or 4 singles off the first album and now they cant get a album released? im sure they got some 35 yr old white guy doing a&r listening the album wondering why this shit doesnt sound like lil wayne or T.I……..but yet backstreet boys dropped an album on the same label last year,who over there really thought they would sell records?? its a C.O.Nspiracy

  • http://www.livejournal.com Rey

    I hate to put it like this, but: Backstreet went platinum this last time out, plus their shows all sell out (here come the gay jokes).. Them 16 year old girls will help Jive make their money back off an act like BSB.

    The Clipse aren’t gonna do that. Sheeit, Most PLATINUM rap acts can’t say that, nevermind two “coke rappers” from Virginia who “only” went gold.

  • http://www.livejournal.com Rey

    And just so I don’t get 8 tons of shit, let me just say that I have NEVER equated skills with sales.

    It sucks that the Clipse (who are actually improving) can’t drop another album when fucking Dip-Unit drops albums like 23 times a year.

    Sheeit, how come President Carter hasn’t rescued them? I’m a die-hard NY’n'lyricist fan, and even I’m looking forward to what the Clipse might have to say. There’s gotta be an audience for them that feels the same way.

    The Clipse > G-Unit, Dip Set, everyone down south but ‘Kast, Luda, and Tip. (honorable mention goes to that ad-libbing little scamp, Young G-Z)

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    I think the Busta Rhymes lp sold more than people would think with those weak singles… well single, b/c Touch It was out back in the winter… I Love My Bitch appeals to the TRL crowd, and they buy records… or at least download them on their iPods.

    Yayo sold so much that first week BECAUSE OF THAT SINGLE! Fact is, the single had so much 50 in it, people forgot it was a Yayo album, and aside from a few t-shirts, no one knew who he was! Not anyone that would buy records, anyways… and he ended up bricking hard for G-Unit, like the first official brick. I think Busta has a) a stronger fan base and b) more to lose. He’s gonna work another one of those tracks into a single… I imagine him doing some bugged out video for “Get Down”, or try and pull a sympathy card by doing something for the Stevie Wonder track.

    Dunno why Clispe didn’t get put out there on strength of Mr Me Too’s beat alone? It’s not far off from the aural oddity that is Grindin’… and the subject matter is the exact same.


  • Styles

    Music period has been on a decline since the late 90′s. The fact that all these artists are throwing up bricks isn’t a suprise to me. As long as people keep downloading albums two to three weeks before it drops and the music keeps getting bootlegged then only a handful are going to sell major records and that’s the hit makers and the people that create a buzz themselves for the album b/c the label won’t. Now a days companies won’t even take a cd unless it has three radio friendly records and that’s why b/c they have to have something to combat the bootlegging situation.

  • http://www.livejournal.com Rey

    The stupid thing about fucking record labels is that they payola the fuck out of whatever song might be catchy enough on it’s own. Nobody wants to hear the same fucking song 86 times a day, no matter what the fucking focus groups and other industry assholes think. The kids that desperately needed to hear fucking Usher, 50, Mariah, Luda–whomever the niglets like–45 times a day have already downloaded the song and put it on their fucking myspace profiles.

    I’m more likely to pay for a record that has a song–or legally download said track–if I haven’t already heard it 364 times that week.

    They got rid of singles, so they decide to just play that single a million times a day on radio anyway.

    They’re fucking shooting themselves in the foot by catering to the little bastards that don’t do shit but rock long fucking t-shirts and boost mobile phones.

    Those little fuckers don’t buy albums, but all the music is geared towards them. How come the music industry hasn’t figured out that the younger women and the men ‘tween 18-34 are the one that dispose of that precious “disposable income” on music, movies, etc..

    Fuck those little urchins, and fuck whoever disagrees with me. Music in general is dying cuz of the catering towards them, and hip hop is the first set of casualties.

    Fuck ‘em all.

    Herpes > “music” fans under 25.

