Feelin’ It

One man. One night. One album… One cover.


Ha-ha! We’ve done it again.

I’m on vacation. See you chumps next week.

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  • The ON1E

    Damn…jay-z is that dude. Reasonable classic shouldve went triple…

  • lukee lefty

    nh but godddaaaaamnnnnnnn

    imma buy like 3 copies

    thank you sir, for everything

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    wow. i mean XXL is normally cop on spot, but this is going to be BIG!

  • AD

    That’s what I’m talking about! XXL best in the biz, no doubt about it.

  • http://xxlmag.com Boston’s Finest

    i’m glad i got that subscription,i need this asap

  • outda954

    DAMN! Y’all done stepped y’all game up again! YN is that nigga!

  • Lee

    yellow Nig does It again and again.

  • djeff

    DAmn, look at the size of his hat….. Incredible;

  • Torry

    That’s what’s up! when does this go on newstands?

  • http://www.myspace.com/therapistmusic Therapist

    probably gonna be one of your best selling issues ever

  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ Main Event


  • The ON1E

    damn…i rather wouldve seen a Cam cover but this aiight too i guess

  • http://myspace.com/starchild10 $tarchild

    Yaull play 2 much I just ordered a subscription when I saw this cover. damn!!!!

  • Jackson D

    just another step in jay’s plan to try and change history and turn reasonable doubt into a classic with people who weren’t even listening to hiphop when it first dropped

  • Decatur Bwoi

    This is actually a funny looking pic of Jay-Z. Y’all could’ve used something else…

  • rodger auster

    still swinging from the dick
    but you got no balls

  • blackman

    This was definetely jay-z best album of all time.

  • Numba Five

    Woah. Serious. Uk Stand up

  • http://www.fotolog.com/nandele/ Lukwimbe Aka O.B.A

    Jigga What???Jigga Who?
    Yup this giy is a living legend ya feel me!!!

  • http://ayo.com smarter poster

    look at those other flavor-of-the-month clowns they’ll have in that issue, though. come on, XXL. if you’re going to have a classic cover, make the rest of the magazine classic too.

  • http://www.myspace.com/lupefiasco 2chéLupe

    ^^shits true as a fuk

  • Lefty 2Gunz

    Good Look YN!! Do ya thing b!!





  • lol

    ROFL @ this shit. 10 years ago this shit was so far under the hip hop radar, barely ANYONE knew who the fuck he was, but now you’re telling me all of a sudden because now he’s gone from Jay Z to JAY Z, it’s a fuckin certified hip hop classic that everyone and they mama was singing it praises the day it dropped?? Never mind the fact he mysteriously went from Fu Schnicken member #4 to smooth hustler flow nigga overnight, not coincidentally if you ask me, after Cuban Linx dropped….a classic? Don’t make me fuckin chuckle.

    Dope album though, can’t front. Solid 4 mics, maybe even 4.5. But come the fuck on, if he’d have never become who he is now, yall niggas wouldnt be on this “oh HELL YEAH it was a mega classic since 96!” fuckshit, unlike BIG, Nas, Rae, who all three of their albums were hailed as masterpieces from day fuckin ONE.

  • Small Pro

    ^^nice try.

  • que?

    im tired of seeing the same artists on the cover. If hiphop is gonna change, you need to let these old rappers go and make room for the new. Besides how many classics has there been, and they don’t get a cover.

    Enough with the same crap, put SAIGON on your cover. in order to for hiphop to gt better, we must let go of the past and move on with something fresh.

  • long duk dong

    LOL does have a point. as much as u cockblowers would like to think, It was WRitten was the album bumpin out of all cars in da summer of 96 in NYC.

  • long duk dong

    NAS had the summer of 96 on lock. look it up.

  • long duk dong

    That being said, Reasonable Doubt is a classic.

  • Small Pro

    What the fact that It Was Written was being played in 1996 does that have to do with the staying power and quality of Reasonable Doubt? That’s about the only thing people who wish to take away from the album have to say, and it’s a very weak argument. Part of the definition of classic is ‘Having lasting significance or worth; enduring.’ And before you h-a-t-e-r-s say ‘Oh you only think that because Jay-Z TOLD you it was!’…what rapper DOESNT say that type of stuff…Jadakiss claimed he was top 5 dead or alive off one lp, if my memory serves me correctly.

