Queen Pen's career started and ended while I was still going through puberty.

Since putting her microphone down she has authored a few urban novels. I haven't had the pleasure of reading any yet but if its anything like her night life I need to add one to my Black Expressions cart tonight.

Shit got crazy at the release party for her latest novel last week. Like most good lesbians [1] rocking the queen moniker she hired a couple of strippers for the celebration.

Before you tingle with delight you should see something:

I pray to God that niggas was sticking Ensure coupons in this chick's g-string because she looks malnourished as fuck. And I'm going to pretend like those stretch marks aren't there. My computer just caught the clap from downloading these pictures.

During the party QP and some of her male friends got a little too familiar with some of the girls. They started to manhandle the bitc--ladies which prompted them to complain to security. While being confronted by a bouncer she hauled off and hit the guy in his gangsta grill. Now you would expect that security would be the bigger person but not in this case. The security guard hit her ass back and a big scuffle broke out which ended the party.

Queen Pen may want to chill out with the bitch slaps since she is ducking domestic abuse charges from one of her ladies.

Not only is this some crazy shit but yet another wonderful reason why I am glad to be a heterosexual female. No diss to any of the tri-sexuals out there but if eating fish is going to turn me into a raging bull I'll pass on the lesbian experience. Matter of fact I think I will go call the Dick Dealer right now.

[1] C'mon now, we all know the truth about Dana Owens. Her birthday party was held at Snatch down in Miami for crying out loud.

(pictures via What's Poppin)