  • john cochran

    I think rymefest is aight flow wise, but u gotta understand everybody aint gone feel a nigga like that, even wit him stanin next to kanye. The clipse are excellent spitters but they need to broaden their subject matter. T he fact of the matter is its not just the labels fault, but alot of these artist dont know how to be accessible to different crowds. besides backpackers, nobody wanna hear fest. And besides hood niggas, nobody wanna hear Pusha and malice.

  • UnFaded Disciple

    Rey I do agree with you once again (damn you need to be a blogger or somethin…)

    People in a young age tend to not understand the quality or even the message of the song…they only know the hook or just love the beat.

    In other words they are not HIP HOp fans..they are Hip Pop fans (ages 24-13)

    Now I’m 17…I would be lyign to my self I i telll yall I dont burn alot of the music in my collection…cuz I do.

    Really, I dont want to take chances to go out and pay 15 dollars for a cd this is a bucnh of crap…I like to see if its worth my time, ya feel me?

    Unlike many of my peers down in the diry south Texas…they are unforuntantely ignorant on the music inteelgence wise.

    When I review that BG’s newest album Heat of thr stretz vol. 2 I told them the shti was garbage…

    They got mad cuz nigga was from New Orleans and that shit piss me the hell off..

    Of course industry can play a song 100 million times do to the fact most of the peope listening to it is in fact hella dumb…

    I really want the day that lyricism coes back…hopefully a few up and comign artist will brign that and Nas’ upcomign album…I’m also waiting for Lupe’s and Outkast

    Industries are weak in the era…

  • gluvnast

    it’s industry politics. pretty much if there’s not a large buzz generating for you, then nine times out of ten you’re GOING to get pushed back.

    there’s no REAL buzz for rhymefest, there’s no REAL buzz for the clispe…not like how they HOPED with their single they leaked out. if it’s not going to generate a buzz, then the label isn’t going to front the money or the time to market and promote. it’s all about making dollars. the only reason why the clispe started off at 1st finally getting a release date was because they generated a buzz thru the mix-tape….but if you can’t maintain it, then there’s no need for them to waste their money on something that’s going to COST them money in the end.

    business is business.

  • http://www.livejournal.com Rey

    UD- I have no real problem with people who like sure entertainment, but when all that’s available to the general public, ie ppl not really up on the mixtapes or underground shit, is lowest common denominator shit, or blatant dick rider shit, something’s gotta give. One song will never get me to buy an album anymore, and neither will a good review, because even the TIs that run this site and it’s magazine give EVERYTHING an XL rating. Hot Beats, Dope Lyrics, and ORIGINALITY are what’s necessary. It’s also what’s missing. Buzz and Marketing and all that shit don’t matter if the product is wack. If I may, the hip hop community as a whole-fans, artists, journalists-need to stand up and just MAKE BETTER MUSIC. The suits will go with whatever sells, so all the true fans need to make sure that QUALITY is what sells. Everyone’s pissed about how rap is ‘dying’, but nobody’s doing anything about it. ****Mo Money, Mo Problems > 98% of Rap since ’98****

  • http://www.livejournal.com Rey

    Last Thing, cuz God knows how ppl that read bol’s blogs love to give me shit whenever I comment.. Nas, Dre, Em, and Jay..even puffy..ALL need to put out shit. Like them or not, they set the trends, they raise the bar, and they just plain make good music. They’re All rich as fuck anyway, so why not put something of substance out for the ppl who made them rich in the first damm place.

  • UnFaded Disciple

    I feel ya

    Like for example…I was talkign to a few people around my way about that Mob Deep album…

    I listen to it…mayne it wasn’t that good, that was prob one of the worst albums in 2006.

    I told them..don’t complain how they sell out or somethin and still think they can get away with it, just don’t go buy their albums…make them think othrwise or make them think they have to work harder to build a much mroe better album next time ya know?