  • Small Pro

    And for the record…as good a record It Was Written is…please don’t pretend Nasir didnt sell so much partially because of his Lauryn Hill-assisted single and R. Kelly-assisted remix. Whoa boy.

  • Ogeezy


  • gluvnast

    it’s ironic that it was written came out two weeks after reasonable doubt, and both were the same type of albums…however like illmatic was overlooked in 1994 and helmed as a classic

    that’s the same with reasonable doubt, it was overlooked in ’96…

    but in the words of jay-z “didn’t appreciate it until the SECOND ONE came out”

  • dj mad wax

    the main reason I started checking for the XXL shit back in the day was the “Making of…” articles. In fact its the reason I eventually subscribed. Theres been what, 4 of them so far?

    1. Ready 2 Die
    2. Life After Death
    3. Makeveli
    4. Cuban Linx

    we need more of these joints YN. They make the magazine shine – I’d rather see this shit than the typical so and so got an album coming out and they wax philosophical about bullshit we dont care about.


    Making of Illmatic
    Making of the Chronic or 2001
    Making of DOC “No One Can Do It Better” – the only 100% dre produced album if I’m not mistaken.. hell you dont even need covers for these, just a regular feature.

    article suggestion: Dre’s Secret Vault of music he has stashed. Are you kidding me, thats a gold mine right there.


  • http://yourallwelcome.blogspot.com/ 911

    If I get my copy a week after its already been on the shelves for like a week as usual……man yellownigga you gon have a disgruntled mag addict.1

  • thoreauly77

    yella figgas
    yella nigga
    shit copped three hundy
    aint no room to wundy
    dick in ass
    smokin grass
    ripped dame and peeps
    for fundy

    hooray, rapping is fun!

  • http://www.supremebeingunit.com alleyeCNTower

    that’s simply DOPE.

    they better have a classic article talking about how basically NO ONE has spit that millionaire hustler shit as good since ‘Reasonable Doubt’.

    yes sirrr (as it was said already:)

    reasonable doubt, classic, shoulda went triple

    and for the record, I have thought that album was a classic since I got it in 1996.

    it’s Jay-Z’s ‘Illmatic’ if he ever had one

  • XRAY3000

    not the president though!!…the H.N.I.C..im definitely feelin this


  • gluvnast

    @ mad wax

    i thought they DID to a making of illmatic two years ago…or something to that effect, i remember they interviewed all the producers that made that album whut it was…

  • long duk dong

    yo small pro, eat a dick. IT was Written is classic as well.

  • LOL

    LOL Nas was a fuckin GAMBINO runnin with the Wu when they brought that whole mafioso steez back to the front of the game (after G Rap of course)….Nas already had his fuckin alias before It Was Written dropped. Everyone knew what type of shit he was gonna be on with It Was Written.

    If you ask me, Jay peeped game in advance, realized the 1991 flow he was still stuck on with that “In My Lifetime” bullshit was played out, copped Cuban Linx, and viola….all of a sudden, he’s a hustla, he’s-he’s-he’s a hustla! But let yall little newjack fucks tell it, he’s always been a major player in the game. The nigga was rappin for like 7 years before he even got a deal, guest starring on nobody niggas records like Original Flavor and nobody gave a fuck about him back then. He was always under the radar. It’s just funny to me how he blew the fuck up after he followed the Gambino formula. Obviously, he didnt steal their whole slang and ideas, but he did switch up his flow AND his image something drastic after 1995. Do the research and you’ll see I’m right. Don’t stay stuck in 1999, hip hop did exist before Puff Daddy and Mase.

  • Gambino NOT…

    Whatever duke…Hova is the realest to ever do it…Hova doesn’t come off like Italiano’s ala Raekwon on Reasonable Doubt…The streets know that Hova was pushing weight in Trenton, Maryland, and Virginia….
    Ever heard of Danny Diamonds, Calvin “Klein” Bacote, Chiles, Rich Porter, Richard “Fritz” Simmons, Melvin Douglas Williams? Reasonable Doubt is the blueprint for the hustler’s that was getting that qwap for real…not some make believe shit that Nas Escobar, and Lex Diamonds(Raekwon) were on…

  • lol

    great job of ducking my point. Nobody cares about what kinda weight he pushed, all that street shit is irrelevant….the point is, this is hip hop fuckin music, and anyone who has actually been listening to the shit for more than 10 years KNOWS Jay’s whole STEE changed overnight as soon as Nas and Rae blew that Wu Gambino shit out of the water. I dont give a fuck about drug dealers and their poison, I’m talking about hip hop. Fuck what Reasonable Doubt meant to hustlers, it was a dope album back then, I aint frontin. But the Source…in 1996, the last year it was a reputable mag before Benzinos ass came into play….gave that shit 4 mics. Four mics! Then 5 years later, all of a sudden it’s 5 mics?? Only after he’s turned into the megastar Jay Z? What part of the game is that?