    People are pretty much materialistic followers/dick riders like you said…

    Personally I love the south music somewhat, I wouldn’t mind paying 15 dollars for it if it kept me entertain for a long ass time…aka the opposite of Young Joc

    For me its lyrics first then the beats…I don’t dick ride no artist…cuz I was never a fan of artist…I am a fan of Hip Hop as a whole

    Artist are basically getting mroe and mor elazy due o the fact they feel like they can get away with half ass lyrics cuz dumbass folks keep buying shit…

    Big example Dipset fans…why they on Cam’s dick and still after that HORRIBLE diss track he put out where some of the lyrics he straight jack from Hov is crazy


  • http://myspace.com/ombiant mr.ombiant

    Rey, get at me when you get the chance…ombiant@gmail.com

  • I Fux

    fuck all this shit i am tired of arguments of whats real what’s not or whomever or whoever is bubbling, good music is good music if played a million times or played one time it shouldnt matter, thats why i listen to the radio once every month for an hour just in case i hear something i might like, then i stick to my ipod and listen to anything i god damn want, fuck kids i was once one of them and i listened to whatever the fuck i wanted as long as it wasnt dirty cracka music

  • Shortylightskin

    Khal, I agree wit what u said, Touch It was out in the winter plus album got pushed back cause of leaks 2 or 3 times. I think people got tired of watitin for the shit! If he does a video for Been through the Storm and actually gets Stevie Wonder, that would be dope. As for Tony Yayo(maybe the worst “rapper” ever) just 50′s name could sell 300,000, that’s why he sold more than Busta first week.

  • bleed

    It may be just me, but i dont see yayo as that bad matter of fact i think he is
    ok. truth is he just dont have that swagger and individual charisma the rest of g unit have, and seemingly fits the
    description of a back up rapper more like bleek and jay. listen to killas theme[money in the bank] and true hustlin[million dollar empire] the latest mixtape you will see he could connect and have his moments.

  • http://www.myspace.com/lupefiasco 2chéLupe

    I hope my nigga do good wit this new single..so he can get some hypewilliam direction..lol


  • http://www.myspace.com/lupefiasco 2chéLupe

    ^^FNF UP




  • bleed

    Hip hop or whatever aint going nowhere,
    sales might start becoming more down to
    earth i.e having more gold albums than
    platinum, same as rock, gone are the days
    rockstars sell 18-25million units without a problem. the day these two genres will die is the day the lord stops creating youths, they mostly go
    against moral ethics and are full of energy synonymous with young people

  • http://www.livejournal.com Rey

    Bleed– Yayo is a great hype man, he just does not have the charisma to handle a whole song, or even a verse from what I’ve heard. I just think G-Unit tried pulling a fast one on us by automatically assuming people would push him to platinum simply because they “love” G-Unit so much.

    Mobb’s album flopped, MOP is never gonna come out (neither is Olivia, but who cares?), and Banks & Buck are already in line to have their albums pushed back. Yayo’s album should’ve been more of a compilation showing off the strengths (and i use that word loosely) of G-Unit. 50′ll always be hot garbage, but there’s some actual talent there–despite the fact that I can’t fucking stand them.

    I agree tho’…Rock will die way before hip-hop simply because of how fragmented all that stuff is. emo, Screamo, Hard Core, Punk, Pop-Punk, Metal, Heavy Metal, Death Metal etc etc.. David Banner pointed out that no rockers are saying “down south rock sucks, east coast rock sucks, west coast rock” blah blah, but you would never see like Fallout Boy on a track with Metallica. Hip Hop will bring together guys you wouldn’t expect simply because of money, and that’s one case where the materialistic and “get money” side of rap actually benefits the fans.

    Hip Hop will be around, but people are gonna push 1980s units, and not like 1996-2003 units. Even the heavy hitters–Jay, Em, 50, Nelly–will probably see their sales slump.

    If the sales drop overall, maybe less emphasis will be put on “it” producers and more emphasis will be put on…shit, what was that called?

    Oh yeah.


  • twerkolator

    “I agree tho’…Rock will die way before hip-hop simply because of how fragmented all that stuff is. emo, Screamo, Hard Core, Punk, Pop-Punk, Metal, Heavy Metal, Death Metal etc etc..”

    you moron. first, that’s not what the poster you are replying to said. secondly, that diversity is precisely why rock music has been around for well over 50 years. maybe hip-hop should take a cue from rock and get back to being more diverse, a la the 80s, when you had slick rick, public enemy, epmd, ll cool j, etc. (and that’s just on def jam alone).

    and as far as never seeing “fall out boy on a track with metallica” that’s a good thing. rappers need to stop doing all these wack and unnecessary collabos anyway (e.g. that wack ass touch it remix).

    some of y’all niggas need to think a little more (and learn how to read, spell, and communicate effectively) before you post moronic comments…

  • http://www.soundclick.com/atrem God Himself

    If ya tired of all the monotony of hip hop ya should check out this group out of NC, Durham




  • Blaq Thought

    It seems like singles are dead. Rappers used to put their hotest sh@t out their with the hopes of hooking listeners into buying a mediocere album. Now the singles are mediocere, too. I have to admit the last rappers to get me excited (no homo) are Tanya Morgan, Casual (the best of the Heiroglyphics camp), Little Brother (but I’m looking for something better than that Separate But Equal sh@t, step it up) and Scareface (minus them Product niggas / the real king of the South).

  • http://www.livejournal.com Rey


    My first instinct is to assault you verbally, because you called me a moron. However, I think I’ll just respond to what you said.

    Despite the fact that you’re a rambunctious asshole, you do raise a good point. Rap should really cease the dick-riding because I don’t really like hearing 10 different artists doing the same exact kind of song.

    What I was referring to, you pretentious little flea, was more the fans of the different kinds of rock, moreso than the actual artists.

    F.O.B. & Metallica wouldn’t do a song together cuz their fans wouldn’t like it, and accusations of “poser” would be tossed around and everyone would get their feelings hurt, you pig fucking imbecile.

    As for the rap collabos–How cool would it be to have Nas & T.I. on a song? Or maybe E-40 & Eminem? That shit should happen so everyone gets a boost, but it doesn’t, because every rapper has like 32 weed carriers that “need” to be put on, and that eats up space for some interesting collaborations.

    …you shit eating weasel.

  • twerkolator

    Rey -

    First, if you were referring to the fans you should’ve made that clear. By having to reword, restate, and reexplain points that should’ve been understandable the first time around, you’re proving my point that some niggas need to step their communication skills up.

    Second, even if you were referring to the fans the point you’re attempting to make is still nonsense.

    With respect to your last comment, it wouldn’t be cool at all if the song is wack. As much as I’m a fan of both Nas and TI, I don’t want to see them get on a song together just because they can and the shit ends up being trash. Case in point, a few years ago there were rumblings about Jay-Z and Outkast (two perennial favorites) getting on a song together. The shit comes out and Dre’s not even on it because he felt he didn’t have anything to say and didn’t like the subject matter (poppin’ tags). In short, the song was just a mess, the beat wasn’t all that, and it just didn’t work. Then Jay-Z gets on a track on Big Boi’s Speakerboxxx and it sounds like they just cut and pasted his vocals on the song.

    To reiterate my point, collabos just for the sake of collaborating (even with great artists) usually end up sucking and this does a disservice to the fans AND the music. Most of the time niggas don’t even be in the same studio together (they just send cds and protools sessions). And if you’re not going to really collaborate (i.e. sit and vibe together and bounce ideas back and forth to make a great song, like Jay and Biggie obviously did on Brooklyn’s Finest) what’s the point?

    post-script: so for calling you a moron i get to be a rambunctious asshole, a pretentious little flea, a pig fucking imbecile, AND a shit eating weasel…cool.

  • http://www.livejournal.com Rey


    The insult exchange rate is incredible, isn’t it?

    Macho Posturing Bullshit Aside…

    I agree with you about the collabos. Collabos via E-mail and shit is just wack. There is also no point in having a collabo done if the shit is going to come out wack.