    Go and study hip hop. Go and study Jay Z in 89, to 95, peep how his flow was always 3 years behind the times. Nigga was on that jiggida-biggida-wiggida-miggida-figgida bullshit for a couple YEARS after Wu and Nas threw the whole East Coast for a loop on some futuristic Rakim shit. This nigga owes them niggas half of his stock in Def Jam, got the new generation of rap newjacks and niggas who dont know shit about hip hop fooled with this “my first album was an instant classic!” bullshit. Fuckin fraud ass hoodwinking bamboozling ass nigga.

  • Small Pro

    I need this explained to me, cuz niggas tryin to re-write history again…how did Jay bite Nas’s steez, when Reasonable Doubt came out BEFORE It Was Written? Jay’s shit in 1995 (In My Lifetime could have very well been a RD throwaway track) is perfectly within the scope of his material at that time period; don’t act like Jay suddenly was this new artist after Only Built 4 Cuban Linx dropped. Yes, they awarded Reasonable Doubt 5 mics after the fact…same thing has happened with great art throughout history. It was before its time, simple as that. Stop h-a-t-i-n-g.

  • Jerz!

    ^^ You mean ahead of its time.

    We all know what reasonable doubt is and was. Ahead of its time? not really, too many classics came out in the same time frame. The thing that gets me is that Jay Z was on the first cover of xxl when reasonable doubt came out,and since nobody else with classic albums get the cover on there 10 year, what the fuck?

    Jay z’s obviously that dude, but how much are they gonna feed that too us over and over? Dudes retired, and there are a lot of artists doing big things with there albums this year, do we really have to give this man a cover for an album he got a cover for 10 years ago? Kinda lame… :/

  • Manny

    LOL at niggas talkin about mics on the XXL site…

  • Philly Black

    Yo that dude LOL is right…

  • Philly Black

    Yo I gotta give props to LOL…You know your history because everything you said was straight up fact!

  • Decatur Bwoi

    Also to Gluvnast…

    Nas’s illmatic was definitely not overlooked in ’94. It was so anticipated that the shit was bootlegged like crazy from NY to GA. The shit was on the streets before the release & Columbia records was rushing to put it out for damage control. Jay-Z most definitely was under the radar early in his career for sure & most people were not checking for him. He changed his style up & tweaked it a few times & gave audiences the pop shit to make the paper then cashed out by retiring. If you pay attention to history or if you lived through that period in hip hop then all the real cats know the deal.

  • dj madwax

    they never did an Illmatic Making Of… but I forgot to ad Making of Capital Punishment by Pig Bun

    after all this chatter on this blog post, I went and relistened to the album. the magic was there when I first copped it but I just wasnt “feeling it” in june of 2006.

  • geti

    to the last person who posted in here , actualy the source did making of illmatic

  • hiphop head

    i don’t understand where catz get off tripping like dude ain’t did it on that shit. you make all these points why the nigga don’t deserve it, but point is the nigga is just that fucking hot. you talk about a nigga changes is flow up, that is called growth nigga. then the nigga wasn’t just talking about drug dealin if you are really listen. he is talkin about making somthing from nothihng. if you go through all his raps he painted the picture of the shit. i don’t dick ride, never did, never will, but it is just simple and plain the nigga deserves it. he didn’t even gradute high school and is now the president of the most power arm in hip-hop. more artist need to get on the grind like that, plus this nigga don’t write. i do admit that now it is time for someone new, but that was the greatest. now there is someone that needs to grab the torch and teach kids how to hustle on the next level. this kid i heard while i was down south named KAIZEEN is gonna be that next shit that niggas be quoting. i got that little nigga mixtape Outta Nowhere in South Carolina, the little nigga don’t write either and is spitting on a level that might pass Jay.

  • Rahiem

    jay-z best track on reasonable doubt was the nas sampled dead prez reasonable doubt was a great albumd ont get me wrong but i was written blows it out the water on every single track I gave you power alone is better then ever song on the album it was written had its succsess but over looked by critics