    There have definitely been times where I’ve been excited to see two artists on the same track just to have someone mail it in, or worse, just have said “feature” do a hook or some shit.

    To reiterate the reiteration of the clarification of my point: Rap needs more good collabos, and more good music period.

  • twerkolator


    Believe it…and much respect.

    It’s funny I used “Brooklyn’s Finest” as an example because I just read the excerpt on the making of Reasonable Doubt (on this site) and it says that they DIDN’T do the song together.

    The stories are a little confusing (i guess niggas was smoking too much weed to remember clearly) but some say they went and did the song together that night and some say Biggie had to come back several times to complete his verses.

    At any rate, its still a great song (the best rap collabo ever). And I still stand by my point that niggas need to be together, in the studio, hammering out these collabos (especially since most emcees aren’t as good as Jay or Big) so they come out bangin’ instead of just throwing shit together and thinking that just because so-and-so is on it people are going to fuck with it.

    oh well…we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

  • http://www.livejournal.com Rey

    BK’s Finest is incredible, and I think a little better lyrically than I Love The Dough..

    I think Jay got BIG tho’..

    “Got the paramedics breathing soft on ‘em/’What’s your name?’”

  • http://www.livejournal.com Rey

    Addendum to the above..

    If done right (ie on a Kanye or Just Blaze beat), Jay-Z and Nas’ collabo for Hip Hop Is Dead could be the proverbial “best shit ever”.



  • hahaha

    its fucked up cos the clipse and rhymefest might not have HITS but they do have GOOD SONGS and prob have an albums worth. but just cos it doesnt scream out MAINSTREAM hit, theyre getting fucked over. do i think their albums are going to be amazing, no, but they will probably be a shitload better than most of the other complete crapola that gets released. but i forgot, rappers arent allowed to release albums anymore unless theres something thats gonna make them ten times platinum. which is kinda their own fault in a way, the stakes are too fucking high these days in every way for everyone to compete. its too difficult.

  • transcribed by twerkolator

    Rey -

    let’s hope so. if they do it and it’s not right, i’d rather they not put it out. let’s just say i’m excited but nervous.

    i felt the same way when rakim signed to aftermath: one of the greatest rappers ever + one of the greatest producers ever = ?

    i wish they could’ve made it work and had it come out dope and made history. but i’m glad they went their separate ways instead of trying to force it…

  • hahaha

    WTF at some of you idiots. big bang is at number 5 and thats a flop? shut the fuck up!

  • twerkolator


    i don’t know why so many people want to look at hip-hop sales in a vacuum. you have to look at the big picture. dead prez told y’all niggas it’s bigger than hip-hop. ALL sales were terrible last week. the only album to sell more than 100K was the number one album (nelly furtado) and thats terrible.

    this hardly means that “hip hop is dead.” every release this year that came out (hip-hop, rock, and pop) and did big numbers the first week had sales declines of at least 40% the second week.

    so slow down with the rhetoric. some of y’all niggas act like y’all want the shit to be dead…

  • BlackBoy

    “MR. ME TOO IS FIRE” y’all talking crazy.

    They JUST NOW cleared up their label situation. they’re just getting started!

    Give the Clipse some time for the song to catch on… It’s already starting to grow on people.

  • twerkolator

    to wit:

    “AllHipHop.com: What makes this the pulpit? Some people feel like Hip-Hop is dead.

    DMX: For people to say Hip-Hop is dead, that means they don’t know what the f**k they are talking about. Hip-Hop is a lifestyle. Rap is the music of Hip-Hop. Graffiti is the art. Breakdancing is the dance. It’s a lifestyle. It’s not f***in’ music. People stay getting it twisted. Hip-Hop isn’t dead. You can’t kill this. We’re like three generations deep in here. You can’t be serious.

    I remember hearing the first rap record on the radio and I was in the hospital. My man was in the hospital and he had got stabbed up. And he was like, “Yo, sonny, come here they about to play the first rap record on the radio.” I listened with him and they played the Fatback Band first, and then [Sugarhill Gang's] “Rapper’s Delight.” How the f**k he found out they was about to play that s**t? I have no idea! [Room exploded into laughter]. I been with rap since the beginning. Hip-Hop existed before rap. I’ve followed since it came out. ”

    and y’all niggas be talking that fuck shit like dmx all cracked out. he sounds pretty lucid here to me. and even when he is talking a little reckless he still makes way more sense than 99% of the mufuckas that comment on this site and others.

  • UnFaded Disciple

    If Nas and Jay did collab on a song…

    I know Nas for a ct wouldn’t release the shit if ti wasn’t to a historical level of skill…ya feel me?

    Also another good collabo (IMO) would be Lupe Fiasco and Nas…that puts two of the best lyricist out right now on one track on the most anticipated album out (Hip Hop Is Dead)…

    Well…I canm only dream…

  • UnFaded Disciple

    twerkolator Says:
    and y’all niggas be talking that fuck shit like dmx all cracked out. he sounds pretty lucid here to me. and even when he is talking a little reckless he still makes way more sense than 99% of the mufuckas that comment on this site and others.


    For one thing…nigga is a crackhead…he get arrested how many time for soem stupid ass shit?

    But when DMX started rapping though he made some infamous club bangers no doubt

  • twerkolator

    “For one thing…nigga is a crackhead…he get arrested how many time for soem stupid ass shit?”


    i could be wrong, but i thought abusing crack cocaine made someone a crackead. i’ve never seen dmx smoke crack and most likely you haven’t either.

    at any rate, though, the point i was making was say what you will about the guy, but when he speaks he makes sense for the most part. and that’s more than i can say for many people who post on this site and most rappers in general for that matter…

    btw, i couldn’t care less if that nigga smoked a whole brick…

  • http://www.livejournal.com Rey

    DMX still brings it–His energy is unrivaled by anyone who isn’t Busta Rhymes..

    X also said (and I’m paraphrasing)–”You got record labels trying to make artists. God makes artists. These niggas trying to play God!”

    Hyperbole aside, that’s a helluva point.

    Last Point on the Collabo Thing– Touch It wasn’t a great song, but as a fan of NY hip-hop, I loved hearing it. Old Heads would be alot more excited about Rap in general if more NY artists came together instead of beefing, cuz IMO, alot of the NY (I’m including Budden in this) artists have their own style and swagger, and IF IT WAS DONE RIGHT, it could be a boost to everyone…

    …even if it was Cam & 50–if they did what they do, that shit would be catchy as hell.

  • jay

    y’all must not have heard rhymefest’s new single “stick.” that shit is bananas!!! it’s a snap/hip-hop record! i heard a leaked version of his album too. it’s killin’ all this whack shit that’s been droppin’ lately!

  • http://UG-RS.com Tyler

    step your game up and smoke out 2 that new shit, urban rock at


  • http://UG-RS.com Tyler

    U don’t hear a single cause they ain’t one. .well there ain’t a hot one anyway. This rap dudes are getting away wit’ murder right about it’s time 2 stop the madness. . we as fan shouldn’t buy none of their bullshit until they step their games up. Dat Touch It record was terrible and I got mad love for Busta Bust but it was still a trash truck filled wit’ the latest wackness in Rap.

  • http://UG-RS.com Tyler

    U don’t hear a single cause there ain’t one. .well there ain’t a hot one anyway. These rap dudes are getting away wit’ murder right about now. It’s time 2 stop the madness . . we as fans shouldn’t buy none of their bullshit until they step their games up. Dat Touch It record was terrible and I got mad love for Busta Bus but it was still a trash truck filled wit’ all the latest wackness in Rap.

  • Akatok1

    Reason why is record labels aint doing shit for artists. They just assfucking them for they money… and unless you have own label distributed threw theirs you barely making money. think about it… if you’re sign to a major label; they gave you a 6 figure deal… you gotta find hot producers and eats you up right there and then when they finally release it.. it better sell because you gotta make all the money back for the record label. You only make money touring. If you have your own label they give you a better deal up front and you spilt the profits 50/50. Reason why cd’s aint selling because the people are getting tired of buying cds… and they only have about 2-3 songs good on them. Then the rest of the shit is gargabe. Then they spend all their money on guest apperances which makes it worse because you the artist should be able to do it on your own or have a couple of people backing you up. Not every single fucking song should have guest apperances on them. Make good ass music.

  • RJ

    Tony Yayo singlehandedly shows whats wrong with rap. God, why does yayo even try… Hah on I Run NY he was dissing Styles about not selling… Wow that came to bite him on his barely-gold selling punk ass.

  • nyckingpin


  • http://www.myspace.com/pfofit2dagame FlipSide The Truth

    The game different now…commercial is taking over and it’s not allowing the real niggas come out…I just recently made changes to my ♪♪ and now I’m 100% me…so if I do blow up I don’t expect to blow like a bow wow cat…”I don’t rap like that I’m not that cat I studied the game just to bring hip hop back”




  • ct4shzl

    first of all if you really want to be real about it …clipse hasnt been out since 02. Radio has changed since then. DJs r no longer breakin records. Its all programming. DJs go into meetings with their bosses and tell them wht records they r felling. Spinning mediocre singles as favors is not gonna get u 2000 spins on the radio. U gotta come wit undeniable hit records as well as a hot video to back you up…ie (young dro,Jeezy etc) The djs r not stupid. They know whts hot and wht will work moreso now than before. Sometimes it may take a hot video for them to jump on your record, but at least they admit it took a good visual to sell them on the product. Nowadays all labels have 6 priorities they r tryin to break. Mr mee too vs Bossy…Bossy , hot song for the ladies + hot video= Hit record. Mr Mee Too, decent song + decent video= decent response. Its that simple.
    Busta rhymes, i think the layoff hurt him. He wasnt out there in movies to help cross promote his album, or just give him additional exposure. Instead a tragedy happened tht unfortunately had the nation looking at him sideways. Not the publicity he deserved. The album is by far his best, its unfortunate they cldnt take thier disagreements off his video set.

  • Chris Villain

    well im buying The Carter 3 wen that shit drops thats all i kno

  • Cuban Link

    Unfortunately though, an album isn’t going to sell very well just because it’s good. Busta Rhymes’ album had beats and guest rappin’ by a host of hip-hop luminaries (even a few dead ones), and it still managed to sell less its first week out than Tony Yayo’s Thoughts of a Predicate Felon. The reason? Nobody liked its wack-ass singles.

    are u on crack son?!?!?!Touch It was everywhere, every soul loved that song, especially the remixes!Yayos album sucked ass, no1 liked So Seductive.Its cuz the South is the onlything getting play, but more so becuz of all the iTunes shit and leaking.Shit like iTunes, Limewire, Napster, and all those uploading sites are killing sales in a whole.When was the last time a CD sold over like 900K in its first week?Back in the day, when MP3 shit wasnt around

  • Jah

    Im Gettin The nu clipse album, but when lil scrappy comes out with bred 2 die born 2 live im gettin dat on da release day he is sik

  • Pingback: » Clipse catch a brick - XXL


    So what if a cracker loses his job? Then he’ll replaced by a nigger… oh wait I gotta get my Kramer on… HE’S A NIGGER… NO NOT A NIGGER IN THE JOB… HE’S A NIGGER!!!

  • AK47 RR

    Man shut the fuk up, tony yayo will kill yo ass nigga. Man infact im gonna kill u bitch!!!

  • The Colonel

    Look at this corny ass internet bangin ass idiot “AK47 RR”

  • http://kristhomas.webs.com/ K.T.

    Ima say this ONCE…ONCE for the world, LORD bless it…you give me $30-50k LEGAL…I give my word and my bond: Ill sell at LEAST a quarter million in a season…a literal SEASON, not some business bullshit. Im coming regardless – gonna show what you can do with $10-15k semi-legal.

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